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NameSilo customer service is ranked #1 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 191.12 out of a possible 200 based upon 61 ratings. This score rates NameSilo customer service and customer support as Excellent.


2 Negative Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 3.28%.


59 Positive Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 96.72%.

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    • 191.12 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 2 negative comments (3.28%)
    • 59 positive comments (96.72%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 9.5 Issue Resolution
    • 9.7 Reachability
    • 8.9 Cancellation
    • 9.4 Friendliness
    • 9.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Jay Fost

All the reviews are seriously suspect. Especially the comments that there is great “customer service”. First, I tried going through the webpages to see how to connect the domains. Unless you’re a pro that does this often, the pages are completely confusing. On other services, they usually have step by step picture or video guides to help you along the way.

When I called for guidance with pointing my domain, they essentially said “we don’t know, contact the other company.” I previously had 1&1, and while I wasn’t crazy about them, at least they did something to help out. Namesilo took the position of “we don’t do support here.” I guess you get what you pay for. I’m seeing what I can do, but I’ll likely block the charge.

So be forewarned. There is no customer service here. Don’t be cheap. Pay more, and get some actual customer support.

Posted by nosilo

called to complain about the service and to suggest an improvement but NOOOOOOO. reminds me of nodaddy that's where namesilo went

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Posted by Lumpy

I'd like to echo what others have already posted here. NameSilo is a solid registrar with great support that does not get in your way with offers for things you don't need. Any free privacy for life? Can't beat it!

Posted by NameSilo rocks

Another VERY positive review from me! NameSilo rocks! Moved all my domains to them a few years ago and never looked back. Not just great pricing, but incredible features and customer support that actually helps and responds faster than any company I've ever worked with. Rock on NameSilo!

Posted by landyman

I have nothing but positive things to say about NameSilo. Just wish I found them sooner!

Posted by Artsupps

Name Silo has been great for me. All support emails are replied to within 15 minutes!

Posted by Len4

I have been very pleased with NameSilo's customer support. It is nice to get someone who actually knows how to answer technical questions when using their online chat. Other registrars that offer chat seem to be staffed with people who can't help with anything more than very basic questions.

Posted by V

Great no nonsense registrar. Competitive prices. Easy to use interface with good functionality. Free whois privacy for domains if required. Two-factor authentication for increased security. Support has always been good. Can't fault them.

Posted by Takesuye!

Count me in as another very satisfied NameSilo customer!

Posted by Anonymous

Wow - a registrar that picks up the phone. What a novelty! Nice to be with a registrar that operates like a real business unlike most of the jokers you find online offering 99 cent domains. Name Silo is the real deal.

Posted by Anonymous

We have also been very happy with NameSilo so far. Nice to have a phone number to call when necessary unlike most registrars who seem to make themselves very hard to find!

Posted by Tom

I moved my church's domain name to Namesilo after Godaddy told us we needed to pay $15 to renew it and also told us we had to pay a lot more to keep it private. We had been with Godaddy for years and I never looked for another provider until a few days ago. Namesilo transferred our domain for about $8 and they only charge $9 to renew with nothing extra for privacy. On top of that, their support people answered our questions before, during and after the transfer. We are only a small church with one domain, but Namesilo made us feel like we were nonetheless important.

Posted by Anonymous

Helpful staff that picks up the phone when it rings - very unusual for domain registrars!

Posted by LzdDzn

Couldn't be happier with Namesilo. I tried them out for their amazing pricing, but I will stay with them for their even better support. I don't have a lot of domains, but they still responded to my questions quickly and with genuine care. I hope this message reaches their management who should be very proud of the support team.

Posted by happy customer

Great registrar with low prices and an actual phone number. Very happy so far... just wish they offered more TLDs!!!

Posted by Brandle

Count me as another satisfied Namesilo customer!

Posted by Anonymous

I've been with NameSilo for about 2 years, but never needed to contact their support team until a few hours ago. The rep I chatted with helped me figure out my DNS problem even though it turns out it had nothing to do with them! The rep was patient and extremely helpful despite the fact that the issue I was having was with my hosting company. Nice to have a friend in the online world and NameSilo has won a customer for life with me. Hope management at the company reads this.

Posted by customer for life

Simply put.... WOW! I tested Name Silo due to their ridiculously low prices with a domain that wasn't too important. I am picky and need my registrar to be responsive and competent, and I wanted to see for myself if the reviews I read online at this site and others were accurate. I tested their chat and was responded to in under 10 seconds. I sent an email and got a reply within 2 minutes. I called and someone picked up the phone! Are you serious? No other registrar I've ever worked with can say these things. Name Silo - you've earned my business.

Posted by Wow!

Just had a refreshing email exchange with NameSilo. I sent in an email since phone lines were not open yet (it is 2:45 in the morning). I expected to knock off for a few hours and hopefully see a response later in the day. To my surprise, someone emailed me back before I could even shut down my computer! Not only that, but is wasn't an auto-responder, it was a response from a tech who knew the answer to my question and helped me to resolve my issue with just that one reply. I felt so pleasantly surprised that I took a few extra minutes before going to sleep to find a place to let others know of my experience. Simply unbelievable support (and the prices are amazing!!!!).

Posted by Anonymous

Name silo has been superb for my company and me as well. Nice to see a company so customer service-oriented.

Posted by F.M.

Same here. Top-notch customer service to go along with such low prices AND free WHOIS privacy? NameSilo is the best - just wish I'd heard of them sooner.

Posted by Dr. Tim

Thanks for the number. Somehow I missed that NameSilo puts it directly on their site. I have over 20 domains with NameSilo and never needed to call until today. I called to request a refund for a new registration I misspelled, and the person who answered directed me to the form to complete and my refund was issued in minutes. I love this registrar!

Posted by Vote4Bolds

I searched long and hard for a new registrar since Godaddy stopped offering any discounts on their renewals. This is one of the pages that led me to research NameSilo. I must say I am totally impressed so far. It is really nice to get upfront pricing instead of hunting for coupons. I had 1 problem with a transfer that Godaddy was blocking for some bogus reason. I was amazed when I asked NameSilo for help on a Sunday night and someone emailed me back in less than an hour. I assumed I'd have to sacrifice some customer service in order to use a discount registrar, but NameSilo put that concern to bed. Thanks ContactHelp contributors for sharing their experience and leading me to NameSilo!

Posted by Anonymous

Happy to have found NameSilo after leaving Moniker following all of their problems in the last few weeks. While leaving Moniker was not a priority for me, had I known about NameSilo years earlier I would have left Moniker a long time ago. I guess the only good thing to come out of Moniker dropping the ball so badly is that I found NameSilo. Give them a chance - you won't be sorry!

Posted by domain newbie

Finally, a registrar that is willing to just let you register your domains without trying to sell you the kitchen sink. I thought for sure customer service would be non-existent given that NameSilo offers the lowest prices in the world, so imagine my shock when I called with a newbie question and someone picked up the phone and helped right away. The person on the phone mentioned they were the 4th fastest growing registrar in the world last year, and if my experience and what others have posted on this site are the norm, they will be the fastest growing this year.

Posted by dukeR

Everyone on this forum is correct - NameSilo rocks! Such a breath of fresh air after dealing with NO Daddy for too long. Great prices, great customer service.

Posted by Phil Liu

Finally a registrar that gets it. They have clear prices, excellent customer service and they stay out of your way. They have everything anybody could need from their registrar, but don't push it on you like all the others. Great find - give them a chance.

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