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NetZero customer service is ranked #788 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.81 out of a possible 200 based upon 221 ratings. This score rates NetZero customer service and customer support as Terrible.


217 Negative Comments out of 221 Total Comments is 98.19%.


4 Positive Comments out of 221 Total Comments is 1.81%.

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  • NetZero

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    • 22.81 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 217 negative comments (98.19%)
    • 4 positive comments (1.81%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by crisnmicio

This company lies; they say to check on what your local access number is with your phone provider and that you can call them for help downloading the software for their dial-up system to work. No such help and none of the over 14 numbers they provide are local; and you'd better be patient if you're lucky to select the option that actually gets you through to an "account representative." You can't get back to their sales department the moment you give them your credit card information.

Posted by Anonymous

getting in touch with you guys is a nearly impossible NIGHTMARE. why??

Posted by joanna

DO NOT I repeat do not use netzero email!!!!! This sorry excuse for a company is LOSING my emails!!!! I send them and then POOF! they're gone! Not in my sent mail, not in Drafts....JUST GONE!!!!!!! then you try to get help and they F-ing charge you. Pathetic excuse for a company and pathetic excuse for Software. NETZERO~~ As in ZERO reason to pay you another Dime. Good bye NetZero. I hope your company goes under before you rip anyone else off.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to reach customer service and all the phone numbers are not working. Just trying to get information concerning my credit card and payment.

Posted by [email protected]

NetZero you have blocked me from access to my email account and sent a email that said to change my email by logging in to my account. But my pass word won't work please help me to get back into my account

Posted by Anonymous

Hello - I have a concern with my netzero account. My emails are dropping off within a couple of days, I'm not sure why can some one contact me at I have lost years of info. HELP

Posted by DavidW9819

After nearly 10 years of subscribing to NetZero DSL, I am cancelling the service tomorrow. My DSL signal went down four days ago and I have yet to get it restored. I called customer service May 22nd and explained the problem, and so far the only response has been someone from tech support calling me a day later and saying they were going to do a line test to determine why there was no DSL signal. Nearly 24 hours later I'm still waiting to hear back from NetZero tech support, and when I tried calling earlier today to check on the status of my trouble ticket, I finally hung up after spending 10 minutes on hold waiting for the rep to come back on the line. This is only the second time I've had a problem with no DSL signal from NetZero, but what good is that when you can't get service restored 72 hours after it crashed?

Posted by Anonymous

I need an address so I can send the netzero unit back to you. I have called for service two times and was told the same think, plug it in for 3 to 4 hours and it will be alright! I need a new little modem and I need one now ir I will stop my service with you! Thank you Rebecca Garloff

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to use your 4g Mobil net heart and having no success. I tried to contact your service department and your technical help department but to no avail. Please respond to me to help me get this device to work. Manuel Jackson (929)-364/2585. Sorry I had to use this method to reach some one to help.

Posted by Anonymous

NetZero is the worst website I have ever encountered. I try to log in and get nothing but advertisements. I try to access an email and it kicks me back to "not responding" Funny how my other accounts are ok. I don't even bother with it now.

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up with NetZero last year. I have had nothing but problems. I open an email and it will say "NetZero is not responding". This happens daily and I have given up. I am cancelling this. It's the worst connection I have ever experienced.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand they're saving a buck having customer service in India, but I have never been given such a hassle trying to cancel service from anyone in my entire life. Its like these people ignore what you're saying and continue to read from the script...never again net zero...NEVER again.

Posted by Anonymous

Crappy service will not let you start service unless they can do automatic bill pay and then you can cancel your service without a bunch of hassles they use your credit card number as an account number and they take money from your account without asking and they make it a hassle to stop the service

Posted by Dimplez

Worst service ever and still haven't got a chance to use the service it took netzero a month and a half to send the fing box, then they billed me mcontent://media/external/file/16210ore then what they promised, and when I finally got the equipment the SIM card didn't work.Worst service

Posted by Thely

I have never heard of or been involved with a company with such horrible customer service. First, the numbers that are listed tells you to go to the internet and then hang up on you. How dumb are you people. If Netzero is my internet service then how am I suppose to access the internet when you havent connected me. It has taken almost an intire month to get my service. i have read some pretty rough complaints about this company and one was EXACTLY like mine. NO COINCIDENT!. You have until Dec. 4th 2015 to hook my service up or I am done and perhaps FCC might want to know of these shody practices.

Posted by Irishmanslass

When going for my email at my Norton blocks the site and won't let me continue - claims it has a virus threat - my email is - what in the world has happened?

Posted by I'M NOT TELLING!

Stay Away From These Liars! I'm Giving You People A Fair Warning That They Lie About Data Usage & I Have Been Off Their Hotspot Since 10-1-2015 So If You Want Them To Rip You Off And Then You Fight With Your Banks Over Charges You Shall Learn The Hard Way! They Are In The Philippines So This Is The 1st Problem! The Second Is They Lie About The Data And Make You Either Buy More For An Outrageous Price You Either Pay Or Wait For The Next Billing Cycle! Stay Away Far Far Away Unless You Want Heartaches!

Posted by shell40

Mr. Ronald T Burr yes you do do own netzero network the problem that I have with the company the money that already paid your people get some more out without there permission when it is a one time payment every month me i already cuzzing your supervisors out plenty of times and I do keep records of what I say the cards they taken the money out is my friends cards i don't have a card no more cause i file fraud charges on paypal and other people who took money out of my cards i been with different internet services and they know when it is a one time payment they do not touch i ask for to change date on my payment plan till the 3rd of every month they told me they can't i get my checks on the 3rd yes they did give me a credit for this month yes my friend Ms. Wanda Noble she just cancel the service the company taken money out of her card and her children mouths for few months she got me with you folks for couple of months Mr. Burr you need to talk with your staff this is my complaint and it will be more of them

Posted by [email protected]

I have tne nrw MiFi device whuch worked fine up to yesterday. The rep.and tech bith stqted my device had been disabled but could neither tell me why nor resolve the issue. At least once a month NetZero disrupts my device. The last time I had no service gor four days. I am frustrated and disappoint with NetZero. I think the service is a scam!

Posted by Anonymous

No one can get in touch with you to order your service how do you order your damn service

Posted by [email protected]

It's a shame that once you got my money and the banking number I can't get service of any kind unless I want to upgrade.. This is a shame !!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is my second attempt to reach the cancellation department.

FYI, I have tried repeatedly today, calling both, trying to reach the cancellation department, and I am on hold FOREVER, to the point of my phone becoming "hot" to the touch.

This notice is to inform you that I am CANCELING my netzero account, as of October 1, 2015. I do hope that you can forward my emails for the next 2 weeks to my new email address:

I want a written confirmation of this cancellation notice from you, please. Thank you.

Posted by Tonydias

We had NetZero internet services, and for a few months, it was low speed but worked ok overall.They told us that for $20.00 per month we would have 1 GB what was iqual of 40 hs usage. A few weeks ago the internet was not working, we called them they said that we had to buy more data if we wanted to use it. We did not agree since we knnew that we did not use all, they tried to convince us till we spoke with the superviser who ended up giving us 1 GB. In a few days the internet stopped working, we called them and we had to buy 1 GB if we wanted to have the service. After using internet for a couple of days the internet went down again! We were 100% sure we had not used 40 hs! Not even 20 hs!! We called them, they said the same. We bought 1 more GB, and this time we tracked the hs, we had used about 14 hs only of internet and it went down, by then we were so bothered with this company and all the agravation that it had caused us from calling and being without services that we decided to get another company, which would take a few days to connect the service... And we had to buy 1 more GB from NetZero and guess what ??? The story continued... - in 2 or 3 days the internet was down! They tried to convice us that we were downloanding to much programs, watching movies, or playing games, what we did not do for sure.

Today we got the services from the other company, we are so glad and relieved!


Posted by Anonymous

Paid for 3.5 and recieved 525. never sped up over 1.2 and that was rare.

Posted by ANN-ON-OMUS

From a very unhappy former customer of Netzero. I paid for high speed internet, it got slower and slower finally none of the three browsers I use could get anything but a rectangle with a funny guy that had two options; 1) kill 2) wait. Sometimes I waited 3 times but never got what I wanted. No good to complain, they just want to raise the price for all those freebee they advertise. Now they are attaching trash to my incoming emails and any I send. DO NOT TAKE THEM AS YOUR PROVIDER UNLESS YOU WANT TROUBLE. Former customer

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Posted by patcoelho

I have found net zero very helpful and worth working with, as I am computer challenged. they were understanding and again helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

i have been useing netzero for about 1yr 1/2 now,i just moved dont have a land line.called to stop service i got a live person right away oh she did speak english,she cancel my aacount right im waiting to see if i get chargr on my aacount for the next month.she was very nice.also i was charge for service i didnt have for a few months,i called they did refund my aacount right away.i will e-mail back and let eveyone know wheather im still being charge.over all netzero has been good to us.thank you laurie

Posted by Aravinth

Netzero is the best company in the whole world . I love Netzero, the technicians are really great . I recommend Netzero to all

Posted by Anonymous

Just OK nothing special. Could be more friendly.

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