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National Grid customer service is ranked #303 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.99 out of a possible 200 based upon 91 ratings. This score rates National Grid customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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12 Positive Comments out of 91 Total Comments is 13.19%.

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    • 38.99 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 79 negative comments (86.81%)
    • 12 positive comments (13.19%)
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Posted by shirly boned

i havenever seen such a total lack of respect toward outside entities in the 30yrs ive been doing electrical. there was a failed neutral on their side but with a very deliberate lack of willingness,they pawned it on the custumers side over and over. wow did that punk from national grid look stupid in redwood ny. been trying to get a planner for upgrade work for about a month and i think theyre scared shitless of doing their job. people skills obviously isnt a part of the big grid jackets. what a bunch of jerks

Posted by Sward111093

I've always had issues with #nationalgrid every time I call there is some kind of problem today we had the electrician come fix the issue and when he called to have them turn it on they said we weren't in their system and proceed to say they can't turn it in without an inspection. Now I understand electricity is dangerous but if the electrician has fixed the problem and it can be deemed safe why can you not give me electricity. So now your telling me my house had to stay at below 30° for another 24 hours because your stupid do you people not realize it is the middle of December it is cold as ever outside and snowing. I should not be able to see my breath in my house but according to them I'm out of luck until the inspector shows up which won't be till tomorrow and that's if they can even get out to us with it being monday because they are idiots one of us has to miss work because someone has to be there for the electrician and inspector so thank you national grid for being completely useless and ok with someone freezing good thing we have somewhere to go I feel bad for any families with children that go through this it's hard enough with our animals plus they didn't even need to cut the power at the pole their techs cut it at the pole and house when it didnt didn't even need to be done that way they said we were stealing power when everything was running through our meter and we had the old wires that they never replaced over the years so now we are suffering for their mistake

P.s I hate it when people speak to me like I'm stupid obviously I know what's happening in my house better then you so please save the bull talking about checks and balances I dont think a certified electrician with the city of buffalo would say its safe if it isn't you people make me sick

Posted by DEREK

My girlfriend called in on Monday 10/24 to activate our gas account in our new apartment. The representative confirmed with her that they would be activating our line on Friday 10/28. I called Wednesday 10/26 to confirm this appointment only to find out that the representative logged our order as a "meter reading" rather than an activation.

I was then told that I could not make any changes to the account because I was not an authorized user. So, I requested a change to the order and asked that they actually activate our gas line on Friday rather than just "read the meter". The representative confirmed the change with me on the phone but told me they do not send out confirmations via email or phone. I asked her when the technician would be arriving and she told me between the hours of 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Since there is no formal confirmation option available, I requested a 15 minute call-ahead from the technician. I also had my girlfriend call in moments after to add me to the list of authorized people.

On Friday 10/28 I took the day off from work to receive the technician as instructed by National Grid. At around 3:00 pm, no one had shown up yet so I called in. I spoke with a representative, then a team lead and then a supervisor and all three of them maintained that the tech had come and gone since no one was home. I was home all day, and there was never a single knock on the door, ring of the doorbell OR a call-ahead like I requested numerous times on Wednesday.

My apartment is absolutely freezing, to the point where there may be serious damage to the piping in the house. It is also uncomfortably cold and I am worried that my dog may die due to exposure during the day. When speaking with the supervisor on Friday 10/28 she informed me that it is not their fault and that I would have to reschedule ... except for one this -- I am not an authorized user! They told me that I cannot make orders when I am not authorized to do so, even though I made the same order on Wednesday AND I was added shortly after that call (this was confirmed by the supervisor on the phone).

Now we will be without gas for another WEEK and I am seriously worried about my girlfriend, my dog, myself and our home. The supervisor admitted that her representatives acted incorrectly but still would not work with me to get a tech out to solve the mess that they created.

This is an unacceptable way of doing business and if National Grid did not have a monopoly on the Greater Boston area I would not use them as a utilities provider.

Posted by Rosie

My landlord turned off my gas intentional cause she lost in court. The city came cause I called 311and police came and they went to my neighbors and they had gas.the police was banging on her door but, she didn't open the door so city came and found an illegal line that was going to create a gas leak. The first time I called asking them why there was no gas and hot water for 2 months so I called national asking him what is going on and he asked my address and he said the landlord had an illegal line the was going to create agas leak and she had to get a licensed contratorto fix the problem by a certain date. I thank the man who helped me! I just called again and the lady was rude and said she couldn't give me no information. What are there going to do if building would had exploited. I am scared living after 13 yes. Pleae national grid, the landlord's

Posted by Sarah

National Grid sends to collection.Won,t provide backup.

Called national Grid, won,t cooperate, they hang up.

Sends to an agency called national recovery agency in harrisburg pa and calls him, harrasses him,theatens him.called this agency,said those a fraudulent calls, then another one calls and hassesses him again.

Called national grid, won,t respond, won,t provide information. One agent named James for national grid, in Melville, n.y. said nothing is open.closed.

Then it starts all over again.

Something, s not right at all.

National Grid, can,t trust.

Account is closed per James at National Grid, what's their problem.

Posted by kwozny

horrible, thieves, liars, reported to credit agency THREE DAYS after bill was due 1 day before payment debited from my account - been having problems with them since day one.

Posted by kwozny

horrible, thieves, liars, reported to credit agency THREE DAYS after bill was due 1 day before payment debited from my account - been having problems with them since day one.

Posted by Coyote1751

never have an electrical outage. use their website and the times of repair changed 6 times and now have the 6th different time. Even once the website stated repaired when it was not!!!!!
took 20 hours to get a live person. National Grid wants your money but not your problems. Thank goodness it is April and not the winter.

Posted by Anonymous

Lets Be Truthful... Ceo Mr. John Pettigrew ...........

Why Don't You Stop Ripping Off The Public With This Scam Of Supply And Delivery ...

Posted by Donna Aedjian Vincent McCann

I have been harassed by my Neighbor and National Grid ELECTRIC since March 2015. The neighbor who bought the house next to me wants my powerline moved as it goes over the corner of his Drivway. I have lived inmy home in Guilderland for 46yrs without incident. These neighbors moved in 10Yrs ago and the line was exactly where it remains and has been there 60 yrs, as are many of the lines inthis old neighborhood in Guilderland. I have counted 16 powerlines cross parts of other properties. No one else in this area has a probably but me. The want me to pay for service touching my house. I am a senior on a pension . They have threatened me with termination of electric service if this neighbor does not get this change. I have no money nor do I wish to have service changed. They want to put an unsitely Meter on the front of my 60 yrs old Brick home. I believe they bought the house with the wire where it is ! I feel i have rights too. This was not brought up until my husband died .They broken my Chainlink fence,shaved limbs off trees on my land and lets there children run though the neighborhood. Please give me some insight into how to fight the giant compamy and the vicious neighbor? I need help. Please

Posted by Eric S

NG Technician showed up to install gas meter with really bad attitude asking where water heater was. When my contractor offered him a latter he started barking orders to his people saying "common let's go, let's move it along. My contractor said: Sir I don't work for you. Technician started yelling and ran out of the store saying "now nobody else will come to you, you watch and see!
Worst experience I've ever had.

Posted by Anonymous

Living in Little Compton RI makes you keenly aware of the incompetent, profiteering bums that run National Grid. Power outages become more frequent with each passing year due in part to the Grid refusal to adequately maintain the system.

It is either time for a government take over of this profiteering vampire or the expropriation of their resources to install totally off the grid solar systems for their one time customers.

Posted by p.a.

Required a 12 hour window for a minor service visit and never showed up. Never contacted me about issues meeting their commitment. I called them twice and was told I was on the day's schedule; no issues. Customer service closed 5pm.

Posted by Brett

My average bill for gas is under $100 every month. I suddenly got a $900 bill in March of all months. I had an open issue with National Grid for months. I finally called again today and they tell me that they have been taking actually reads (I am not on balanced bill) but there system has been under billing me and the $900 is a correction. Seriously?

Posted by steven kaye

was not able to register tried thirty times with valid pw valid email valid everything power outage off

Posted by Anonymous

They locked the gas meter when changingthe meter without notice. Everytime I called the answer was " the gas is on". I had to hire different plumbers and technicians to check out gas range. About a week later I called again finally was told gas meter was locked because of some meter problem . But I was told to call the next day to schedule the appointment. When I called the next time, the answer was " gas was on" again . I asked her to check out, she finally realized the gas was locked but asked me to hire a plumber to solve the problem... poor management, no connections between departments!

Posted by Anonymous

Being a customer and a fellow customer service representative. I feel the service on a call was truly rude. After several request to speak to a supervisor and told the customer service representative she was rude. She never transferred my call and hung up the phone. When all I needed to was have a clearer understanding of the matter at hand.

Posted by Vickymorales24

I never have had such a problem trying to pay my bill online. Your website is very difficult to navigate just to make a one time payment.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, Your company has been working in my area for the last few months putting in new gas lines. Just last week they repaved the sidewalk on my block. My complaint is one or two of your workers walk on the fresh cement before it was dry and there are their footprints in front of my house which looks terrible. They must have been checking something where the gas cap is. Can something be done about this because before the work I had a beautiful sidewalk and now I have a sidewalk with big man's footprints. My name is Mrs. Antonina Cohen and I am the owner . Please tell me what can be done about this. Thank you.

Posted by pete

I have paid my bill on the 24th of this month it was due on the 21st now on the 27 I receive several phone calls from the collections department saying I was late and needed to pay my bill. I tried to explain but he would not listen only wanted money because I was Late. the same thing happened last week I called customer service and they told me no one from National Grid has called me. They are still doing there game calling and harassing people with several phone calls to say I was Late and would continue to get calls.Why are they allowing this childish collecting practices to continue. This needs to STOP this is HARASSMENT!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I live finally to day I got my solar panels installed. I've been waiting for 6 months ++++ for this to happen as I am sure it is the wave of the future. I have heard that it is a long wait for the utility company to come out and do what ever inspection that they do. I se all my friends and neighbors with their systems up and running and I am hoping that mine will get up and go real soon like tomorrow. or at least real soon. the bills that we have been getting are killing me so please work as quickly as you can to put us on line. Thanks so much for hearing me out yours Truly Reed Coles

Posted by malli

I don't usually have a problems dealing with customer service in any other company I use, ie Con Ed or my cc bills. Most of the time the employees are helpful, civil, and the company actually seems like they want to make it easy for you to pay them. This is completely not the case with National Grid. The employees (at least on the phone) are extremely rude, have attitudes and are completely unhelpful when you are trying to pay money to their company. This is coming from multiple times of trying to deal with them on the phone - and always leaving with an extremely negative experience. I hope National Grid reads reviews people leave of their company because it is almost unbelievable that their employees can be so hostile. I am actively searching for any other company I can use so as to never have the displeasure of dealing with them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Truck # 13801 was located in Central Islip this afternoon and threw a bag of garbage out of the truck. That was DISGUSTING! Teach your employees common sense, class, and consideration!

Posted by Dave

I made a payment by mail on the 27th of May and they call me on the 30th of May telling me I am late and overdue 2 days. I am on SSDI and get paid the 4th Wednesday of every month I have called in several times and explained this and they takes notes and tell me it is OK I never miss a bill. Why does this Rude Person Call me on a Saturday morning at 8:00am on the 30 of May. being Rude I told him the bill was mailed the 27th. I wanted to complain he would not give me his name or reference number. Only 2 days after mailing ant 2 days past the due date what is going on are they that desperate for money or just very Rude in the way they call and demand money this is very wrong.

Posted by dlbennett620

National Greed at it again! I fell behind on my bill over the winter with their rate increases, etc. I paid over $400 in April, 2015 (over 1/3 of the bill) and I was scheduled to pay another $300 on Friday 5/29/2015 knocking the total owed to only $400 but that wasn't good enough. Without any notice provided they turned my electric off yesterday and are refusing to turn it back on even when I had my doctor fax them a letter stating that my daughter and I have asthma and we need the nebulizer. The weather was over 80 degrees yesterday with no power and it is going to be over 80 degrees today, still no power and they aren't willing to work with me. On top of that, all 3 representatives I spoke with at National Greed were disrespectful and did nothing to help me. I filed a complaint with NYS PSC, now National Greed will have to answer to them.

Add your review!

Posted by anna

Very difficult to get Scottish power to organise this and you said I had to go through them .after many phone calls Rob Rivers and Chris Cowing came and upgraded pipework to meter a good job done very pleasant and helpful. .Just a pity I had to chase round the houses to get this done after numerous phone calls Thankyou

Posted by Anonymous

Your engineer Harmeet Singh was very helpful and went out of his way in an attempt to get everything working. He eventually resolved the heating/water problem which left us with heating and hot water. He informed us of what was required to get the gas board to get our gas cooker working.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you very much for the service you provide when the power goes out. I know you all work hard to get the system up and running again. It is always a great blessing when the power has been out, as it was during the night, and then I suddenly hear the refrigerator run or see a light come on. THANK YOU! 10/16/14, 8:06am

Posted by Anonymous

well pleased with the surface, no gas were there in 2 hours, fixed the problem and the engineer Mr D Routledge was polite efficient in his work and full of reassuring advice. A credit to the company.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to send a note to the supervisor of Dick (or Rich) who was the tech in Scotia, NY on Glen Ave. on January 29th. Dick was very professional and his service was outstanding. Thank you.

Posted by Patricia McNamara

I just wanted to leave a positive comment regarding one of your service technicians who responed to a gas ordor call on Sunday January 5th 2014.

The technicians name is Douzur Washington (not sure I spelled the first name correctly). He responded to my call for a gas odor at a home on 23 Ramsey Place, Albany NY

He responded within an hour, and was very polite and courteous. He was able to repair the pipe where the gas was leaking, which was no small task for one person. The homeowner and I were so amazed at how skillfully he did the repair work.

You are very lucky to have Mr. Washington for an employee. Thank you for his service.

Patricia McNamara

Posted by Craig

Have just had my boiler serviced at 9oclock this morning when a gas leak was found.the national grid was rung immediately and the response was good.your engineer resolved the problem straight away,acting in a professional manner and gave good advice.

Posted by hugh patterson

Fantastic service helpful most impressive I was amazed at the speed of the response and efficient service received well done and thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Naturally the doorbell rang less than 5 minutes after posting. The meter had to be changed and the tech was able and pleasant. The job is completed without having to take another day, thank you. BTW I dropped the check at the Vessey Street PO on Friday. Maybe thats another problem down the road.

Posted by Grammyjam333

I just had a visit from someone claiming to represent Nat'l Grid. They were going to give me the deal of a life time. They say if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. All he wanted was my account number. This gave me an uneasy feeling. I called Nat'l grid and got a young man who really had all the answers. He made me feel like his very own grandmother looking out for my welfare. He was so well informed that I got a lesson that could work for many areas of my life. I hope there's a way to figure out who this young man is so you can thank him for me.

Posted by aprilao

I just talked to the best customer service collection rep ever, thank u for having just a wonderful person to talk too. She even made me feel better, not sure her name, i think it was connie, but not sure called Thursday June 7 at approx 1:35 pm eastern time.
Would like to know who this was so I can thank her. I called about account # 0046320156

Posted by Mary Janney

On Thursday, November 11, 2011 National Grid trucks rolled into our neighborhood to install our gas line. They were actually a week early which was great for our plans.
I want to commend Mark Rogers and his fellow workers for installing our gas line in a prompt, professional manner. They were all a pleasure to work with and they got everything done in a timely manner. Mark communicated every detail with us as they dug several trenches in our yard and we were reassured by him that this spring all the areas of our yard would be loomed and seeded.
Mark and his crew deserve recognition for a job well done. Mary and Rick Janney

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