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Napster customer service is ranked #394 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 57 ratings. This score rates Napster customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


53 Negative Comments out of 57 Total Comments is 92.98%.


4 Positive Comments out of 57 Total Comments is 7.02%.

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  • Napster

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    • 35.02 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 53 negative comments (92.98%)
    • 4 positive comments (7.02%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

cant get to talk to a napster person they make it hard to solve problems raphsady i had no problems

Posted by [email protected]

I have two Napster accounts for 5 years I want to use both of these accounts to mix music from accounts are there software that will allow me to do this

Posted by Anonymous

My subscription fee came out of my t-mobile bill and now it's saying I have to pay with a credit card. I can use my Napster. I'm extremely irritated. If this isn't resolved I will not be using your services ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

I subscribed to Napster in August 11, 2017 and cancelled on the same day since I could not streamed my music on my phone. After several attempts by Chatting with one of the representative the issue remained unsolved. I asked to cancel this subscription on the same day and I also asked the representative as why my personal credit card information was on file since 2015. I had made an attempt in 2015 to subscribe but had the same problem and cancelled on the same day. I asked representative to withdraw my credit card information from Napster files and he said he would cancel information in its entirety. Now I received my statement for August 2017 and there is a charge of $9.99 for services not provided by Napster. I will escalate this matter with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General Office if this is not resolved as soon as possible.

Posted by Tisha

Biggest piece of garbage company I've ever done business with. I've been charged for 2 years of service I've never received. Caled your 1800 numbers none of them work. You guys are truly a sorry excuse for a company. I want my money back you jerks

Posted by Anonymous

Your jacked up service has no working phone numbers.NONE! Tried cancelling my service. It will not let me. Says to call you. But none of your numbers work. This most likely does not either. Cancel my service Charles Elkins

Email me in regards to this. As of today May7,2017. Any charges past this will be recouped in small claims court along with a $1000.00 for my inconvenience.

A very disappointed customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Very Poor service. Miss rhapsody. DO NOT USE. Customer service rude and hung up. Call back they say it's not napster.

Posted by Rhapsody/ Napster

I have been trying to contact Napster coutomer Service. I want to pay my bill and update the information on my account. I have been trying sents yesterday but can't get threw the numbers you have for Napster no answer. Please get back to me and walk me threw this I want to speak to a rep.please call me I don't want to lose my account. Please help.!!!

Posted by [email protected]

My name is Victor Clark. I had Napster account because my ex-wife used it to download songs to use while running and away from Wi-Fi in order to avoid data charges. Since I'm no longer married, I tried to cancel the account. After jumping through all type of hoops just to get information to cancel the account, I contacted the support department, and when I mentioned I wanted to cancel my account the person on the phone said I had the wrong number and abruptly hung up. I called the same number back and asked the person (a different person) what company they represented. After confirming that they support Napster, I then told him I wanted to cancel my account. He proceeded to "attempt" to cancel my account and then said my account was locked and controlled by another user in an overseas location. In order to fix the problem he would need to add securities to my account to prevent future occurrences, and it would ONLY cost me a one time fee of $99. Wow, only $99 dollars to stop paying you...WHAT A BARGAIN!!! (note the sarcasm). The tech was rude and acted as if I was at fault for him not being able to cancel the account. Since I realize this is an outsourced service, most likely not within the Continental United States, I opted to just cancel the card they have on file since I don't really use it for many transactions. I'm sure they contact me asking if I can update my billing information, at which point I'll let them know exactly "where to go"! I recommend that everyone boycott Napster and make the company and its rude and unhelpful staff become unemployed.

Posted by Anonymous

One day Rhapsody was fine and then it was Napster, no more control of what you had downloaded or knew where the new music was downloaded. The downloads actually are encrypted inside the app, you can not see them, and in the process what else do they put in that file. The Chat staff are obtuse, you must ask the same question over and over. Then finally, they have to ask someone else what to do. Rhapsody was the best music server I had ever used. I was an use for over 10 years, having downloaded over 100 gigs of music, that Napster could not read or play. This service is now worth having, even for free.

Posted by Anonymous

Amazon stopping payment for the services of napster. Got a new phone and have not been able to open my account have not been able to contact anyone on phone to help me and because of this am canceling my subscription my number if no one has contacted me by 8:00 am on 1-26-17 then I will contact my bank and stop payments thank you Charles Jackson

Posted by [email protected]

Napster removed lots of Grateful Dead Albums from my library without telling me of course, have been a customer for years miss Rhapsody may not resign.

Posted by Bob

Napster do longer works on any of my audio video streaming devices. Does not work on my Denon AVP or my streaming OPPO Bluray player which both support Rhapsody. Been as Rhapsody customer for a long time. Granted it only $5 a month but Napster does not seem to care much about their customers.

Probably will just cancel my service.

I do like the new player and service on my PC, and Mac, but liked to listen to music using my speakers systems.

Things do not always get better.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Desi Barmore and l was charged$10.00 for a account I never used.I am blaming Metro Pcs for the mistake because I told them I couldn't afford a extra bill from Napster.They told me to contact you because your a thrid party.Please erase this$10.00 from my Metro Pcs account.Thanks.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at.A text preferred.

Posted by @ null

This sucks its nothing like rhadody im trying to update my billing its no way of doing that im irratated now ive been a customer to rhasody along time.

Posted by masterdoobie

Phone number is disconnected that's ridiculous they took my money and I can't even contact them
I'm calling the Better Business Bureau

Posted by Anonymous

I am on the free 30 day trial. I want to be able to down load various songs and put them on a CD or thumb drive like i used to on rapsody.I'm not able to do this.can't seem to find a way. If there is no way. For me to do this, please cancel my membership

Posted by Bigreddee14

I have forgotten my user name and password.I have a subscription for Napster through my metro pcs account.Name is Derrick Bryant,my phone number can't log in,need help asap.

Posted by Anonymous

Had problem using mobile app and contacted support with chat client. Realized the technician was more interested in selling me the premium subscription than fixing the problem. After saying "no" to the offer of upgrading, they still tried to sell me it. Technician could not communicate clearly on what she was talking about (app vs web player).

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to get in contact with someone about my billing information and service interruption. I have updated my credit card, but now i am unable to use it on my cell phone. Please contact or give correct phone number so i can speak with a person about this matter.

Thank you,


Posted by Anonymous

The phone number listed online does not work. Try to cancel online but I've changed my email address so basically it's impossible without speaking to someone.

Posted by Masone214

I am a T-MOBILE customer....i have deleted your horrible app....there is Not one person to talk to have NO REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE...youre horrible

Posted by DB Cooper

I have used Rhapsody for years. Napster takes over and I can't even get support. I have not be able to run Rhapsody/Napster scents the upgrade. The program starts and it show on the screen and then a popup window.

Napster has stopped working
A program caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is

of course there is no solution displayed.

Task Master Shows 2 x Rhapsody Devices running after the crash.
And like a said there was great support both web and customer service phone support
before Napster took over ....................very poor takeover.

This is the 3rd time looking for your non support contacts.

Posted by Don'have one.

No way to get ahold of co. On phone to update my service. Want to talk to real person to update my service. lame. Guess you don't want my business!

Posted by [email protected]

I am trying to get in contact with customer service I recconnect my service and I need to know was I charged more than once I try calling and it tells me kaiser permanente that is so crazy the number I dial what happen to good customer service or theres no more customer service like Rhapsody if so that is not good I thought Napster was better than that can somebody help me or give me an answer.

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Posted by mark

napster is a wonderful program period. interface is amazing and very user friendly. 10 dollars a month for unlimited music streaming and your able to save your fav's and play it offline. Forget downloading save it to this file, upload it to this file. what a waste of time. Just get a napster subscription.

Posted by clikclik

Love Napster!!! They are the best. I have used them for three years, and I love them. There are a lot of confused people on here. They DO sell individual songs. I buy them a lot. Also, all you have to do is sign into your account and cancel or change your level. I have never had a bad experience on the phone. In fact, I just called and the girl that answered me sweetheart before we hung up.

Posted by happywithmyexperience

I have to leave a comment because I just had a rather pleasant experience with Napster customer service. First of all, kudos to this site, as following its instructions precisely led me to speak to a friendly customer service rep in less than 5 mins. Once one the phone, I informed him that I wanted to reactivate my Napster ToGo account, so I could regain access to my Napster library through my iPhone 4 application.

Within 5 more minutes, he had me set and on my way, explaining how to access playlists from my library from my iphone. I'm still going back and forth on whether Napster Mobile or Napster To Go is the best option, but I was pleased with the experience, and remain pleased with Napster.

Posted by Anonymous

They are good, but I had to complain that they never gave me my free month, and a year later when I called to cancel my membership I got the run-around and they continued to charge me. But....the customer service rep I spoke with took care of it immemdiately, refunding my money. Kudos to U napster. I would join again.

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