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New York Times customer service is ranked #526 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 269 ratings. This score rates New York Times customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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9 Positive Comments out of 269 Total Comments is 3.35%.

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    • 30.55 Overall Rating
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    • 260 negative comments (96.65%)
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Posted by Anonymous

What is happening your circulation fulfillment on Manhattan West Side? Two Sundays in a row, after 8:30 PM and no newspapers on any newsstand in the 70s. You are hurting the poor newsstand guys and infuriating customers who want the early edition Sat. eve, so what the hell is the point of that? In addition, the early subscription copies are being left in the lobby rather than being brought to the door, raising same question again.

Thanks for your attention.

Posted by Loline

I'm very frustrated with the NY Times digital service. I have not been receiving my early morning edition for about three weeks. The first time I called, I was told that there was a problem and my account was marked "no issue" and they were "working on it." The next time I called, they were still working on it, but I was to cancel all NY Times newsletters as part of the "fix." This morning, the representative didn't know why I had been instructed to cancel any newsletters, and urged me to re-sign up for those. As for why I wasn't receiving the early morning edition, she was almost evasive. I inquired about when it was going to be "fixed" and she couldn't say. I've tried to find out if it is just my account designated "no issue" or are there others, even many others? I tried to find out what I was paying for at this point and even that answer seemed cryptic to me.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a subscription for delivery of the NYT to my door. I recently notified the Times that my address for delivery would change for a month to my vacation home address. FOR THREE DAYS my Times has not been delivered at that address. The address change was tendered well in time for an orderly address change.

Each day I have not received the Times I have called the 800 number and been assured and reassured and reassured that the missing newspaper would be delivered by 10 AM. NONSENSE. I HAVE RECEIVED NO NEWSPAPER ANY OF THOSE DAYS. My vacation address is on a street where nearly everybody has a newspaper delivered. The people who are working for you by delivering the paper locally are incompetent and making liars of you. They should be cashiered and you should hire new deliverers. I have been having troubles such as the above for years whilst on vacation at the same address, and the people who handle my complaints are giving assurances they cannot perform and thus they have become liars, too. Your circulation manager needs to look into the company he has hired to do this work and FIRE them. The location of this incompetence is: Venice Florida. The address to which my newspaper is not delivered is My account . My name is Paul Evelti. I am VERY UNHAPPY WITH the way you are dealing wth me.

Posted by NY times has my contact # and re

I'm not a happy person when I prepay for the paper and it's not delivered. Why isn't there accountability for the delivery service? I would like the NY Times would take action when it has to give credit for papers not delivered. There MUST be someone accountable yet no resolution or concern is shown

Posted by Anonymous

The young lady was clear about what I called for--she was very pleasant and helpful. The only issue was the length of time it took to reach her, but I do understand there are a lot of calls. I was very pleased with the transaction.

Posted by Anonymous

For the second Sunday (the first being 11/11/17), we did not receive our paper today. It is exasperating to say the least to go out expecting your paper to be there and discover it missing. I dont know whether this is a pervasive problem in the Charlotte NC area or what, but I am a very dissatisfied customer at the moment. We have had this happen in the past and hesitated to resubscribe for this very reason.

Please do what you can to rectify this problem. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

no Sunday paper delivery again! About had it after 40 years....Barrow,

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to speak to a person......I kept getting the inane voice. I need information on my bill. Time was you called and got a real person....not spending. Any more time. On site. ID like help on a bill.

Posted by Anonymous

I am submitting this complaint for my 89 year old mom, who lives in the suburbs of Boston. She has spent hours on the phone with the NYTS to complain that her home delivery is sidewalk delivery 30' away from front door, as the delivery person rolls to a crawl, rolls down window, and chucks paper on to sidewalk. She explains to reps that she uses a cane and if its raining, she needs an umbrella as well, which means she gets soaked in order to walk the distance to pick up the paper. The reps say "I understand", but when asked about the delivery company, the reps say there is no information. THIS IS ABSURD AND EMBARRASSING FOR THE NYTs. Home delivery is home delivery and not sidewalk delivery.

Posted by Anonymous

From the NYT website. "We�re sorry, but we�re having a technical issue right now. If you continue to have problems, please call Customer Care at

Same message for 3 weeks straight. I still have not received my Sunday Paper, 4th week now.

Posted by Anonymous

I subscribe to the NYT for Sunday Home delivery 4 weeks ago. Today is Mon. Nov 20. I have yet to receive on Sunday Paper on Sunday morning. I have called Customer Service and also written Customer Service. Each time they say the paper will be delivered later that Sunday, between 11am and 3pm. That never happened. I am DISGUSTED. Is anyone ALIVE at the NYT? Terrible Customer Service.

Posted by Anonymous

INFURITATING is the word. One can't get a real person even by default in this automated system. I increased my subscription and haven't been receiving the paper. All the system allowed me to do is ask for today's paper. I was hoping to talk with someone to straighten this all out. I tried everything, got increasingly angry and never got anyone, the automated system kept renewing and asking the same questions.

FIGURE THIS OUT. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE. I spent 15 minutes of a Sunday morning lost in your automated system. BAD public relations. Just terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

The automated system is infuriating. I called to report delivery issue at 9:10 and was told to call back if I had not received my paper by 8.

Posted by na

Every fall, I resubscribe to the Sunday NYT. My current subscription was to begin 10/15/17 but no paper was delivered. This happens every year so called to cancel. During the week, the STS Customer Care department, contacted me and said if I reversed my cancellation, the discount period would be extended by 2 weeks. The woman guaranteed delivery on 10/22/17. I said ok. Of course, no paper today. I was a paper boy as a youngster, it is not a difficult job. I canceled today as I cant be bothered anymore.

Posted by Martin nystrom

I need assistance by person. I opened my iPad subscription, the lead was "update- close your account, open the App Store, press get".

I dumped the icon, opened the App Store and don't see any app for my subscription. I did try to call your but that is totally useless- unless I need to cancel.

I ask for a live technical person to call me asap.

Martin nystrom

Posted by Anonymous

I Tried To Contact Ny Times About Mail Rcd Today Saying I Could No Longer Make Payments Using My Chase Bank Account. I Do N Ot Know Why. Can You Tell Me Please? I Have Enough Money In My Account To Pay This Bill And Many Others! Instead I Had To Tell You To Put Charges On My Citi Visa Card/costco In Amount Of $373.42

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on the phone over half an hour trying to get to a living person. It has been a very frustrating experience. I want to discuss my latest bill and absolutely no luck, just a recording. I have subscribed to the Times for over 50 years and have NEVER been so frustrated with your service.

I cannot pay my bill until the extra week's billing is explained to me. I never get billed for just one week and also, where is my 50% off for that week?

Please call me and if no answer, please leave a person-friendly phone number, not a recording!!!

Posted by Anonymous

1. My newspaper has NOT NOT NOT been delivered correctly all 3 days of weekend delivery. Have dispatcher communicate that newspaper should be left at white letter box at 157 E. Cedar St. Livingston, NJ.

2. No newspaper was delivered on Friday, April 14, 2017.

3. No newspaper was delivered on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

4. No newspaper was delivered on Sunday, April 16, 2017.



Posted by Barbara Jones

All I wanted to know is if there will be paper delivery today. I gave all the information to cyber Sally, but was then connected to a human being in the southwest who said she had to "open a case," and she must have all the information I had just given to cyber Sally. You are not the FBI. I do not have a "case." I just want to know when I will receive my paper. For God's sake, no wonder people are cancelling their subscriptions. Who needs this crap?

Posted by aes

OMG! Where to start. Have you ever tried to have your paper delivered without a plastic bag?? Almost impossible. I am very clear when I set up my account that I will never, ever, under any conditions accept a paper in a plastic bag and that if it arrives in a bag, I will not pay for it. I also will never complain about a wet paper. But it doesn't matter what I say. I just moved to NEwburgh and after going through all of that my first paper arrived double bagged. I spent an hour on the phone getting one supervisor after another until I was promised the issue was resolved. The next day the paper came in a plastic bag again. This time I was offered a credit for the first month of my subscription and promised the paper would not come in a plastic bag again. Sure enough, it came in a plastic bag again today. The problem is that nobody communicates directly with the depot so the problem never gets resolved. I don't have enough patience to go through the NY TImes 25 step process to get this resolved. I will just end up cancelling my subscription!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a seven day/week subscriber to the print issue, Acct.048 319 222. I have a box for newspaper deliveries attached under my mailbox. Until year end 2016 my papers were regularly placed in the box. Since the new year, the papers are dropped on the driveway at least 4 out 0f 5 times, resulting in wet papers. Please correct this problem.

David Lasky

Posted by Anonymous

I am a seven day/week subscriber to the print issue, Acct.048 319 222. I have a box for newspaper deliveries attached under my mailbox. Until year end 2016 my papers were regularly placed in the box. Since the new year, the papers are dropped on the driveway at least 4 out 0f 5 times, resulting in wet papers. Please correct this problem.
David Lasky
"[email protected]"

Posted by A former subscriber

Longtime subscriber and reader here. I even own stock. But I canceled after trying for nearly a month to resolve a simple issue. I bought two gift subscriptions for Christmas for my folks. They were each supposed to be six-month subscriptions, but one somehow was processed as a one-year subscription, with my credit card being charged for it. I've called customer service at least a half-dozen times, trying to get it resolved. Finally, I gave up and canceled everything, including my own subscription. I'll spare the details except to say that promise after promise after promise to get this fixed didn't materialize. The next call will be to my credit card company to dispute the charges. I'm out of other options.

So, so, so mad at NYT. They publish a great newspaper, but, while I am a big supporter of the developmentally disabled, I do not feel that a newspaper's circulation department should be a sheltered workshop, which is what the NYT seems to have. The people I spoke with over the past month, and there were several calls, could not seem to grasp the issue. It got to the point where I would say, "OK, I'm going to tell you why I'm calling and then I'm going to ask you to repeat it back so we can be sure we're on the same page." I did this three or four times with three or four different people in customer service, and not a single one could tell me why I was calling immediately after I'd told them why I was calling.

This seems a longstanding problem with NYT. Several years ago, my wife ordered me a gift subscription that was supposed to start arriving on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day came and went with no paper. Finally, when March arrived with no paper in evidence, she canceled in frustration. The next day, the paper arrived and kept arriving for more than three years. We never got a bill and never paid for it. We never got a phone call. We never got any kind of explanation whatsoever, but I strongly suspect this was simply a NYT screw-up as opposed to a gesture of goodwill. We tipped the carrier generously each Christmas.

While I'm not a Republican, I find it ironic that NYT is telling Trump how to run the country when the paper can't run a customer service department capable of resolving even simple things. They should put Trump in charge of customer service and learn a thing or two.

Posted by Tree

My husband Canceled our home delivery NYT subscription about 15 months ago, via telephone, and we stopped receiving daily deliveries the next day. I just discovered that NYT has continued to charge my husband's credit card every month since then. Now, I am having to spend hours on the phone fighting for a refund. NYT has contracted subscription customer service to EGS Customer Services. They are NOT doing a good job, NYT.

Posted by I have no screen name.

Today is the 4th day in a row of non-delivery of the NYT. I've advised the delivery problem by both a live phone call and daily comments on these reviews; all to no avail. Why can't some live person at the NYT explain? I've never dealt with such incompetence with any provider of important services. The bill due Jan 1 has been paid online. I will try to reach your tech support online. If that doesn't work, it's sayonara New York Times.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service...called to report a missed delivery...within 1/2 hr. paper was delivered! Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

We are subscribers to home delivery and are entitled to free access to the NYT on line. I got a notice last week that free articles were running out. So I called. Someone was nice enough to tell me what to do and that now I would be fine after following her direction. Today I got a notice that I had zero articles left. So no more access. What gives with these folks at the Times?

Posted by Anonymous

Amber's service was very good. She was very professional. I however, got up set when the Invoice (for something I no longer got delivered) appeared. Amber explained very calmly that I'd be getting a $22. rebate.

Posted by CLG309

No Sunday paper delivered
Promised for Monday, then Tuesday
Several emails not answered

This has happened below. Promise to mail a paper but never do.
This is a paid subscription

Posted by Anonymous

thank you good response to delivery problems on your end

Posted by Hamyuts Meseta

My online access account was blocked because I had an insufficient balance to cover the monthly fee. My call to this number was answered promptly and courteously, and my account was restored with no difficulty.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by contact

Terrific information. Precise. helped me get to the source with a question that needed to be added by a humon (real live agent) instead of a moronic digital voice trying to pitch me a number of items I didn't want to buy. You guys rock!A nw favorite on my computer.

Posted by Anonymous

I got a lovely operator right away. she was great.
thank you ny times!

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