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Navy Federal Credit Union customer service is ranked #319 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.30 out of a possible 200 based upon 40 ratings. This score rates Navy Federal Credit Union customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


37 Negative Comments out of 40 Total Comments is 92.50%.


3 Positive Comments out of 40 Total Comments is 7.50%.

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    • 38.30 Overall Rating
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    • 37 negative comments (92.50%)
    • 3 positive comments (7.50%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I have NO access to Navy Fed at all. The web site is blocked! I have no email address! The phone app is blocked! Every avenue I try is blocked.
If I call, I must pay $1.10 a minute to be on hold - even if I use the collect number.
I opened this account in November 2017 and was assured that I could access my account over the internet. Totally untrue!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed with Navy Federal. I wanted to trade in my vehicle and buy a new and refinance with Navy Federal, but I have had several issues.. Number one, Navy Federal never change the title when I refinanced with their bank. The old bank title and lien release is under another bank and was never transferred. I refinanced with Navy for three years and they never changed the information. When I went to trade in my car, I learned that I needed a lien release and title changed. I went to Navy Federal and they stated they never received it. Let me get this straight, I have been paying my car note for three years and you don't have any information for the car you refinanced three years ago. I have been fighting back and forth trying to get a lien release and purchase a new vehicle. They will not admit their mistake. I have been stressed and burden about this. I cannot receive good assistance. I have been banking with Navy federal for over five years and I am very disappointed. Looking for other options.....

Posted by lcj

The idea of using an app for mobile banking is great, would use it more except that I have noted that NFCU seems to think you need every bit of my personal information stored on my phone. What possible reason could you have for spying on us? You want access to every portion of my phones info, why do you need access to naked pics of my rear end? Why do you need to have my location, maybe I'm on the pot thinking about all of this. STOP spying, you need very little info other than verification to do online banking. I will NEVER accept your app under these conditions, again, why do you feel privileged that you need to have my most sensitive personal information from my phone? That stinks, stop it, get real, take only what you need to give good service, STOP spying

Posted by Very Upset Customer

My husband and I have been with NFCU for 15 yrs. We have never been treated by a bank supervisor ("C J") or customer service rep (Ryan) the way NFCU allow their people to treat customers. They were very rude and unprofessional. Lets just say NFCU just lost valuable customers. USAA have so much better customer service and appreciate their customers.

Posted by kreed

Navy Federal is horrible when it comes to deployments they cut my wife off my debit card after I gave them power of attorney for her to use my account. they had my wife and i running around in the heat making things difficult for no reason. Not military friendly at all! their stupidity has caused me a whole bunch unnecessary problems. My bills ended up being late which caused late fees all because they canceled my debit card. They said the reason they canceled the card was because my wife wasn't allowed to have my debit card while i was deployed. Even though she has a POA I have to get another POA and write a note on the POA saying that she could use my debit card. Absolutely stupid! Why would she have to do that if I already gave her POA over my account. I swear when I get back I am dont with this stupid bank and im telling everyone not to deal with them

Posted by ThatOne

Chesapeake VA NFCU. A Lady named Amy was probably the second rudest customer service person I've met, and both were in the Hampton Roads area.
Our interaction started with her telling me to go back to the front desk before coming to her counter and then it was all downhill from there. Her tone when talking to me was course at all times. She would go onto to make a show of it by stating loudly that maybe I should come back at a later time when I'm not in such a hurry, and that some people have many things to do and that she is working to help me. All of this of course was within the rudest fashion possible without being completely over the top, and trying her best to make me the jerk of the day.
I could add more, however, I'll end with the fact that I apologized for my actions that resulted from her actions towards me, and she never even thought of how rude she was nor had any inclination to apologize for her own actions. It's people like her that make society as disgusting in this era as in any other.

I feel for her next victim.

Posted by Travis

I'm a member of the Navy Federal Credit Union in Augusta Georgia. I recently went in to open up accounts for my five children so that Social Security can make a direct deposit every month. I was told that because I do not have birth certificates they cannot get accounts until I do so. If the mother won't give me birth certificate so that they can get a military ID why would they give it to me so I can open up a bank account. But I can walk in there with a person that has the same address as me and get them an account. Wow I know my kids more than I know these people. Navy Federal is a joke. I just close my bank account and my credit card. USAA here I come.

Posted by Anonymous

Very unprofessional,harrsssing,condescending, manipulative, customer service representatives,I suspect if the lower wage employees are allowed the thrive in this culture the "head" must be aware or is a like-minded individual,the worst its ashsme the few good employees have to be associated with the masses,but if only one would blow their whistle,show courage and most of all individualism and character,exposure is the best remedy for such a corrupt organisation

Posted by Anonymous

This financial organization needs someone w/customer service expertise,and someone w/ s little know how,thumbs up to the very few who works there who does

Posted by Anonymous

Just for the record I no longer use NFCU for anything....even closing all accounts and getting what was left in my accounts was a hassle.

I ended all business dealings with them May 2013, but anm still dealing with their nonsense today (March 2015).

I had an auto loan with them, refinanced it and paid as agreed. They submitted an erroneous 1099-c to the IRS only and now my tax return was reduced by over $1000, without any proper notification. I contacted NFCU (spent over 2 hours on the phone with them) and they not only have no clue what is going on or why I did not get any paperwork, they won't do anything to correct it. The department they claim that makes those decisions is not available by phone, how convenient.

So IRS won't do anything because they say NFCU has to submit the correction.

I spoke to an attorney and they said they can do nothing.

Posted by Allene Rae

Now that my ire has subsided and lassitude has set in, I can write about how inept the NFCU San Diego mortgage department is. As an adult I have heard the word NO more than once; so having a loan denied is not an issue for me. But when the reason for saying no is known to the loan officer on 8-6-15, then two letters of approval are sent by the same loan officer, and her supervisor, to the me and the realtor during the month of August, and then the letter of denial was e-mailed to me on 9-22-15 (dated 9-21-15), by the same loan officer in the same loan department, co-signed by the same supervisor, I had reason to become incensed! Forty-seven days were wasted!

On 8-5-15 I set out to purchase a home, asking NFCU to finance $70K on a 15 year VA loan, after I paid 35% down and would pay all closing cost cash. After speaking with the customer service person, who only took a small amount of the abundant info I brought with me, I was told I'd have an answer on pre-approval within 72 hours.

Hearing nothing, I called the loan officer, Nicole Randazzo. After several times on hold, she finally returned with a 'you're approved' (based on the income and other information provided and a review of CREDIT) and she sent me a 'pre-approval letter, on 8-14-15. Then the grueling mortgage process began. I received a couple of dozen forms to read; signed some electronically and had to print others out, sign and fax back.

A week later when I had still heard nothing, I called to see if anything else was needed. Nicole said she didn't know where Linda Allen (her processor) was in the process cause Linda was out of the office and would not be back until the following week. When Linda got back she wanted more info, some of which I'd already provided, but I sent all to her.

In the meantime, Nicole authorized an appraisal be done and I arranged for the required inspection of the property. With credit bureau reports in hand, an appraisal coming in over the purchase price, with a home inspection done and the seller handling the few repairs required, a 'Loan Approval' letter was completed by Nicole and her supervisor on 8-25-15. The proviso per the approval was "NFCU shall have the right to withdraw the commitment should the terms of the application as submitted and approved be changed without the prior knowledge and approval of NFCU." (NOT ONE THING CHANGED FROM 8/5 TO 9/21!) Upon receipt of this letter the realtor got the title company to agree to a 9-19-15 closing date.

Soon we were into the Labor Day Long weekend. So I sent an e-mail to my loan officer Nicole, only to receive a 'robo' e-mail back saying she was OUT of the OFFICE and would return 9-25-15, (six days past my assigned closing date). Nicole must have thought the 8-25 approval letter that she and her supervisor signed was good. Needless to say, I was not shocked when Linda Allen engaged a third person to help her with Nicole out, oddly enough it was Nicole's (and I assume, Linda's) supervisor, Narda Mc Farland, who signed the 'Mortgage APPROVAL Letter' on 8-25-15.
All of a sudden Ms. McFarland required electric, water, phone bills for several years past (in two other states) to confirm that I had paid my utility bills. Naturally I could provide everything from the current year. Don't know how many of you keep utility bills from 2-5 years back, but I didn't. So I did what I thought was the next best thing and provided her Utility Company names, addresses and phone numbers as well as my previous account numbers. This didn't seem to satisfy her, so she and Linda kept asking for additional info.

Mc Farland was so inefficient and incompetent, that on Wednesday 9-17 when my realtor ask for the documents for the 9-19 closing, she told him he would have to wait for Nicole's return (9-25) as she would be out of office herself from 9-18 until the middle of next week (9-25) then scurried out on vacation. So to recap, I started the process 8/5, got pre-approved 8/14 then one week in the processor took a week off, then the loan office was out for 2+weeks to return after closing and finally the Supervisor overlapped her week off with the last week of the loan officer.

Mc Farland knew at that time that she would be denying the loan. When it became obvious to me that the paperwork would not be ready for closing on 9-19, the realtor came to the rescue and asked for a one week extension from the owner, who had her veteran husband (co-owner) of the house in Hospice dying of cancer. She granted the one week extension so that I would not have to forfeit my $1000 earnest money.

Per Nicole, she was checking her e-mail so she was able to generate the denial letter; but oddly enough both Nicole and Narda Mc Farland's actually signed it on 9-21 and she e-mailed it on 9-22. So were both women out of the office as they said, or were they just sitting there waiting for my purchase deal to fall through? As I said at the beginning, I can handle the word 'no' or 'no we can't make your loan'. I cannot tolerate inept, disorganized, deceitful, ineffective, supposed customer service specialists who do not know their product who set out to deliberately hurt a client financially, by making them loose their earnest money.

It's too late to save me. Although their effort to cause me to forfeit money and lose my purchase deal failed, they still managed to injure me financially. They caused me to put my belongings in storage (they knew the house had been pre rented after I gave notice) and there was 2 sets of movers to pay, and there was extended stay and eating out expenses. And please understand that all three of them knew our circumstances, cause my wife literally begged that they just make a decision instead of putting two seniors with medical issues what they thrusted upon us!

I'm old and tired and one of the seniors who is on a fixed income. But if there is an attorney out there who does contingency work and wants to take on the NFCU, I'd be happy to talk to you. My out of pocket expenses was a lot to me, may be a drop in the bucket to you, but the damages for intentional pain and suffering should be large. As diabetics both my wife's and my sugar levels stayed through the roof due to stress, and they are still in the rafters six weeks later.

If you got to have a mortgage seek out Fairway Mortgage or Wells Fargo Bank and get treated like a valued customer instead of a joke with NFCU.

Posted by Jules222

My husband and I have been customers at NFCU for 25 years. Recently purchased a home through them. At closing of escrow on our home we went to NFCU in person to wire esrow funds to a different bank for $30,000, meanwhile 2 days later someone at NFCU decided to transfer the remaining balance in our account of $29,000 to escrow as well without our knowledge or our permission!! Weve called NFCU because we now cannot touch the money that they took until they can reinstate it and nobody cares! They said, someone will get back to you in the morning. The morning came and nobody got back to me so I had to call them again! Weve talked to at least 9 different people. This is above and beyond UNACCEPTABLE! We are withdrawing all of our funds from them and taking our banking elsewhere. Also, in the beginning of our loan process they misspelled our street name, which again, held up our entire loan. BAD company and nobody seems to care. Adios NFCU! If you dont give a rats patoot, neither do we.Also contacting the BBB, FCC, Attorney General & Consumer Affairs

Posted by andywelsh17

I made a call to Navy Federal (Sonny being the representative) this morning in concerns to my debit/checking card. I was concerned that my card was not activated because the last store I went to had an issue with it. I asked Sonny to check to see if there was an issue with my card. She asked for my last 4, birthday etc. She then asked for the last 4 of my card number. I told her my wife ran right up to the gas station and should be back very soon, I do not have the last 4. She then replied "well you aren't supposed to give anybody possession of your card". Ok, understood, Navy Federal Policy but at this point I just wanted to know a simple yes or no whether my card was good to go. She then replies "your card was good, but I just deactivated/closed your account". I'm so livid at this point I start getting mouthy, I understand Navy Federal Guidelines and fraud completely, but I told Sonny that my wife will be right back, 2 min down the road at the gas station. So a simple yes or no whether my card was good to go turned into my account being closed. She then proceeded to put me on hold, after about 5 min I hung up. I call back, get another representative, and I proceed to ask him if my account is good. He puts me on hold, comes back and says "Your account has been closed sir. You have to go to a Navy Federal Bank and get a new card". I'm super busy today with no time and he is telling me I have to go a local branch to get my card! He was definitely more polite then Sunny but was no help. I then ask for a Customer Service rep. / manager and he connects me. I spoke with Marie (I think?) and told her the issue and she reactivated my card. I've dealt with Navy Federal for almost 7 years and have had great customer service but Sonny definitely took the cake on being the worse experience I've ever had.

Posted by nfcu visa sucks

Been a NFCU member for over 45 years. Their VISA card services are in total chaos the last two years. We were denied charges while trying to do our Christmas Shopping and totally embarrassed at stores a mile from our house. 3 cards shut down and replaced last year. Fraud services robo cop calls our house weekly to verify we made the charges that they denied and had to use a different bank credit card to complete. They need to fire all the Visa dept and start over. We don't use their card any longer.

Posted by anon

I have checking, savings, a credit card, and 2 auto loans with NFCU. Things are a little tight lately and I had to delay payment on the credit card auto payments are fine. Not even a week past due and they locked up all of my accounts and I have no access online or via ATMs. I am going through a bit of a tough time financially and NFCU makes things worse. How does not giving me access to my accounts help to pay sooner. moreover, I would expect this if things were over 30 days or worse.

Posted by Anonymous

You have an employee Heidi Williams who has stolen money out of my account and her Dad's account at NFCU. Now as of last week it has been discovered that she lied about who the father was of her 17 year old. She lied to the State of North Carolina about an assault charge so she could get her license to sell annuities for NFCU. She has no business working for any financial institution period. Unfortunately her boss Colleen Stewart is protecting her and not reporting what she knows since they are close friends.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I've applied for Federal navy Credit union almost 3 weeks ago and still havent heard anything. Is someone supposed to contact me? Thank you for your time


DO NOT GO THROUGH NAVY FEDERAL FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!! We have a vehicle loan though Navy Federal and its the WORST experience Ive EVER had with a bank!!!! I made an error (and I take responsibility for it). I set up online bill pay with my bank of america account and clicked to pay our monthly bills. Well i accidentally made the auto payment that was suppose to go to our NFCU vehicle loan to our other vehicle loan with US Bank (which is an EXCELLENT place for all your loans, etc.). well once I realized this it was past due, I went into the bank and explained the situation and tried to make a payment. They locked up my loan account and would not accept payment!!!! This is completely unheard of!! Never have I ever heard of a customer at the bank trying to give them money for a payment and they refuse to accept it!! Well after calling whoever on the phone to try to unlock the account to make a payment, the lady on the phone said no and that they will not accept any amount of money unless i pay 3 months payments (OCT, NOV, & DEC-its november!- dec payment isnt even due til the 15th) in full by the end of the day or else my vehicle will be repossessed. Well the man at main front counter (the main counter you go to to sign in when you first walk through the door) relayed this information to me VERY loudly while surrounded by 2 other NFCU workers talking to other customers right next to us. So bottom line, he blabbed "you have to pay 3 months payments or your car is gonna be repossed. They could show up at your house at any time." to the entire bank. The embarrassment was unbelievable and I was speechless at how rude and unprofessional this gentleman was! They continued to refuse payment and I could not afford to pay all of those payments at once so I just bypassed them all and went to western union to make the payment go directly into my vehicle loan account. It just does not make any sense to me. First of all, I've never heard of a business trying to repossess a vehicle unless they are 90+days behind and never in my wildest dreams heard of a business refusing to accept payment. Seems like a paying customer is more beneficial to a business than a repossession. Especially when the vehicle is worth less than whats owed considering I've only paid pure interest on this stupid loan and not a cent more to principle since I got the loan 3 years ago.... yes I still owe the same exact amount today that I did when I purchased the vehicle 3 years ago... another lovely attribute to NFCU. NFCU should really be on the "not allowed" list that the military puts out at each place. They are only in the business to screw over service members. Not help. Ive literally stopped what I'm doing to take the time out of my busy day to talk so many people OUT of using NFCU over the past few years. It really truely is an AWFUL place to do business. I've had nothing but problems with this horrible business. Never ever again! WORST INSTITUTION IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA!!!

Posted by Beyond disgusted

After 40 years with your CU (my dad was with you for over 60 years), I'm gone. Things were getting a bit tight and I called a financial counselor who was extremely rude and told me there was nothing he could do for me. I'm working with another company for a consolidation and your idiot company is calling me 10 times a day and telling me to call one of your financial counselors. Yeah...right...because the first time worked so well. Your ads talk a good game, but your customer service is nonexistent...once upon a time, it was second to none. I hope your company loses all it's customers and goes broke.

Posted by mcb542

Hello. I am Mark Barnes, retired disabled veteran and a member of Navy Federal Credit Union for over 35 years. I have had several auto loans with NFCU and paid each and every one of them off. I have gone through some very tough times due to a failed business. In turn my credit score has suffered dramatically. I recently bought a car through Carmax and I was very happy because I was turned down everywhere. My credit score is in the mid 500's. The bad thing is, my interest rate is very high and the lender is known for what is called a rule of 72 or something like that . That means that all my payments go to interest and at the end of the term I will still owe the same balance on my car.

I recently went into NFCU to get the car refinanced. I bought the car very well. What I mean is, the car is worth more than I paid for it. So that means there is no risk to lend me the money because the lender would be able to re-sell the car to retrieve what is owed. I am an Auto salesman as well.

I was turned down by NFCU and I was very upset. After 35 years of deposits, paid off loans and faithful membership, all I get in return is "NO! you credit is to bad!" Other banks are willing to finance me but NFCU won't. This is the kind of Thank You! go away we don't need your business anymore, or we don't car that you need help attitude. If the numbers don't work then take a walk! I asked the loan officer to ask for special assistance and to see if they would take this on a case by case basis to help me. When she called, all she did wan accept the rejection by the loan department.

Cutler Dawson
President/CEO - I would like you to personally get this message. I would like you to look at your paycheck and think about where it comes from. Membership! loyal Membership. Where is the loyalty to the member?. Would the 1000's of members that belong to NFCU agree with your practices? When is it not a good risk when there simply are not risk?

I hope that my fellow members that have also fallen on bad times read this and send letters as well. All I can say in closing is BAD FORM! Thank you for making me feel like I am a worthless person and for not taking a risk on me when others will. Shame on you and the rest of the board members !

Posted by Tulips

OMG! I agree with all of these comments on this page and more. So here is my horrible scenario with this obtrusive bank. Ok I had an incident were I transferred money from my savings to checking to cover my electric bill and cell phone. I was getting a direct deposit to. So a month goes by I'm thinking all my bills were paid everything is good until I open the mail and guess what! I got a disconnection notice from reliant saying they didn't receive payment. so of course I'm TICKED OFF I go online which is a illusion, because I found out that they don't have a feature to check on any ach or written checks that you have made to see if they cleared or not. The only thing that you can investigate is that you don't see the transaction at all! crazy right!so I call there stupid MORONS and went up to the nearest branch to get an answer to this mismanagement of our money thinking I'm going to get a resolution to the problem. Big red flag nope. both the branch manager and a supervisor on the phone couldn't explain CRAP, then they come to this bogus conclusion that it was the merchants fault and they tried to process the transaction on a later date. All bullCRAP! I got all the exact time dates from the merchants and they came up with another bogus claim well at that time you only had this amount so we refused it. So I go in and try to check it again online and I can't even balance my stuff because there's nothing it was only ... on the money side to balance my check book. So now I see there's altering or ghost gaps so you can't verify what they are telling you. So once again another greedy bank deliberately making you late on payments and making your transactions bounce like crazy so you pay them more fees. I only got back the bounce check fees after I complained on there Integrity problem. So now I pay close attention to our account and they did it again, this time I wrote down the exact amount that was in there when I wrote this check for only $45.00 dollars. They returned it stating at the time I only had 41.00 dollars the same trick they pulled the first time when I called customer service and asked her how did she calculated that amount and she didn't have an answer. Also a big huge red flag they don't tell you or send you any notice when your checking account has a returned checkS or when your ach transactions don't go through. Legally they are suppose to notify you immediately about those transactions not clearing since there's NO feature online or automated to check. So my husband is the military he got tricked into there bogus logo saying they support military families and soldiers yeah they will give you a loan and all that crap but now you just gave them the opportunity and permission to just play with your money. So I'm going to send a wonderful letter to there corporate office with all the late receipts and extra money I had to pay because of there incompetence. so let me warn you guys there are more banks that do these tricks so you can pay them. Let me give you a list: USAA, Harris bank, TCF, ExtraCo bank, First Hawaiian national bank, Bank of America, National city/Pinn and the list goes on so please get a full resume before you bank again with any bank or investor. This is getting ridiculous and it needs to stop.

Posted by klmoore

Please explain to me the right you have to make an unauthorized payment from my other personal account, then tell me you will not return my funds until the amount you took is paid back in a week. Not late on any payments, 2 weeks ago when bill was due we had to make a partial payment, a more than 50% partial seriously have some nerve and a report will be filed the FTC immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

i signed up for overdraft protection and they froze tge account when i never got told it had to be paid off in full or it would be frozen and when i called them it was all the run arounds and that they didnt want to help and fix the problem and resolve the problem.

Posted by Anonymous

On March 27, 2014, I had a very unpleasant phone from a Ms. Blake at extension 73441. She stated that if I did not give a checking account number to have the following payments $12 on March 31, $395 on April 4 and $395 on April 30 then my account would go to litigation. As you know I have been making payments every month to all the accounts so I am unsure why this action was necessary to take.

I have been making all the required payments as requested on time and in the manner requested. I didn't want to give my account information but when they threathened that if I didn't my account would go to litigation and that my pay would be garnished. I had no choice. I have a family and they need to be taken care of.

At the same token when I explained to Ms. Blake that I had been making the payments and that those future payments I would be happy to go into Navy Federal Credit union to make them she and her supervisor stated that those were not choices.

Also while I was on the phone with Ms. Blake trying to explain, the supervior was also on the phone the only thing is that he didn't make his presence know when he got on the phone so I thought that Ms. Blake was the only individual that I was talking to. But the supervisor was listening to the conversation. When he made his presence known I asked him if he had been on the phone and his reply was that the phone call is recorded and I must be crazy if I was not aware of this.

At that point he informed me that if things were not resolved tonight then I have no one but myself to blame and that my case would be placed in litigation.

I can understand if I had not been paying that this tough stand should be taken but that is not the case. I am very very disappointed that after being a customer for 25 years this is the reputation that NFCU has.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had any problems with Navy Federal Customer service however tonight I had a very rude customer service rep, who could not assist me in the least with finding out what happened to a debit card that I should have received days ago. She referred me to my local branch, which didn't make any since to me....YOU ARE CUSTOMER SERVICE RIGHT?

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I really appreciated the customer service my husband and I received from Kayla, Camp Zama branch. We went to Navy Federal Credit Union Camp Zama branch to apply for a car loan. Ms. Kayla and other staff, and the manager there are so helpful and professional; Because of their great assistance, We got an approval for the loan in no time.Thank you for the great customer service.


Posted by bc

Ive been in credit unions for 50 years and our move to Panama City and to the Navy FCU was made great, fast and without any problems, buy the wonderful Asst Mgr. She Knows everything and helped others do the right thing. Happpiest I have been in life with a credit union.

Posted by Yeah NFCU!

Great bank for personal accounts. Very techy up to date services. Nice people in the branch. My experiences are always very organized and prompt with them. Greatly appreciated. I would recommend this bank to anyone who has family in the military! Better than all the "Big Name" branches that could care less about you!

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