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Navigon customer service is ranked #876 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 53 ratings. This score rates Navigon customer service and customer support as Terrible.


51 Negative Comments out of 53 Total Comments is 96.23%.


2 Positive Comments out of 53 Total Comments is 3.77%.

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    • 18.97 Overall Rating
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    • 51 negative comments (96.23%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I purchased Navigon for North America last night and we have been trying to make it work on my iPhone 5. It does not. I paid $70 and want my money back.

Posted by Stimand

Incredibly slow updating service - even on wifi.

Maps are hardly ever correct.

Posted by Anonymous

Have mapping error - non-existent road shown near my home. Have been trying to get the map fixed for over a year. On-line reporting is ignored. Customer service unwilling to help, do not return phone calls when promised, totally unresponsive. Errors everywhere on their web site, no contact details provided, no way to escalate problem. Very unhappy camper. Avoid Navigon like the plague!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Navigon 2100 that will not lock on to the satellites. I have spent hours trying to get factory service advice with a live person to no avail. The phone number in by manual does not answer. I purchased the product at Radio Shack and they too have tried, but unable to contact anyone. I believe that the Navigon is built by Garman which is a very large company. With there type of attitude I do not understand why Radio Shack or anyone else would buy their prodct. I certanly will never buy on of their products again.

Posted by Anonymous

What is the working toll free number for your customer service department. I bought one of your products and would like to remove the other persons information. It does not tell how to do that in the manual I lprinted out. The toll free number on the Navigon web site not in service so where do your customers call when they need customer service or have you stopped offering that service? If you have infact stopped offering that service where are your customers to go for service?

Posted by unhappyCustomer

So the website is down, I can't download maps and I need to travel in just over an hour. I can't even find a phone number to call, if that's not bad customer relations then I don't know what is. I paid way too much money for this type of service. Very poor form indeed.

Posted by Anonymous

My grandad has just come into the modern world and got him self a navigon 20 easy. when he opened the box there was no instrutions how to use it. So we rung up and got a lady. we asked if she could send us one out. The responce we got was for him (who is 83 years old) to go online and download the instrustion and print them off. I explained that he doesn't own one. She advised him to go to a local library to do it! He doesn't even know how to turn a computer on never mind download and print something off. I asked her to speak to a manager someone higher up and the responce we got back was there isn't any as all staff are at same level. What sort of call centre doesn't have a manager! I kept asking to speak to someone else but same responce there isn't any one to speak too. But when I first asked the question she put me on hold to ask someone if she can do it or not! So there must be someone else there! All we want is for them to print and send us some instrutions. I managed to open the document on my iphone and it's 97 pages long. If we was able to go to a library and print it off it would cost him loads just to print, never mind he would have to pay to use the computer.
it's a outrage that they can't even do a simple little task to keep a customer happy.

Posted by Southpaw

I made an online purchase from their UK website of a car mounting kit for iPhone 4s. It was stated on the site that delivery was 2 to 3 days. I waited and waited, attempted to contact via email and phone to no avail. Furtunately I had paid using PayPal so entered a dispute, still nothing from Navigon - have now escalated procedure and still they ignore.
These people do not deserve to be in business...

Posted by tlpage

They were rude and unhelpful when I bought the piece of equipment 3 years ago. I recently dug it out from my project file to get it working. As with the past customer service reps they don't answer emails and there is no valid/working customer service telephone number.

Let others know, Navigon's business plan is to rip-off the consumer!

Look-out Android Ap........

Posted by hnic

45 minutes and still waiting......

Posted by Josephe

I have got N 7200T. Couldn't get a use of it for 3 months in sound way!!

No Working product! No working Website, No working Customer Care, No Working telephone number or email line. What should people pay their precious money to a piece of junk and get damaged on the roads. PEOPLE DON'T BUY NAVIGON!

Posted by Little Johnny

Wow, where do I begin. Purchased the 3300Max in Australia. A year went by. No major problems except it never shows you direction ito of North, South etc. The fun really starts if you want to travel overseas. They must have the most complicated unintellible map download system ever devised. You have to install Navigon fresh software first. When you install Navigion fresh it only recognises the country you are in for downloads. I want to go to Europe but I'm registered in Austrlia. Big problem for Navigon apaprently. No Europe maps or US maps available with Australian address log in. It also stated that I have no software upgrades availablke. Went to Navigon Internatyional website. Voila I can download the upgrade for my GPS and all the maps of Europe. Did that. Refused to install. It also didn't have Australia listed as a country. It did have Antartica. By the way the install part you have to figure out by trial and error. No where do they explain exactly how the map downloads and install works. I phoned customer support. Got a German who could barely speak English who was quite annoyed that I was annoyed! He said and I quote "I'm having a problem because it's an Australian Navigon" I'll leave that last statement with you travellers to dwell on... I'm now buying a Tom Tom. Who have very clear undertstandable map downloads for all countries. It's a pity. Whilst it was up to date I didn't have any major issues with the product per se but the support and maps download issues sink it for me.

Posted by Anonymous

It worked fine until a recent update that makes us have to download the states we want to use it in. NOT A good move. I was in Missouri and could NOT DOWNLOAD THE STATE in 3G ..... Navigon sucks now. Every time I go to use it, NJ AND PA ARE UN downloaded...... I filled out the form to contact them and guess what???? Yep per...... NO RESPONSE!!!!' nada......nada


Posted by Dagored73

I have a model 7100 and the best I can do right now is to get it to turn on. GPS will not work at all. Tried the Customer support #. That, like the Navigon 7100, doesn't work either. When it did, the maps were not even current. They were at least 3-4 years old. I wish I would have known about this Golden Turd before I got it. This is a very expensive piece of JUNK. Don't Buy any Navigon Products.

Posted by prospectbuyer

I have a Navigon 2100 max and have really had no problems with it except for when I'm leaving Frankfurt airport it takes me around in circles until I start heading in the direction in which I need to go then it'll start working. I was going to buy one of the newer models but thanks to all of your comments I think I'll give the Garmin a try. It sounds like Navigon needs to be held responsible for false advertisment and failure to return customers product. Has anyone ever tryed filing a lawsuit or sense their product is based out of Germany is it pretty much non-existant? I just want to say thank you for all your comments. You save alot of money for people like me, and sorry that you all lost out on so much money.

Posted by Anonymous

Navigon sucks. You have a toll free number that doesn't help you at all. Crappy service. I will never buy another navigon gps.

Posted by Sheeboo

After my phone was broken I contacted Navigon to get my Navigon Europe activated again for the new phone. In separate emails they always took a week or so to ask me additional info like: proof of return of broken phone; brand of new phone; OS version of Android.
Afterwards, they kept me on the line for MONTHS. On top of the €89.99 for the software, I paid tons on the payphone helpdesk. Their final solution is now to have me install "Navigon Select". This software complains it is not valid for my telco operator and wont install.
I am now FOUR MONTHS further and still have no solution. My money is down the drain.
Navigon is a ripp-off.

Posted by Ladislav

Service very poor
Navigon 8450 I bought one of the most expensive. I was hoping the price will correspond to customer support.
During the warranty period is a problem with Live. Moon tried to advise nonsense like to restart the device, enter the code, etc. When it did not work as expected, I sent the unit into the German service. After a week he returned as repaired.
Live module did not work again. Followed by month correspondence with the fact that Navigon can also use the module without Live. Resend the service. Defect was found, warranty disallowed. I also had to pay several tens of euros per diagnosis.
Month correspondence, recognizing and correcting defects. Fault persists. Next month correspondence. To change the fault recognition, cheeky request to pay for diagnosis and postal costs. In case of disagreement would be a device supposedly recycled.

Although Navigon very nice pieces of hardware, so after this rogue act can not recommend anyone Navigon.

(Sorry for my English)

Posted by Anonymous

It is extremely frustrating to find a telephone number for Navigon, regarding the Navigon Mobile Navigator for iPhone 2.

Posted by Sheeboo

Bought Navigon for Android software. After frequent problems with my phone, returned to manufacturer and bought other Android phone. Asked Navigon to reactivate my software for the new phone. On their request, I sent proof that manufacturer had taken old phone back. It took me MORE THAN A MONTH to finally get them to reactivate my code!!! Service was CRAP. They never replied to my email and ripped me off with their payable telephone support service.



Posted by Ben

I loved this program at first.
Got it for my IPhone but now it always keeps saying "no gps signal available"
Very frustrating and cannot fond a solution.
Maybe $40.00 down the drain.
A lot of money to me.

Posted by SueB

Bought a very pricy system 15 months ago; used it on many weekends but almost never during the weekdays. After 6 months, the window mount fell apart (did I mention we didn't use the system much & therefore the mount was always put away). Then at 9 months the power dongle fell apart. Both had to be replaced (no big deal), but now at 15 months the system doesn't turn on at all. The email address rejects, I got one message back from their online assistance (but got a reject upon reply & got another reject message when I tried to resubmit online). WHAT A RACKET!!!

Posted by ladyraven1963

Not even a valid number... get a recording and then hangs up... what a way to have a Product!

Posted by gms

Down loaded paid version from itunes for iphone only to find out that many of USA roads are not on there maps. Cuatomer service does not exist. Itunes needs to delete this App from the App store.

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Posted by Marie

If you want to install Navigon from one smart phone to another - like the iphone 5, and you get an error message when you try to see the maps, delete both Navigon programs from the old phone and the new i5 phone. Connect to itunes and back-up the i5 phone. then in the Navigon program go to "extras", and at the very bottom of the
screen select RESTORE PURCHASES. It will ask you for your Apple ID and Navigon will download! You will have to download your maps again. ****I had been trying to resolve the issue, registering the product, getting computerized emails from Navigon, etc, etc. to no avail. So I went to google and searched for a solution. I found lots of frustrated negative comments, saying the program did not work on i5 phones..........until I found one with the solution - it took only a few minutes to get it all going!!!! I love Navigon and am very happy to have it working on my new i5 phone.

Posted by BlindJax

I live in the US had some issues with my 5100 Navigon and US support left me hanging. I finally emails U.K support they have sent me new software I am trying to get it to work so my issue still isn't fixed but will continue to talk to the U.K support and see what to do next. They were very understanding and as helpful as they could be. The real test is whats coming next and I cant load the software.

With all the issues we are having why isn't some legal action being taken?

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