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    • 50 negative comments (74.63%)
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Posted by LordStephanos

Ordered a GTX 1060 founders edition Graphics Card. First order was cancelled by Nvidia and they did not tell me they had, or why they had. Took me hours on the phone and live chat just to find one person who told me the order was an open order and they could not do anything about it. Therefore I missed out on a promotional deal that I was fully entitled to.

I decided to reorder my graphics card, even though I could not get the promotional code anymore (and not because of my fault, but Nvidia's). This was cancelled after my money was removed from my bank account due to incorrect billing information. My billing information was completely correct and the customer service helpline could only suggest reordering AGAIN (even though I suspect it would have the same outcome as my billing address was completely correct the every time). This would have removed even more money from my bank account with no product in sight.

Customer service was the worst I had ever come across. I rang the UK number and no-one I talked to was fluent in English and so communication was a pain as some operators hardly understood some basic terms, never mind anything technical. I must have rang 5+ times and been on live chat 3 times. Once on the phone they gave me a US number to call which would have cost a bomb and said it was the only way to resolve the issue. The rest of the times I was told to reorder the product even though this would have left me in the exact same position.

All in all, I now have to wait 5-7 business days for a return of my £275. Customer service basically didn't give 2 ***** about how to resolve my situation and instead either just past me on to another help service or told me to reorder. I will never be attempting to buy from Nvidia direct again as they are horrendous and there helpline is a shambles.

Posted by schlechtj

Bought an nvidia shield tv on dec 19 2015. Had a problem with my free software promotion and it took over two weeks for it to get straightened out. So much for playing it over christmas. I got the pro version for #299 because it had a hard drive instead of a playstation because I thought it would be better for video. A couple months in, the controller broke (upon later investigation, a plastic ring broke and strangley enough I discovered it had a touch pad and two vibration motors of which none of these things were utilized) They did send me a new controller but would not ship it to my house, they made me pick it up at a fed ex store 15 miles from my house. I had to take pictures of the box, the receipt, and jump through all sorts of hoops. When I got home, I found that the controller they sent me was broken out of the box. I contacted them again and offered to send a new controller but again I would have to go to the fed ex store for shipping. AND they would not let me put two controllers in the box. I was going to have to do them as separate transactions with separate boxes and separate trips to the fed ex store (15 miles from my house). When I looked at the shipping label they sent me, it was addressed to me. So, I was not going to drive to the fed ex store 4 times, and pay for shipping because of their mistake and was worried that i was just going to get another broken controller, so I just got a moga controller I could use with both the shield and other android stuff instead of their proprietary junk. Then today (one year 3 weeks, 3 weeks past the warranty). The system shocked me and blew up (well, stopped working)I went through all the rigamarole of pictures receipts etc... all over again for them to tell me that since I didn't send their controller back (which I told them I would if they sent me the proper rma) that my warranty was void. then they told me that my warranty period was expired anyway. Which I told them at the beginning of our hour and a half dealing. Why did they have me take pictures of all my stuff and send it to them if it was just past my warranty any way.

Being a little upset at this point, I told them to send me an rma and I will gladly send them back all their nvidia junk and buy a playstation which I should have just done a year ago instead of buying nvidia. Or better yet, I'll just go back to using my 10 year old ps3, or 16 year old ps2, or 20 year old ps1, all of witch still work. They didn't take me up on that so they must not want the stuff to refurbish that badly, even though they must have loads of customers with broken equipment. Everything I got from them went bad (including a replacement, and a redemption for software), they wanted me to jump through hoops to get anything rectified, badly, and then wasted my time.

The only other nvidia product I ever bought was a fx5200 video card. after a year it blew up my mother board. Of course I didn't know it was the video card, I just thought it was the mother board going bad. someone gave me a new computer with a worse video card and then after swapping out the fx5200, it blew up the new computer. I felt really bad telling the person giving me a new computer that I blew it up the first day. (I have put lots of video cards in computers not a user issue).

I defiantly am not buying another Nvidia product. Horrible experience and a horribly built product. I can see if I cheeped out and got a $40 Roku or something like that but I paid $300 for a premium product and still got junk and treated like garbage.

Posted by Wasted 350 sheets on nvidia pro

When Are U People Gonna Fix The Shield Pro 500 Gig So All U Have To Do Is Go To Steam Buy A Game Download It And Run The Game And It Works Like It's Supposed To ... Please Hurry Up Or Im Gonna Throw This Thing Thru Your Headquarters Front Window What A Waste Of F$%&in Money ....

Posted by Sen

Talked to two people on live chat about a driver problem I was having. The first person, Pakrash, was trying very hard but couldn't solve my issue. The next person, Sen, only gave me hardware fixes that i knew wouldn't work, and didn't, even after I had given him my existing incident number. Not happy! I'm going to try their phone support tomorrow, but live chat is slow, and after hours of troubleshooting I am still getting the same problem

Posted by Anonymous

Im pretty sure i talked to a an indian bot for about an hour...

Posted by Salamandar

Wow, your Tier 2 Support Rep Troy needs a major attitude adjustment!

Spent 4 hours on the phone and chat support yesterday trying to fix a log in issue and an inability to add games to streaming between the 2.5 GeForce Experience and the 3.0. Got bumped to a Tier 2 tech Troy (what an unbelievable thug attitude he had) who went out of his way to threaten me and scold me as if I was some sort of three year old. Admittedly I was frustrated and irate, would you not be after 2 days of chasing and 5 hours on the phone? last time I checked I was the customer. You have a problem with my attitude? Your paid to to talk to people with tech problems, it's your job to talk to me, and never to threaten. I will never buy another piece of Nvidia hardware again, its AMD all the way for me now.

Posted by fritz

I ordered Nvidia shield with free extra controller and also ordered a remote. After a week of no shipping email i called and they put in an inquiry about my order. Nearly 2 weeks now and still nothing. Cancelled order and they have no idea how long till i get my money back. They have to contact the shipper and the distributor, are you kidding me?! Will never order from them again. Horrible service.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible experience careful, never buy from their Web Store
I order a shield from their Web Store where clearly show buy with two controllers . I only received one. When I called them first they argue the offer was over when I ordereded even when the Web site was showing the same offer still in effect I asked to speak with a supervisor and she said the mistake was corrected and I was supposed to receive a confirmation email within several days. That never happened after several more calls They never accepted their mistake and never offered any solution now after all this waste of time I will have to pay to send it back. Never had this problem before after hundreds of online purchases

Posted by like2tinker2

Nvidia's on line chat is worse than useless. The people who respond are completely incompetent. It appears unless it is in their 'TROUBLESHOOTING SCRIPT', they do not have clue. Making matters worse is that despite their lack of knowledge, they do provide wrong solutions'.
I logged on the chat and requested advice and recommendation to replace my existing Geforce 7900GS graphics card, which is not compatible with Windows 10. The MORONS responding on the chat line had no clue. They could not differentiate between AGO and PCI-E x16 connectors. A 'senior engineer' on line wrote and told me to insert the PCIe card into a PCIE x16 slot, it will work. Clearly no one had any clue what is going on. I wasted over 3 hours chatting with the idiots somewhere overseas.
When this ordeal with ZERO results was over, I wrote the Nvidia CEO, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang and complained. So far no answer from the CEO.

Posted by Jedikiller77

Their customer service is horrible ran by Indian androids that offer no real resolutions. I needed my Nvidia console replaced due to falling under the less than 1%defective 500gb that were sold. I dealt with the problem until it got progressively worse. Now im told i have to send my console first to a company that can't even respond timely with their email? Why must I be inconvenienced any longer when it took them a month and a half to send the console in the first place?

Posted by Please stop

I think Nvidia has the best graphic cards out there, however all the terminate stay resident software that accompanies them in the driver download negates all the gains. Why spend hundreds of dollars to get the fastest and best frame rates that you can buy only to be slowed up by software that comes with the drivers, and that most people don't need or use. C'mon Nvidia, quit thinking like all the other Data gathering Morons and Just make a good product that people will want to buy. So sick of this mentality.

Posted by Gamer1057

There customer service doesn't exist. Check out Geforce Forums and Many, MANY people are having trouble with there GPU drivers. No matter how old or new they are. My GPU the 860m 2gb Is suffering from the latest Nvidia drivers 358.91 only driver that works and doesn't damage your system seems to be 355.98. That's 3 new drivers in 4 months that don't work. REFUSE TO WORK. Not to Mention they never reply to people in need of desperate help. Some have there displays burnt out. For some their PC won't even boot. All thanks to Nvidia nt giving a damn about their customers. It's extremely frustrating a billion dollar company can get away with this.

Posted by Telboy

Please can anybody confirm if the bullets or blades offer is valid in Malta because I bought a gtx 980 graphic card and according to nvidia I should get a free game and the outlet I bought the graphic card are saying this offer is not valid in Malta

Posted by BlueRookie

Trying to get help from nVidea using their on line chat - I am No4 in the queeue estimated wait 15mins. OK. I wait, I am No1 in the queue then poof - I am now No4 in the queue estimated wait 30 mins - what the

Posted by Ads

I have just upgraded to windows 10 Home premium from windows 8.1, Nvidia apparently released win 10 friendly drivers for my GTX 970 namely ( 353.62 )to my dismay my pc crashes left right and centre.... I spent several hours with windows lvl2 tech Extremely good they took over my pc remotely and after checking what seemed like every line of code in windows they got to the driver which after many uninstalls and reinstalls they came to the conclusion that the drivers for my GPU were the issue... Enter Nvidai support, WHAT SUPPORT!!! I'm from the UK oh dear no UK support only numbers to call the USA I don't bloody think so, spoke to on line chat support, who before researching the issue said oh it needs lvl 2 tech we will pass it on 2 days later nothing, contacted again oh its not been passed to lvl 2, we will pass it on now ...... Please NVIDIA I spent over £300 on this graphics card which is now useless.... WHY is there NO UK customer support? why is it that the on line support have NO clue or care about our issues GET A GRIP PPL YOUR WORLD WIDE!.

Posted by Anonymous

They could not even help me resolve my issue after spending $150 on a crappy video card. I'm almost sure the tech I was working with was googling the problem for information. I had to tell him what the problem was after I resolved it myself. Worthless "support", I am embarrassed for Nvidia.

Posted by Terance

I have one of their tablets and many times I have emailed them for assistance but not once I got a reply. Terrible customer services, I shall encourage people not to buy Nvidia (even related) product.

Posted by DoubleMint

just downloaded Nvidia driver update 350.12 for Grand Theft Auto V, after I update my driver my Payday 2 screen bugged, it became very bright in menu and in game please fix this issue because I played Payday 2 almost every day and didn't play Grand Theft Auto V

Posted by joefro21

just downloaded driverr 347.88 and now counterstrike GO just crashes after playing for about 3-5 minutes. Turns the screen off, computer continues to run though. Only thing I have left to do is reset the computer. Also will not resume screen from hibernation. All was well before this driver, so I'll probably roll back to previous driver.

Posted by Anonymous

Oversea's customer service was rude and impatient, often not to appear what they were doing.Only keeping calm and being very very patient sorta works. You must have an iron will

Posted by Donald

It should not take 4 days to package and ship a item that is in stock nvidia you fail and i will not be nuying ANYMORE of your products, real shame to you make great graphics cards now if only your customer care, and shipping department could get off their

Posted by Pissed of consumer

Nvidia charged me for an item that is out of stock. They have my money and I am in limbo waiting for something that their website should have blocked a transaction completion. I paid for expedited shipping and when the item did not show up in two days I had such a hard time trying to find a way to contact them. All I could do was send a emails (3 of them), which I did for a couple of days until they finally contacted me to inform me of the back order status and tell me that, oops, I will get it when I get it. Terrible. Where is the 800 # on the website for me to call??? Why didn't the order process cease when the item was out of stock? Why are they not giving me an option for a refund in case I do not want to wait for "whenever"? Nvidia you suck.

Posted by Sam

A guy name Arshad was pathertic in customer service.
I guess all customer services in India is as frustrating as it could be

Posted by RUR

Nvidia Customer Care

Jul 19 (7 days ago)

Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us within 24 hours.

As of July 26th I had not been contacted.

This is Nvidia's cocept of customer service.

Posted by pooche

Installed newest driver for my GeForce GTX 550Ti video card and have had crash after crash with BSOD's. Nvidia offers NO help!!
Will never buy an Nvidia card again!!!!

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Posted by Grice

We are so impressed with the incredible customer support we received from Nvidia. My son's Shield tablet that he uses for school died a few weeks short of the Warranty expiring. The CHAT support was fantastic, the RMA process was easy, they covered the Fedex cost, instructions were clear. The web account for tracking my request including Chat conversations was easy to setup.
A replacement tablet arrived within one week, no cost to us.
We will definitely purchase from this company again.
Thank you NVIDIA for providing superb service.

Posted by Luis Foschiera

Very good customer service, I hat a problem with the latest driver and a game, they helped me for about an hour, and the problem is fixed now.

Posted by E Spike

Excellent, Sen helped me out very much with step by step guidance.

Posted by Off gaming

Never had a problem with the downloaded drivers or the downloads themselves. Only had to contact once because I wasn't able to figure out how I could manually find my GPU. The customer service was helpful, patient and to the point.
After that, I still had a little trouble keeping track of keeping up with keeping the correct driver up to date. But downloading NVIDIA experience solved that and still no problems.

Posted by Sean

Reached the support instantly. These guys are much better than the other companies that provide tech support.

Posted by Miguel

Worthy trained support. Thank you for taking care of my problem in no time.

Posted by Anonymous

Talk to them and you will feel the difference.

Posted by MichSusy

Amazing..customer service!!

Posted by Proud American

I have only had to call NVIDIA a few times over the past couple of years and for someone like myself that is in the business that says a lot about their products. The phone answered promptly, a live person, no confusing phone menu, and I was treated as a valuable customer. The support person was knowledgeable and impressed upon me to call back if I had any problem or if I had any more questions. They get a solid 10 out of 10; their products are the best in the industry too.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent Support. Just a slight language barrier.

Posted by loler

Immediately talked to a representative, thank you for the number.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent Contact Number!

Thank you!

Nvidia was very gracious and good about providing the support as well.

Posted by numberman

Simply put, this number works perfectly. Do NOT be discouraged when you hear that the regular business hours do not include the weekend, remain on the line and you will be directed to tech support immediately with no wait.

Posted by jlp187

it works just fine. no wait at all to talk to live person.

Posted by Anonymous

Tech support on a Sunday afternoon!! It was awsome, never thought that I would be able to get through to a tech support guy, but I did!

Posted by pcrider_nva

Contact number worked! I was immediately referred to tech support where I encountered no hold and no delays. First step - new driver and video card test being sent via email. Very courteous, very professional, understandable despite heavy accent. Took longer to find this phone number than to discuss issue. Thanks and Good Luck to you too!

Posted by Anonymous

Called the referenced number on a late sat afternoon and initial message indicated that company hours were 8-6 m-f, and asked if i would like to leavea a message, but as message continued i was asked if i wanted to speak to tech support. i indicated yes and was immediately put in touch with a teck rep.

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