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MySpace customer service is ranked #798 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.47 out of a possible 200 based upon 354 ratings. This score rates MySpace customer service and customer support as Terrible.


341 Negative Comments out of 354 Total Comments is 96.33%.


13 Positive Comments out of 354 Total Comments is 3.67%.

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  • MySpace

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 22.47 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 341 negative comments (96.33%)
    • 13 positive comments (3.67%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.7 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 2.3 Friendliness
    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Ron stevens

My user name is Ron I wish to delete my account with my space.I haven't used it in years and wish to delete it. my problem is that my p/w is not being accepted and in attempting to reset my p/w, the code link expires before I can receive my reset e-mail. so with out a contact phone number, other than the auto robot number that just tells me you don't offer a support number and no other apparent help offered, I seem to be completely out of luck! My contact number

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my email is [email protected] I had a myspace account that I started in 2007 with the avatar of a profile and under the name Sis. On it I had a video slide show with my brothers pictures through out his life (He passed away in 2008) Sis is how my brother referred to me. The song that was song during the video was sung by my daughter. Myspace changed and I didn't go on as much, but did go in and view my video. The last change that Myspace made did something to all my videos. I don't car about the rest of them, but do care about the one I made from the pictures of my deceased brother. Is there anyway to retrieve video? Thank you in advance, Linda

Posted by Innersmile

I can't get access to my MySpace account from 10years ago because my old email no longer exists and I can't remember my password! I want to delete my pictures because they show up on a Google search of my name! It's terrible that their is no help or contacts to help us get into our old accounts.

Posted by Anonymous

Myspace has no costumer service anymore, no help, no contact email... Great! It's impossible to delete old myspace account... Fantastic! It seems to be loosely washing it's ends of any costumer issues

Posted by [email protected]

I am trying to get to my MySpace account but and can not reactivate my email.i don't remember my password and would love to get pictures of my sister that passed away if you can help

Posted by Willis wilcher

yes on September 1st I made a purchase of some gold for 999 I did not receive the merchandise. The money were removed from my account on September 2nd pavement were successful on September 1st

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get into my MySpace account that I have not used in a very long time and well here is the deal I no longer have the email that is attached to my account and the people that is able to help me out to so call get my email back up in running can not help me what can I do if anyone has any answers please let me know be email. please and thank you

Posted by Princesspeggy_74

I have an old myspace that I haven't used in over 10 years. I am remarried n this old account has previous photos of wedding n ex ex-husband n I want it gone. I dont know password or old email so I can't recover password. My profile PlEASE cancel this account n delete it.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not have my email anymore it was my name is Rodney Lee alger jr. How do I go about getting into my account? I�ve tried contact the email people but they can�t help me.


From Rodney

Posted by Helena Allen

I'm having trouble in visiting my old MySpace account. I no longer have the same email address and I want to be able to access my account. Could some one help me.You can reach me

Posted by abrighterfuture

My account was hacked and someone changed my email address and I've been unable to retrieve my password. I have requested a password that should be sent to this email address [email protected] and I have looked in my spam folder and inbox and I have not received a response yet and also my other Myspace is [email protected] and and that account was hacked too and this email address [email protected] is not my email address anymore and I have a problem with this account too and someone changed my password and I have requested a password reset several times.

I have already have looked at the help section on Myspace but I still not have received any assistance with this issue. Please send me a message and a new password to these 2 Myspace accounts

Respectfully Yours,

Carl WM Blais

Posted by Megz_meee

I would like to delete my MySpace account. I do not a have an email or password to retrieve. Please help. .

Posted by Jodi Saunders

All emails I have sent to have been returned, so it appears that your email address is no longer active. HOW DO I GET MY PICTURES & INFORMATION OFF THE INTERNET? My login email account is no longer existent and I cannot remember the password. It is not right that my pictures and information are on the internet for all to see against my wishes and there is nothing I can do about because I can't contact you. I'm unhappy with the customer service (it's non existent)!

I would really appreciate that contact me about this matter, or I am going to take it further!!!!

Posted by Brandon rieth

Hello my name is brandon rieth its been a long time since i was on myspace i dont remmber email or pass word i have i different email now i can see my account just cant log in these numbers r nx to my name on the account 350257020 hope thos helps my new email thx hope to here soon

Posted by uberfan

I am a fan we have a guy that is taking over by spamming and making fake contests and telling people they won free things that are not real..His name is JOHNRICHCREEK.He has been BANNED but changes his sign on name daily.He said he had a law suit and lost it from MYSPACE...Is there any info you may help us with to get him to MOVE ON?

Posted by Nicky Shane Band

Your company and on-line service does not function and is as RUDE as can be!!!!

Everything I have tried does not work!! Even my credit card submission for help was smeared and did't function.

This sight SUCKS!!!!


Posted by Cecilia Brungard

I need to recover my account and have changed my email address so i can not log into myspace account now my name is Cecilia Brungard I live in Hillsboro, Oregon now so I also moved from Manning my old email my new email address for yahoo

Posted by hollysmith

I've had an account for years with u I don't remember my email password to get the link you sent and so I can't access my account it had pics of my kids I can no longer get please fix this problem

Posted by Anonymous

I had a question regarding my Myspace contacts. I have opted out of all company ads but still see only one connection and an ad on every profile I visit. I have inquired on via email but am getting no response to help solve the issue. It is a shame that Myspace doesn't care enough to allow you to talk to a human when you have a question! Maybe I should move on to other forms of social media!

Posted by

NO one is getting back to me. I need to delete my account. I have left 4 different request forms to delete my account because no one is responding and I have been told 3 different times to make a request form. I probably shouldnt have done it so much but this is really hindering my life.

I dont understand how there is no number to call, email to email. No one to talk to. Can someone please help me.

Posted by Melin Morris

I called to leave a comment and did not have on phone to leave a message or a contact number to talk to me. I called Your customer system sucks. cannot even get a link to an email account or voice message to leave a comment. So sorry I left a positive comment on facebook that I was switching over. Your customer system sucks. and your comment section below this is very stupid, How the heck can I answer these questions when I did not get an answer? Give me a break, did anyone of your designer do what I am doing now? If so, they will realize they don't know a thing about customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Need to delete deceased sister's account and don't have her email to do so. All I can find is the LONG DISTANCE number, which I can't use, and actually being online to do so. I don't have an account, so I guess her account stays....for now. (I deleted my account over 16 years ago due to massive spam/hacking, despite highest protection at that time and ONLY relatives as connections! This site is worthless!)

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Myspace account from about 10 years ago, that I would like deleted. I don't remember my password, nor do I have access to the email account I signed up with. I've filled out the verification form about 5 times now, with NO reply. This has been extremely aggravating.

Posted by karatalve


My name is Kara Talve

I've filled out several forms, and I even included a picture of my license in one of them, in order to get it deleted. This was a week ago and still nothing has happened.

It doesn't look very professional that these myspace photos come up if someone looks up my name on google.

PLEASE delete everything linked to that account



Posted by Leslie Romine

My account has been hacked, I am not on MySpace

2 things

1. My name Leslie Romine used by girl in black wig is not me! Remove and report 2 people with my name immediately! This is fraud, they stole my identity and they broke the law!

2. I was notified today my email was hacked and want it removed immediately

Thank you

Leslie Romine

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Posted by Anonymous


Posted by el segundo

Anytime I have ever had a problem while using myspace, I just sent them an email at [email protected] with a brief description of the problem, what I had already tried, my URL and what I want them to do. Every time I get a good response. One seemed like a canned response but the one after was clearly typed by an actual person.

Posted by anyonymous

I had someone posting my kids pictures on their account. They are of no relation to me or my children. I contacted MySpace and got an actual reply from a real person, they signed their name at the end and everything. I wrote them and they deleted the pictures no problem. I was so thankful (and relieved) that they were able to help me. I once had trouble logging in to my account but the error went away on its own. Never had any other trouble. The way I contacted them was sending an email to [email protected] if that helps anyone.

Posted by El Segundo

Just ask for a real person to write back. That's what I did after the first canned response. I clearly wrote a paragraph telling them all the stuff I tried, someone will read it and actually answer you. You just have to give them all the information. Never had a problem tho

Posted by Anonymous

MySpace is really cool. I had an imposter profile where someone was using my picture to make a profile. I emailed them, they had me take a picture of myself and send it in. Then they deleted the bad account. It only took a few hours.
You should check out the Karaoke. It's new and fun...its free 10x's

Posted by bethnh09

When you all email them about forgetting a email/password or want to delete an account go ahead and attach a salute to it. If you don't know what a salute is Myspace explains it in the help section. I sent in a salute with the 2 profile URL's I wanted deleted and they were deleted in less then 24 hours. Good luck!

Posted by someone

wow thank you so much for the number! I called and talked to customer support and they took me off of the do not mail list! I can finally log into myspace after a week! calling them is so much easier and more helpful than emailing them! :)

Posted by Anonymous

Thanks for phone number! My 14 year old daughter and I just set up her MySpace and for some, when her profile came up after we'd entered everything, it showed her age as 18! It wouldn't allow us to change her age to 14. So I called this number, pressed 4 and a very nice gentlemen said that he was changing her age as we spoke. Hopefully it will fix it. He said that once you enter an age into MySpace, that it will not allow you to go back in and change it.

Posted by ElSegundo

I think MySpace's email customer service is okay. They just seem to be picky about things, which I understand because they don't want to give your account info away to just anybody. They wanna make sure it's really you, and I don't mind that at all.

It's really easy to get things done though, if you do things right. When I couldn't log into my profile and couldn't get the PW since my email was fake, i had to send one of those pictures of with my Friend ID on it. Even though i had to sent a view, in my experience, it seems that they like the salutes when it's a full body picture, because they never took any of my webcam pics. I guess they wanted to see all of me lol.

Anyway, I think they're doing a pretty decent job. Considering they get tens of thousands of emails per day, they're really not doing that bad.

Posted by Anonymous

beanerbop, i am a week in waiting. call the customer service number up there and choose option 4. he was really nice with me. you have to take a pic of yourself with the friend id, go to 1. search friends, 2. put your email that is assoicated with the account, and copy the numbers in the last string of myspace/yourname/numbers. take a picture of yourself, (its better to get someone to focus in on your face and number) and sent it to [email protected] But the customer support number will be there if you need it. Traci

Posted by Oompathegr8

This phone number works. You have to be patient and follow the rules. The rules can suck, but they are there to protect us.

Thanx Myspace Customer Service.

Posted by imadadd

I called the number listed and option 4. Worked like a champ!! Thank you for listing it!

Posted by lightsmith

I just called the number - 310-969-7400, x 4, and i spoke to someone. They are really nice. Great customer service.

I have had problems with myspace profile. I messaged them a couple times. I didn't get any response, so i looked around for their number and that is how i came about the phone number on this page. Thanks to whoever put this number up.

I don't understand why people are talking about class action suit. It is ridiculous.

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Posted by DelequentButterfly

Hi, I'm not even sure if I should be doing this or not as from what I've seen in the other comments nothing gets done about it, without a million questions and the blood of a virgin but I thought it was worth the a try anyway...

My name is Megan and I used to have a Myspace account that I haven't used in at least 6-7 years and when I type my name within the Google search bar a few photos of me as a silly, dimwitted teenager keep popping up in the search results and I went through a lot of bullying and relationship problems due to this and a lot more issues not including self esteem and confidence problems, but I now am a grown woman with a young child, so I find it embarrassing and harmful to have such silly and immature photos of me on there on a sote that i thought i deactivated and have not touched in such a long time,I also find it pointless and would like to have them removed if possible, not sure how to go about it or if you'll get back to me but I want something done please.


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