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Napa Auto Parts customer service is ranked #328 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 66 ratings. This score rates Napa Auto Parts customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


60 Negative Comments out of 66 Total Comments is 90.91%.


6 Positive Comments out of 66 Total Comments is 9.09%.

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  • Napa Auto Parts

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.89 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 60 negative comments (90.91%)
    • 6 positive comments (9.09%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.9 Reachability
    • 2.9 Cancellation
    • 2.6 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Mech808

Why try to return anything when they treat you like crap even though parts are unused and you have receipts? (returned items next day). Also, reserving parts online is a waste of time. Every time I go into the store I am told that they will just look up the parts I need (often times I have to force them to give me the parts I want instead of the up sell. This also negates my ability to get rewards points). I constantly purchase parts from here for customer repairs. I have always been courteous despite the level of disrespect. I frequent Napa for their quality parts (which I am willing to pay a little more for over O'reilly). I have also diverted a large portion of my customers to you as well. Disrespect has earned you a #1 spot on my blacklist. Will dissuade others from your stores.

Posted by Fedup

I was quoted a price for a part n told it was in stock, at the Myrtle point, Oregon store, my son rode his bike all the way there to get it n then was told a Price of double the quote n said it wasn't even in stock!! Then the woman said she never even gave the quote, she was the only woman working!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Timing Kit at the Skyland Blvd store and the cashier looked up the part, charged me for part, order the part and when I went back in for the part I was told that she hit the wrong key and that it would be a 100 dollars more.I Wanted to talk to the manager and she called him on the phone I wanted to talk to someone in person. I stated that I would just call Coporate she stated that the store was not part of Coporate The store is JMR 115 SKYLAND BLVD TUSCALOOSA I was call a little woman by the cashier and I am a 6 FT 233lb woman!!! Felt that I was charged for what she order

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Timing Kit at the Skyland Blvd store and the cashier looked up the part, charged me for part, order the part,I paid for the part and when I went back in for the part I was told that she hit the wrong key and that it would be 100 dollars more.I Wanted to talk to the manager and she called him on the phone I wanted to talk to someone in person. I stated that I would just call Coporate she stated that the store was not part of Coporate The store JMR 115 SKYLAND BLVD TUSCALOOSA AL I was called a "littlelady" by the cashier and I am a 6 FT 233lb woman!!! I paid what she charged and the item should have been mine!

Posted by notifier

I've been going to the Albuquerque main store since 1993 and I'm appalled by the lack of basic automotive knowledge and common sense from their counter people. In the past all the guys there were from the automotive field,(ex-techs,and management)the manager back then built and raced stock cars - very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful crew. Nowadays, they can't do anything without an application or sku code. I recently needed 6" of vacuum line - the clerk had to look at multiple books before I suggested to take my old line and go back where to all the spools of line were, and match it up. Epiphany!!(took 20 min though,-in the past that transaction would've taken less than 5 min) This week I ordered a O2 sensor for my WD21 Pathfinder, I was given 3 choices - I chose the Bosch part, I paid in full, and was told 3 to 5 days until it came in. I called 6 days later and the person said "I can see your invoice, but I don't see if it was ordered yet" (!!) I was pretty irritated, the person said,"let me figure out what happened and I'll call you back" I waited for about 45 min. and just called back and asked for management, they said they couldn't order Bosch parts and he couldn't understand how the clerk was even able to invoice this item (NAPA is a certified Bosch retailer, so that's BS) and then he said we have your o2 sensor (budget brand) I informed the "manager" that if I wanted a cheap part I would've ordered a cheap part. In the end no calls or any attempt to communicate with me - I've probably spent 5 figures at this store and this is what I get...- sad! I've gotten better customer service at a ghetto wal-mart!


Posted by [email protected]

Albemarle nc store worst management in the history of parts stores ...careless when it comes to your parts or how fast you get em .were a napa auto care center and get our parts last in line over non auto care centers and and could care less if you complain!!!! Allprofleet and auto service !!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Tbe big bald manager at the mason mi store was very rude to me!!! They remembered selling a part to me a 2 weeks ago but since i didnt have the reciept they wouldnt even give me store credit. I could of accepted that but the manager wouldnt even look at me when i asked him if theres anything he could do for me! I then asked him to look at me atleast and he wouldnt. He then said he was busy and couldnt do anything for me in a very rude voice!! He was a jerk and ill never buy from napa again

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever at you Gallatin tn location people behind counter very unfriendly act like I DoD them a favor by comming in no more of my money will be spent at napa

Posted by HATE NAPA

Bait and switch is what this felt like all over it. Alternator I brought in - they said they had no way to test it and would have to send it in to the rebuilder. How much does a rebuilt one cost? "Don't know" he said. Depends on what kind, who made my old one etc etc. Well, would you please call once you have a price? "Sure will" they said. Heard nothing for several days and had to call them back. "Oh I just told them go ahead and rebuild it since almost everyone decides to have them rebuilt anyway". Wow, I thought - that's pretty nervy. How much? It was just over $430!! A brand new one was $480! They also told me it would be back to the store later that day. The cost was high because they didn't have one like it "on the shelf" and of course, it was a rare type. Yet when they finally sent it back up to the store, it was definitely not my original (I had pictures). So much for not having another one similar. They lied every single chance they got. I had no choice but to put the thing in my truck and assumed the problem was fixed finally. By now I was way behind on my jobs with the whole week shot waiting on the stupid alternator. Later that night, having to stay late on a job, it's 9pm and 12 degrees outside. My truck is dead as it can be. Had the alternator tested elsewhere and it came back as bad. Now they won't give me my money back when I took it in to them. He just wrote down "Send back to rebuilder for testing" I said I don't care what you do with it at this point. You people and your lies have cost me well over $1,000 in lost work. "Well, I have to run it by the boss and we'll call you back". 3 days later they call back. "Well good news! It turns out we CAN test it on our bench tester and it tests perfectly so come on down and pick it up!" As though I never said a word to them about getting my money back. Will never do business with these liars again and I hope they lose many hundreds of thousands of dollars for their behavior. Disgraceful maggots.

Posted by Anonymous

At the manchester store wairing for te part i ordered last nite 7:50 store still not open employees waiting outsife. you guys are costing me money bc i have guys waitng on a part.

Posted by Anonymous

7:39 at manchester store in mo no one here to open.

Posted by bill

I been buying part in Marion oh Napa for20 years 3,000-6,000 year not any more your employees mest that up contact me that not how you treat customers

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I were going to buy a battery at the Napa in Hanapepe Kauai. The clerk was very rudexcited. My husband had only questioned the cost of this battery since we were quoted a price 40 dollars less at Costco. The clerk told us to go back to the main land and go to Costco. Super rude! Not good customer service at all.

Posted by Anonymous

went to my local nappa store on christmas eve [and i could tell the guys just wanted to go home] however the store was open for busness and i needed to get trans fluid, told salseman that i had a replacement trans that i was instaling and it and the tourque conveter were dry and i needed to how much fluid and what kind was correct for my car. he told me that it needed mercon fluid, and showed me valvalone mercon,i saw some motercraft merconLV and asked if this would work because my car is a ford and i was spending the time and money on replaceing my transmition with a rebuilt i wanted to use motorcraft fluid,to witch he replyed "yea thats better its ford, you have a ford" mercon and mercon lv are not compatible and he let me walk out of the store with the worng fluid after i told him that i didnt know what my car called for.thats why i came into the store to get good advice from a perfonal. so now my new trans and power stering are full of the worng fluid!! and will have to be taken to a shop and flushed and filled with the correct fluid. $60 on the wrong stuff and who knows how much i will spend to flush and fill. i was trying to save by doing it my slef with nappa know how ....nappa nightmare!!!!should of gone to autozone they would have looked it up' only nappa guys are so unaccountable.

Posted by Anonymous

Napa in pelahatchie ms needs to be updated.I received coupons saying if you spend $30 you'll get $10 off. And they refused my coupon. Bad for business

Posted by Anonymous

Your website is terrible could be the worst I've ever been on keep 20th search search search probably need to hire a high school student to work this out thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a u joint from the napa in colonial beach, va. Upon opening the box there was an inner box, with greasy prints all over it. I noticed also there were no retainer clips or a grease fitting in the box. I called the store and they agreed after many excuses they would send a retainer clip set and grease fitting. I received the retainer clips but no grease fitting. I called the store and felt like I was having to argue with the parts person that I needed the grease fitting because there was a threaded hole in one of the caps. He finaly agreed to send me a grease fitting as these are a small size unavailable for purchase. Day 2 he sends a grease fitting that is a lot bigger than will fit my u joint. My truck is down 2 days for what should have been a twenty minute job. There excuse is someone returned the part without the clip and grease fitting package. I have had similar problems for years with this store. I promise if this is napa know how I know how to deal with auto zone. Really frustrated with the customer service and poor quality of items.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to make a complaint about a driver in Airways Heights. We had the right a way to turn right on to Hwy2 and he was turning the same way at the same time as we was but he was coming from the south side of Hayford rd he should of waited his time to turn. If I would of turn in the inside lane he would of hit me. I had my child in the car and it scared me. The number on the truck

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased two (2) front brake hoses for 2012 Mustang. The Rt side came w/ copper washers and a Bleeder Screw already attached. The Lft side purposely had the Bleeder Screw omitted because the copper washers were packaged separately. Both sides cost the same amount ($22.50). And the Napa store does NOT sell Bleeder Screws. I called Customer Service notifying them of an obvious error of your Purchasing Dept or your supplier. Customer Service agent understood my problem but was unable to cross reference to find me a Bleeder Screw. I have not heard back from anyone at Napa; I would like my Bleeder Screw mailed to me ASAP. Thank you.

Posted by Renee

Well looks like my issue is not new son bought a starter at Napa in Medford Oregon.this starter litteraly exploded while driving,I was in the car.and to do mean that thick outer shell that was no business snapping apart like it did,I watched him take it out it is in 2 the real issue,he called Napa they claimed it can't happen,he took it in,they seen it did,so they claim he had to have broken it himself! How the actual fk do u do it yourself while driving the car?they refuse to replace it.I was there he did not brake it! They were rude on the phone admin he had to go spend more money to buy a new one at orylies who btw actually stuck by Tue parts they what exactly dose one do about a part clearly defective when your employees refuse to stand by the product or flat out tell u ur s.o.l on ur part or $ when it's the product u sold them that was bad? Never will I shop there again.nor will he or anyone in His shop to order parts yes shop they rebuild,orylies just got the business account.this Napa store c.s is horrid.rude! I'm beyond mad

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently went to a local Napa store at 600 Gallimore Dairy Road High Point, N.C. 27265 and the customer service was awful!!
The sales associate or manager who I spoke with, (middle aged man, glasses) had a terrible attitude and made a piss poor attempt at trying to help me. I was there to pickup an order for my son, had the name and order number and was unable to get the items he ordered and that were shipped to that store.
You will never get any more of my business nor my son's. That man is a pathetic excuse for an employee and I can only hope he isn't a manager.

Posted by Mylane

Called the warehouse and was on hold for 22 min, finally got an answer and wasted another 8 min be
ing told I was looking at the wrong parts nothing was availible, worst service or lack there of ever. Advance auto parts found all the parts we were looking for and gathered them up for us. Never been so disappointed in my life. Being a mechanic for 20 yrs I never saw anything that bad.

Posted by JC

all i can tell you is that i d always been told that napa s the best when it comes down to auto parts. however,i m very upsett at Napa. i v bought a cuple of supposedly good serpwntine belts for about like 40Us dollars, and the three times i bought thise serpentine belts, they have been defective n what made my live more miserable is that i was actually kicked out of store cause i said their serpentines belts were crappy and because i demanded my cancellation of entire transactions of the two last serpentines belts i d got from them. gosh, iwas kicked out, to the point i wanted to punch csr. i m glad i didnt do that. I M NOY GOING BACK TO NAPA. DO NOT BUY FROM NAPA, IF YOU DO, THINK IT THRiCE BEFORE BUYING FROM THEM.

i m hopinh you guys dont find out that hard way, Napa s got very bad customer service and bad parts. i guess they used to do quality parts; not anymore.


Posted by Poker

Hi I recently purchased brake drums from the Waterford ct store they were the wrong size I returned them with receipt the guy was very ruid and miserable while he was exchanging them I asked the older women if they had a self master cylinder bleeding kit. She said somewhere in that isle very ruid I didn't get names but I will tell you I am never going back there and I'm telling everybody I know to stay away that store will be out of business if someone doesn't do something thanks Gary Wasicki Niantic ct

Posted by Janice

Please forward to your real estate agent. We were excited about the new Napa store recently built in Peoria IL and it is gorgeous and wish there was one in my hometown. If there are any plans to expand to the N. Canton, OH markets, I wanted to inform you of an ideal lot that is for sale at 540 N Main Street. The contact information is 330-703-1473.

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Posted by McLennan asphalt

You have a girl named Pam and Hudson Florida I've been going there for years and she's been at a couple different stores and she's always so very helpful I want to thank you and I hope you appreciate her work

Posted by Shiloh519

My Napa auto parts store in Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 seems to always be closed. I don't know if they realize that it's not the 1950's anymore! Every other auto parts store is open today on Sunday just like any other day. During the week they close at 5-6, Saturday opens later, closes earlier & Sunday there open for like an hour. In general there a decent parts store, except there not up to date with there warranty and returns program or lack of Network program. I do like the staff and the products are decent.

Posted by ronzule

jim at the napa auto parts store in west brookfield massachusetts is always very accommodating! great store to visit and I've been a long time customer. i will continue to use this store as all the guys are great to work with! john, dan, thanks a lot for your support!

Posted by Mindy

It has been a hard few weeks after the unexpected death of my father. To add to the frustration the headlight on my car went out and no matter where I went I could not find windshield wiper replacement blades from any if your competition!!! In fact one suggested that I replace the wipee arms since it was only $500.00!!!!
I called your Riverton, UT store who found the wiper blades I needed in your Sandy, UT store. I buzzed over to your Sandy store and the replacement blades I needed were waiting at the counter for me. Not only did Drew install the new wiper blades but when I asked if he could just show me what I needed to do replace the burnt out headlight he found the bulbs and helped me replace both headlight bulbs so I would not have to worry about the headlight bulbs for at least the near future!!!! As a single woman I struggle with having the strength in my hands to fix these minor repairs. My dad was always my "car helper" my heart ached with missing him and without knowing it Drew stepped up to the plate and helped my dad help me from heaven!!!
I will return to your stores for every single car part for the rest of my life because of the customer service of one young man!!!!!!!!
I hope someone at the corporate level can take a few minutes to reward this young man and as a organization you do whatever it takes to insure this yound man works for NAPA because he is an incredible ambassador for your business!!!!!
Melinda Turpin
Herriman, UT

Posted by Mark pemberton

Just want someone to know that Dillon at your store in Springerville the most helpful person out of all auto parts stores I have shopped. This is why I only shop at napa. Please let him know.great customer service!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Always very knowledegable staff and very helpful. Competitive prices and good quality stuff.

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Posted by pinkalicedrew

I have worked at a Napa Auto Parts store for 14years. I am the only female and can understand how, after reading reviews, customers can become upset. Our store takes every customer and treats them as if they were one of our family members. Sometimes there are instances that happen out of our control like a part that is boxed wrong, or a merch truck not making it on time in the morning due to weather conditions causing customers to wait longer for a special ordered part. I have found that by being honest and taking any step we can to assist in anyway has worked for us. I always get with each of our employees to make sure we are treating our customers like a relative and if we cant help them directly, we try to lead them to someone local who can and as quickly as possible. I am asking that if You have a bad experience with one store that does not mean NAPA as a company is all bad .. most were unfortunatly experience those who do not take pride in their store or their work as we do! We will continue to do more than our best and we ask that other stores step it up because NAPA parts are quality parts!


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