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1 Positive Comment out of 18 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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Posted by Robert Grogan

Not happy about not getting delivery of my Tuesday paper this week. The deliverer left a Wall Street Journal for some reason instead. Was collecting the bar codes this week for my entry for tickets for The Bronx Tale play on Broadway - the contest you are running this week - but now I can�t submit an entry. Is there something you can do for me in this regard?


Robert Grogan

Posted by A real American

this publication is absolute garbage. I will make a concentrated effort to not only ensure that no one I know ever subscribes to this publication that is unable to distinguish an opinion from an actual news report. Not only that but companies that choose to advertise with you will lose business as well. SHAME ON YOU!! Take your trash and opinions out of this country!!

Posted by Anonymous

The N.Y. Daily Newspaper printed an article about the problems of dogs in Grant Houses. The NYCHA development where I live on the 20th of January 2014 in my apartment and not to any surprise.

Nothing has been done to correct the problem but it's gotten worse. The development assistant manager has been closing out vital tickets that would. Have helped me. ConEd was in my Apartment. On April 1st 2015 and decided my stove was no good and then I should be given another one. I been to the Bureau Office of NYCHA. I been to. The. Ins and three weeks later

I still don't have a stove. I get a feeling that there is more corruption in NYC

than people care to admit. Dogs still fighting and dog poop still coming down

My kitchen gas pipe from the above Apartment. I have been disabled in my

Back for many years and I have to move

The. Fridge to clean the poop that the guy floods down the pipe. It's worse because I complain. Just yesterday he

tried to set me up by two guys that don't mind doing what he says because he will

give them a few dollars. The only thing that saved me was the maintenance

guy that knows me just happened to get

on the elevator and the other guy was

already in my hallway waiting in front

Of the staircase. Please Help. Me.

Thankyou.Also Im not good at computers.

Posted by Vern Bardo

Daily News
I like your content and how you keep up with the Daily news. However, the racist derogatory comments of your viewers are outrages and disrespectful. I understand that their is Freedom of Speech. But my question is why is it only preserved for a certain segment of the population. Particularly whites and Jews. Vicious racist, stereotypical comments towards Black people are posted daily. But any rebuttal comments to refute, debate, or compare, are not posted. It seems as if The Daily News agree with the idiots. You even ban me in Moderation Mode. Why is that?

Posted by Anonymous

Made several complaints to delivery news In the past month.About not receiving my paper.and sunday incerts are supposed to be delivery on saturday not sunday for home delivery service.Each time i spoke to customer service. They promised this matter would be taken care of.Nothing has be done to solve this issue.They refused to put there supervisor on the phone..They threaten to hang up....

Posted by Anonymous

I have 9 unwrapped, useless Daily News papers since the LAST time I called to tell them that I don't have a subscription and have no desire for the paper. Called twice before. I have enough to recycle and no bird/dog crap to justify the need for a newspaper I would never read. Not even going to bother calling them again this time. 3X and your I call the city to complain about having what I consider trash left on my doorstep.

Posted by [email protected]

I subscribe to the Daily News but never get my papers. Today Sunday, once again I have not received my paper. Yesterday no paper arrived yet your bill always arrives on time. Please check with the carrier you employ to see where he is leaving my paper each weekend. My name is

Posted by Victimized by dailynews

I don't even subscribe to this crap paper. My neighbor does and her delivery man keeps crashing his car into my brick ring that I have surrounding a front yard tree. The Police wouldn't even come to write an incident report. Nice going Nassau Police. What a shame --just wait until he runs over a child walking to the school thatís only a block away. Then maybe you'll put the donut down and come over here and see this reckless idiot. And when I call DailyNews directly to complain, they just take my number and NOBODY gets back to me.

Posted by Acct# 30021674

I wish to cancel my 7 day subscription to the NY Daily News, account# Kindly send me confirmation of cancellation. I will not be voting for the paper's endorsement for President of these United States.

Posted by KRSD1216


Posted by rg

I subscribed to the Daily News during a promo. After that I called and asked that the paper be stopped. It was not and I again called and was notified that after the promo price it was automatically billed at the regular price. After speaking to numerous so-called representatives and complaining about the so-calaled auto-billing and again, stopping the paper, I received a 'COLLECTION" NOTICE for $9.00. If this continues, I will report it to the BBB or at least post it on FACEBOOK AND/OR TWITTER. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO A PAPER THAT DOES NOT RESOLVE THEIR ISSUES.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a subscriber for home delivery for over 20 years. Last month I placed a vacation hold and it never started up again. Despite calling EVERYDAY I still never received the paper (send out a replacement! ha! has anyone ever gotten the replacement???).

After a week of calling I cancelled my subscription and then the billing calls started. I want to pay my bill - but only for those days I actually received a paper!!! To make matters worse they are billing me for a week after I cancelled! So I am being billed for 2 weeks where I never received the paper. The representatives are rude - it is not very difficult to actually look at the logs into my account and SEE every day that I called to report the delivery problem. I just want to pay my bill and wash my hands of them. Oh, and supervisors NEVER call back.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a long time subscriber to the New York Daily News. Due to the lousy winter weather and poor delivery due to the snow, I cancelled my service. I received a bill for the extra week that my paper still came. Paid for and sent out check the same day. In less than 7 days, I received a notice that they had turned my "debt" over to a collection agency for payment. Are they kidding me? My account information on their automated system showed that the payment was received. Now I have to deal with this? Folks, we're talking $5.01 here. They didn't even give the payment 5 days to get there and/or clear, and there was a no mail US holiday on one of the Mondays. They have permanently lost a home subscriber. If you want to pay your bills by check, you are hereby warned. I can imagine what they'll do if you subscribe by credit card. Good luck straightening anything out with that. Stay away!

Posted by DontReadtheDailyNews

Within the first week of moving into my new house I received a cold call from the Daily News offering a free 2 week trial subscription. I NEVER go fo rthese things because you always have to call up to cancel at the end of the free trial and I NEVER remember to do so. So when I asked the sales rep what I needed to do at the end of the free trial he said "ignore the invoice". For someone who doesnt remember to cancel free subscriptions and therefore never signs up for these things this was what I needed to hear. So I went with it. What a mistake! After the 2 weeks was up I kept getting delivery and sunsequently kept getting invoices and phone calls asking for payment but like I was told to do, I ignored them. So I finally called up and explained the situation, spoke to a "supervisor" and explained I wasnt going to pay the bill because the rep completely misrepresented the terms. She said if you look at the bill it says you need to call to cancel! I said but I was told to ignore the bill! She said the bill will not be removed. Yesterday I get a call from a collection agency!!! I owe $7.52! I told them the story so it was noted. Called the Daily News back today and ripped them a new (blank)! I have subsequesntly emailed 7 On your Side as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs. Funny thing is I read the Post! I will fight this to the death out of principal and will never even glance at a Daily News again!

Posted by Anonymous

I subscribed to the Daily News home delivery via their website on a Tuesday. I was charged for the subscription that very same day. I did not receive a confirmation email of the transaction. Days after subscribing, I still haven't received my newspaper. I continued checking the status of my account on their website everyday and it kept saying my address and phone number were not in their system. I called their customer service that Friday and they said they have no record of my account. The representative said that by Monday, it will probably be in the system and that I would PROBABLY start receiving my first paper then. On Monday, still, I had no newspaper delivered. I called customer service again, indicated I was already charged for the subscription, delivery still haven't started and I am still unable to check or even verify my account online. The representative was still unable to pull up my account based on my name, address or phone number. I was advised that it takes longer when a customer subscribes online or at the store and all I could do was wait. He could not give me any information since he has no record of my account. I informed him I was already charged for it and did not even receive a confirmation email of my payment. The representative was rude and just kept repeating to call back on Wednesday. I wanted to cancel my subscription but was unable to since they did not even have a record of my subscription. I will now call my credit card company to dispute. I am very unsatisfied with the NY Daily News delivery customer service. Shame since I actually like the newspaper.

Posted by Anonymous

I have called the Daily News customer service 3x regarding my home delivery being stained the how do a I say this well I will just stay it dog urine... YES! I was quite disgusted and advised the representative if this continued I would cancel my subscription... well long story short upon canceling the next day I found a note left from the news paper delivery woman expressing her disbelief in my statement & asking me to tell HER how it happened.

I called customer service and advise them of this note and asked if the is common practice they said they would have someone call me back - A man by the name of James Lizarazo calls from circulation & in a questioning tone asked me "Whatís going on you got a NOTE left in your News paper delivery?" I said yes & told him how it all started with the dog piss on my paper.. He repeated what I said in a you got a be kidding me voice & at that moment I advise him I could not discuss this at this time
(I was quite angry) - I did not get his full number 646??? So I called customer service & requested a supervisor and was told they are on a brake and will not be returning for a half hour but for me to give them my contact info and the supervisor would return my call & I also asked for James Lizarazo to call me back as well - it never happened...I waited this morning for the delivery girl with my pissy papers... the note leaving delivery girl did not deliver today... Queens NY

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it may concern:

I placed a call this morning 1/22/2010 @ 8:34am and spoke to a representative named Jermaine, my request was to speak to a manger. I was told no one was available and one would call me back. At 11:32 am another call was place and I spoke to a rude and nasty representative her first initial started with (R), again I was told a manger would call me back. As to date I have not received any returned calls.

To my understanding, The Daily News was to PROVIDE customers with assistance professionalism. However, today I was greeted both times with attitudes and rudeness. Are managers and supervisors just too busy to return a simple phone call ? or are they too busy? Or lazy and just donít want to be bothered. I have been in the CUSTOMER SERVICE field for over twenty years and was always told FROM day one IF a person asks for a MANGER transfer the CALL no QUESTIONS asked. Personally I have never treated people this way as I speak and treat people with the same RESPECT AND CURTISY that I want to be TREATED.. No one is THAT busy NOT to return a Phone call.

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Posted by [email protected]

Renewed my subscription with a terrific young lady named Mary Ellen. She was polite, helpful and very good at her job. She treated me like a customer who matters and definitely deserves a promotion and a raise.

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