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Posted by Anonymous

I see by the range of remarks, that you are not paying attention to what your customers are saying. I too feel that having to go to the computer to read endless paragraphs on what I have to do to return merchandise is beyond comprehension. I am going to make my own label, and
am calling the catalogue company to terminate receiving them at all.
If you don't realize that there are tons of people who are not that tech savvy, who is
doing your market research? I can buy elsewhere where all consideration is given to the possible situation of diverse customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I am not sure that I understand your return policy. If I can only return to store then I deffinately do not like that. I order two blouses and they are two small, I thought I would order them larger but it this is the return polcy, I just want to return them and credit my credit card with the prices.

Posted by Anonymous

Send a return label. This is miserable and I may just stop catalog buying or Neiman Marcus buying

Posted by Anonymous

Why is there no return receipt iwith my purchase

Posted by Anonymous

why not send a return shipping label with order? i will no longer be ordering online as having to go online to return is a hassel I don't need!

Posted by neveragain

I purchased a Vince shearling leather hooded jacket at the Atlanta Lenox Square store on Dec 3, 2017, on sale for $1186. I traveled to Europe on Dec 6, 2017, and took the coat to wear while travelling. The inner tag fell off on the second day that I wore the jacket (which I placed in the pocket). By the time that I returned from my travels on Dec 17, the leather at the top of BOTH pockets was coming unsewn and appeared to be ripping. On Dec 24, I attempted to return the jacket to the Millennium Mall store in Orlando (where I had travelled for Christmas) due to the shoddy quality, given the price (which was supposedly $1600 before the sale). The department manager said that it could not be returned because it had been worn. I explained that it was falling apart within two weeks of purchase, which would not have been apparent if it had not been worn. If it hadn't fallen apart within two weeks, I would not have returned it. I asked to speak to his superior, who identified herself as the operations manager who again restated the "unworn" requirement in their return policy. If this is truly the return policy, Neiman's should be competitively shopping their competition to find that they are the WORST in that area of customer service. There are plenty of other stores which sell the same or similar merchandise which provide quality and service, and will stand behind the products which they sell, all of which are sorely lacking from my recent experience.

Posted by Ash

The return policy in Neiman's is very poor for international clients. I had an item sent to Dubai directly from the LA store - with the understanding that they would also send me a return shipping label. However, after numerous emails to the manager etc - which I didn't receive any response from, I was finally told by the sales associate that they don't send return labels! I think since it was their failure to communicate the same when I specifically asked them to send the label during shipment (and they had agreed to do the same) - Neiman's needed to fix the issue! It is going to cost me more the 300USD to return the item - which is outrageous! If I had been informed - i would have used their online service instead!! I had expected with a brand known for luxury their after sales service is really bad!

Posted by VS

There is a absolutely on a NM's receipt which would clearly state that cosmetics or fragrances can not be returned once they've been opened or used. And yet very sales associate would wholeheartedly argue that that that's the case. In other words their argument was to prove that all cosmetics sales are FINAL and not returnable. And yet there is absolutely nothing legitimately allowing them to prove that statement. As their returne policy written on a receipt is so vague that everyone can interpret it whatever way they like. Well if that is the case the customer is always right!

Posted by Isabel

I suggest the SA to notify the customers about the new cosmetic return policy as they purchased the products. I bought a cle de peau lipgloss last week, it dried out my lips so bad. Went back to return the lipgloss today. And heard about the new return policy for the first time...

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered some beauty products from Neiman Marcus and requested it be delivered to the store. My order was wrong. I waited at the store for 30 minutes waiting for the person helping me to correct the mistake. I left the store was to receive a phone call regarding my order. I didn't. I didn't the next day either. I called them back. Currently I am still waiting for order to be made right. They have lost their customer.

Posted by Oakie1959us

I bought a jacket for my daughter that didn't fit. I attempted to return it within 2 weeks from purchase with receipt and tags. I am a jokester!! So when the lady ask if I had worn it, I said yes I have been wearing it for 8 months (the receipt) clearly showed it had been purchased barely 2 weeks prior. She took me serious and wouldn't let me return it. Ok, sure I shouldn't have been kidding around. But come on the receipt showed the purchase date. Neimans is already have trouble with slow sales. They sure need to work hard to keep their customers! I have spent many many thousands of dollars here. But maybe I shouldn't any more!

Posted by Martha

NM is high end store only by only prices and not by services they provided to make they customers "completely satesfucted". I bought 2 pair of shoes for my son wedding in August (5 months ahead). But, because I didn't pick the dress yet, I needed more time to decide if I will keep them. So, I went in store and ask to return them and buy them in store. They denied my request and I returned both pair.

Posted by Chi N

longer Neiman Marcus customer.
I have been regular customer as Neiman Marcus for at least 10 years. Spend thousands of dollars on their beauty product. But after Feb 2017 they have new return policie. Any merchandise opened no longer acceptable for return.
I don't call it a satisfied customer. My skin is sensitive. Sometime I have problem with some skin care. The flexible return policy betas the reason for me to feel comfortable to buy their products. The skincare items I usually buy can cost easily $1000. If my skin had some reaction and I can't return. I can't afford to through away $550 bottle of La prairies.
Now I buy makeup from sephora and Nordstrom. Skin care from Nordstrom. Never return to Neiman Marcus.

Posted by CY

I bought a dress online, it too bag then i retuen it by DHL on 1Feb then Neiman Marcus received on 2 Feb, after 21 days (21 Feb 2017), i send them email for my refund status, they reply me : their ecords indicate that my return is in transit to our warehouse. how long it take for this refund? it seem like to wait forever?
my experience very dissatisfied and I just wanted to share my experience

Posted by Sandra

I purchased make up from Neiman Marcus, from the La Pararie counter, they had a event comming up that if you purchased three to four hundred dollars you would get a comestic purse and some samples from la pararie line,so I purchased some make-up, which came to $239.80 and had puchased also some chanel.I Could not have my make-up because it was a pre-event, the associate told me that they would ship it to me. I requested that they request a signture because where I live I don't consider a secure area.Well I waited for my items to come never came, I call the store ask to speak to the associate she said they had shown that Fedex had delivered them, I asked was their a signature she said no because that was a busy week for the store they had forgotten.Well she called me back to let me know that they were going to replace the make-up, but Loss Prevention had decided that it would be good idea for me to drive in and pickup my make-up, which I said Fine, I just wanted my stuff that I paid for.Now I LIVE IN PALMDALE,Ca.Which is 60 miles one way, that's the closest store to me.Is this normal policy?

Posted by nevershopatneimanagain

I never write reviews, but my experience with Neiman Marcus has been the worst shopping experience I've ever had.

First, they lose my package in the mail, and then when I asked customer service to file a loss claim and replace my item, they didn't actually do it until I contacted them again about it. Then, they still took my complain down wrong - I asked for a replacement specifically, and the customer service rep said she noted it. I didn't receive a replacement though, and instead got a reimbursement.

When I received my replacement, it wasn't even what I ordered; it was a cheaper product that they seemed to have been trying to pass off as my original order. So basically, if I hadn't noticed, they would've essentially stolen an extra $60 from me. After I realized the error, I called customer service to fix it. They said my original product was out of stock and all they could do was give me a refund. They didn't even offer for any extra service to amend their MULTIPLE errors until I told them their service was unacceptable. After that, they only offered a cheap $25-50 gift card.

Ridiculous, they make shipping errors all the time and their customer service is rude, unhelpful, and often doesn't even do their job (this happened about 3 times in ONE order for me). For a luxury store, their customer service and policies are disappointing and they seem like a company that doesn't even know how to ship the right product. I honestly hope that with retail stores failing left and right, they are one of the ones to shut down. Compared to Barneys and Bloomingdales, they are absolutely the worst, bottom of the barrel luxury store I've ever been to. Don't shop here.

Posted by pretty bird

I ordered from Neiman Marcus on 4/12/2016. As of today, Friday 4/15/16, I have spoken with (5) customer Service Representative in which (1) was a supervisor to explain to me "why" my order was not shipped. The order indicated initially I would receive order on 4/18 than changed to 4/19. In speaking with the Service Rep the last Rep informed me that NM credit card was holding up my order. I attempted to contact credit department - not easy - got the message "office close".

I also decided to chat with NM - I informed the Rep what my concerns were - Mainly I have received numous

Posted by Irefgie

I purchase a black Burberry shirt from Neiman Marcus in I and end not wearing do to the fact it was a little smaller then I expect so I tried to return for my refund I was told that I can't return it do to the fact it was wrinkle even though I never wore the shirt, I felt like I were being profile and the looked I receive as if I can't afford the shirt. So my experience very dissatisfied and I just wanted to share my experience

Posted by rmh

I purchased a $800 watch from Neiman Marcus online in early January 2016. I was sent a different watch than what I ordered, same brand, wrong color. I called customer service and returned the watch. On January 15, I received an email confirming the reciept of the return and a credit to my credit card. On February 24, more than 1 month later, I received an email informing me that I have been charged $800 since I have decided to keep the watch. I called customer service and was told that a credit will be issued in 3 to 5 business days. I called customer service again on March 1 and again on March 10, each time was told a credit would be issued withing 2 to 3 days. It is now March 17, still no credit, no watch and I am out $800. I contacted AMEX and am currently disputing the charge back. Neiman Marcus is beyond inncompetent when dealing with issues like the one I am having.

Posted by Marie

I bought a Fleurette coat online. My first purcase from NM in over a year. The coat was huge and had to be returned. I just received a merchandise credit for the $600+ the coat cost. I will use up the credit (it might take a few years) but I will NEVER purchase from them or their affiliates after the credit is used up. This is a horrible policy nflicted on me for no good reason. It is not as if I bought and returned stuff all the time; I don't typically buy from them and I certainly won't in the future.

Posted by PerfumeFan

I recently purchased a $175.00 bottle of fragrance from NM online -- AFTER receiving a sample in one of the great in-store promotion bags AND going into a store and testing the fragrance AGAIN, allowing in to "wear" on my skin throughout the day just to be sure I still loved it. When I received the fragrance, I was amazed that it smelled nothing like the sample OR the in-store spritz. So, I called customer service and asked if I could return the product or exchange it. They said that since it had been opened, that was not possible. I said that I had no way of knowing that the product was unsatisfactory UNTIL I opened the bottle. Didn't matter. So...I will take my $2000+ a year cosmetics purchases elsewhere. Don't want to even try to go to the store and have a potentially ugly experience there. Waste of time....Their policy says it doesn't want to deal with problems.

Posted by PerfumeFan

I have been a loyal NM customer for over 30 years. Recently, I bought a bottle of perfume online after receiving a sample from one of the NM in-store promotions. I also went into a NM store, just to double-check the scent -- and allowed it to "mature" on my skin as I went about my day. Loved the perfume and decided to buy it conveniently online. When the $175.00 bottle of perfume arrived, the fragrance was totally different from both the sample and the tester in the store. So...I called the web hotline and described my issue. They said I cannot return the product since it has been opened. I said I couldn't have known I needed to return it UNTIL I used it! Total deadlock. So...rather than waste hours of my time going to a store and having a potentially ugly experience, I will throw away the bottle and take my cosmetics business elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer services EVER. I am disabled and they couldn't care less.
I was at the Galleria Sunday to enjoy some time with my nieces. We parked by Neiman Marcus. We were heading back to the car at 10 till 6:00. When we reached the door to go in there was this HORRIBLY rude and inconsiderate women standing at the sliding door from the mall. She was so unbelievably rude to everyone that needed to go through or in Neiman Marcus. She would not let anyone in, even people that just come from the store to pay for parking. She was even pushing people. She was telling everyone to go around. When I told her that I was disabled and needed to go through to get to my car. She said "she didn't care and I had to go around. My niece told her that I was disabled and it was hard for me to walk. She again said just go around. When I asked to talk to the manager, she said I'm the manager, and I just needed to go around. When we walked to the next door that was open we I encountered another man that worked there, he was also incredibly rude. He also said to walk around, and it didn't matter that I was disabled I still needed to go around. So I had to walk all around the building and I had to go down 3 flights of stairs. I'm in so much pain, I have been in bed for 2 days. The fist day I codes hardly move. I will NEVer set foot inside this place and I'm going to report these horrible people. How rude and inconsiderate can you be.

Posted by cat

I just received a letter from Neiman Marcus telling me that my credit card was canceled (after many years). They reviewed my history of purchases and returns and found we did not have a productive customer-merchant relationship. I may not make any purchased or returns. Anything I buy from them is non-returnable. "it is unfortunate that Neiman Marcus must make this difficult decision." Nowhere was it stated that an undefined number of returns would result in being refused as a customer. I live in a small town and shop online. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. These terms should, at least, be stated. They are not customer friendly. They do not live up to their free returns policy. Don't go there; it is humiliating.

Posted by Anonymous

83% negative? Your customer swrvice sucks! Neiman MMarcus sends me a broken Micheal Kors watch! First tries to tell me to contact mk for their warranty. Are you kidding me? I have to get in touch with mk for something you sent me that's broken? It was only after I said that's unacceptable that they tried to help me which consisted of them refunding me $25 back for a new battery. So now they want me to take it to a jeweler to get it working??? So inconvenient! After a week of not having time to take it to a jeweler I said just send me a new one.They tell me no problem it will be here by monday the 18th. Then they send another email saying they've encountered problems with my order and to call.. So I call then the woman tells me she refunded my money but is having trouble ordering it from my card now. Also that the money they refunded me could show up 3-30 days and that's when they can order me a new watch. I actually ordered from Neiman Marcus because I thought they were a reputable company and I was trying to avoid instances such as these. Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere and save yourself the headache. Will NEVER buy anything from here ever again.

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Posted by Tiny Dancer

I love shopping at Neiman Marcus! But, I'm very disappointed that the best salesperson in Beauty and Fragrance has been moved to "handbags!" HANDBAGS!!!!! Are you kidding me?? Terri Collette has been my "go-to" beauty and fragrance adviser for several years. And now I have to shop with people who do not know me and try to sell things that are not in my best interests. Please right this wrong! The ratings I'm submitting below is based on Terri. She helped me with the Beauty Event. And I truly appreciate it, but she is no longer on the pulse of Beauty and I'm not happy about that!

Posted by Very Satisfied Customer

I had the most wonderful experience at the King of Prussia Neiman Marcus store on 11/10/16. The sales associate's name was Shelly Bacharach and she could not have been more helpful. She used every resource available to her to find me a dress that was just about sold out nationwide. She was extremely friendly, caring and down right fun the entire time, apologizing to me for the time it took. I would love to reach out to Karen Katz and let her know how lucky she is to have had this associate for the last 20 years. Nothing was too much. I hope this message gets to the proper people including Shelly.

Posted by Anonymous

Several employees assisted me in my search for various items in the jewelry section. They were all very nice, offered me water, and were very knowledgeable with all of my questions! Thank you for helping me find a beautiful watch! The employees made my shopping experience enjoyable and I will definitely be back. Thanks

Posted by Debbie Sullivan Atlanta Shoes

Met and have been working with the best sales associate EVER! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful making calls on her day off. She is pleasant yet self-assuring that she is on top of the sale. She has confidence and flexibility in offering temporary help. Hooray for Neimans for having such a terrific person as Debbie Sullivan in the Atlanta store!

Posted by Anonymous

Why oh, why, doesn't Neimans make polo or t shirts with a Neiman Marcus logo screened across the back . Be good for business....once many years ago, I bought some large red trash bags with your name screened across them....was fun to use and get the attention. T-Shirts ? Or; do you have a screened logo T shirt ?

Posted by Wavey

The Neiman Marcus last call store located in Milpitas CA is very well managed and the customer service is outstanding. A recent purchase I made was assisted by the manager, Glen, who was especially gracious and had he not spoken with me I would not have made the purchase.

Posted by Roz

On Saturday, October 19 I came into the Somerset Collections store in Troy and was greeted very warmly by two fragrance sales ladies: Susan Miskalin and Ahlan Zoma. They really made my day. I was treat treated with exceptional kindness and professionalism. Kudos to the staff for making my shopping experience at Neiman's so very pleasant!

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to let somebody know about the excellent customer service I recently received at one of your stores. Our sales associate was Donna Adams PIN 367722. I was on vacation and shopping there for a specific Guerlain product. She immediately greeted us warmly and sincerely and found exactly what I was looking for. We have a Neiman Marcus in the Galleria in Dallas but her customer service was FAR superior to any I have every received at any one of your locations. My mother was shopping with me had a question about an email she received and Donna personally took us to the customer service department to get it taken care of. She also personally took us to the mens department to help see if they carried what we were looking for. I myself work in retail and know the value of taking care of the customer. In this day and age it is hard to get good customer service anywhere, but Donna and everyone at Neiman Marcus have not forgotten how to take care of their customers. We would just like to say thank you for a wonderful shopping experience. Hopefully someone will let her know what a fantastic job she is doing representing your company.

Posted by jesuslives2012

Jennifer Behl made a special day for my son Elmo and myself when she took a lot of time with us and priceless customer service.

Linda Howe and Megan Howe went way beyond kindness to us and got me water and a cookie plus got me everything I needed it was our Christmas shopping day as we were in a car accident and Megan still made it special.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for the quick delivery and e-mail notification that package arrived.

Lenore Polack

Posted by RMurray

I just want to say what a pleasant experience I had during my visit to the Tysons Corner store. I tried out several jackets and want to thank Halszka for her patience, excellent taste and honesty with each one. She put no pressure on me to buy anything and she gave me her undivided attention.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an amazing experiance with NM in PA california, My sales person STEBAN GAlVIN was a sweetheart and the company must be lucky to have someone like him. He made my day and for sure I will go back for more bag shopping. cheers

Posted by MrBurlesk

Just a note to let you know what a pleasant experience my mother and I had visiting your Topanga store on the first day of Spring. The store is lovely and we were impressed with the no-pressure assistance we received while browsing departments. When we asked for directions to elevators or the café we were given extremely friendly, specific directions. In fact, all the salespeople we encountered greeted us with cheerful "hello's." The tall, dark haired lady in fragrances was engaging and the Mens' dept clerks were all smiles. Ella, who served us in the café, was the highlight of the day. Ella is a jewel and we so enjoyed her company on the patio; she's professional, charming and unique. We'll be back, of course (and I'll even call ahead to see if Ella is scheduled, since we live about an hour north of your Topanga location). Thanks for making our simple outing such a memorable one!

Posted by Sharon Uricchio

I just brought my daughter to Kathleen Reali, the Sales Associate in Intimate Apparel, at King of Prussia, PA. Kathleen was outstanding and always looking to fit my daughter with the appropriate bra size and fit. She was always willing to go back and look for more. Kathleen Reali should be commended for a job well done.
Sharon Uricchio
August 15, 2012

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment your sales person Flora Gendelman who works out of your Walnut Creek, Calif, Department store. I was looking for the Mother of the bride dress and was at my wits in. Flora was so professional and listen to what I was looking for and found me a beautiful dress to wear. I have never worked with such an honest person who his very classy and knows just what looks great. I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need. It takes a very special person to hang in there and work through individuals crisis. Thanks for helping me and my friend to finding the best solution for my big day. I really appreciate all your help Flora! You're the best!!
Kathy C.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at NM for many years and I just like to inform you that couple of days ago Laura Kambarian from home/gift Section in Topanga helped me. She was very helpful. She greeted me with a smile and showed me many items within my price range. She also showed me the new Christmas items that had just arrived (Nutcrackers, Santas etc) She was very courteous, pleasant and friendly. I would highly recommend her.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer of Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables for over two years and have had friendly, professional service each time.
I have also purchased and returned handbags with Ms. Marante,and she has been nothing short of helpful, receptive, and concerned.
However, I think in the below comment with the YSL bag, if the bag is over a year old and used, no one in any store would return it. That is not a Neiman Marcus thing, that is a retail thing....
policies vary and if there is no policy, it is at the store's discretion.

I agree with her comment that in every product there is "wear and tear" and just because something is expensive, it does not mean it will last forever.

Think about that before buying something that is not within your financial means.

As far as general service at Neiman's in Coral Gables, they are the best!!!

Posted by MiniCarol

I have been shopping with Neiman Marcus for years, and today I had a one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had. Chistina in Mens Sportswear is so knowledgable and patient. It was a pleasure having her help me pick out Christmas presents for my husband and my house keeper. She truly gives amazing customer service. I think she should be recongized for this.

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Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Anonymous

Hey guys and gals... I have worke retail for a while now in a middle market targeted store. You must understand not all companies really focus on providing customer service. Neiman Marcus is in the business of luxury retailing, high valued products not providing the world's best customer service. lol....If you look at the consumer base you will see majority of consumers goes to store pick what they want buy it and could careless of service unless it was like just deterimental like death


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