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    • 22.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 13 negative comments (100.00%)
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Jason Jimerson

I have been trying to contact this company for some time just to tell them to stop sending me mail for a policy holder that no longer lives at my address. I do not like their PBX phone service at all.

Posted by beyond annoyed

customer service for mutual of omaha sucks. i have had short term disability for 15 years now i need it and can't get it got 1 ck signed up for on line eob was there 1 time now all info gone customer service says use there wonderful on line site. they just taped my ckg acct again for the premuim but they are suppose to suspend when receiving benefits should never have wasted the money buying this crap

Posted by Anonymous

i tried to check on a policy that i have for many years and all i got was pass on to other people and then put on hold, never spoke to no one.

Posted by Anonymous

closed mailbox and opened another to cut down on mail received from unsolicited companies. Called Mutual of Omaha site about Cancer Insurance sent unsolicited. That mailing to be cancelled. Asked to be put forward to handle delete of future mailings and was sent to customer support. I am still waiting after an hour plus. I would suspect that they put you on hold, hoping that you will eventually hang up and they will not have to address your problem and it will eventually go away!! It is now 1:14 Pacific standard time. Started before 11:40Am I have requested to be deleted from their mailing lists on several previous ocassions via return mail in answer to their solicitations! WE have only had our new mailbox number for less than a month and they somehow found it and started mailing again!! VERY Infuriating!!

Posted by Hosteen Yazzie Begay

Mutual decided to get into Medicare gap policies two years ago with low ball quotes which caused them to loose their corporate ass. Had to raise premiums twice in the fall of 2012. I have had three different dealings with Mutual, none of them satisfactory. Just like any insurance company, Mutual will take your premiums for years and pretend they don't know you when you file your first claim.

Posted by anthonywtfrd

had life insurance with them for 10 years. I inadvertently missed two payments due to paying fro two accounts with only the last digit being different from the other, paid both on one check. one and half year later they state they will be cancelling. Ask why did'nt notice be given to the two missed payments (since the lady at Omaha stated I was always one month behind on my payment in 2011) her answer was we got return letter ( iwas paying with auto pay)I offered to pay the 63.00 difference which was refusaed for claimed policy review while it's in suspension. Nxt notice was for $180, I called and ask what was the deal.The answer was I would have to pay the full policy to be insured again. I wasted breath, and finnaly asked for documents in writing, whats owed, what notices were sent, any premium refunds etc..The letter sent a month after says we took the policy's value and you now have $1, 245 of life insurance would you like to increase to $25,000. I have complaint with Insurance Regulation in Michigan. Be warned

Posted by Steve

My wife paid for short term disability with Mutual of Omaha- she paid out her check every pay day so that WHEN and IF something happened we could count on Mutual of Omaha to help in our time of need- We got 4-5 checks and they decided to stop- My wife has two different doctors saying she cant return to work to do her job but yet here we sit three months without a check while they review the paper work- were not talking a lot of money but enough that would keep the lights on- us from getting evicted. I HATE MUTUAL OF OMAHA AND WILL NEVER RECOMMEND them. THEY DON'T F-ING CARE!!

Posted by lottelein511

I called this company merely to change bank account numbers for direct withdrawal pay on my elderly mother's life insurance policy. I called at approximately 10:00 a.m. I was told (by a recording) that I would be called back in "1 hour and 9 minutes.) I was not called back until 2:15 p.m. I missed 3 appointments, the agent on the phone was rude, and hung up before I could answer the robot-generated feedback questions. I would never, ever do business with this company again. Period.

Posted by Anonymous

I have three policies with Mutual of Omaha. I wish I had none. I recently applied for $1000.00 loan from one of the policies. I requested a payment of $112.50 and $105.00 be applied to two of them. Without going into detail because there is not enough time, finally after a month I received the balance of the $1000.00 check. I had previously called at least five times in which I was lied to about the transaction. They applied $112.50 x2 to each of my personal account and the $105.00 was not applied at all the my sister's account. I wanted to talk to a manager but was denied and told someone would be calling me in 24-48 hours. It has been three weeks and no one has called.

I would not recommend Mutual of Omaha to anyone ever. PLEASE stop trying to sell me more insurance. Are you kidding?

P.S.: I had to request $1500.00 from New England Life and was sent to me in a week simply because money from you took a month!

Patricia Howell

Posted by frandav

What service??? There isn't any. I have written and gotten no answer. I have telephoned and put on wait list for return call -- and no call yet. How does one get a response from you people. Frances L. Davidson, P. O. Box 17, Ivoryton CT 06442 e-mail: [email protected] Phone: (B) 860-399-9191, Ext. 1

Posted by Customer

The customer service and ability to reach someone for something as simple as a copy of your current policy is terrible! I would not recommend this company. They obviously only want your money towards premiums.

Posted by jma6904620

I opened a new account and deposied a local payroll check. Mutual of Omaha bank held the funds for ten days despite the fact that the payroll check cleared within three days of deposit.

They charged a NSF fee for a check that was written against the account on the ninth day.

Despite the fact that the deposited funds were available to them - they did not make the funds available to the depositor.

Banking employees attitudes and commments were inflamatory rather than conciliatory. They did not value my patronage or monies so it is likely they will not value yours either.

Posted by Unhappy Guy86

I have a life insurance policy with Mutual of Omaha and would not recommend them for anyone over 50.
Although I've always made the required payments, a few years ago I received a letter stating my policy would lapse unless I paid an additional $600 within 2 weeks. At that time my premium was increased to prevent this from happening(they calculated the new amount). Two years later, I received another letter telling me to pay another $800 (withing two weeks)or my policy would lapse.
Besides the unexpected premium increases and short response times, Mutual of Omaha notices did not include any names, addresses or telephone numbers for customer response and come in a generic window envelope.
It makes me wonder if this is a plan to purge older people from their files.

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