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Netgear customer service is ranked #659 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 676 ratings. This score rates Netgear customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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    • 655 negative comments (96.89%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I just spent $200 on a new Netgear router. Had a basic question about registering my new router with setup and was refused help unless I paid a diagnostic fee. Worst service ever when I asked why the guy hung up on me

Posted by Anonymous

Experienced the same as others. Would not help me set up my router I was having problems with unless I paid for 1 of two plans. Told him that was not going to happen so then he offered a quick solution fix for a price. That slso wasnt going to happen. Was told I could return it. I feel people need to report this to the BBB there are many of us they try to do this to.

Posted by Dean

I did a lot of research on this camera and found it to be in the same class as the Nest outdoor 1080p camera but approximately $150 more in price. I bought the Arlo Pro 2 yesterday and realized from the outset that the added features of the camera such as the activity zone fencing to reduce false alarms, the 3 second pre-activity recording and the 24/7 continuous recording i was hoping to use as advertised would not be variable to my as Netgear don't actually supply the power cables to the cameras just one short single cable for charging the units. In contrast to the Nest product that not only supply the initial cables but and extended cable normally needed to reach and outdoor or attic outlet. I called customer service and they told me that you don't provide these cables even as an option to add them and this would be my responsibility. I find this absolutely appalling given the high price I paid for the cameras over $500 to not include the correct equipment to access all the premium features I thought I was paying for. I am left now trying to research if in fact I can purchase long micro USB to Standard USB cables that would be suitable for outdoor use and adapter that has the correct amp and voltage so I don't blow the camera. Customer service also told me it would be my responsibility to purchase these leads and also stated that if I add non supplied equipment it would void the warranty which is a ridiculous statement as netgear dont supply them so if i do i void the warranty. This looks like a massive oversight by netgear and very disappointing and I would have thought if you wanted to get more subscribers to your paid cloud storage service you would have provided a solution for customers to connect the cameras to an external power as advertised. This makes the cameras inferior to the Nest product not at an extra $150 premium. You have a very disappointed customer!

Posted by Amy

I have spent over 6 hours on the phone trying to get ports opened for my security cameras. Netgear router is less than year old and was told Netgear needed to open these ports but it is going to cost me $139. This is a rip off I will switch my $300 router before I will give them anymore money.

Posted by Anonymous

Our Netgear wireless modem worked fine for 2 years, then we ended up with very spotty connectivity. After an hour + on the phone with Cable provider tech support, they said it was the router and I needed to call them to get it switched to a different channel. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Netgear tech support, after being on hold for quite some time. I was hard to understand the woman, and when she told me that she needed to take control of my computer to update the settings but it would cost $199, I said no way and hung up.

Posted by Bloucas

Bought the Netgear Arlo home security system and cameras. Terrible product. Already replaced 2 cameras now a 3rd has gone bad. Can't reach anyone in the US or a supervisor. Would never buy another Netgear product and intend to take this issue further due to the many hrs. I had to spend on chat, phone and reinstallation

Posted by veeque

So I purchased a netgear nighthawk d7000 in January. $350~

Plugged it in, plugged the phone line in, put my settings in, would not connect. Manually forced it to connect by means of pressing connect in the advanced setting over and over again.

Put up with the modem as the wifi range is good. however, as soon as the phone line had an issue I'd lose internet for several hours till it would re-connect. I gave up when it just wouldn't connect quickly. In the meantime, I had TPG out multiple times to check the line etc. Went back to the my old modem which I need to reset every other day to keep the wifi working.

Finally get onto netgear about my issues. Put onto a remote Technician that doesn't comprehend my issue. Goes through my computer and files and says because I have a registry issue, it's why the internet doesn't work. I say in many different ways, the issue happens on any of my devices after telling my they are trained technicians and do not need educating after I'd questioned why my pc has anything to do with a modem not connecting to the internet. Offers to look at the modem remotely, for the cost of $70... and it's not covered by warranty!!!!

call up the help line again and say I'm not getting a comprehensive answer. given another number, then put onto an american line with a 60 minute wait.

Will be returning the modem tommorow and getting my money back, one way or another.

Posted by CC

I bought a NetGear N600 Wireless Dual band Router with a "Lifetime Warrenty" It broke 7 months later. I called NetGear tech Support only to find out that my LIFETIME WARRENTY has expired. What a scam. They tried to sell my a 1 yr tech support package plan for $139.00!! I said NO!!! I Paid $79 b4 taxes for a product that promised a lifetime warrenty and got scammed. I told the tech that if he couldn't help me figure out the software issue that day ( it was a software issue not a hardware) without charging me then i would NEVER buy from NetGear again. He told me smugly that no matter where I go to buy a router, that I would have to pay for extended tech support on it no matter what so it wouldnt make any difference whether I bought from them or someone else. The nerve!!! Forget you NetGear!!!

Posted by DAG

I can't believe the way they perform tech support. As others have written, they would not look at whether my router might have an issue covered by the 1 year warranty unless I gave them my credit card info. I told them in no uncertain terms that I did not want to pay for support for a router that only cost $40. Without getting further approval from me, they resolved the issue and charged my card $139 for a year of technical support. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and after much heated back and forth, they agreed to charge just the one-time support fee, which was $49. I told them this was still excessive since all the tech appeared to have done was reset the modem, which was something they should have asked about before they did anything. (They asked initially if I had performed an update and performed a power cycle - I had - but did not ask about a reset.) Regrettably, I agreed to the lesser fee, but have been kicking myself ever since. I like their hardware, but their warranty policies and practices have soured me on Netgear.

Posted by Book Nut

Netgear's customer support is a pseudonym for its marketing department. When my extender needed a reset, and thereafter a complicated reconfiguration of settings, I was charged more for the required 6-month service contract (no service necessary unless their product fails, which it does with each disconnection) than the product itself cost.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a brand new Netgear Modem (Model CM600)from Best Buy on Saturday. I came home and set up with Comcast and I was all ready to go. But, I found that it needed to sync with my Wifi Router. No problem because that is also a Netgear product ( Model R6300) ! Or so I thought. When I called Netgear customer support I was told that my perfectly functioning Wifi Routers' warranty was up and that to get them to be able to sync together I would have to purchase the warranty for $80.

This is completely unfair to us consumers. I had two perfectly functioning Netgear products that would not be able to work together, as they were designed to do, unless I spent an additional and substantial amount of more money to have the "golden key" that permits them to work together.

Is this really what Netgear stands for? Is Netgear proud of this?

Well I emailed their CEO and you can read for yourself below:

"Dear Mr. Lo,

So this is the best that Netgear can do? $30? Wow. So, in summary, I own a Netgear Router and a Netgear modem but it cost me $50 to get them to sync. Apparently, the real issue here is that the router is out of "warranty". It didn't break though. It just is intended to work only with one modem, or 3 years.

So, the end result of my experience for buying from a trusted company, that I had been otherwise satisfied with and recommended to work colleagues and family alike, is that Netgear is very serious about its policies and that I should feel grateful for the $30 back.

Well congratulations. You found a way to make me unsatisfied and frankly angry. I paid $50 to speak to someone live to get them to sync. Great long-term customer service idea! Honestly now, how likely do think that I would ever seriously consider purchasing Netgear offerings again? Did your customer service team even think of this? Or rather were they more concerned about how much immediate revenue was lost?

Great long-term solution!"

And I have received no response. Apparently, no response is earned because they have no intention of refunding my money because, I guess, this is a deliberate business strategy. Netgear's business policy is apparently only transactional. It begins and ends with what you paid for. Customer loyalty is not valued. Dollars are.

You have been warned

Posted by Anonymous

Netgear scam, once my warranty period ended I lost internet connection.I callled my ISP and they told me that everything is alright with them and I have to call Netgear. of course Netgear agent told me every time (I called them more than 8 times in 3 days) that I have to pay for extension of my technical support and they are sure they will be able to fix the problem, I did not know why they were so sure,but after I searched the internet I knew that they have done this scam with most of there clients (you can look for your self), so after the end of the warranty period they interfere with your internet connection to make you renew the technical support with them

Posted by [email protected]

I am returning his item! N300 extender. Have never seen a worse website, can't get my simple question answered, plus my TV only shows 2 bars with this thing, so not very good. This is a small house!

Posted by Maria

I purchased the EX6100 in August 2016, til today i am still unable to set it up. I have tried reaching out to them and i always get an error message with their server. The service that this company offers is disgusting and should not be a loud to sell their product in the market. If you sell a product you should at least give your consumers an ability to be able to reach you. Very disappointing.

Posted by jt

We purchased a number of Netgear ProSafe GS108Tv2 8 port switches. One of them failed recently. I removed the cover to find out why there was a mechanical metal rattling sound on the inside to find the cooling heatsink floating around inside the case.. These devices come with a supposed lifetime hardware warranty. The aluminum heatsink that cools the main Broadcom network engine is secured only by glue. This means over time as it is heated eventually the heatsink will fall off and the device will fail. Heatsinks MUST be secured by metal clips that are attached to the PCB. Netgear support gives you the run around about having to have your orig sales receipt or they will not provide an RMA. Needless to say this is very poor customer support.

Posted by IowaGal

On January 23, 2016 I purchased the NETGEAR AC1750 Smart WiFi Router For $137.79 at the West Des Moines Best Buy. On August 27, 2016 I lost my wireless connection. No storms, no power outages, the service just quit. After trying a few things on my own I called my Internet provider who after 30 minutes of trying to assist me stated that the issue was with my wireless router and that I needed to contact the router company.

On August 28th I called 1-888-638-4327 - the number listed on the NETGEAR box as customer support. Yes, I keep the boxes. ☺ The woman was very nice and asked for the serial number on the router. She asked for some additional information, gave me a case number and then proceeded to tell my that my hardware was still under warranty (as I purchased it only 7 months ago) but that technical support was only provided for 90 days so if I wanted her to fix the router I would need to pay them $89 for 6 months of support or $139 for one year of support.

As you might imagine having bought the router for $137.79, I was not going to pay $139 or even $89 to have them run a diagnostic and then fix my router. She assured me that she would be able to fix it by going in and finding out what changes had been made. Well, I wondered to myself who made the changes that disrupted my service, as it certainly wasn't me???

She went on to explain that it is NETGEAR's policy to charge for assistance after 90 days even if the hardware warranty is still in effect. REALLY? She then asked if I wanted her to proceed. I told her no, that I would purchase another router, probably a Motorola as that was the one I had for 6 years with no issues.

I also told her that I know she is just doing her job but that I strongly disagreed with the company's policy and that I would be posting my experience online. After ascertaining that I was not going to purchase technical assistance from her she said good-bye.

I was sitting at my computer stewing about the conversation and feeling like I had been scammed, when suddenly my Internet connection, which had been down for 24 hours was miraculously restored. The restoration occurred within 10 minutes of my phone call to NETGEAR. Coincidence? You tell me. I will never buy from NETGEAR again.

Posted by Amun

First let me say that I had been, until this point, a loyal Netgear customer for nearly 15 years.
Second, I will never buy another Netgear product again based on my recent customer service experience.

I purchased a new Netgear NightHawk X6 router (not a cheap router) on 5/21/2016.
It died on 8/14/2016.
I purchased it through Best Buy but didn't purchase the Best Buy extended warranty.

I called Netgear and explained that I could no longer communicate with the router to reconfigure it (it seemed like it was broadcasting but I couldn't login). My password was changed within minutes of me originally setting it up and the password is complex enough that I don't think it was hacked.

I tried to perform a factory reset of the device but it wouldn't work.
I spoke to Netgear support and after 30 minutes they agreed it seemed defective.

I asked if I could just exchange it in Best Buy for another one.
They said that I could do that.
Knowing that sometimes vendors need to make a special confirmation I asked if they had taken care of whatever authorization was required, the support agent said they had.

I went down to Best Buy and they scanned my receipt and it pulled up their record and it specifically stated that they needed to contact Netgear, which the Best Buy person did.

After waiting for 6 minutes or so they got to speak to someone and were told "no it can't be exchanged".
I asked the Netgear support person to pull up my previous call interaction and they said they didn't have any record of my earlier call that day.
I showed my cell phone to the Best Buy person and the number in my call history showed I had been on the phone with the Netgear support that very day.
The Netgear person asked me to replay what steps had been taken to try to fix the modem.
I am a tech support engineer and have pretty good recall of my phone interactions so I pretty much repeated every step verbatim. The Netgear support person quietly accepted that I must have talked with them based on what I reiterated. They agreed it must be a defective modem but said I would have to use the standard RMA process.

The things I hated about the experience:
1) Netgear didn't have any entry of my call or my entire history of working through the problem with their tech.
2) The tech lied to me and indicated I could exchange the product with Best Buy.

As I mentioned, I am a Tech Support person by profession and I expected much better. For every case I work I have to record time, date, person spoken with, and in general everything I did with the customer so a history entry exists if they call back and ask for details.

Netgear support is ineffective and untrustworthy.

I immediately made a purchase of Linksys router while I was at Best Buy.
While I will still have to RMA the previous router, I'm going to sell it on EBay right after because I don't intend to deal with that lack of quality support going forward.

Posted by Anonymous

It took 4 days to get my problem solved.After being transferred uncounted times and people wasted 6 hours of my time.My employees were 2 days unemployed.
BING.YUE FROM NETGER L3 SUPPORT TEAM fixed it.It took us 2.5 hours today and its fixed.
Thank you Bing!

Posted by Anonymous

Warning!!!!!!Do not get involved with netgear. My files all dissepeart after support apparently try to fix it.Had to wait 3 days,after several calls just got the answer"somebody will contact you within 24 hours".3 days later still no answer.
Thanks got i had a second back up.
What a waste of money.I even paid 3 years for support and the unit is only 14 month old

Posted by Outraged in Oxfordshire

N ever
E ven
T hink of
G etting an
E xample of
A ny
R outer.
1. Netgear make you pay for a call to set up your new purchase. OUTRAGEOUS!
2. Netgear keep you hanging on for ages.
3. Netgear then waste you time (and money) asking you inane and irrelevant questions.
4. You need a PhD in IT to instal their product you need to call their laughingly called "helpline".
5. You need to be the Professor who teaches the PhD students, to understand the instructions they try to impart to set up their router.
6. The Netgear router is going back to the shop....unless I take a sledgehammer to it first!
7. DO NOT BUY, (unless you are a pathological masochist and love being whipped up into a frenzy of computer rage.)
8. Netgear will drive you to drink.
(But then, this is just one non tech, old man's opinion. You may love your Netgear Router and the challenges that come with it.)

Posted by Anonymous

I had the worst experiaced with netger ever. First day it took them 3 hours,following day2.5 hours and today they said they will call me in 10 minutes.Aftre 2.5 hours i called them back and now i am am on hold after beeing transfared 3 times.What a waste of time.Apparently i can not acces it becaouse i have no internet conection,which is incorrect.I will not recomend this!

Posted by bookernoe

Here's a little help for prospective Netgear buyers. I haven't had a defective name-brand electronic product in some years, so this was new to me. I thought by telling it here it might help some others avoid these issues. The product I bought was a DSL modem, wireless router combination. It worked great for 6 months, and suddenly won't recognize the the DSL line connected to it. Everything else functions (wifi, ethernet connected internet). The DSL line works great plugged into a modem from the ISP. I did the following: Changed out the DSL filter for a new one; confirmed I had the latest firmware; changed out all cables (multiple times) to confirm they weren't the issue; soft reset the modem; hard reset the modem; reentered all connection information; reconfirmed the connection was working on the ISP modem; connected to the modem via wi-fi and ethernet and confirmed the device and web interface were working fine. Whatever the problem is, it is in the black box labeled Netgear. The device was new, and carries a 1 year warranty. HOWEVER, they say the phone support only covers the first 90 days. After that they want a 'nominal fee' for phone support of $89.99 US. After much discussion about there was no way I was going to pay $90 for the warranty I already paid for, I was told I would be sent through to a supervisor. After holding 20 minutes I hung up. I knew I had been placed in the circular file. BOTTOM LINE: NETGEAR OFFERS NO WARRANTY AFTER 90 DAYS WITHOUT YOU GIVING YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO A GUY IN INDIA which he can charge when HE decides that your product issue is not hardware related. According to the gentleman, I have no other recourse. I will take it back to Best Buy and see if I am treated any better, but I am officially cured of Netgear for anything.

Posted by Anonymous

to return defective router after 1 month used no refund only replacement. shipping back on yours own label return on the package of the defective router righting life time warranty.

Posted by reacherv

After yesterday's experience with Netgear Support, I concur. Netgear is right down there with Used Car Sales. Possible below.
I don't think there is a legal category below that.
Worst customer service experience I have had in many years. I don't write reviews but this one deserved comment.
Shame on Netgear management for allowing this.

Posted by JJ

The rep on the phone was helping, until she wanted me to get a year of service. Since I did not buy, she did not want to help me. I have always used netgear, but after this I will buy a different router.

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Posted by Ann

Very helpful girl from Philippines Ann helped me with my motom A+++
Very knowledgeable and respectful
Very polite thumbs up A+++

Posted by Anonymous

I was expecting mediocre (at best) support when I opened a chat window for my new Arlo cameras. The guy I got was excellent. Fast, polite, and gave me the information I needed immediately. I actually found this page while searching to see what country their support is in (I assume it is offshore, though you wouldn't know it from the guy I chatted with today.)

I wish every company was like this.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know about others, but we used the customer support number listed on the purchases. They answered immediately, they were knowledgeable, they were patient and completed the process even when part of the problem we were experiencing was partly due to our cable company. I was extremely please.... so to those who have a hard time ... sorry ... and our support person was of Indian descent yet spoke perfect english. Thumbs up to them for hiring the person we received help from!

Posted by Anonymous

u cannot generally blame the technicians alone.. they are trying to help u over the phone and u should be having basic knowledge of computers before buying any router and u should read the label . It is clearly mentioned that they provide 90 days of free tech support from the date of purchase.. and i have seen many customer about the password issue.. if u forget ur own wireless password that is not the fault of the tech.. i have also dealt with the so called american tech and they are more pathetic .. atleast the tech support in india are willing to help u.. get a mind people and stop posting crap if u dont know the basic of computers

Posted by Allan

I've been using netgear routers for a while, i've used other brand routers as well like belkin, D-link, Cisco and what not . . . . !! Every product has a limited support period either 2 MONTHS or 3 MONTHS or 6 MONTHS . . . . !! After which you would ought to pay for SUPPORT and with NETGEAR i find it worth to spend $100 for a year to take care of all my issues with all my devices and the best part is it doesn't ought to be a netgear product itself and i think its worth it wheres with other vendors you'll be payimg the same amount only limited service for only those specific brand related issues !!!!!!! Netgear is probably the cheapest and best support in the market . . . . !!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a hard time connecting with my internet, and when I called netgear I had some trouble communicating and getting help. I asked to talk to the manager, and the manager ( Rachel ) walked me through the whole process and really helped me out till the end. She was very helpful, and nice and I hung up the phone extremely happy that my internet was up and working.

Posted by netgear15

After a solid year of use out of my N600 v1 router, it suddenly stopped working. All the right lights were on, but none of my wireless devices could connect to the internet. I was nervous about trying to restart the modem myself, so I called NetGear tech support. My tech helped me troubleshoot some settings, and we realized it just needed a firmware update. Thanks TOM!

Posted by THE MAN!

The Indian man helped me out. I have only had my Router for 2 days, could not figure it out why i was loosing connection with my Wii or cell phones.... etc. The only way i could get connection was by pushing the button on the router and then as soon as it would stop flashing it would then loose connection. I called after reading all those bad comments and confronted the man on the phone immediately on whether or not he was going to actually fix my problem or if he was going to give me some pitch and want money. He told me he could fix it. He did not get into my computer to do it and talked me through it. It took a whopping 10min or so and my connection is awesome! Turns out it was a manual setting in wireless settings instead of having it be an Auto for the 2.4 band it had to be placed on 11. Hope that helps someone.

Posted by TamaNiue

I have just had a great experience with the Netgear technical staff and have no concerns with their service or product

Posted by Alabama

Thank you Contact Help. You are the only way that I could get the telephone number to Netgear. I was only on hold for a few minutes before speaking to a Customer Service Representative. He informed me that since my router is approximately 6 months old, that he is not allowed to provide technical support for me. He explained that if I wanted technical support for the router I would have to be transferred to another department that would charge me for speaking to them and that they might or might not solve the problem. When I asked if I could get free technical support for their product I was told that I could send them an email. I explained that I had already filed and email request and that it had not been answered yet. I was informed that the problem was with my email and that I should create a new email account. At this point I decided to end the call, throw my Netgear router in the garbage and buy a new wireless router from any company that was not Netgear. The Representative was extremely polite, it is just the Netgear company that has issues.

Posted by Dan

I haven't had enough time with the router to make a full determination on the quality, but so far it seems to be running faster then our old one. The TSE was very polite and worked very hard to get the issue resolved. I personally have worked technical support for the internet in the past, and continue to work in a customer support call center for another industry. I know for a fact that there are some agents who would have found a way to get the Customer off of the line after a while, but he did not even when I was ready to say I would let him get off the line and work on it on my end so he didn't have to wait for my slow computers to resolve themselves. Because of that, the tech actually showed me even more steps that I hadn't even thought about to get it resolved, so I was even more grateful for his hard work in helping me resolve the issue! they did an amazing job! :)))

Posted by SELSAN

Great service,
i really appreciate the service
Great job on helping out, very polite, excellant support. Woo I got internet, Thanks a much.

Posted by Raavan Ric

Excellent support & customer service..
Product is easy to use & maintain...

Posted by .

My internet set up was handled expertly and efficiently by the agent. He was easy to understand and maintained great patience when we had to go through several plug ins and unplugs to determine IP address. He made sure all of my devices have internet service before signing off. I am most happy to say. Everything is up and running smoothly now. I purchased a router today from Staples that was made in 2010. He told me to send the receipt to you in order to have records current. Thank you for everythin.

Posted by Sandy

Excellent Customer Service !!!

Posted by Anonymous

Netgear was able to redeem themselves when i called back in the PM hours. My original call was late morning on a Tuesday. After two disconnections and over 30 minutes on hold, i gave up. When i called back Wednesday night around 9:00 pm (central standard US) i got right through. The technicians were more friendly, more helpful, and easier to understand... Who knew?

Posted by Anonymous

Your Rep. 1889 was very patient, consider and helpful. She is an accent to your company. Keep up the good work!!!

Posted by Jenny

Netgear custom service is the best. she gave me step by step procedure to ensure that i was doing the right thing.

Posted by chickenman

Got lucky this time. My CSR was efficient and spoke good English (only a slight accent). I was informed that my phone support was expired but was given my "one free call". She helped me with my issue and I was on my way in about 20 minutes total including initial hold time. Not too bad at all.

Posted by Allen

Excellent Support! Very Courteous Agents! I will recommend NETGEAR Again.

Posted by bob

Hello guys

Its not like that at all
you be on hold because there are lot of customers calling at the same
Indian works the whole night to help customers a lot to fix their problem
few customers don t know what are computers
need to educate them
more over they will do nothing while calling the tech support and blame them

Company polices ae only for 90 days free telephone is already mentioned clearly when you buy a product

Submit your comment

Posted by Vicky

Hey Guys I really do understand the warranty policy with Netgear is no acceptable

but i would like to leave a note that very company in Global Market do business in a Standardized Manner and netgear really gives Justice for what it does ...

I would recommend six month warranty on Netgear device is reasonable ....


Netgear tech support

Posted by Nari

ok guys i can see the frustration here!! WHY NOT? i work for net gear well maybe worked ...i was kicked out of the company cos i supported few customer who ran out of the warranty!!

I am totally against my company's policy!! the so called "90 days s***"

i hated myself sending out all my customers by telling about their warrant stufs...but u should understand that our company big guys making us to do this? i am on of the few who are against the company policy!!

as someone commented here ...register the product with wrong date of purchase that is the only way to survive against this f******!! i am an indian u can abuse me too no problem !! but we can't help if our company pressurize us!! .....any problem with the router pls contact me!! i will help u guys...f*** the $ 90 support i hate that too!!

Till 90 days u guys are everything for net gear after 90 u will be seen like a villain!! if any of you think wat im posting here is correct reply me back here


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