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NetFlix customer service is ranked #52 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 72.72 out of a possible 200 based upon 879 ratings. This score rates NetFlix customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


674 Negative Comments out of 879 Total Comments is 76.68%.


205 Positive Comments out of 879 Total Comments is 23.32%.

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    • 72.72 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 674 negative comments (76.68%)
    • 205 positive comments (23.32%)
    • 5 employee comments
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    • 4.1 Issue Resolution
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    • 5.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Putting Michelle Wolfe on a weekly program requires me to cancel my subscription.

Posted by Ncog78

After the fifth or sixth time of putting my account on hold saying my financial institution had declined payment, spent 5 minutes on the phone with said financial institution and they basically told me Netflix was full of it.So then I'm on the phone for 45 min with Netflix customer service reps and ssupervisors for them to tell me again and again that my financial institution declined earlier payment. But as soon as I updated my account with the same card number, expiration date and security code I guess my bank said its ok now. Only they could tell me was nothing and they did the absolutely nothing .

Posted by Anonymous

I called netflix about error code, the customer rep was a rude girl and snotty attitude. I knew it wasnt in usa, i asked where she is located, she said in rhe Philippines, i say oh i can tell you have an accent, she replied snotty. Told me it wasnt their problem that its the internet connection, but it isnt.

Posted by Anonymous

Hey I Just Applied To Cancel My Membership Im Just Wondering Is It Really Cancelled Already???

I Need To Know That They Will Not Charge Me For The Membership Fees. Pls Reply Me Via Email Address

Posted by Anita Rivera

Dear Netflix

Wish to unsuscribe my membership I don't have internet available .thanks for free try out it's awesome got to see one movie . Anita Rivera

Posted by Anonymous

I'm getting billed for Netflix but then when I go to log on a new TV for it it says I don't have an account I need to find out what's going on if someone could call me back my name is Patricia Lunsford thank

Posted by KK

I can never get any help from customer service by calling or using chat. They are clueless and can not understand anything you tell them. They will never tell you a feature is not available on their site and instead they waste your time by running around the issue and suggesting meaningless things to do that never resolves the problem. Netflix has no clue which movies you watched and rated and will continue to show you same movies you rated and watched and suggest you watch again (No i'm not talking about MY LIST) and their staff can not comprehend the issue.

Posted by Anonymous

Netflix streaming does not work well consistently. In fact it is very inconsistent. I certainly would not own stock in this loser.

Posted by Artsy

Rude customer service blaming their problem on my internet service which is fast. Netflix just does not work right. The customer service people treat you like dirt.

Posted by Anonymous

Your website gives the phone and states there is 24/7 access to help. It does not mention that this # is for streaming only and that your dvd division has specific, unacceptably short hours of 6 to 6 daily, 7 to 5 on Saturdays. Your website is badly remiss in this omission. You have always, for the many years I've been a member, had 24/7 service for dvd issues. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU AND YOUR DISREGARD FOR MEMBER NEEDS FOR HELP AND COMMUNICATION AT NIGHT, PLUS AN UNTRUTHFUL CLAIM ON YOUR WEBSITE?

Posted by lianne

I hate Netflix. I just got off the phone with their so called rude supervisor Josh tonight regarding my account being charged but they canceled my account without refunding my credit card back and I feel like I was pushed into the corner with no one to help me but him and he was no help at all talking about its his way or no way. The last email I received from them stated I had until the 14th of Dec to use their service but when I go to watch tonight it wasn't there. I wish someone could just listen to the phone call and see if i am making things up. This is so unfair and ridiculous I have to be treated like I'm not in tittle to something. I wouldn't even have known about the cancelation unless I called and that's not right. I'm not sure exactly how to contact someone else besides the phone call so I hope this reaches everyone that is thinking about signing up with them. What other company is better than them. I would join them just because I don't like Netflix!

Posted by Cruz

First of all their customer service can swear at you and make up anything they want and treat you like not allowed to say what I want with this customer complaint but you know the word I want to say right and second of all when they charge you for something they charge you for it and then apparently you're getting going to get ripped off because they're charging you for about $12 more that's coming out of your bank account Netflix is a scam problem is most of us did not look at things like I do not look at it for years and I just called them this month they rip us off and they still are money they promise you it causes this much they charge you for it which I really should but then they go to charge you for another fee which is about 3 times more and which most of us never see it but that happens apparently too much or regular

Posted by jdgless

Netflix runs slow and has out of sync audio and video. Terrible customer support. Totally sucks. Spend your money elsewhere. 8 years and sick of Netflix never ending issues.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the phone with netflix regarding a problem with a blank screen when trying to access netflix. Customer service person was an arrogant know-it-all that had an underlying tone. If my problem with netflix happens constantly I will quit netflix and go to hulu.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the tec that helped me with my problem I had. He was so nice helping me out. And I will be a loyal fan for a long time. Thank you again for the help.

Posted by Alfalfa

I've been a Netflix customer for over four years, the service has gone from good to bad to worse. They do not think about what they say, even in management.. If I had ever spoken or treated my customers that way as a business owner the only thing that would have been left standing would have been an abandoned building, I guess greed now outways "customer Service.." Go to Hulu like I did, way worth the extra few bucks with way, way more options, especially for the 40 and over crowd.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow customers like been with you guys for a years and you treat me on phone calls wow I don't even want to continue this service anymore the way how bad you guys you actually treat me really truthfully I want to see a lot of bad words right now like you need to go I can't even believe you treated me that way you can talk to me that you can swear at me you can say whatever you want to me and I'm wrong for the way that I talk wow but u talk how ever u want to me cuz your boss is your boyfriend

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a Netflix customer for six years and the service keeps getting worse. Why are the dvd's that I want to see always on a short wait? I realize that you make more money on streaming, but I pay for DVD service. Maybe you need to purchase more movies. I deserve some kind of compensation for always having to wait. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever! Phone recording said 1 minutes and took over 4 minuttes. TV content 100% showing offense content that I have shown on my profile NOT to show or render. Told that I am OLD enough to to click the watch button!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had cancelled my service with Netflix in June 2016. Last night I received an email that said "Welcome Back to Netflix and for renewing your subscription. I did NO such thing. Then I got an alert from my bank stating that $11.59 was deducted from my bank account! Needless to say, I was ANGRY. I NEVER renewed my subscription. I spoke to one rep who laughed it off when I tried to explain what happened. I finally hung up on him and called back and spoke to another rep who claimed my account would be forever cancelled and my credit card number blacklisted. I didn't believe her and asked to speak to a supervisor. Upon speaking the supervisor he assured me the money would be refunded to my account. I know of no one who could have renewed the subscription and have a feeling that Netflix renewed it on their end. I wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else. I better get my money refunded as I live in the Bay Area and know exactly where Netflix's corporate headquarters are in Campbell, CA. I have no qualms about going there and speaking to someone directly!

Posted by Anonymous

Wow!What a horribly run company. Besides offering a terrible search engine, their customer service reps are rude and incompetent as well. A rep actually told me that 'having a language filter wouldn't allow users to operate the sight'. Huh? Further, he became condescending when I didn't agree.

Every experience I've had with the company has been bad, and their sight is poorly designed. The search engine seems like it was designed by a fifth grader (didn't mean to offend you, Fifth graders).

I will definitely cancel my membership before another billing cycle. How could a company that size be soooooooooooo poorly managed?

Posted by anna

Just got off the phone with customer service. Got what I was looking to clarify but the person who helped me was pretty rude (talking very slowly in a matter-of-fact tone). I called because I had one question. There is no need to treat me like I'm stupid.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello- my issue is as follows - I contacted Netflix and asked them to please suspend my subscription, as I was going into the hospital for a lengthy period & would not be able to use the service. To be honest,I can't afford to pay for things that I'm not going to use. I sent my request in July, so, I thought, I would not receive Netflix the following month. But Netflix took it upon themselves to bill me for August and continue the service for another month. This irritates me, because I did not want Netflix, nor did I want to pay for it in August. That is why I made sure to contact them in July!!! Bad business practises in my view....makes me question whether or not I will resubscribe when I'm well enough to be back home. Is it really worth it to alienate a customer for less than 10 lousy dollars?!

Posted by Cardinal

I have been a customer for years. Recently ALL of the items in my queue are on short or long wait. This has never happened before. Something has gone wrong. I tried a free month of streaming to see if the videos were available there. Every one was not available for streaming. Again, something has gone terribly wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

Called customer service and was not happy with response I received. I was asked to stay on the line for one question - the question was whether I was happy or not with the customer service. I pressed the button for "no" and was told thank you and then the phone call ended. They didn't even care to find out why it was a negative experience.

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Posted by eaorourke

U-Verse raising the bills was why I Came to Netflix, but "Daredevil" is why I've been Crazy Recommending your Service to Everyone!!

MORE Daredevil!



Posted by Brenna

Netflix has just added the most wonderful large
selection of Classic TV Shows. I am thrilled. Thank You for the incredible service you provide in entertainment.

Posted by Anonymous

I love, love love Netflix. Not a complaint but suggestion. We need more Orange is the new Black. I am finished the season already. Wish it could come out every 6 months. .

Posted by ThreatSignal

I've contacted netflix customer service via chat twice and had nothing but amazing friendly fast service! Issues resolved in one session only and the chat reps were very positive and didn't sound like the typical droids that are out on every website these days.

Posted by Jenevans1993

They processed my refund very quickly, and they didnt even have to! It was my mistake and they went ahead and gave me my money back anyway!

Posted by jojo21262

Please install a tv guardian for families who do not use profanity. I enjoy watching movies, but I can't watch them if they are word or the GD words. Please take in consideration most people don't talk like this. Please reply Joey

Posted by Anonymous

Our Netflix service was unavailable for several days. After trying to solve the situation on my own, I called the Tech Support number and was connected with Justin who was extremely helpful and was able to help me reconnect to the Netflix channel. Unfortunately, we got disconnected on the telephone while he was helping me, but I was far enough into the procedure to finish the procedure and am happy to say that we are once again able to watch the wonderful movie and television selections that Netflix offers. Thank you to Justin.

Posted by Anonymous

I am highly satisfied with customer service. I just love netflix. My wife uses it all the time and I watch it with her.

Posted by skip

I've been a Netflix subscriber for 8 years. I had a contact with Netflix customer service tech support tonight, the second time I have had need for tech support in past 4 months. In both instances, I was shocked by the extremely high quality of their tech support. In an age when "customer service" is a very poorly understood concept, Netflix tech support greatly exceeded my expectations. The tech support guy tonight, Zachary, solved my problem within 10 minutes. I don't recall the name of the support guy 4 months ago but he was equally brilliant, helpful and customer oriented.

Whatever else may be said about Netflix as a corporation-- their billing practices, their industry affiliations, whatever-- I can say with out a doubt their tech support is TOP Notch, Grade A, Blue Ribbon, top shelf. In the 2 interactions I have had with them; I can say that the staff is extremely competent, professional, intelligent, professional, courteous, and most important... they SOLVED MY PROBLEM. In both instances the problem was NOT a Netflix-caused problem. But they solved it anyway, to help me enjoy their service.

These employees won't last long. They are too intelligent, competent and skilled to last long in tech support. Pretty soon they will move on to positions that are better compensated, which they richly deserve.

I just wish the Netflix tech support management would be hired as consultants to many many many many other enterprises.

Health insurance companies would be a great start.

Posted by Conney52

Would be nice to be able to email someone there. I have been experiencing the "because you watched...." Rows to much. I have had days that all the rows have said that. Don't want to watch documentary's or TV shows all the time. What happened to the different categories (like horror, comedy, ect.). I am using an older roku Lt and I can't switch different users would be nice to be able to. If there was an update or upgrade for the roku Lt that would take care of switching different users and able to go to different categories that would be great. Thank you for your time.

User name

Posted by dsrtrosy

I've never had a single problem with Netflix in the 8 years I've used the service. Back in the days that I was getting DVDs, if there was a problem, they fixed it immediately, often sending out an additional DVD to replace a scratched one while I had my limit in hand. Since going 100% to streaming, I've been nothing but pleased with the service. I have used it on 3 Macs, 2 PCs, Roku, PS3 and my iPhone, and have never once had to call customer service for any problem.

Posted by Pasadena Travel Girl

I just had the best experience with Netflix customer service! I have to say I was blown away how easy it was to: 1. Get in touch with them with no waiting. 2. Have my problem solved instantly. 3. Very polite and easy to please Employees. Yay! I was dreading the phone call. Usually I write to complain about a company, so I think its only fair to praise a company when they offer great customer service, which is so rare these days.

Posted by Anonymous

The netflix customer service team never fails to put a smile on my face! They are friendly and can always help me with my issues

Posted by Anonymous

I have no problem with Netflix except that I would like more movies to be added to the instant play! Movies like The Sound of Music! It would be great if it was an instant play!

Posted by dax

My experience with Netflix has been 100% positive, in fact I'm sort of amazed how quickly they get the DVDs to me. How do they do that??? I live in the boondocks, for sure. In all matters they've been quite helpful and understanding, and a couple of my local pals agree. And the price is right. What more do people want nowadays?

Posted by Anonymous

Outstanding. I was put through to a customer service rep in less than 30 seconds. He was extremely helpful and business was taken care of quickly.

Posted by Liv

talked to someone called Liss on the netflix online chat help, she was very patient and helpful and managed to help me fix the problem. She explained all the technical stuff that I didnt understand and was very helpful! overall very good customer service

Posted by Anonymous

You need more updated movies and not just the first sequel. We have seen all of what you have.I'm looking for even all sequel s to X files, all of army wives, etc.I can go to the library and get what I'm getting from you. I'm going to try it for a little longer and see if it changes.

Posted by Mary S.

I just wanted to write to brag on NetFlix customer service agent "Cesar". I wrote in via chat about a problem I was having with the NetFlix app, and he quickly resolved that, but it caused an issue with Apple TV. Rather than simply saying his part was done & directing me to Apple TV help, he stayed online & chatted with me for the next hour & a half to resolve the Apple TV issue as well. Well done, NetFlix!

Posted by Lovesbinging

8.00-12.99+tax. A month.
Every other service moves their libraries too, or doesnt share.

10 years ago, I gave up on cable.
5 years ago, I picked up Netflix.
If I dont watch it in time, it may come back.
It may not. Depends on how selfish hollywood gets.
We should all share.

For 25 bucks at blockbuster you got unlimited dvds. Slowly they rolled out no fees.
Too late. They crumbled.

For the same price, you can get the mid level streaming and a dvd mailing service. Cancel and rejoin either anytime. Prepaid service.

Netflix ate blockbuster.your not going to find every movie you want. (Didnt get every movie you wanted everytime)
But there is a lot there.
Netflix will get it eventually.
Or another service wont share.

Netflix originals rock my world.
Marvel deals aplenty.

Netflix does everything it can to make it better, create content for everyone, and share.

Customer service is delightful. I was frustrated. I listened, it was fixed when I did what I needed to.
Educated me when I asked, or found my answer.
We tested a bit.
Turns out it was my connection.

When they are down, they post it at the help site. Honest.

I dont have to call often.
Get a good device. Smart tvs are clunky, wont get one again.regular hd tv is fine. Pick your picture quality.
Fire tv. Love it.

So in other words, they are getting better all the time.

Netflix for life.

Posted by disappointed

I have no complaints about the service on Live Chat, but was terribly disappointed to find that I can't have subtitles on British programmes - apparently (if I understood correctly) because it would cost more. In Britain we have disability discrimination laws and subtitles for the hard of hearing should be available on all programmes. I was so happy with Netflix until I tried to watch British programmes, now I shall have to look into its competitors.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank u Brandon for helping me get Netflix up and running

Posted by Anonymous

I was beyond furious when I called Netflix ready to cancel. I was caught off gaurd by the reps delightful intro and couldnt stop laughing. He was very patient and knowledgeable. Not only did did he fix my issue which wasnt even Netflixs fault but he made my day awesome. Thank you so much AWESOME SCOTT!!!!

Posted by lindseysmith5

I had a GREAT experience with Netflix's Help Center Live Chat. Totally unexpected (assumed it was an automatic response system - but it's not!). Bracken - shout out to you and helping me out completely. This person was able to help me out with my Netflix casting to Chromecast problems. I'm hoping the chat transcript comes through to my e-mail so I can post it and share for everyone to see. Problem was solve in under 5 minutes. Thanks again if anyone from Netflix is reading this!

Posted by Jahn Dough

I can generally resolve most of my tech problems, so my interaction with NetFlix support is limited to two calls. Each call was a pleasant experience, the support personnel were friendly and answered my questions immediately. I was shocked to find the my positive experiences were a rarity.

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Posted by ?

Netflix is a joke. You raised your prices to watch on more than one screen then didn't make any effort to find new episodes or shows. You also have the same listings in every category but in differant order to give the apperance that you have a larger selection. Fix these issues if you want to keep customers because your gonna get more and more customers canceling. Whoevers job this is needs to be fired. They must be

Posted by anonymous1985

How can Netflix employees complain that they treat their employees terribly? Netflix has an unlimited PTO policy. UNLIMITED! If you ask me, it sounds like Netflix trusts their employees enough to get their work done and rewards them handsomely. The negative comments made by the employees are definitely ones that would have a difficult time working for any company, due to their own personality and work ethic flaws.

Posted by anonymous

I used to work there - didn't make it through training, as they want you to be a robot who spits out pretend understanding and "care" but really just is a robot with a fake smile. They only want money.

Their database is a pathetically difficult to navigate high school-like stream of unorganized information presented as "well organized resources".. makes it hard to please customers and provide service!

They ought to reimburse customers automatically per day of outage - based on monthly charge - it would stop a lot of other fleeing customers. They are egotistical idiots.

Posted by Usedtolikenetflix

My hushand used to work for NETFLIX and they are very unethical. I wish someone would give them a taste of their medicine. As they out right treat employees pretty crap that are not in management. Another thing they need to send their supervisors and Mgrs to classes on how to treat employees, I would be surprised to hear in the news that someone is taking them to court. It would serve them right...

Posted by jason

Having worked at Netflix for more than a couple years and seeing how they treat customers who have been billed incorrectly, I feel the need to let others know that Netflix will generally always default to NOT refunding money that was billed incorrectly. Most of the time there are not billing errors. However, I can recall countless cases, especially where gift certificates were involved, whereby Netflix outright just took people's money without providing any service in return. It hard to say how many millions of dollars have been removed from people's accounts as a result of some of Netflix's practices.

Now that I recently took a job elsewhere, I feel that people should know Netflix has some questionable business practices. They do provide a fairly decent service for a reasonable price; but you do have to deal with a company that in some regards is not ethical to get that service.

Do with this information as you will. For what it is worth, I use Blockbuster.


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