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Mozy customer service is ranked #782 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 25 ratings. This score rates Mozy customer service and customer support as Terrible.


24 Negative Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 96.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 25 Total Comments is 4.00%.

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    • 23.00 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (96.00%)
    • 1 positive comments (4.00%)
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Posted by rfsinc1

Be careful of your payment method. I paid annually and just stopped using them. I asked for a refund (retro from when I cancelled) and was told no. Apparently if you do not cancel within 90 days of your renewal date and you paid annually they keep your money. I missed the 90 days by 12 days and they would not help me out.

Posted by No Longer a Customer

Terrible customer service. I had MozyPro for more than 8 years. During that time, I had two instances where I figured out that the service had not backed up my files for several months. Both times (like other people posting on this site), they told me it was my fault. At the time I did not cancel, because of the lack of competition. Instead I watched and tested the backups regularly.
When I was able to back up unlimited files for a low fixed price with CrashPlan, I cancelled MozyPro service. They charged me after the cancellation date. When I called, the customer service person said that I had to cancel so many days before the date the fee drawn from my account.
I told them that I did not have that information beforehand. They said I did, and that it was my fault if I didn't get the information. I asked for a manager. Turns out anyone answering the phone is instructed to say that they are a manager, so you cannot escalate a complaint.
I again repeatedly requested that they give me a refund for extra payment drawn from my account. The customer service/manager just kept repeating a script about how the payment conditions were in the contract, and shouldn't contracts be honored? Her attitude was, "what kind of world would this be if people didn't honor contracts?" I told here that I found this site, and the general consensus was that their customer service was terrible, and that if anything went wrong customer service said it was the customer's fault.
What is concerning about this company is how the employees are clearly trained to block complaint escalation and blame the customer for technical issues with the software.
Stay away from all Mozy products.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had Mozy for 8 years, forgot my password, and also lost my email address and had to get a new one, when I got a new computer was going to chan GE computers and could not get in my account tried sending an email NO response tried to call and got some bimbo on the phone that said I had to cancel on line. HELLO I CANT GET INTO MY ACCOUNT I EXPLAINED TO YOU DONT HAVE OLD EMAIL NOR DO I KNOW THE PASSWORD, SHE SAID CANT HELP YOU.... So I called my credit card and told them to stop payment on this POð© Company that will not help you at all. And I will continue to call every month.

Posted by TMan

Mozy is a customer hostile company.
I used them to back up my most precious valuables - ten years of photos of my kids and family. I was stupid to trust them, because when my hard drive crashed, it turned out that my backup had not been running for six months. Which is strange, because I checked every week there was a "successful backup" notice on my mozy app. I contacted customer support through chat, and the douchebag on the other end basically said "your data is gone, it is all your fault, but let me help you install Mozy on your new pc" As if I would ever use them again.

As it turns out, Mozy has a 30 day retention policy, which means they automatically delete ALL backups after 30 days. So if their software fails (without any notice or warning or alert) they will delete your backup, they will take the disk space that you are continually paying for, and give it to somebody else. And when your pc finally crashes and you need to restore, you are basically f***ed. They are impossible to reach except through chat, where they have highly trained a**holes that will add insult to injury by telling you it is all your fault. As a final straw, I reached out to support with a pleed for mercy. The reply I got was a link to the "how to do restore" page. No comment, no apologies, no empathy with my desperate situation, just the link.

I have no words for how bad I think Mozy is. I wish their bank would start treating them as they treat their customers - "sorry, you have not made a deposit in 30 days, so we deleted your funds".

As for me, I got a happy ending after paying top dollar to a data forensics company that restored all data from my broken hard drive.

I can now finally sleep well at night with my pictures on dropbox (which actually worked), multiple copies on portable hard drives at different locations, and last but not least NO FREAKIN MOZY.

Posted by mitchmrdal

I stopped using Mozy months ago because it failed to back-up for nearly a year, every time I tried it wouldn't work. Trying to get support for Mozy Home is impossible. Meanwhile my subscription recently renewed automatically, so I deleted the software and sent emails trying to get a refund. Get this:

There is NO phone support for Mozy Homoe. There is NO chat support for Mozy Home and they don't respond to their fictitious email address. Save your time and money and don't ever use these clowns. They should be shut down.

Posted by Benrl

Impossible to get support from the vendor. they leave that to their "community" of amateurs. Not worst (that belongs to Acronis True Image) but I am in the process of cancelling my subscription. I have no hope of getting any kind of refund.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the most difficult website to navigate, and you canNOT get a live person no matter what number you call. very frustrating customer service. NOT GOOD.

Posted by Anonymous

this is Frank Bellospirito pw I have been trying to CANCEL THIS account since its new billing cycle i think may 25, 2015. so CANCEL IT NOW AND CREDIT MY CREDIT ACCOUNT. call me that this is cone at 714-932-6599 Your system take you in circles and severely spent to much time attempting to do so. Do not send me anywhere or to any body your system SUCKS CANCEL NOT CALL ME AND E-MAIL ME URGENTLY FRUSTRATED fRANK do not delay

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot get through to speak to a live person to date my cc info. This has already taken over 4 hours. Would you please assist me? There is no one to contact in person.

Posted by Intermade

I cancelled my account last September 17, 2014 right after Mozy charged my account for a full year in advanced (more than $750.00). As per their 'policy', I was offered a full refund in 1 or 2 days. It's November 1st and I'm still waiting for said refund. I already owe interest and financial fees to my bank and Mozy still answers 'we are working on it'. How much longer should I wait and expect my refund....and how much more interest/fees should I expect to add up on top of the original charge? Has anybody had this situation with them? Do I have any options to make them pay??

Posted by unhappy

When my old computer crashed about 8 months ago, I could recover any of my data from Mozy. after much frustration, I tried to contact them to have the problem resolved. I received no response whatsoever from them. I tried to get them to cancel my service but could not get any satisfaction their. They are completely oblivious to the needs of the customer and are very difficult to contact. You can never reach a person on the phone to help you

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to cancel service.
First chat said they would help. I had to give last four for an old credit card.
They give me a Case#, When I got the info, went back on chat, gave Case#
then Claudio G: said she could not help me, Said Billing would have to call me, Been Waiting 5-1/2 Hours, No Call Yet.
Do not Deal with a Company That Doesn't Give customer service.
Will Warn All My Contacts not to USE MOZY.
Customer Service Sucks.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to cancel service, thought I had, and they billed my credit card for another year! Arghhh! Reporting them to Better Business Bureau

Posted by Matthew

My experience matches that of Panda exactly. My computer crashed last week, and Mozy was unable to recover more than about 10 percent of all my files. Their explanation was the same as for Panda--I had not checked boxes for the files I wanted to save. Now, the "boxes" were never transparently presented and had they been, why would I not "check the boxes" for places where I store the primary type of file on which I run my business? And why were they able to restore some of my files (stored precisely as I store all files critical to my business)but not all? But here is the real stinger, no one at Mozy able to answer these questions. Rather they simply offered me a credit for the inconvenience(as if that could make up for the cost of losing critical files). This, rather than dealing with the problem, appears to be their business model for dealing with complaints

If you are considering Mozy, save your money and go with no service or find a company that actually does what it says it does.

Panda--are you interested in a class action suit? I suspect there are alot of us out there.

Posted by Nic

I wanted to cancel my subscription as the service is a bit expensive. Could not find instructions on website, neither is there telephonic support for my Country and a contact e-mail does not exict. When I deinscallted the software I selected the option on the page that I want to cancel. However, i was still charged end of June. I then after searching found instructions to delete account and data, but again was charged end of July. Will my card be charged forever and will I ever get my money for two month's subscription back?

Posted by signs2

canceled same day it was charged to my credit card. was told it would be removed. It is not removed. I understand this is business as usual for them. I am sure many people would not notice the charge and pay it. will try again to call them during work day.


Posted by Panda

On Jan. 22 thru Jan. 24 my computer was fine. On Jan. 29 my complete Drive: D was GONE. I went round in circles over & over again trying to find someone at Mozy to help me. Finally a customer service person, Named Scott, came on Live Chat & "helped" me; gave me an explaination & I've never heard of anything so stupid in my life. He said they back up only what's been "checked"in the boxes. Well, I've never checked any boxes. He said after 30 days the boxes not checked are dropped; so I guess that means they are deleted, because the files were gone. Ten years of personal files, two years of family photos to name just two. Personal to me but do they care??? I"ve been a customer since last Apr. & I did nothing different but my files are gone !!! Never to recommend the software back-up program to anyone & will soon un-install this demon. UPSET?? You don't have a clue how upset I am!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted MOZY to complain about the fact that they will not let me download their beta version of STASH because I have a fully paid unlimited account. They don't offer the unlimited plan anymore so they are phasing it out. When my plan expires next year, I will have to upgrade to more a expensive plan. That's fair but they will not let me download their new free product STASH unless I 1) upgrade to the more expensive plan now or 2)create a second free account. Why would I want a second account when the one I have (and paid for) is just fine? That's silly.

The customer service rep just argued with me and then asked if she could do anything else for me. I don't think arguing is an effective customer service strategy. Anyway, very low marks. If I knew then what I know now. I would not have paid for a MOZY account.

Posted by MOZYSUX


I was a customer of Mozy for 2-3 years and paid them for a service to "automatically" back-up my data on-line and safeguard it for me.

Once I loaded the software and saw it work I checked up from time to time - and approved their updates.

So, I felt assured that I would not lose my invaluable PHOTOS, BUDGETS, HISTORIC DOCUMENTS when IT happens again. Because "IT" happened. My computer was stolen.

I had it with PC's - so I bought a MAC. Which, as it turns out has TimeMachine a FREE app.

So, what an idiot I was in the first place for paying someone to do what an app can do for free...right?

But, I am no computer expert and like to have a few services (like AAA with towing) that I know they have my back. It also keeps unemployment down if we try to keep things crucial to us - managed by humans, not robots.

Once back at the desk with my new MAC, I immediately hit up MOZY to get my storage back on the new machine.

Somehow my data which I did check on last month. Suddenly, wasn't there (except for some music files and a few old presentations from work.

I called, and after poking for a long period of time at numbers on the phone to try to get a real human on the line, I told the woman of my emergency status. She told me with a "who cares" attitude that she would not put me through to anyone at the company - unless I PAY HER MORE MONEY!!

MozyPro - apparently you get to talk to a human.

MozyHome - apparently your screwed.

I began emailing explaining that the reason I pay them is to watch over my data - and if there was a problem - to notify me. Why would I pay for someone I had to "notify" that they are not doing their job??

Below is one responses of many I plan to post here and everywhere until I get ALL my money back.



I'm sorry that you're frustrated, and I can understand why, however as per the contract you signed when signing up, you are required to check your backups regularly so that you are able to catch problems as they arrive and notify us immediately in order for us to resolve it before something like this could possibly happen. Had you been checking your backup as you're required too, you would have found that it failed and we could have addressed it right away and you would have never lost any files. We cannot fix issues that we are not notified of.

You're welcome to review that contract here:

We are only able to make refunds as per the Payments and Refunds policy found here:

So if you'll cancel your account, I'd be happy to provide a refund within those terms.

Thank You
Angela G
Technical Support

Posted by Sick of Mozy Pro

Mozy Pro provides the worst service of any provider I have dealt with. They ignore my e mails and close "cases" without responding to them. The only time I got any attention is when I complained to their PR company in the UK. I have entrusted them with my vital data - I can't believe how they could have left me in such a mess, it's irresponsible.

Posted by greg smith

An absurd experience with the worst computer trial by fire ever. Mozy sucks.

Posted by Big Mac

I was just notified that my unlimited storage account was now going to be limited to 50GB but the price is going to increase. Storage continues to get cheaper but this company slashes the service while raising prices. Go somewhere else.

Also, customer service is horrible. I've gotten replies anywhere from 2 to 5 days after I submitted a request and it always ends up being a lot of back and forth before any progress is made.

Posted by epa

One of the worst, if not the worst online backup service. Deletes files without warning. Does not do a complete restore. Terrible support. A useless service overall. Makes canceling service hard due to buried link and no phone number to do that. I would join any class action against Mozy!

Posted by BDHAWK1

Tried to resolve Restore issues via customer chat and received the most incompetent support I have ever encountered. Not only was the person not concernd that I was dissatisfied with the fact that the restore did not work as advertised she actually expected me to know where and how they had placed my data! Seems it is placed in a temp file in Zip format somewhere on your C drive?? I was being uncooperative when I said this was not what I expected when I asked the restore to place the data in the original folders...things got worse from there with the threat to delete my data...
I was not uncivil to this person...

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Posted by bnl

Been a customer now for 3 years and have never had a problem with their support. Everyone I've talked with has been pretty nice for the most part. I've been elsewhere and Mozy is as good as any.

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