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Posted by Barnabas

To Whom This Letter Might Concern,

This complaint is directed towards Ms.Kayna at the National Rental Car desk at Savannah Hilton Head Airport.
My name is Pastor Rick and I say my title because at no time did I get irate or disrespectful at Ms. Kayna and she called security on me last night. I was appalled and very disappointed in her actions last night. Let us start from the beginning; one of my Church Members had a reservation to be picked up on July 28th, 2017 at 10:00pm.

Well she and my wife went to pick the car up and they did. They picked up an impala for their trip on July 29th, 2017. After she left the airport she called and stated she was at the light and the car was cutting off. Every time all the way to her house she came to a stop the impala was shutting off.

I told her that should not be happening. I told her I would call national and inform them on what was happening and I talked with a gentleman I believe his name was Patrick I cant really remember because it was about 12:20 am in the morning and our member for assistance awakened me. Anyway Mr. Patrick said to bring the car back in and so I relayed the message to her and got up out of my bed and told her I would meet her at the airport to give her some assistance.

When we got there and got on line there was only 1 person at the desk of Ms. Kayna. Then two other customers came on the other side of the national line. There was a gentleman from another desk come over to help I guess the corporate customers that were in line.

See I am a corporate customer but our member who rented the car was not. So I do know the corporate customer service rules. As the man who came over to service the other two customers I stated that we were in line first and Ms. Kayna stated she would help us and to proceed helping the other two customers.

When He finished helping the two customers he went back to his other desk. This was completely not fair! We received a car that was not safe to drive, went all the way home turned around and bought the car back to national and then had to wait last for our issue to be resolved. So when Ms.

Kayna finished with her customer I told her that was very unfair and we should have had priority. She then told me very rudely to move back and I told her no because I was there to assist our member to make sure she got a better service this time. At no time was I yelling, loud, disrespectful or irate. I was disappointed when she told me to move back like I was attacking her.

She went to the phone and called security for what reason you would have to ask her that. When she came back from calling security she said she would not assist our member until I moved. So I moved back at that time because I did not want to hold up the line for there were people behind us waiting to be seen. When airport security came I raised my hand to identify that I was the one who Kayna called security on.

They pulled me to the side and asked me what was going on. After explaining they just asked me to wait until my member got her keys to the new car and then they walked me out the terminal to join my member. I have worked for Hertz rental car service for 2 years right there in the savannah airport. I have also worked for Delta Airlines right there in Savannah Airport.

As a Corporate user for hertz I know the benefits of being a corporate customer. I want to say that Ms. Kayna was the worst customer service agent I have ever had to work with. She was very rude and called security for no reason because there was never bad language, hostility, or an attack on her at any time.

She just did this from the meanness of her heart. She looked very tired up there and the time was about 12:30 or 12:45am. She looked like she was on some sort of medication or something because she was very high looking. In my opinion she should be written up and counseled and given better customer service training.

Her skills were below satisfactory and this was only a 1 off condition. I travel allot for church conferences and never ever had a national situation such as this. I pray that a supervisor would address this situation and repair the damage that was caused here.
By the way our church paid for the trip the young church member was going on.

We also paid for the rental car. We also are responsible for the kids that will be riding in that rental car vehicle so I had every right to be up there with our church member and we should have had priority since we went all the way home and had to turn around to bring the faulty car back for replacement. Kayna had a attitude before we even approached the counter. Her attitude needs to be put into check because if she doesnt like her job there at national it definitely shows.

If she doesnt like her job just move on and get something that better fits her. She finally gave us a car that was serviceable and Airport Security finally walked me out to join my member. I have worked with customers all my life and I counsel church members and people within our savannah community all the time as being a Pastor this is part of my job. Do I want her to loose her job the answer is no.

What I would suggest is that her attitude is adjusted and she be given more training and the most important of all her never calling security on someone unless there is a serious threat of some sort against her.. There was no threat but when at a low tone I told her it was not fair that the other two people was helped after what we had just went through was not acceptablethen that triggered the security call which was not very professional neither was it proper to do. This 1 off condition will not change my commitment to national over my 35 years of using national. It just puts a bad taste in my memory bank right now from last night.

I will pray for Kayna and I already forgave her for her actions last night. You never know what a person is going through in their lifetime but I can tell you from experience in my profession she needs some sort of counseling. She was not fully there last night just looking at her. I would suggest an Anger Management Class for starters.

Luke 6:31 Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.

James 1:19-20 This you know, my beloved brethren But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man or woman does not achieve the righteousness of God.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The Custom Representative to receive anger management and costumer service training..

I didn't like: Customer service representative she was out of control, First car we rented kept cutting off at every stop light, Security was called on me for no good reason, Representative looked very tired and not coherent.

Posted by Anonymous

The driver in a "National Car Rental" cause an accident which resulted in my car being damaged since 3/01/17. It's now 4/11/17 and they have not reach out to us in regards to getting our vehicle repaired. The insurance is through Rental Insurance Services and the adjuster name is Ryan Fasano. We have been calling his direct line numerous time at with no response back. We even tried emailing him with no response back. He have been very non-responsive.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to extend my rental from one month rental for an extra 6 days. I could not get any of the 1-800#'s to do this. The 1-800# representatives told me to contact the location of the rental (Toronto Airport). Which I tried numerous times with two different numbers and to no avail. NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE. Each time I tried to call the Toronto Airport location I waited 20 minutes for someone to answer and then gave up each time. I started this on a Friday morning as was still trying to get my extension on the Monday. Totally unacceptable.
I could not extend my car rental.
And to think there isn't an easy way to extend your rental is absolutely mind-boggling.
First and last time I use National.

Posted by Ken

Rented a car a the Tampa Airport. Tried 4 different vehicles until I found one that was sufficient. Unfortunately left a sports coat with my wallet in one of the vehicles. Noticed it an hour later. Called the Tampa location and they have not recovered the jacket - even a day later. Hard to believe that they have employees who would steal someone else's belongings. I am an Emerald Isle customer. I would have thought better of them. Maybe camera surveillance would identify the theft?

Posted by Veneise

Hi. I've been meaning to do this but I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to just sit down and do it. Listen there at the fnt national desk you guys have a very nasty ass lady there and I don't appreciate the way I was talked to as a customer. I was coming to lansing to much grandfather's funeral and I was already upset but once I got my car I was in tears on the way to lansing because of the way I was talked to like I was a criminal or something. Prior to my grandfather passing the same weekend I was planning a trip there anyway and I had reserved several cars looking for the best rate and didn't cancel so she gonna say well which one do you want you have a million here?! I told her lady look my grandfather has passed away and I am here for the funeral and I don't need your humor not today. She goes on to say well I guess you planned his death huh because these reservation were made in feb. I'm will say had I been the person that I use to be in would have gone across that counter and whooped her ass for making a remark to me of that nature. That was not professional to me and I'd she didn't want to be there that day well hell call me like everyone else does. I just didn't appreciate that not at all.I am a paying customers, I don't disrespect anyone so I didn't deserve that. I don't know what it is that can be done but I ask the customer will be someone else about this because I'm sure I will not hear from you again.

Posted by Richard E Hanner

At approximately 7AM 3/12/16, I called National to submit a request for an email of my receipt for my rental from March 6 through March 10. The staff at the Hobby Airport at Houston was unable to provide ma a receipt, and said it would be emailed. It was not emailed. So I called about 9AM on 3/12/16, and got a person on the phone that did not follow through with my request for the email that I never received. Not only did I not get the email, this person could not understand English or communicate properly. She said it would take 45 minutes for the email to come through. I waited 3 hours, and then called Customer service again, and got a person who was helpful, could speak and understand English, and delivered the email promptly, within 1 minute. Why did the first person at 7AM say 45 minutes? And why did the email not follow through? I see this as 2 failures on the part of National. We have a corporate agreement, and expect much better. Your company should deliver receipts at the time of rental return, and customer service should provide people who speak English and can follow through with simple requests. What has happened to National?

Posted by Anonymous

I am an Executive Elite member. I have not had any issues with National except of late having to rent from another agency because National is sold out. This happened twice last year. I can live with that. This year is now 5 times and we haven't even completed 3 months of the year. I called the number on my Executive card and was transferred to a supervisor. She must have thought she was on the opposite side of the curtain in a confessional. She was useless. Now I will get my rental car from Thrifty this evening in Albuquerque, and my National car in Austin Thursday. I will also join the Hertz Gold membership and get another agency as bake up that is not part of National - Enterprise - Alamo group. I expected better. Once established with another agency, I will mail you my executive card

Posted by Anonymous

The Detroit national shuttle service is absolutely horrible I will switch companies because I get tired of watching how well the other rental companies shuttles keep up at a 3:1 ratio over nationals shuttles

Posted by Jim in Az

I have been an Emerald Executive Club member for over 10 years. About a month ago, I made reservations for a week at Philadelphia International airport. I moved from Florida to Arizona in late November and in late December obtained an Arizona license. Arizona does not issue plastic permanent licenses at MVD, rather they mail it to you within 15 days. They give you an official, but paper license. When i picked up my car and tried to check out, the exit clerk told me I had to go to the counter to resolve. There they were not interested in helping me. I offered to give them my US Passport to verify my identity. No go! I also offered them to call Arizona MVD since it was still business hours there. Nope. No go!!! I then called national corporate customer service escalation line. Unbelievably no help there either. National confirmed they had ALL of my license information on file, but still refused to help! Now keep in mind I am not only an Emerald Executive Club member but a 64 year old man with a Passport and 100% clean driving record AND 800 credit score..mike I'm going to stiff National! This company does not give a crap about the customer. I explained I was 40 miles from my destination and what was I supposed to do? I was basically told it was my problem. Take a limo! Which 8 ended up doing arriving at my destination caress and $135 poorer. STAY AWAY FROM NATIONAL...THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the website to rent a car in San Jose Del Cabo. Price was $249.97. Clicked to confirm reservation and it kicked me off. Went back to site price went up to $347.00. Called National they said oops sorry. Asked for manager she said she couldn't do anything. Said I probably had an internet problem. She quoted $366.00 worse then their site. Called Thrifty, larger car $220.00. I've used National in the past, will not again. I will pay more with another company rather then use National again. Customer service stinks!

Posted by Broker Benefits Specialist

To whom it may concern:

I am a local business owner here in Tucson, Az and my team helps over 1400 businesses in the Tucson area. Periodically members of my team have to fly all over the country to help other companies and it sometimes requires a rental vehicle. I also rent several times throughout the year personally.

When my company or I have to rent vehicles, we normally look for the best value because sometimes we keep them three days up to a week or longer.

Last week I took a personal vacation trip from Tucson, Az to Muleshoe, Texas (down by Lubbock, Tx).

The plan was to rent a minivan here in Tucson drive, down & pick up my 6 grandkids and drive back to keep them for a week here in Arizona.

The first situation I faced was when I picked the van up at a little after 5 AM I noticed they did not have the eighth person seat between the bucket seat that folds up or down. I called before making the reservations & specifically asked how many people the minivans would hold and if any had eight person capacity. I was told, yes we have several mini vans. But when I picked up the minivan that wasn't the case. It was a Town & Country & it only seated 7.

The 2nd situation that happened, was when I was driving away from the airport, I noticed the van had only a quarter tank of gas. Remembering the sales assistant telling me "I had to bring it back filled up", I pulled out my contract and it wasn't marked, so I had to turn around go back to the airport and bring it to the attention of the attendant. He noted it in pen on my contract with his employee #E615JX. If I hadn't noticed that, it would've cost me a full tank of gas.

I'm now a little frustrated & inconvenienced.

On our trip down, I ran into our 3rd situation, I did not like the way the minivan was driving when it got up in speed. My wife told me to call and try to find a replacement. I called the roadside assistance on Saturday afternoon. Spoke to a lady named Melissa. She advised yes I can trade the vehicle out no problem. She told me the closest Alamo/National dealer office was in Lubbock Texas. Mind you, this location was an hour and 20 minutes away.

I asked if that location had a vehicle available or if I could pay an up charge and get a larger vehicle such as a suburban or a 12 passenger van or anything

(because again, I needed a vehicle big enough for 6 grandkids with carseats & 2 adults). She advised that this would be no problem that they would trade out the vehicle and help me get into whatever I needed. She took a brief few minutes and told me she pulled up several vehicles that size at this location. She advised me to go there and they would be able to assist me. I asked how late that location was open and she advised me till 11 PM.

That led to the 4th Situation - so I drove the hour and 20 minutes to Lubbock International Airport. I arrived a little after 8 pm, only to find no one at the Alamo or the National counter. Now I'm getting Very frustrated!! Especially after roadside assistance told me they were open till 11:00pm.

The customer service rep at the Avis counter advised me no one's there, they left at 7:00pm, at which point I called the roadside assistance # again.

I then spoke to Katrina out of the Lexington Kentucky roadside assistant call center and I asked her what are the times for for the Lubbock International Airport Alamo Counter to be opened today Saturday and Katrina advised me they are open till 11:00pm today - that - they are still open.

REALLY, I told her - I'm standing in front of the counter & the lights are off @ both Alamo & National & NO ONE'S THERE.

Which leads me to my 5th Situation, I explained this entire story to her over the phone & how frustrated I was getting!! She pulled up the notes read about it but said that the other rep never put anything about wanting a bigger vehicle or that she checked their inventory & told me they would make the switch for me. Lesson learned here, get the rep's full name & have them read back the posts of their notes to you so you know exactly what they said to you. I explained how I just drove an hour & 20 mins because I was told by roadside assistance to do so & then told by the previous roadside assistant & her both that this location was open till 11:00pm.

NOW I'M GETTING REALLY TICKED OFF. I asked her, can't someone come back up to this location & assist me in such a case as this?

She said let me call you back and check on what's going on. I'm pretty sure she could hear my frustration in my voice & attitude because of what was going on and she said she totally understood.

So I waited about 15 minutes there at the airport.

She called me back only to tell me that it seems like that location has closed early and that I would have to go to another location. She apologized & said she would try to find another location that was open. After going through her list and waiting on the phone, she told me the closest one was Dallas Texas 6 & 1/2 hours away. I told her - That's NOT AN OPTION!!! By now it's after 9 PM. Trust me, I'm watching my clock because I still have to drive an hour & 20 mins back to Muleshoe.

She advised me, let me check to see if I can get a tow truck to bring a vehicle to you and swap your minivan out. She said it may be a little while till she finds anything out.

So I drove back into Lubbock from the airport to get some food for supper and sat there and waited for her to call me back. She called back & said she was still looking and asked me to give her the address we were staying at in Muleshoe and my phone number. She said she would call me when she finds someone. So I drove back home an hour and 20 minutes back to Muleshoe, it's after 11pm now & I'm supposed to be leaving the next day at 8 am with my 6 grand kids for a 12 Hour drive back to Arizona. You can see why I'm getting REALLY UPSET.

This leads my 6th situation, She tells me that the tow truck driver will call me when he is close. Since I didn't want the call to wake any of the kids, I grab my pillow & laid down in the van outside & left the vehicle running with the A/C on to stay comfortable - sleeping - while waiting for the call.

7th Situation!!! Katrina called later in the night, saying there's no tow truck close enough that can do the service. That I would have to drive back into Lubbock the next day but that location does not open till 8:30am - I grilled her and said ARE YOU SURE IT WILL BE OPEN then? I don't want to drive another hour and 20 minutes to trade out a vehicle and no one be there.

She said they are open in the morning.

8th Situation!! So I got up the next day @ 7 am & drove an hour and 20 minutes only to find out the guy working the Alamo counter had called in sick that day. The note on the counter says to go over to the National counter for assistance, so I go over to that counter and a young lady named Taylor tries to help me.

I tell the ENTIRE story to Taylor & she apologizes and starts trying to pull up a vehicle to replace the minivan I have.

After discussing and going back-and-forth for 15 to 30 minutes she finally says they have no vehicle big enough for me to exchange.

They have 1 mini van but it has already been reserved for someone else later that day. I asked what about a larger vehicle - Suburban / 12 pass Van etc.

That I was willing to pay a small up charge to get a vehicle. She said they didn't have any big vehicles at all, just small ones.


Let's review, I just drove an hour & 20 mins last night because not one - but 2 people told me that this location was open & I drove back home another hour & 20 mins & now I drove back another hour & 20 mins again this morning.... only to be told this!!!! time!!!!!

I'm about to go OFF!!!!

I called my wife & shared with her what's going on and she'd been talking to my daughter to try to figure out a solution to our problem.

Long story short, my daughter has a full-size suburban. I left the minivan that we didn't like, there in Lubbock.

9th Situation, I had to rent a car for an additional week to give my daughter so she would have a vehicle to drive while we were gone with her Suburban back to Az. Costing me over $300 for a vehicle that I'm not even driving and I'm having to drive by daughter's suburban with the grandkids back to Tucson, Az.

Now I'm having to drive this rental car back- an hour & 20 mins to Muleshoe! Load my daughter's suburban & pick up my grandkids & my wife and load everything and get out of town. By the time it's all said and done, it's noon - four hours behind when I wanted to leave to head home for a 12 hour trip with 6 grand kids - ages 4 months of age to 4 years old.

Hopefully you can read and hear my FRUSTRATION in this email!!!!

And by the way to add insult to injury, 10th Situation!!!!

When I picked that car up from the National car rental location at Lubbock International Airport, I noticed a couple of small scratches / dent on the bumper but I did not want to have to walk all the way back into the terminal to tell Taylor about it - so she could note it on my contract.

I noticed a guy with a tie on in a mini van that was picking up employees that were dropping off cars after they were detailed so I stopped one of the guys and asked him, "Can you take a look at this spot on my bumper to see if I need it documented on my contract so I don't get charged for damage when I turn in the car. He pulled out a card from his pocket that had a circle on it and said Yup...needs to be reported. I asked if he could help me? He said my supervisor/manager is in the van right there let me ask him, he can help you.

I'm thinking great, finally, so I walked back over to the car to pull out my rental agreement and sat down and looked up

ONLY TO SEE THE VAN PULLING AWAY with all the people in it and I'm thinking WHAT THE HECK??? NO THIS JUST DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!

I sit there thinking he'll probably come back after dropping them off and help me. But NO - he pulls up again, the guys get out of their cleaned vehicles & jump into the van with him and they drive off again - as I am standing in front of the car with my rental agreement in hand, watching them and


The walk from the vehicles back to the counter in the airport is about a block. So I walked back into the terminal tell the lady at the counter, Taylor what just happened and she apologized and I asked for the name of the person who is driving the van out there in the lot - who is wearing a tie.

She said his name is Andrew -he is an assistant manager.

I asked her who the manager was at this location and she gave me his name -Tim Foster and his card and I told her "You can tell Mr. Foster to expect an email from me because on top of everything else I had to go through this just broke the camel's back, this is TERRIBLE customer service!"

11th Situation!!

I asked her for the phone number at her counter there - so I could call her when I drive all the way around to the front doors to let her come out and look at the car & mark the damage on my contract. She couldn't find the phone number? Are you serious???? What the HECK???

She told me she did have the phone # to the Enterprise Counter and told me to call the lady down there and she would tell her (Taylor) when I was out front.

I said OK & I walked back down to the car again & drove around to the front doors. As I pulled up I called the number and guess what?

It rang and rang and rang and no one picked up. I don't know why I should be surprised at this point after all I've been through already.


I can't leave the vehicle unattended out front of the airport to run in & get her, so what do you do? I sit there and waited.

She finally came out- looked at the damage & noted it on my contract. I told her I called & it just rang & rang... she apologized.

I bit my tongue & drove the hour & 20 minutes back to Muleshoe to load up the grandkids & start this 12 hour trip back to Tucson, Az.

We drove my daughter's suburban back to Muleshoe this weekend to return it & to to attend one of my grandkids birthdays this last weekend 09/19/2015.

I drove the rental car back to Lubbock from Muleshoe- an hour & 20 mins to return it & exchange it for a minivan, so we would have a way to get back to AZ.

Thank goodness - Taylor was working that day again & she smiled as she saw me coming. She asked is everything Ok? I said, we'll see in just a few minutes. She was amazing this time & was able to help me exchange the car for a minivan.

I had to extend the vehicle rental another day or 2 in order to make this happen & so we'll have a minivan to turn back in @ the Tucson International Airport. I did this just to be safe so we don't get charged extra for not turning the same vehicle in as we left with. I will be returning it to as close to a quarter of a tank of gas as possible, which is where it was when I originally picked it up.

Situation #12!!! I've searched & searched for an email address for customer service for National & can't find one.

Needless to say, I have learned some very valuable lessons through this entire experience!! You may cut corners and try to save a few dollars looking for

the cheaper car rental rates, but customer service is well worth paying more for.

I can assure you if someone does not contact me soon and try to make this right you will not only lose a customer for life, you will lose my company & all my employees rentals as well and anyone else I can share my story with about the amazing customer service experience I had with both Alamo and National.


Very Disappointment & Frustrated!

Posted by STEPHANIE619CA

WHY HASN'T ANYONE CONTACTED ME?????????????????????????

I've emailed SEVERAL times and get the same FAKE person, automated I'm sure!, and I've called SEVERAL (over ten???? I get no one or I get someone from India who can't give me a supervisor). I've contacted the National site 4 times and absolutely NOTHING!!!! I also filled out over the phone while on the shuttle a lost and found 'form' and when I try and check the status of that form, it tells me it DOESN'T EXIST!

I left something in my rental car, I rent from National all the time for business travel and that will be my last. I just canceled my September trip with them and will instruct my subordinates to do the same. This is the WORST response (or there lack of) I've EVER received from a business!

I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM: Response: Jeannette- 08/21/2015 02:25 PM Ref# 23124485

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for your inquiry about your future rental. My name is Jeannette and will be happy to assist you. I have forward your email to the rental location and once they locate your item, they will contact you as soon as possible.

National Customer Service


I need to now report a stolen claim to the Federal Government as that stupid little mifi that I left in the car belongs to the tax payer, thanks for stealing NATIONAL RENTAL CAR!

Posted by pick and chose

i applied for a job was honest about my suspended drivers license. cause i know a few employees that work there now have the same thing but they got the job and are working now... so i guess if i didnt say any thing i would be working. mmanagement just dont check.. like i said pick and chose. the people employed now will still be working come monday.. can i have a lawsuit for something? billings montana

Posted by websurfer058

This is a MAJOR COMPLAINT regarding the TULSA OK Airport location.

I rented a FULL-SIZE PREMIUM car online at for 7/10/15 thru 7/19/15. Note: We needed a full-size car as my husband’s back does not bend well getting in and out of a car so we had to have a larger door height to make it easier for him. Also, he is handicap and uses a cane. We are in our 60’s.

We arrived at the Tulsa airport on time. After retrieving our bags, we followed the Car Rental signs to the other end of the terminal. NO ONE was at the “inside” National Reservation Counter (even though we had a reservation and they knew we were coming!). (Enterprise’s employees were there, but they would not help us even though both companies are under the same parent company.) Enterprise told us to go down the elevator and that the National Counter was in the parking area “just to the left” of the elevator. WRONG! National was way back across the parking lot (just below the baggage floor from where we started!). It was over 100 degrees that day with no breeze. We were first in line.

I explained to the National employee that we were there to pick up our rental car and tried to give him the confirmation printout. The employee gave me a quizzical look. Then started asking questions: when did you make the reservation, what type of car, how long, etc. I told him the answers and pushed the confirmation through the window (into his air conditioned area!) so he could see it. He looked at it and said (no kidding), “oh, you booked through priceline.” Well, yes we did. I asked if there was a problem with that and he said no. He looked at his available cars and said, “all we have is a VW Beetle.” HE WAS SERIOUS! I said that was unacceptable and explained why. (By this time a line is starting to form behind us.) He kept searching through his papers while National’s customers stood in 100 degree heat. He finally called someone on the phone and explained that we were standing there and had a reservation for a full-size car. There was some conversation back and forth and then I heard him say, “they booked through priceline (pause) …..yes.” He got off the phone and said, “the only cars we have are the VW Beetle or the Infiniti Q50 “ (which National says is full-size, but all Auto Websites (including Infiniti’s) indicate it is a medium size car. By this time, we had been standing in the heat for over 45 minutes. I said ok to the Infiniti and we started towards the car. At first, the employee did not give me any documents to show that I rented the car (he jokingly said “just don’t let a cop pull you over!”) nor was he going to do a “walk-around” to note any defects on the car. I insisted he do both (which was good because the roof trim was halfway off).

I have to say this was the WORST experience I’ve ever had in renting a car. We travel a lot and rent cars in most places. We will NEVER rent from National again. It is extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE to make customers STAND IN THE HEAT when there’s a perfectly good counter inside the air-conditioned building. I felt like this car rental was some sort of scam – like a “BAIT & SWITCH” - as it was obvious that my renting the car through (lower price than other websites) was the reason they would not give me the car I specifically rented.

If National doesn’t want to abide by Car Rental Contracts set up by, then they should remove their name from Priceline’s list of companies.

Posted by Don't know

I rented a van in Billings, MT, ending July 29. They did not have a suburban, which i had reserved, so I settled for a van. We used the van and it went well. However, 4 of us trout fishermen sat on the rear bumper with the tailgate up. We got black stuff on our waders from the seal around the hatch which we transferred to the seats of the car. I returned the car July 29 and received an email receipt. earlier this week I received my Discover card bill and noticed a $312 charge for cleaning. I called the Emerald club number on 8/19 and 8/20 and was told both times that a manager would call me back. Nothing has happened. I don't mind the cleaning charge, tho it seems excessive. I DO mind not being notified by you prior to seeing it on my bill and not being called back. If I had known this was a problem with your vans, I would have waited the 60-90 minutes for a suburban to become available. We rent a car in Billings every July for the last 9 years and this has not happened. Please call me to discuss it. Keith Apelgren

Posted by Anonymous

Rented a car at the Emerald club exit without a reservation, the rep quoted a rate of $289 one way, the day I was to return the car I received an e-mail stating I was set up to return the car where I picked it up. That wasn't an option as I drove from Florida to CT. Upon return the charge was almost $800 and I ask to placed the charges on a different card only to find out if wasn't done. Then I called to change the card information only to be told to call back tomorrow after 8:30. What poor customer service and I will never rent for National again.

Posted by Dissapointed

Calling National Customer service is awful, especially if you are an English speaking American. I have called for support many times and its next to impossible to understand the operator answering the phone, in addition to all the background noise of other operators talking to other customers. I have had to hang up and call back numerous times in hopes of getting someone who can speak clear English.

Posted by Calgary traveller

National Car Rental is a scam in Victoria, BC Canada Airport location. They will charge you for damages AFTER you've self parked your vehicle in their lot with NO ONE to review and witness any damages to the vehicle. It is up to you to self park the car in their lot, bring the keys to their booth, and have them give your the receipt of the RENTAL charges on your card. Then after you leave, they will claim you have damage on the car and you will get billed for more than what you paid for your rental. This happened to me June 2015. I spoke to their fleet manager and stated that no one from National checked the car upon my immediate return so they cannot prove with 100% certainty that the damage occurred while in my possession. He ignored it and said the charges will stay.

I am currently disputing the charges through my credit card company. I hope they don't get a penny. They do not care about repeat business and I even told them I would launch a stop payment on this over a matter of $125. This place is a scam. Buyer beware!

Posted by National Rent a Car

I have been renting cars for business use with National for several years. In particular I have rented from Edmonton Airport location (Alberta) four times over last six months. In general things were OK until my most recent experience. When I returned the car check-in clerk went directly to the passenger side of the car and pointed out scratch on the rim. It definitely felt like he knew that damage was there from before. I was foolish enough not to do detailed inspection of the car at the pickup. When travelling on business one does not always have time to do that. I simply trusted their "detailed" inspection. To my surprise I was provided with the repair bill of for $329. After several phone calls I have quickly realized that they really do not value my business (they sold 3,000 worth of my business for one 300 fraudulent claim...I do not get it). In addition they charged me for 1/8 of the tank although I refueled minutes before returning the car. I even presented the receipt. To be fair, I managed to get that money back after talking to the branch manager.
In any case, they will never see me as a customer again. For all of you out there BE AWARE, they'll get you if you let your guard down for just a minute.

Posted by Dal93

Although my experience with my rental itself was very positive, I will never rent with National again. I am a student and because of that I thought renting with National would be the most affordable mode of transportation. After I made my arrangements with National I received an email quote for $201.00 and I was quite content with this. After dropping the car off my credit card was charged $450.00 ... almost had a heart attack. This extra fees that you arent told about is not fair and should be made extremely clear, especially when quoting somebody for much less. Because of this I will not rent with them anymore and instead will go back to taking a train, bus, or plane .. anything but a rental car.

Posted by Anonymous

After three failed attempts to register for a vehicle online I called in with 3 coupon codes. I was told I would receive a confirm email and never received one. Upon arriving to my destination in John Wayne Airport I was told that everything looked good and my coupons were put into the system. When I came back to drop off the rented car I was given a receipt without the codes I had originally used and my total was more then I was promised. Called back for the 3rd time after being disconnected twice and settled the issue. My advice would be to wait on the line until receiving confirmation email or wait for some type of proof before heading out on your trip. National has a very poor ordering system and I would NOT use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I give you my emerald number so you can see I rent from this company, a lot. Not that even a one time renter should experience this type of service.

I have rented from National Car Rental in Dulles for over 2 years pretty steady. For about a year- all seemed OK. Then, I began to notice when I returned a car, and did not wait for an attendant to check gas and give me a receipt- I would receive a extra fuel charge. I ALWAYS fill the tank. The gas station in 1/2 mile from the rental place.

So my last rental had about 3 gallon charge added! I only went 99 miles, AND, I filled up around 4 gallons.

I'm being cheated- pure and simple. Or, lets say, they are trying to cheat. I call every time and I get the extra charge reversed. This time the customer service person Michelle wanted me to send my gas receipt. Are you kidding me? I told her to look at how often I rent- but in any case, sure I'll send it. Finally she relented and said she would refund 'as a courtesy' to me. I am so disgusted with your company it's palatable.

So get a handle on the way this business is ran. I will post this letter far and wide in hopes that someone can fix this atrocity.

Posted by Anonymous

The National Car Rental Executive Elite is a joke. Whenever I arrive at the airport, I fine that the only cars they have on the Executive lot are the cheapest Cars and SUVs available. As an example, when I arrived in Phoenix a few weeks ago, the only SUV was a very small vehicle with no features. It was underpowered, loud and rough riding. We could hardly fit 5 people in the vehicle. This is happening more and more frequently, compact cars and SUVs on the Executive lot!

Posted by john

worst customer service i have ever dealt with
after 4 hours talking to every manager got some resolution as a perk the manager gave me an toll pass to pay the tolls now i get a toll violation bill from national with a voice mail call back 2 days now still waiting worst

Posted by Anonymous

Try getting a human to answer your call at the DFW national counter. The site claims to be open 24 hrs - I left an article in the car .... trying to get a status was impossible - any time a HUMAN answered my call (Hopefully customer service) they insisted On transfering me to the DFW location. Customer Service is clueless & not helpfull - When I asked to speak to a supervisor my call was disconnected.

Its been 36 hrs & I am still waiting to hear back from someone who can help. I went through the whole process of filling the Lost & found claim on their on-line website - & Nothing.

Been an EMerald Executive member for years - Seriously considering changing. .

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Just got home from our vacation in ft.lauderdale,wanted to compliment your staff. As soon as we arrived your employee named Estange was very pleasant and very helpful with our questions. He seems like a happy employee and that mood transmitted to us. I wish I had the name of the other employees that helped us when we left and returned, everyone was great. Thanks, will obviously use your company over and over again as we have in the past

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend Tamika Nicholson at your reservations desk at your Williamsburg/Newport News location. She went beyond her desk duties, today, to help me locate my son after I spoke to her of my difficulty in finding him following his rental drop off at one of your competitors.. To summarize, she led me to his location in short order, with courtesy and a smile. National will be my rental car company at my next opportunity.

Posted by James ratliff

I just wanted to commend Mr.Joe Sanchez the station manager at the Flagstaff,Arizona airport.Joe went above and beyond the call of duty to find my glasses after I left them in a rental car.I called him the next day from my home in Indianapolis after I discovered they were missing and even though he was very busy at the time he told me he would start working on the problem as soon as he could.A few hours later he called and said that he had tracked them down and he would send them to me on that same day.I just received them today. Joe is very professional and even before this event he was very friendly in helping plan our driving vacation.Joe does a great service to your company.

Posted by james ratliff

Last week I rented a car from your counter in Flagstaff Arizona and had the pleasure in working with Mr. Joe Sanchez. Upon returning from our vacation I spoke with Joe once again and told him how much we enjoyed the car and was looking forward to renting from him again next tear..He is just a wonderful person to work with.Upon returning to our home in Indianapolis early the next morning I discovered that I had left my glasses in the glove box and needed them desperately.I called Joe in Flagstaff early the next morning and he was very busy but after telling him that I had lost my glasses he said that he would begin the search as soon as possible.The car had already been rented out but he said he would do his best in searching for them.Joe then returned my call a few hours later and said that he had tracked them down and would send them out right away and I did receive them today.Again,I just wanted to let you know what a true professional I think Joe is and how he went so far out of way to help me. Sincerely,James Ratliff

Posted by BryanDavis

I needed to get my Licence Plate number from my rental this past week April15-May6 so I could pay my California toll fee at the last minuite. I called but did not have my reservation number, and was concerned I would not be able to access my rental. I tried to call the San Diego Airpot location, but instead got the National hotline. Employee ID: E874QP assisted me, and was able to pinpoit my reservation, find my reservation number, and get the accurate licence plate information I needed to pay my toll, with an hour to go. He even got my correct car make and model which was above and beyond. He was positive, friendly, and got the job done promptly. In my opinion, he deserves a raise, or at least a promotion. Please see to it that he is rewarded because good employees who perform well deseve credit and more than just a Thank You.
National Club Member
Bryan Davis

Posted by Anonymous

Melanie Bolster @ your Victoria Int Airport location is simple the best. She is always professional, pleasant and very efficient. Everytime I fly into Victoria, she makes my trip "worry free." It's nice to know that no matter how crazy my travel go - there is never a problem when we arrive. Linda Novotny; Los Gatos, California

Posted by Anonymous

WE rented a car at Ft Lauderdale airport Sep 20.
I want to compliment the representative who helped us. Melissa was very competent and got us the car we wanted. She was also very kind person and has great people skills.
I ope ylou can give her a raise.
Dave Opaotow

Posted by kathy

My Customer Service Agent Amanda Wollums was awesome! I was disconnected by the survey questions and really wanted to tell someone how quick, efficient, and friendly she was!

Posted by Anonymous


I just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that one of your customer service representatives; Fabian Higgins should be commended for his "over the top" customer service I experienced. I travel a lot and deal with airlines, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, etc. and I don't think I have ever had such a professional and pleasant interaction with customer service.

All companies could learn from him & National.

Thank you Frank DeAngelo

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service from Morgan Coombs, branch manager, at the Las Vegas Airport location! Recently I left my credit card & Drivers license at a different National location and NEEDED to rent from the Las Vegas Counter. Ms. Coombs gave me PERSONAL attention and took ownership of my concern and not only did she assertively contact the other location, she stayed on the phone and 'saw it through' until my info was scanned to her personally. In addition, she went above and beyond to get me in a nice upgrade for 'MY' mistake. To a customer this is being treated like royalty.

Posted by RFord9673

I recently was in Pensacola to meet an incoming flight and received some fabulous courtesy from an employee there named Brittney Rawlings who went out of her way to assist me. As a senior executive who travels a lot and uses rental cars a lot I decided then and there to use your service where available in the future. Employees like Brittney have a positive affect on travelers and her help was deeply apprecaited.

Posted by Anonymous

our plane from phil to roch,ny had problems and landed safely in harrisburg,pa. airline rerouted us thru boston and arrive home by midnight. Fatimah Patterson(E150K7) working for you went out of her way to rent us a car one way to roch,ny. distance from harrisburg to rochester is about 300miles(or 5hrs). we arrived home by dark(8:00pm). left harrisburg at 3:30pm. if it wasn't for this outstanding employee we may still be stuck in Boston. hope my story gets her some well deserved recognition. thank you. darrell weese marie flannery

Posted by krider

Dealt with Kim at National Car Rentals at the SFB airport in Orlando Sanford. I was ready for the usual we don't have that car, its getting cleaned typical things I hear. When I got to the counter, I had reserved it at the other Orlando Airport by mistake and was ready for the, Sorry all we have is and its $XXXX dollars a day. She was AWESOME, no problem I have one in stock, I will cancel the other and we don't have that rate but i will make it work out. 10 minutes later I was out with a map and it costs $2 less. I have rented 100 cars probably National ranked #1 out of my 100 experiences. Thanks for not ruining my vacation you made it better!

Posted by A Great Job Done

I received excellent customer service at your Paducah Ky Barkley Airport location. Your customer service agent Jan, which made my reservation for my car rental for January 10, 2013. She did a great job and she was very helpful. When I arrived there, my car was ready to go. When I returned back on January 14-2013 your customer service agents Brett, Michelle and Christi were on duty. They did a fine job, in assisting me with my car return. Brett also,remembered me from when I called to extend my rental for Sunday. I asked him about the Emerald Club Reward Program. He told me when I return back, he would assist me in the sign up. Which he did. All my car rentals in the further. Will be with National Car Rental. I thank you all once again. For your Great Customer Service.

Posted by Anonymous

my name is kevin jackson i rented a car in el paso tx dec 27 2011 the rental agent was very pleasant and helpful. her name was stephanie blancas. just wanted to let you know the wonderful job and customer service she displayed. thanks

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"The added convenience of our Toll Pass option is one more way to let them know we're listening, as part of our ongoing focus on customer service. ...