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Nexon customer service is ranked #656 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.78 out of a possible 200 based upon 42 ratings. This score rates Nexon customer service and customer support as Terrible.


41 Negative Comments out of 42 Total Comments is 97.62%.


1 Positive Comment out of 42 Total Comments is 2.38%.

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  • Nexon

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    • 26.78 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 41 negative comments (97.62%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.38%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 3.3 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I am not a member! You took 30.00 out of my bank account.debit ending in 2824 I suggest you return it. Or I will have my bank bring charges against you. My name is Georgia Byrd my number I expect a reply.

Posted by Spartan

The newest update that happened a couple minutes ago keeps crashing before I can load up the game

Posted by Durango

Hi can I know why u all take so much time to update the DURANGO games I want to play it I miss the game please can u all open early access it will be great

Posted by Anonymous

This website has the worst support I have ever seen. I try to delete my account and they start asking me for all this random information they don't even need to know like my drivers license. WTF!

Posted by Alnofer

Hey nexon I was banned 4 years ago on my alnofer account and I didn't do anything out the ordinary. I spent like 300 dollars on combat arms. I really enjoy playing that game and I want to know is it anyway I could get my account back and enjoy the times I had with nexon for the game combat arms. I am temporarily attending the Georgia state university and I remembered how fun this game was when I was a kid. I would love to keep playing with you guys.

Posted by RogueGentleman

WTF is this bull? Where the hell is the toll-free support number for Nexon? Where's the contact email? WHERE IS NEXON'S ACTUAL PROPER SUPPORT INFO!!!!

Posted by TestingWorstGames

Worst customer support, all their answers are either copy and paste or they just put vague answers for you it makes you want to drink bleach. Being serious I'd give it a 0/10 compared to Steam which is 2/10.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello; my name is Sandra Luckey.

I would like to speak with the development department.


Posted by ganster76

Well i have a account problem and they are asking for proof its me and i gave them more then 5 ways to contact me. Only i know them so of course its me. So as of now all 300 dollars worth of cards i have right now as proof i spent money on the game. Looks like they are just trying to steal my money and not provide a service they are obligated to give. and if you are mad or want to really help me my email so if you guys aren't low lifes trying to steal my money i guess i will be contacted today

Posted by Anonymous

I am getting charges on my bank account from you and I don't have an account. I need to speak with a person to stop this!!!!
It's ridiculous you don't post a phone number to call.

Posted by LoveAtrium

I found Nexon's real physical address, yet they hide it from the general public and even from the Better Business Bureau to escape from the player's complaints.

The Nexon Headquarters address is not located overseas. The real headquarters address can already be found in the Terms of Use under Chapter 8, Section 8.1, not on any other tab from the Legal Documentation, and they tried to hide it from everyone but from lawyers.

Here's what I found in the Terms of Service to my surprise:

"You will send your notice to Nexon at Nexon America, Inc., 222 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 300, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States of America, Attn: Legal Department."

Here I will provide Nexon's real physical address:

There is currently no other way to reach customer service than submitting a ticket, talking to a game master through live chat support, or using the moderator contact found in their forum services, making it more difficult to submit complaints against Nexon. The customer service is poor, the moderators and staff are either unprofessional or corrupt and can take sides should someone ever troll you, and the policies are constantly changing and enforced in ways where only the company will benefit, not the community nor the players who have invested their time or even the money towards their games.

Posted by LoveAtrium

Nexon has the worst customer service ever! They even hide their physical address from the BBB in order to make it more difficult for customers to complain should they ever have to do so. Sketchy as hell!

I have played MapleStory for 3 years, and I have even spent some money towards this blasted game. Should I ever run into any problems with a bad player or with the game itself, the only way I can reach that customer service somehow is by writing tickets or using the live chat support directly from Nexon itself, and they rarely get anything resolved. And worst of all, they don't just let a bunch of hackers, scammers, and trolls getting away with whatever they want to do, but they also may wrongfully ban whoever might be complaining about such incidents and keep altering the game rules in ways that are convenient for Nexon itself rather than its customers. This year, even a minor offense that leads to a 3-day ban can be enough to get you out of the rankings permanently (according to MapleStory's current Banning Guidelines), thus making people even more likely to challenge your legitimacy as a player.

Not too long ago, I have submitted a ticket and talked to live chat support because some player was pretty much bullying my friend for a week and I was being a victim of the same thing right after. Guess what I get in return? I was KS'd by some bad guild my friend also ended up joining with me. Four days after my friend and I left that guild, I got banned for no reason because someone from that guild may have submitted a false report for harassment. Nexon, you could've banned those trolls already, not me!

Nexon, I want everything resolved, and if I have been taken off the rankings for that 3-day ban even after I can use my Shadower account again, I want my ranks reinstated. You also either resolve all of those issues both my friend and I had with those trolls, stalkers, and kill-stealers and give us compensation for all of the time we lost, or you give all of my money I spent towards MapleStory back you scamming scoundrels! And yes Nexon, you can give me NX as a refund if you can't refund real money instead. Nexon, get your stuff together! Finish your job, and repair all of the damage that you guys have done.

Whoever that isn't a MapleStory player, I would say that I'm no longer recommending MapleStory to anybody I know in real life, not even to my worst enemy.

Posted by Antonis

I had the same experience as all the other folks on here. I had a Maplestory account for 10 years. Account got old, they told me to reactivate via my email with a link that they provided. The link did not work after receiving the same response back from them 9 separate times via e-mail. They requested that I send a bunch of verification information which I did. Fianally they told me the only way to fix my account was to send in a copy of a Drivers license or a Passport. I told them I was unwilling to do that and they told me there was nothing they cold do for me. Worst company ever!!!!

Posted by WesLee

Nexon is the worst company in America I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

I have been playing their games since 2006. It was in 2009 when my boyfriend was hacked by Nexon allowing customer data to be exposed to hackers through faulty security and it happened to many high level players in mass. His account was stripped clean. After logging a ticket, nothing happened for months. By that time, we moved on. Later, they compensated 'him with a tiny amount of Maple points and that was it. It came nowhere near the cost of Nex to scroll his items.

Fast foward to now and we've come back to Maplestory Reboot to try it. Bought a pet for both of us. Boom. He's now banned from lagging out of the game! Apparently this is also now a common occurrence! We expect jack crap to be done but if Nexon doesn't unban him we are doing a credit card charge back for fraud. They also ban you for this which is fine as long as my real money is back from this scamming company.

Keep your kids away from this company!

Posted by fear_l1fe

nexon, your customer support sucks, how can u expect people to keep buying NX or even playing your games if you have NO customer support, since you changed your set up I can log on but get an error message when I try to play combat arms, a game ive been playing you started up. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by IonizedSpark

Awful, money hungry company. Their games are coded by children and are unreliable as can be. Seldom new content. Everything is reused.

Posted by Pissedoffplayer

Been getting error 60001 from trying to buy NX through their online system. I checked everything and all my bank and paypal billing address are linked to the address I'm currently trying to purchase this from. This "protection" is stupid/useless and causes lots of problems for players not just me.
Because of that, I had to go to a third party site to buy Karma Koins. I purchased $10 NX through Newegg and received an invalid pin. I submitted a ticket to Newegg and on the same day, I went onto paypal digital gifts to pay for another $10 NX because there's an event right now and I needed NX. They also sent me an invalid pin and I submitted another ticket to paypal. After a week, Newegg was able to resolve my issue and gave me a working code and I was able to purchase things for the event, but paypal redirected me to Nexon. Paypal said that after I bought the Karma Koin, the payment and code was processed to KarmaKoin and Nexon should be able to provide me with further help. I summit a ticket to Nexon and they addressed me to summit a ticket to Karma Koin. Going in a loop, Karma Koin REDIRECTED ME BACK TO NEXON. I submitted screen shots of the purchase, my paypal statement (showing I have already prepaid for it), the email code, and a screenshot of me trying to use to code on both Nexon and Karma Koin check and they both say invalid code yet Nexon still has me under "investigating the issue". It's been over a month and still little to no response. I've been reaching customer service live chat and they still tell me they're "investigating" or that there is other customers that need assistance yet from what I'm seeing, they haven't helped anyone yet since everyone is complaining how bad their service is. A THIRD PARTY SITE, NOT CONNECTED TO NEXON OR KARMA KOIN WHATSOEVER HAS ALREADY RESOLVED THE SAME ISSUE. Karma Koin is also copyrighted under Nexon. -__- I have been a loyal customer and player on their servers starting with Cart Racer and spent thousands of dollars on them..

Posted by 0Shelly0

My problem has not been resolved through Live chat with GM or within submitting tickets. I have been treated with such disregard in this matter. The Nexon Staff has handled this unprofessionally and due to their negligence while investigating my issue, I have suffered so much loss. The "compensation" I have received is insignificant in the damage that was caused by Nexon staff leaving my account accessible to the hacker during the 5 days of investigation. I am appalled with how Nexon treats its members, even after years of investing my time and thousands of dollars into their game.

Posted by maiden69

i been trying to reach nexon for weeks trust me when i say that its a lost cause i got into my account but they need email verification so i go to my email and they said the email is being recycled due to inactivity so i cant confirm the email address because i cant remake my email acct. so i want to know is there a different way to verify my acct ?

Posted by iman's

I am a Korean user in Korea...
what I want to know is ... what is the wrong with your customer service center?
while all of the companies have customer call center, Nexon don't..
Is that helping you to increase the budget? no one cannot ask and get answers from your company whenever you have good office environment.
I am keenly curious why only nexon does not have proper customer center whether there are lots of users in Korea.

even why you ask us to rate ur company that we've never talk or get in touch with ur company. nonsense!

Posted by Resalth

I STILL get push notification notices AFTER uncheckmarking it in the settings, I complained to customer service in November, and still nothing has been done about it. My suggestion is to Boycott their games until they start listening to the customers!

Posted by Anonymous

Long story short, I'm going to copy-paste the exact problem that EVERYONE has.

Nexon Customer Service
Santa Clause.
Easter Bunny.
Good Customer Service from nexon.
A funny Family Circus cartoon.
Bisexual, Vampire Teen Wizards.

What do these things have in common?

None of them are real. They're all imaginary.

I will explain Nexon's approach to customer service in one sentence and then some more sentences after:
"We have your money, f*** you, we have your money."


You forgot your password.
You click the link "recover PW" under log in.
You are NOT sent your password. You have your real password reset. You are then sent a temporary password to log in with.

Your only option to check your account info is a reset password option. There is no info on your account for you to review. NOTHING.

When you attempt to change your password to a new one, you'll find that your temporary PW doesn't count toward changing it.

Thus, they've completely blocked you from ever logging back in on that account, as even if you remember your old PW somehow, it's now been reset to a random string of letters and numbers.

So basically, you need to remember your PW to recover your forgotten PW.

To use their customer service to open a ticket, you'll need to log in.

The ticket must consist of your two security questions, the second of which, ISN'T TOLD TO YOU.

Not only that but Nexon has been known to change your security questions without notice!
So if you forgot that question, you can open a separate ticket to recover THAT!

Oh yeah, you can only have one ticket open at a time. It may also takes literally months to get a response.
If you somehow miss the notice of this fact, ALL of your tickets will be deleted.

If your email changes.
...You're screwed. Because they ONLY send your info to your original email. If it was closed for any reason. You're again, screwed.
Why bother helping you when they can just wait for you to make a new account and spend more money starting over?

If you are a friend of a GM you WILL be allowed to cheat and hack the game without punishment. This has been proven countless times.

One player actually sent a report about themselves hacking and was given a canned response thanking the player for the report. Proving Nexon isn't paying attention, nor do they give a rat's ass.

Nexon is now infamous for having THE worst customer service of all time. Maple Story is the third highest grossing MMORPG (making 100-500 million dollars annually) in the world and despite this, their security, forum/website, staff and policies are not only unprofessional, they are underhanded, deceitful, spiteful and shamelessly evil.

Posted by Xeraphim

These folks cannot handle anything to do with the actual games, e.g. connectivity, server to client or client to server issues, anything account related. Please don't call them for any issues with the game or launcher.

Posted by Anonymous

Whenever i try to download the game i get the downloader.exe, but there is always an "unexpected error occurred please consult support

Posted by Helios__

Nexon i just want to say that i need my account back do you have any phone number to call your employees?

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Any issue i've ever had got resolved quickly and politely, and maple is always a fun game to come back to. Most of the reviews for this game are all from kids who don't get their way.

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