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Nationwide customer service is ranked #79 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 62.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 19 ratings. This score rates Nationwide customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


16 Negative Comments out of 19 Total Comments is 84.21%.


3 Positive Comments out of 19 Total Comments is 15.79%.

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  • Nationwide

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    • 62.39 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 16 negative comments (84.21%)
    • 3 positive comments (15.79%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 4.4 Issue Resolution
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Posted by David

The security system locks you out of your bank account.What a pa-lava to speak to anyone.

I have left for Tesco.
Good Riddance Nationwide.

Posted by chloeshin

Super bad service attitude!!!!! Pick up at least take 2 to 3 days, delivery another 2 to 3 days!!!! When call to collect payment, refuse to come office and requested us to go down give them the cheque!!!!

Posted by Ilya

Tried a few times to resolve an issue to cancel service. No luck to credit for non-existing service

Posted by gzarkos

Ihave been a customer of Nationwide since 1971
and have had in all those years 3 agents and each one is getting worse.. As a Loyal customer with an agent I should not have to continaully call my agent about the same issues over and over and over I have Boat/ Homeowners and Vehicle insurance. and continually have to call about getting the same overcharges/ rates etc/ strainghtened out continually
My rates keep going up... i have owned my home 1 year and already Increase in rate by $150 in one year / No accidents but up the ins on the cars by over $100 and my boaters insur keep canceling dual charges and they keep putting them back .. My agent, I make appointments and they are not there when I get there and dont call to let you know same/ i just called to cancel apt and their computers are down today but did they call me to cancel NOPE.. going to let me come in and than go OH WELL.. State Farm someone mentioned ..
from 1971 (16 ) till 2014 (age 60) think it is about time I found some real representation Loyal Customer to a NonLoyal InsCompany .. Nationwide vanishing deductible etc they should be paying me..

Posted by Afournier

If Corporate office Cares at all about there company, they will stop all these complaints, and do right by their customers. If you can not give accurate quotes on line, and decide three months later the information is wrong when it was indeed put in correctly . There is a F****** problem. I will be contacting every agency I can as customer's we have have rights. BBB, AG, I will take it to extreme levels as. As you know as a company one angry customer is worth 10 plus. One satisfied one will never compare.

Posted by Nationwide victim

Nationwide is the worst insurance company I have ever experienced. I have never been at fault since I have been paying $260.00 a month in premiums.

I was hit from the back on November 7, 2013, and Nationwide has none nothing. Believed the driver that hit me from the back and is on her side. The police report proved I was the victim and the driver received a moving violation ticket.

After I get this claim done, I am dropping Nationwide and I will alert the Media and any other person not to pay Nationwide anything they will let you die with injuries and your car will never be repaired

In my book, State Farm is far more professional, and I don't know why I overlooked them.

Posted by terry

I was invovled in an accident on 8-8-13 my car was legally parked in my door yard along with the rental I was using at the time. your insured driver left her car running across the street. It came into my driveway and took out both cars. You continiously send me in circles. I have had 4 different adjusters since this happened. each 1 wants something different in paperwork. It takes you to long to send then another adjuster and more paperwork. I lost work and have had to pay for a rental car. yes you did rent 1 but i had to fight to get it. what you want to pay isnt near enough to compensate what has been lost nor what it will cost to replace. I owned my car out right now I will be stuck with a car payment.. NATIONWIDE IS SO SAD AS AN INSURANCE COMPANY.

Posted by SBH1499

I will agree with these comments because nationwide just lie,lie,lie and they is not on your side only the company side this is terrible how you get the runaround and lies from this company it's disgusting the way they treat you and very bad intimindating Additudes all of them like they is the owner these agents and adjuster is a piece of cake they do not know how to treat people all they do is back each other and lie

Posted by Frustrated

I am currently going back and forth with Nationwide in regards to additional cost for damage that their Insured caused while my Vehicle was parked LEGALLY!!!! Below is the letter I had to send to them this morning.. If this cannot get resolved I will also be consulting with my attorney..

Mr. Walko,

In regards to the previous conversations we had discussed the need for the full truck bed instead of the left bed side. You will see in the pictures that the right side was damaged and that was missed by Nationwides Adjuster. This was caused by the kickback force when it was hit by your Insured.

We did not buy a new bed we bought used as everything else that was quote was used. We located everything you estimated at local Salvage yards at the same cost other then the bed side. The bed cost us $1500.00. As with that the Paint Supplies total was $695.00 not $357.00. Also the labor you estimated at 27.9 hours and it actually took 73 hours.

And I am just putting truck back into condition before it was damaged. I am going to clear something up right away... The Rear issue that was also missed by you adjuster could of cost you $2300.00 for a used and we kept what we had and got corrected for $700 plus.. And your adjuster was made aware of that when he went to double check they we are not over taking advantage of because the company called us after he left..

I feel that I should not be out any money on parts or supplies because of negligance on your Insured part.. My vehicle was parked Legally! We had this vehicle not even 1 month when someone elses disregard caused this damage. I made 3 months of car payments and could not even drive truck it was sitting in a garage. I lost $400.00 in camping fees because no truck to haul camper and was no refundable... So I am already out $1525.00 because of this. I could of ask for Rental but I did not because I am not like that....

I remember the first call with Nationwide the guy on the phone totalled my truck.. I said wait... you are not even going to go look at? Yes we can get someone to go but with point system. Then I get call from adjustor when he got there and was not totalled. Also I recall a conversation with the Adjustor he was more into if my truck was totalled he was going to buy it because he was looking for a truck like that... ... Very unprofessional .....

I am not sure what number you gave me but it was not direct to corporate. I located the following information for a Nationwide Corporate..

Corporate Office Address:

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Posted by Julie F. of California

I was in an accident, along with my mother on Dec. 14, 2012. I was the passenger in front seat, my mother was driving, she made a left turn on green arrow, a lady ran red light and hit my passenger side door. I have back and neck injuries... My mother has sustained very severe injuries as well. Nationwide is NOT on our side!! They are not helping us. We will get an attorney now, because things are NOT being handles and we are being lied to by adjusters. I have NEVER been in a car accident in the 25 years Ive been driving. My mother has been driving for 45 years and has NEVER been in an accident either. We have been led to believe we would be compensated for our mileage, out-of-pocket expenses, etc, including pain and suffering, all the while nothing has been done!!!! We both will obtain an attorney and ask for much more in pain and suffering because we have been put out on the post to hang!!!! Nationwide doesn't care about it's people at all!!!!!!

Posted by backtogeico

Customer service is terrbile. Colin McCloriy is extremely rude and condescending. I am going to cancel my policy ASAP.

Posted by Amanda

Hands down the worst company I have ever had the experience of working with. Without my knowledge they jacked up my insurance rates, as well as added other people onto my policy without my permission and refusing to remove them, even after I cancelled my policy. Terrible customer service. I had to explain my story to many different customer services representatives, and am still battling with them even after I cancelled my policy months ago.

Posted by alstreetdoc

This company has a real problem with their customer service. In the last four months I have submitted payments online that were scheduled to come out of one bank account and yet somehow they kept trying to take it out of a closed bank account instead. This caused me to deal with cancellation issues twice caused by their computer glitch. It happened again today and I am tired of dealing with them. I used to drop my payments off with agents until the agent I was using started pocketing the money of her clients and lost her position and agency. I was then transferred to an agent out of state and now that I have agents back in state I have one who has my auto policy and one who has my home policy. I have asked for them to combine it with one agent since October and still nothing has been done. I do not recommend Nationwide Insurance at all unless you want to have headache after headache.

Posted by raqstar

Have been with Nationwide for over 25 and homeowners. Last year, we had a pipe break and flood part of our home, filed a claim, and all was well. Then, coincidentally, later in the same year, a neighbor's tree fell onto our roof, and a piece of the tree came through the roof into our bathroom but only through the ceiling...did not damage anything except the roof and one hole in the ceiling. Filed a claim, and all was well. Till this year. No warning, we were sent a notice that we would be cancelled at the end of our term due to the two claims. No claims ever before last year. Cannot get homeowners insurance anywhere now. It's great to live in Florida. Thanks Nationwide. Buyer beware! They are NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!!

Posted by Maryb

In September 2010, I received notice that my dog was a "hazard" and that I had to get rid of her. No one at Nationwide cared that we had installed an Invicible Fence.

Contact with my agent indicated that we might be able to enroll the dog in obedience school in order to keep her. Time was lost waiting to hear what the underwriter would say to that. We got a "NO" -

Then I received another notice. I called the Customer Advocacy number and was told that we might be able to get a waiver. Then we were turned down again.

Throughout this process, my agent stopped returning my phone calls. Twice, I sent him faxes when calls were not returned. The second fax was to let him know that we found a family to "adopt" the dog but that we would miss Nationwide's deadline by a few days. He left me a messsage indicating that he was not certain what verification Nationwide would require to prove that the dog was gone. That message was received in early November. I have not heard from my agent since!

Upon receiving another Notice of Cancellation, I called the Customer Advocacy Line. Three or four calls to and from 2 separate Customer Service Reps finally gave me direction about how to adequately notify Nationwide.

In this process, I voiced my frustration with my agent and hope that whomever is considered his supervisor would contact me with assurance that this would pattern would not continue. In the last week of November, I was told that I would receive a call from said supervisor.

Now it is late April. I have not heard from my agent or the supervisor. My auto policy bill indicates that questions are to be directed to my agent. Really???

I have also discovered that transfering to another office is dependent on my current agent's consent. REALLY!!!!

I would like to remain a Nationwide customer but, wow, is it getting difficult!!

Posted by sueprescott

i recently closed an account and opened a champion saver i got no help in filling in the form which i was unsure about and then the passbook i had was taken away and i got a receipt with no information on the book on it or account number so i have nothing to connect me with the account. the employee gave the impression that he wasnt bothered and seemed to ignor me when i said that i had not put the relevent information on the basck of the form this was in the berkhamsted branch hertfordshire. i wasnt told how i will get the book whether it will be sent through the post dirctly to me or i should have to pick it up can you assure me that my book will not go astray regards sue prescott

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Posted by ME

This is a great company..have been with them for years. The customer service agent was amazing, helped me with proof of insurance cards and took my payment! Way to go

Posted by Loving NW

I just started back with Nationwide Insurance and they are very pleasant to deal with. So far, so good!

Posted by Sandy

Nationwide Insurance is the best company for Insurance in America. Fast efficient customer service everytime.

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