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    • 11 negative comments (78.57%)
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Posted by Kerry

I bought a Mr. Coffee coffee maker and after about 6 months the auto shut off kept cutting off after it brewed about 2 cups of coffee and you had to keep hitting the on button. I called Mr. Coffee and they only offered me a 15% discount on another coffee maker. If you DO NOT KEEP YOUR RECEIPT YOU GET SCREWED. Not helpful at all. The one I bought I got at a Walmart and it did not cost me what the person I spoke to offered me. Sorry customer setvice and sorry machines. DO NOT BUY and waste your money.

Kerry Lilly

Posted by K. Matthews

Hello, The iced tea pot made by Mr. coffee model number TM1.5 is no longer manufactured Mine is over 20 years old and needs replacing. I was disappointed to find that the newer design no longer lets the tea steep as the old one did. The customer reviews that I have read on line said that the tea in the newer model did not have the same design and the flavor was weak. I do wish you would consider bringing back the older design or something similar.

Posted by April

April 5, 2017 Posted on social media.

Told Mr Coffee I would tell EVERYBODY!
It's about the principle and sick and tired of being ripped off.
February 19, 2017 our Bunn Velocity Brew coffee maker stop working after 7 years. Best coffee maker ever. No bells and whistles just makes a great cup of coffee in 3 mins.

We had to get a coffee maker immediately since I cannot live without coffee and it ain't pretty if I don't have my daily dose. We searched for our Bunn Velocity Brew and no one had it available in their stores!!! I didn't want to order on line because I needed a coffee maker that day. So we buy a Mr Coffee @ Best Buy. At least it doesn't have a warming tray which we don't care for, just burns the coffee.

April 5, 2017 Mr Coffee stops working! Since it is over 30 days I call Mr Coffee due to it has a 1 yr warranty. They have me read these itty bitty numbers on the plug. Then they tell me it was made in 2015 so NO warranty! I told them I bought 2/19/17 but that didn't matter. Then Mr Coffee went on to say I shouldn't buy at Best Buy. I told them what a bunch of BS and a cop out! It was in the box with the protective packaging and should be just fine, it's their product that is questionable not Best Buy.

I called Best Buy to let them know what Mr Coffee is saying about them. Talk to the store manager. She verified that all warranties are from the date of purchase. Normally this would be a Mr Coffee warranty since over 30 days but will let us exchange for anything else since I told her we will no longer buy Mr Coffee products.

Thank you Best Buy for bending a policy when deemed fair and SCREW YOU MR COFFEE!
PS going on line and buying that Bunn Velocity Brew

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted your office a week and a half ago about my complaint of the company you hired for your rebates on mr. coffee during the holidays. They turned me down acct. they say I didnt send everything required. I bought the product at jc penny and the cashier made sure I received everything. For 15 damn dollars, you willing to loose customers. I received a email from js jarden and said nothing exept thank you. My next email is to BBB and about 100 friends.

Posted by Anonymous

This is my second Mr. Coffee maker that I purchased that does not work before the year was up. I'm highly disappointed and will be buying another brand.

Posted by Chuy

Mrcoffee sucks!! Why do you still send disc.products out to stores for sell. If your not going to have replacement parts for it. I have a brand new espresso not used. Glass pitcher is broken since lid and parts were jammed in there.(packagers fault) My daughter lives out of state and bought at a Wal-Mart near her. Try to exchange one near me they won't replace cuz that espresso is disc. Call Mr coffee. And they want to charge me $15 + sh. Really?? I just like your customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in the customer service. First I went on live chat. The agent typed "my name is Elizabeth. How can I help you?" I typed my problem. She wrote, "let me look into that for you" I waited and she never came back. Then they had the nerve to send me a survey. I decided to call the 800 number. First all I heard was my voice echoing. Called again and heard a recording saying number was disconnected. Called a third time, just went dead. So much for getting "customer support"

Posted by Anonymous

I called your customer service and she said that my warranty had expired which was strange since I bought this maker in June of 2015. I looked up this Model on the internet SJX33gt amd there was nothing but complaints about this model. one of the comments on Amazon was that the rep told them they were too busy to help with this problem. Just because you have a rash of returns on a certain model doesn't mean that you should stop before everyone is satisfied. It is easy to ask about receipts 6 months after the appliance was bought. I am going to add my comments on the Amazon ratings site along with all the others. I am sure that you don't care but I will not be buying Sunbeam products again

Posted by Ahmed.wafa

Dear Mr coffee customer support,
I just bought Mr coffee 10 cups optimal brew one week ago online from, and shipped it to Egypt, yesterday I received it and faced some problems related to it,
First the machine is working with an input of 120 VA, 1300 watt .
In Egypt the university electric input is 220 v so I bought an stabilizer and converter from 220 to 120 and withstand till 1500 watt, after I plugged the machince to the converter it worked properly .
After I read the manual, I tried to use the option of delay brew, and faced very strange problem, after setting the time (for example 4:00) and calculate 1 hour on my wrist watch, after one hour ends, the time on the machine become 4:30 and on my wrist watch 5:00, hope you got what I mean,
The machine clock is not counting like our normal watches .
So if tried to delay the brew till 7:00 am it will brew on 9:00 am
I don't know how to fix that, especially that I'm too far from USA,
I really disappointed, and need an help from one of the customer agents .

Posted by bratz2189

I just contacted Mr. Coffee for the 2nd time today. 1st was about a coffee pot that we purchased and the 2nd call was about the replacement coffee pot (first one "went" after less than 6 months, they sent me the same model, this time, less than 4 months!)coffee pot they sent... After years of following "family tradition", I can honestly say I will likely never purchase another "Mr. Coffee" brand coffee maker ever again....I do have to say that as far as customer service, their reps are great and they are sending me a new model number and everything but I can't help but wonder (I am somewhat pessimistic) if/when this new one is going to "go" on us....
When it does though, I am going out and buying a better machine...I like my coffee and need a coffee maker that I feel I can rely that doesn't have the hot plate "chipping" when being cleaned with NOTHING but a microfiber dish cloth, one that within 2 weeks the "on/off" switch stopped turning on right away, and I could continue but the list is way to long. HOPING, although as stated, I am a pessimist lol, that this new "model" that they're sending is at least 50% better than the one we originally bought and then had to have replaced and are now having replaced AGAIN!!

Posted by judy

I just bought a 12 cup Mr. Coffee and a filter a t BB&Beyond, LA, CA.. GTF2-1.The filter had
NO instruction sheet in the box.
How do I clean it? and how often? Can my
Dispose-all handle the coffee grounds? (I've heard otherwise)
What else does the paper say that I need to read?

Re: the carafe:
Why call an average cup 5 oz? That's so yesterday!!!!

Exactly how many teaspoonful of (dry) coffee should I put into
which Cup marker to end up having
4 8-oz. cups NET BREWED liquid? (not counting the absorbed water!)
Why don't YOU do the math, not me.

There are 2 small "marks" on the burner plate. My smaller Mr.Coffee's burner plate self-destructed after one year. Is this model made more dupable? Should I get this model shipped to you for replacement?

Does a Thermos carafe model truly keep brewed coffee hot for, say, 3 hours?

I'm a generally content Mr.Coffee customer. I'd like to be, instead, a totally delighted one. Please help me reach that goal. Thanks.

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Posted by Charles

The young lady, Gabrielle, was very helpful. I called about a coffee maker that happened to be on recall and she gave me all the info I needed to get a new coffee maker. I was not aware of the recall before I called and she could have let me go without dealing with the recall since I was out of warranty. Now I will be getting a new machine. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

Contacted after MULTIPLE times of trying to get our coffee maker to work, I called the company for help. The representative set up to send us a new one right away. Too bad it doesn't work that well. But I still appreciate that they didn't give me any hassle and are just sending a new one.

Posted by Anonymous

Called customer service because our coffeepot won't turn on after having it for only three months... Spoke with a representative and she was very friendly and helpful. She said they'll be sending us a replacement! How awesome and easy!

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