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NetSpend customer service is ranked #836 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.78 out of a possible 200 based upon 170 ratings. This score rates NetSpend customer service and customer support as Terrible.


168 Negative Comments out of 170 Total Comments is 98.82%.


2 Positive Comments out of 170 Total Comments is 1.18%.

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  • NetSpend

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 20.78 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 168 negative comments (98.82%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.18%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
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Posted by Man Man

I will never do business with Netspend again they telling me that I cant touch my money until I receive & activate my card!??? its been over a week and I still have yet to get my card.

Posted by Brian

Ive called the customer line for three days to have my new netspend card activated in order to transfer my money to pay bills from my western union netspend account. ive been placed on the line with people i cant understand and in light of that i answered a security question wrong. so now my lawyer will answer the questions for me!!!! This has been the worst experience of m y life. First netspend lets Lexington Law unlawfully take money from me and for the first time overdraft my account after a year then charge me the overdraft fees when they reimburse me. Now i can even access my money because I'm not allowed to request an american speaking dialect. This America not India! How is it that Im supossed to understand! This matter Has 1hr before my power is turned off and then I pay a reinstatement fee!!!! Netspend on top of all of youre fees and customer service I dont understand how youre in Business.

With Regret,
Brian Spencer

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a card holder for a few years labeled as a Premier customer, but my account was closed and no one notified me and now they are telling me it will take 10 business days to get my money. Didn't tell me to contact my job to change my direct deposit information and now I have no money and they just told me it's nothing they can do. This is unacceptable!!!!! NETSPEND IS THIS YOUR VAULUES??????

Posted by Topher2

Netspend. Up until about an hour ago I was a happy quite customer. Because of a non autoriazed charge for 3.00 that I brought to the attention of customer service you have blocked my only means of fininicial support and blocked it and my card. This is a PayPal account with a Netspend prepaid MasterCard. Paypal is where all my customers money goes when they pay. And my only account to feed the 2 little daughters that I have the pleasure of being their single Dad. Until an hour ago. Now that account is blocked and No one will help me I have to means to feed them or put gas in my car to get where I need to go. I have nothing. But customer service told me sir we are going to mail you a new card and you can take funds out then.

In the mean time me and my girls will eat nothing. It is already a struggle in this world to support and feed my Daughters, now we are broke and No one at Netspend cares. Also my business is now going to go belly up. Payments rejected. Customer will walk if they can't get what they paid for. Now as for us we are alone tired and broke. Thank you Netspend and I will never bit my faith and money in your bank. The customer service they didn't care. They repeated them selves.


Christopher R Haynes,cqe

Posted by ms hurted

I want to know why is Walgreen want me to put the whole $20.00 on my card if I owe only $10.00 put Fees. this do not make any sense. I have been with Netspend for 2 year I get my money late. I go to a bank to withdrawal my money and get a fees for $3.00 plus what ever netspend charge too. it look like netspend is getting over on the small people like me.maybe I need to go higher on this matter.

Posted by [email protected]

A signature withdrawal was fraudently debited from my card I cant even talk to a live customer representative to report Very poor

Posted by Jim

My NetSpend account has been locked for 2 months. Numerous phone calls and emails have been futile. I can not check by card balance or view transaction fees online. I was advised by one agent to create a new account. Can not create a new account as I can not login. The only option to learn my balance and fees is to call. NetSpend charges a fee for each such call.

My only recourse is to empty the card and trash it.

My advise, avoid this terrible debit card vendor.

Posted by LYRIC

Customer Service is really lousy...I've called 5 times today and keep getting either disconnected or after entering the info waiting 5 minutes or longer to then get a phone ringing then it sounds as if I'm being transferred but another phone ringing then after this happens a couple of more times I'm disconnected or told to redial.
UNEXCEPTABLE and this has happened on several other calls I've placed in the past.

Posted by Nishrowe

Yes i called and talked to a certain lady I have her id number name and call merchant and said your number one goal is costomer satisfaction ww was told to email send pic and receipt right away and they would have a response 4 to six hours the young gentalmen said help center didn't even open email to stop pending transaction and the young lady promised us we would get all are money then we would have by 10an well it went thru they didn't even open the email and follow there own guideline that CEO or President built and said sorry nothing they could do mean while me and my family are homeless and didn't get what we promised then the manager said we had to file adispt when they didn't even follow there own rules now me and my family have to sleep in cold car because they didn't do there job so me and my family suffer becaus3 the manager didn't want to look back at recorded conversation between merchant and there own customer service thanks netspend for liking to us and make me and my family sleep in our car if u would like to respond or get a manager that can do there job or help plz

Posted by Anonymous

I need to speak with a rep my card was taken by regions atm machine do not remember the card number to do automated please call me

Posted by Anonymous

On my birthday (09/06) there was an unauthorized charge of $47.95 from a company called Skinnyfit. I called Netspend customer service and filed a dispute complaint. Customer Service discontinued my card and sent another prepaid card within 2 days which was good BUT the refund did not show up until (9/21)3 weeks later. As of today 10/27 I received a text message that my dispute was erroneous and that the charge was legit & Netspend re-charged my account for the $47.95. In todays world there is all kinds of fraud, stealing identities, unauthorized transactions etc..I am the customer and I entrust that Netspend will keep my money safe and now that there's an issue I was told by customer service (which is horrible service) that I was being charged because the investigation that they conducted showed that the charges from SKKINNFIT was legit. I am the customer explaining that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE SKINNYFIT TO CHARGE MY ACCOUNT the worse thing you could tell me is that it was a legitimate charge. I will discontinue my business this is absolutely RIDICULOUS!

Posted by Jim

Do not get involved with this vendor. When and if they reply to emails, the reply is generic without any connection to the original email content.

They continue sending personalized cards that I did not request. Customer service entry menu is confusing and most always loops back to the menu beginning instead of to a live person. All the CS agents that I was connected with were fast talkers and poor English.

Posted by Anonymous

Netspend has had my money for over 2 months, sent me a refund check that no one would cash or deposite, this is my social security, was told they would mail out another check, now they tell me I have to mail this one back, then they will contact me once received. I'm contacting a lawyer and filing a law suite. My care is being repoed, this company is ripping people off.

Posted by Anonymous

I just won a gift card for 1,000 and it won't let put my information so what the hell going on. My name is Louie I live in browning MTplease help me.

Posted by Gardengal66

This was our first experience with Netspend and it will be our last! Our son gave my husband a gift card for $150 for his birthday. He tried to use it but was told it could not be activated because it was a temporary card. He waited several months for the real card and could not activate it because of poor customer service staff. They kept giving him the run around. He found the card the other day and decided to try again. Now all the money is gone - apparently "someone" activated it and used it for an unauthorized transaction over a year ago. Netspend will not allow us to dispute it because it has been over a year and the supervisor was rude - accusing us of lying about the purchases. She told us it was up to us to prove that we did not use the card. took us two days of communication to get this far. First, he was told there was money on the card and he just needed a pin. Then he was told he had to create an online account to access the card. Then he was told the money was gone and he would have to dispute it. Then he was told he could not dispute it until 4 hours after creating the account. Then he was told he could not dispute it because it had been over a year. Then he was told he was lying about the purchases and just wanted Netspend to give him more money. Then he was told he would have to resolve this on his own that Netspend could not help him. I can tell you that we will NEVER use Netspend again and I truly feel sorry for anyone who actually deposits there hard earned money into an account with them!

Posted by [email protected]

this sucks!!!!! i have tried to get a card it will not go thru. I have tried to will not let you go thru without a card or ssn and if you have not gotten a card they do NOT have your ssn called the other number is not even thier numer!!! it goes to a golf course!! what is your companies problem!!!

Posted by nj

Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 13:01:16 -0400

This is not a name change, this is the initial name i set up my account. My court order doesn't have my name legally changed. I said this 1,000 times. when i called before, i though it was in the court orders, but then i realized it wasn't.

Why Netspend is making this so difficult, after I explained this a million times already. As you see on my updated drivers license, my name still the same. I've been a customer for over 14yrs & this is getting ridicules. All i wanted is to put my name back in the account the way started.
i have no court papers that shows my name legally changed. My taxes should be here any day now & if for some reason, i am not able to access this refund, I will have to get some legal aid, because I said this too many times already.


Posted by Ticked Off

Idiots keep canceling my custom card. Saying the image is not acceptable. I've shown them the image. meets their guidelines for everything. They still say it can not be used even after I showed them the permission granted from Blizzard to use any image from their site for personal use. Isn't my debt card my personal use? Morons have lost a customer of 12 years over the sheer difficulty to reach someone without suffering from cranial rectal inversion.

Posted by Keekee Mccullough

I have had a really bad experience with this company, horrible customer service and every time I asked for a supervisor they either hung up one me or place me on hold for more than 10 minutes, I suggest u don't get ur tax refund direct deposited on this card.

Posted by Mark

I have been try to activate my net spend card for several days without luck. No one in customer service can help. I have spoken to,.. no less that 10 customer service reps and each time I'm told to send more self identifying documents. I have sent them everything SSN card, Photo State ID, Birth certificate, billing address. I refuse to send them any more info. They have enough to ruin my life. My card didn't have that much on it. At this point its the principle of customer service which SN has shown EPIC failure. They don't stand behind the customers AT ALL. I am going to tell EVERYONE that I know to stay away from Net Spent they are a scam. I'd love to believe that this would mean something to someone at NS. All I want to do is activate the card I got for my son and I was told I needed a Court Order to prove I was his father even though they have a copy of his birth certificate with my name and signature. MADNESS,...WHAT ELSE?!!!!!!! The CEO is Chuck Harris. Good Job Chuck nice way to treat your disabled Vets.

Posted by Loyd stewart

this is the worst company they wont put supervisor on the phone they keep hanging up this is not a company you want dealing with your money they blocked my son account from his Social Security Check and couldn't tell him why

Posted by Doriefish

I have been with Netspend for several years, and have been extremely satisfied with their service until today.

I have a charge that went through, but the store did not receive it. So I did not get the items I ordered.

I called Netspend and was told it had been credited back to my account which it had not.

I checked my statement, my anytime alert emails, and I called for all of my past transactions.
I have no pending transactions.

I called back told the operator they were wrong and he hung up on me.
I called again to speak to a supervisor and had to argue with the man, who I had spoke with earlier, why I needed to speak with said supervisor,as if he didn't know already! And then when I told him I didn't need to give him a reason, he told me it would be at least 45 min wait. I told him I would wait.


I have never been treated like this. They have always been beyond helpful.

I am at a loss and scratching my head.
At the very least, I'm seriously thinking about switching cards.
Sad,sad, sad

Posted by drdubi5701

I have a card but on the phone you have the wrong bank. My bank is Vantage West Credit Union in Tucson AZ. I need my Social Security on my card today which is two days before it gets to the bank. The number for Social Security

Please contact me so that I wikl know when the funds are on my card, I have no food and need the funds today, Thank you, Gail Dubin

Posted by Anonymous

This Is Tracy Johnson. I Have Been Trying To Sign My Boyfriend Up For A Net Spend Card. But He Can Not Receive It For Some Reason. Please Help Him So He Can Transfer His Ssi Check To His Knew Card. His Name Is Danny Walker. At Tampa Florida. Thank You For Your Help

Posted by Anonymous

My card was comprised on Oct 15th. I disputed on the 18th. Still nothing. Agents put me on hold for a supervisor that never comes and only if they allow you to talk to one. I emailedvthe president but Idk if he wilkv even get it or care.

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Posted by Gravity Star

I can be quite vocal when it comes to complaining about something I don't like, it's easy. However, when I receive great service I like to celebrate it as well.
The call I had was a "once in a lifetime" type of call. It was like speaking with an old time friend who related to me well and was able to take care of my needs as a netspend customer as well. Now I think it will be impossible for me to think of netspend without a smile on my face.
My customer service agent was kind, supportive and incredibly helpful.

Even though I had many other things to do, I just wouldn't be able to sleep without writing a review just like I told him I would.
Netspend makes me happy by paying me ahead of time. I have my money and can take care of what I need to while my co-workers are still waiting for their checks.
Also if I am in a tight spot their $10 cushion has covered me. No cost for it at all. I can go over and then it's taken back when I get my next deposit. You won't know how cool that is until you have to use it. I am so used to it that when I have $500 in my account, in my head I say I have $510--LOL! Sweet!

I won't get paid for this and I don't work for them. I am simply keeping my world.
I told my rep that I would post at least 5 reviews because I was just that "happy".
Magic doesn't happen with every person we come into contact with but sometimes it does and it's best to rave about it. If I was angry I'd probably write 10 reviews so really I am just balancing things out in the universe. I am sending out some good and it feels good. I hope everyone gets to speak with a good rep.

Tip: Sometimes when you see someone isn't going to help you/isn't nice, just end the call and call back for that perfect one. I have done that with every customer service line in the world. Also, I work in customer service and I always try to be that "person" that you are happy you reached. I will speak to you kindly and smile even if I am sad or ticked off :-) as I do everything I can to help you because I love being treated well too! Cheerio!

Posted by NetSpend

Customer service and account security are very important to us.

If you are experiencing any kind of problem, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will make sure it is addressed.

We assure you that it is always our objective to take care of our cardholders’ interests. We strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and continually look into ways of improving our products and services to meet the needs and expectations of all our cardholders.

Thank you,


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Posted by Netspend Manager (Current)

I currently work for this company at a mid level management level. I want to give a honest opinion on a number of issues I see on this website and the daily reports on various events that go on thru the Netspend flow of work. The business is just that, a business and the goal is to earn as much money as possible. It shows here, incorrectly trained employees and especially the supervisors who oversee the call staff that have the most interaction with the customers.They are told to always defuse the situation when a customer needs or wants to speak to a supervisor. They are also told to simply transfer the customer to another telephone rep and pretend to be a supervisor. There are certain policies in place that make this company unethical. I am not writing this in spite, or to get back at the company. I am simply writing this because the great people who use this service because of the early pay service are generally low income and need every penny, and Netspend preys on them with the exuberant rates and fees it charges. They also pay a social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc) moderator 24/7 to delete or deny any post or comment that would be negative to the overall company image. If you look at back door website that rates companies and services provided I would strongly suggest what they have to say and report, because Netspend has not reached its arm to it yet.They either pay, dispute or out right sue major website/store review organizations to silence the relative truth that Netspend is a poor, misguided, harmful company that preys on people and have no intention to ever stop its predatory practices. I speak as a current mid level management official that has had enough of the inflammatory business practices it forces its subordinates to out right lie to customers as long as the bottom line is always in the positive. Yes, this might eventually hurt my livelihood but I doubt that one opinion piece of my own company will have any effect on its customer base. But if tomorrow came and the FTC came to shut it down, I would walk away relieved because I have reached my moral code meter. Please stay away from Netspend.


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