Posted by Rgreen

Service and tech support is very poor I would recommend them to anyone. and I have been with Net firms since 1998 when they first open the doors in Canada. and since they sold to these people in 2011 and since 4/24/2013 we have nothing but problems with them keeping our site up and also correcting the issues finally they admitted was platform issue in June 2013. and suppose to have engineers working on it well we changed the script and all and guess what now we get this Fatal error: No configuration found. Error and it knocks everyone off a support site for widowed and not once 3 times this week and first they reset the PHP to 5 3 to reset the PHP. And one hr later happens again and call and get a tech on there that was very rude and asked what do you want us to do. And placed us on hold and never came back. June 13th happens again and this time they are lost again. I would stay away from them they are great for copy and pasting script reply's. I myself have been in the computer trade and IT field for over 30 yrs and these guys amaze me really when we told them before it was server related like now it is he time outs. So stay away from them and if you need to renew soon I suggest searching for someone dependable.