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Nero customer service is ranked #921 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 15.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 61 ratings. This score rates Nero customer service and customer support as Terrible.


61 Negative Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 15.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 61 negative comments (100.00%)
    • 0 positive comments (0.00%)
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Khyber

You still need customer talk not chat or email ! It should be enforced by law that a live person can call anytime not just certain hours if making tons of money ! I f cant talk to the person giving you money or the country allowing you to make here then you cannot sell your product here !!

Posted by Jolly Roger

I recently upgraded from Nero Platinum 2014 to 2017 and got 2018 when it was released as a bonus.
My Nero 2014 always worked perfectly but I was keen to see what NEW features 2017/18 had. I installed Nero Platinum 2017 and it seemed to install OK, I imported a file into it to work on and edited the file. So far so good... until I tried to export the file. Nero 2017 refused to export it, in fact it would not move from the editing screen. I tried every way possible but no go. As soon as I got 2018 I tied installing that - Install success. Tried editing the same file in 2018 and again it edited fine. Once again Nero 2018 refused to export the file.
I contacted Nero Support and they said it was because O still had Nero 2014 installed and to uninstall it - despite their own Q&A saying you can run the different versions of Nero concurrently with no problem. But hang on... let's go back to Nero 2014 which is still installed - Import, edit, export no problem. So WHY won't Nero 2017/18 work? To keep them happy I uninstalled Nero 2014 and Nero 2018 and reinstalled Nero 2018. Nothing changed - it still won't work. I have uninstalled it and cleaned Nero out of my computer and run a cleaner through to remove all the registry entries etc and reinstalled Nero 2018 again. Sma result - it will not export any file.
Nero tried telling me there may be a problem with the file I am trying to convert. No there isn't - the file (mpeg2) was created on THIS computer with Nero 2014 and also converted to mpeg4 on this computer with Nero 2014 so it isn't my file.
This computer is an AMD 6 core 3.3 GHZ with 8 GB RAM running Windows 10. I own Nero 9, 10, and 2014 and ALL work perfectly here so why not 2017/18? I reckon there's some bug in the program that does not like AMD systems.
As an idea I installed Nero 2017 on an old Intel Celeron 2.3 GHZ with 4GB RAM - guess what... it works perfectly.
So my deduction is there is a bug in the latest versions since 2014 otherwise why would everything previous upto 2014 work perfectly here but 2017/18 won't? Nero have no idea why. They insist that Nero 2017/18 works fine on AMD as well as Intell machines... well it won't work on mine.
I have been arguing with Nero for over 3 weeks and getting nowhere. They keep telling me to do the same things over and over again. How do they expect a different result from doing the same thing all the time?
It seems strange that Nero 9,10, 2014 will work on this computer but 2017 & 2018 won't, yet they will work on an old Intel computer.
I am giving them one more opportunity to fix the damned software before I demand my money back. As I said to them: Of what use is a 30 day trial of software that won't work?

Posted by Rob

I have been trying to contact Nero for a refund "satisfaction guaranteed" There does not appear to be anyway to do this. I have used Nero for many years but no longer works. Nero if you read this please contact me so I can get refund.

Posted by Me

I recently purchased Nero and it was fine at first but isn't working now. It ether shuts down or doesn't complete discs.

Posted by mark

i tried to up load nero2016 from 2014 and had no help days later one answere. i have had paypal get involved to get that answere.they then got in touch and left me high and dry with a load of computor stuff wich i dont know about.went to the first aid kit and found what i had bought did not have it instaled already.seen this sight and discusted with the ratings for customer care.Do they work for murckel and have a hate for British or is this world wide? The product is good but the firm could go bust, money back and traiding stds informed.poss mat alright too, informative reasens.

Posted by williamboswell

The trial takes forever to uninstall which shows just how much garbage they put on your system. I actually purchased this program then they would not accept my payment even though all my information was correct and there was enough money in my account. This company is crap. Don't waste your time or money. It's time these crummy companies got they're act together.

Posted by Phagos

Putting it succinctly, Nero Platinum 2016 is pure crap. I have tried four ways out of Sunday to burn 1 CD, and Nero Express reuses to accept my selections as to record speed or TAO/DAO.

This is quite a surprise as I had difficulties with earlier versions and anticipated a similar experience. The online tutorials are of absolutely no use because they do not address the very issues with which I am having problems.

Solution to problem: Uninstall Nero Platinum and all its minions. Find another, better application. (This last should be easy as I can't imagine another application as bad.

Posted by MichealJ

here is some more of nero BS TO STRING YOU ALONG

End User [2016-04-15 20:36:45.257]
This is YOUR Statement "Thank you for your email. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the Nero software.

If you have bought the package online we can arrange a refund, however we want you to first do the following,"

SO Now when can I expect my Refund ??????

End User [2016-04-15 00:12:38.520]
I am completely done with nero period, I have down loaded said file and ran it.I do not want nero on my system period.
JUST REFUND MY money and we can call it square. nero AND clevercridge have way to many actions pending against them for me to trust either one. Pleas complete the refund transaction with in 24 hours.
Customer Support [2016-04-13 13:20:55.713]
Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your email. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the Nero software.

If you have bought the package online we can arrange a refund, however we want you to first do the following,

Please download the Nero FirstAidKit from:

to your harddrive.

Unzip the ZIP-file with WinZip or WinRAR and save the content to your hard drive.
Double-click on the unzipped EXE-file to start the Nero FirstAidKit.
-> The window "Nero FirstAidKit (for test only)" will open.

Confirm the message to remove the Nero entries with YES.
-> A status window will open.
The execution of the tool may take several minutes.

Please wait until the progress has been completed.
-> The message "Finished cleaning up" is displayed.

Close the window by clicking the "finish" button.
-> Nero FirstAidKit has removed all Nero entries from your registry.

Afterwards start directly a new Nero installation on your system.

This actions should solve your problem, please kindly Confirm back if the problem got resolved so we can close this case.

Kind Regards
Nero Support
End User [2016-04-12 16:42:40.493]
your program fails to perform as advertised online video in reorder does not work this is a deceptive practice which by all accounts in your forums is acknowledged as never has worked and you are now marketing a program under the same premis that also does not work the only solution to this is a full refund,this will also be disputed with the credit card company

Posted by Anonymous

I have contacted nero 3 times asking for my s/n to be reactivated for 16 platinum to no avail will try you maybe this might get somewhere

Posted by Anonymous

The phone number listed for Nero customer service just gives a recording that the number has been disconnected.

Posted by Anonymous

I have used Nero in the past with my old computer. Purchased Nero $29.99 update

for my 8.1 computer..... What a disaster ! You people are so isolated I finally

found this site for writing a review. If I call you it's $1.29 per minute for help. I've been trying to solve the problem of using my Nero Program for 5 days with nothing more than frustration. Please just refund my $29.99.

Posted by Anonymous

Seems like I've been screwed like everyone else. The "free" trial works, but as soon as you buy the product, it stops. I have also tried to contact them, and got a reply from a "no reply" address. No Contact. Suggest everyone contacts their local Consumer Commission (or equivalent), and maybe, if there are enough complaints - worldwide - someone might close this company down. It's a shame, cos the Nero I had on my old computer worked a treat. Can't even blame this on Win10.

Posted by Jacek

I have bought Nero 2016 Platinum. Although the licence number is correct and program was bought legally I get following communicate, when I try to use Nero Video :
"Activation Failed
Unfortunately, the maximum amount of duplicate activations has been
exceeded. It is most likely that you are using your Nero license on several PCs.
If that is not the case, please contact the Technical Support at Nero. Your serial
number will be reviewed and your patent activated manually.
Please note that your license only allows you to use the Nero Suite on one PC
at a time. To continue legal use of this product, please consider upgrading
with our special discount.
Special Offer
Get a special discount now by purchasing the latest full version of Nero in the
Nero Online Shop.*"
The packet is used on one computer. Contact with Nero Technical Support is impossible - I send several e-mails; all were unanswered. Nero enforces payment for the program, which was already bought. It is extremely dirty business

Posted by What is screen name?

I installed nero 2015 on my computer. I haven't register it. I tried to use it but it doesn't work. I went to Nero website and get the support phone number. I called but it said if I want someone to come on the phone you must give them a credit card number first. They will charge $1.39 per minute trying to help you by phone. They told me to download a program and run it on my computer. It will gather all of the problems (errors) from my running Nero. They told me to send those errors to them. I did but I never heard from them again. They charged me for 4 minutes. The Nero support person told me that they do not geting paid by Nero, that is why they have to charge. But for my case I paid $ for nothing.

Posted by THE MASTER !

I have an old xp system with MMJB and Nero screwed up all of it ! MMJB doesn't work just like their customer support! I had installed a cd/dvd burner cause the old was worn out ! This is nothing but POS! I will go back to Dell at least they have product support ! DO NOT BUY USE OR INSTALL THIS GARBAGE I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE RUNNING OLD XP, 7 OR 8 ! I AM A IN TECH AND THIS IS TOTAL CRAP!


Posted by YooJ

I paid for their software in full and installed it (Nero 2015) for use with Blu-Rays. And despite my best efforts they are so blind and flippant with their customer service approach. My system fully complied with their system requirements, but they were insistent on not providing a customer service refund of any kind. They completely ignored doing any meaningful investigations as to why their software was faulty. I had to purchase other software from other providers. All of which works like a treat and happily uses Blu-Rays the way I needed to do the same things.
They are really bad with their software and their customer service.
Stay away at all costs and do not let them steal your money like they did mine! I basically ended up with nothing but heaps of wasted time and heartache. We didn't have the money for this in the first place but needed the solution. But now I have had to pay for the solution twice. Ouch! Don't fall in the same trap. Don't let them shuffle your complaint around without escalating the matter, because they seem to only want to get rid of you.

Posted by guest

the new nero 2015 does not load at all and you can not get any phone or people help at all we have lost the help from these companys because they do not care for us or our need for help

Posted by IMRAN

Nero came with my laptop preinstalled. I never used it and I am not a tech person. However, I never kind of activated it and every time it asked me to back up or upgrade I used to click no. Few weeks ago it just wiped my external HD clean and formatted as a eternal backup. It never prompted me with a msg for confirmation. I now trying to get all my stuff back and after two weeks of day and night I still haven't recovered anything. I think its a stupid piece of software and it should not interfere with your personal data in this way. especially if you can't recover any of the formatted data.
I am absolutely and utterly angry. I have some very important stuff on it. Can anyone help?

Posted by Whyte Cactus

When i bought a new computer the OS was Win7 . I installed my Nero 7 disc, applied the update (which i had paid £5.99 for, for my old XP computer), they couldn't find my data to apply the update. After i sent a very angry email they provided me with a new update link.

Nero 7 worked fine until i tried to burn using Nero Vision 4 (did not work) which i found out via a visit to Nero forum that it did not work with Win 7, and advised users to contact another company who dealt with this (Huh?)

Overall Nero Software is good but their service is very slow or non-existent. Their phone number for their German headquarters goes unanswered.

Posted by tpine

I cannot submit a question, even with my very recent serial number and all, I just get a message saying access was denied. No other means of contact outside US. Cannot register and cannot do anything to draw their attention to my problems. Also no manuals for Nero 2015?

Never again! Shame on you Nero!

Posted by Jmillzzz

Nero has some of the WORST Technical support I have ever experienced!!!! They charge for phone calls, I can't submit an online support form, they ignore emails to, and the usa email doesn't even work. Now I am stuck with backups that I can't restore.

Posted by Anonymous

I paid my money, and tried to download Nero 2015 Platinum. After about 3 1/2 hoursof supposedly downloading, I got nothing. I finally did get a duplicate copy of Nero 2014, but that's not what I ordered.
Any help available? If not, I want a copy of nero Platinum or my money back,
David Milner

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Nero,

I currently have Nero 6.6 for which I payed money when buying it. Recently Microsoft kind of forced me to update to Win8. This already costed me a lot of money and now I discover that my Nero6.6 does not work any more and needs an upgrade to. I REFUSE TO PAY FOR AN UPDATE OF NERO. I do not accept that I also have to pay to NERO (and many many other software developers), each time Microsoft decides to upgrade its operating systems.
If the NERO upgrades are not for free, I switch to other software.

Posted by Moon

I tried to cancel my online order for Nero 14 Platinum the absolute minute I read the order confirmation I received from Nero. The reason I wanted to cancel was because the details of the order confirmation did not match what I ordered. Not only did Nero refuse me, they refused to even listen to my reason for wanting to cancel. They never even attempted to rectify the problem, either. Even worse, they did it so very rudely. I am suffering from a major case of buyer remorse! Note to self: never, ever buy Nero again!

Posted by david

i'm trying to talk to someone about my order i've been charged and it's not what i've been able to use

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