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Mozilla customer service is ranked #558 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 92 ratings. This score rates Mozilla customer service and customer support as Terrible.


88 Negative Comments out of 92 Total Comments is 95.65%.


4 Positive Comments out of 92 Total Comments is 4.35%.

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    • 29.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 88 negative comments (95.65%)
    • 4 positive comments (4.35%)
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Have not been able to get any emails to my "inbox" for 3 days. I get prompts for incoming mail but nothing ever shows up in the "inbox". I'm sure It is my fault but I can't get it to work. I know I've done something. Please help put it back together.


Posted by Anonymous

less than helpful.. I was treated rudely to the point of tears. I could not understand him very well. I requested to speak with another agent and he refused. I asked several more times and eventually he hung up on me. I called back and reached him again. At this point I was so frustrated with him interrupting me and over talking me . I asked him several times for another phone number where a superior could be reached, once again his answer was no. John told me he was the only one who could help me. My husband asked him why we couldn't speak to his supervisor and he told us there was not one. Eventually after much arguing over him refusing to let me speak to anyone I finally did speak to another person., not sure if they were a supervisor or not. This 2 hour ordeal left me totally frustrated . Worst customer service ever.

Posted by ???

I recently became a Mozilla Firefox user. VERY recently. Still, I am being asked to update, since I have a 2010 version. In trying to update, process is unsuccessful. I never had this problem with previous provider. What's so difficult in updating? WHY did I have to update, no sooner than I had uploaded as a new customer?

Posted by Cyndy

I have received no help from Mozilla. I did not even receive the reset password link. Mozilla Firefox freezes at least once a day. It no longer takes me directly to Yahoo. I have used Mozilla Firefox for more than five years, and I've never had any problems until I downloaded Microsoft 10. Mozilla is driving me crazy, and I will have to switch. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I have used Firefox for a couple years now. Recently it is freezing very very quickly just using basic email tab open and no others. I go through the blogs and have tried removing add ons and everything else with no luck. FIREFOX HAS NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT so that tells me how little they care about the user and customer. I cannot use it any longer unless they are willing to help my issue and care.

Posted by Anonymous

Used for years - loved it - last months of use - crashes almost everytime I open more than 2 tabs - Given up - going to use alternative for at least 6 months - if it is still as bad - I will make sure I never use anything by Mozilla EVER

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Firefox! I will NEVER, EVER use your browser and further more, I will NEVER suggest your service to anyone! I had your Firefox, 6 months ago when opening it one day a new Facebook ad on occupied my whole screen with no way to click out of it unless you downloaded it. I had to shut my computer down and make serveral attempts until I could eventually trash Firefox out of my applications.

Tonight, wanting to use Firefox again, I downloaded and voila, not only the whole page Facebook download was staring at me but a Google Ad program came up with no way for either to say, "No thank you" or "Later, not now" just a choking ad program that would not let me get on with using the browser, original reason for downloading Firefox.

Really, Firefox? This is what you do? You are on MY AD's Top ten List, announcing to everyone how " not simple" and "easy to use" Firefox is!

Ist time shame on you, second time shame on me...and never ever again!

You're the worst! I should have downloaded you, and bingo, those ad's should have never been there choking the page. I should have been ushered to customizing my Firefox immediately, not choking crap about FACEBOOK and GOOGLE AD service.

William Mayo On a MISSION!

By the way, I know a FREAKIN' box in the upper left hand corner of my page with an X in it to click---to get out of a page! There were none! Anywhere! Obviously, the message, download this crap and then you can move on. You're just like everyone else in business who manipulates and holds hostage prospective users...this should have been way easier!

William Mayo

Posted by NONE

I have not been able to see my contact information using Mozilla Firefox when I go to my account. I can see them only using internet explorer or google chrom.
I came to work and even used work pcs to to this, same story.this got tested with 2 other fresh pc windows 7 and fresh mozilla Firefox installations, no virus or spywares in all 5 systems. Is there a new Firefox update that causing this issue.I want to be able to see my people contact information when I log to my msn account.Only with your browsers I can not anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I have advocated Firefox for many years. However, I can't do that now. Firefox was very fast, a lot more so than Internet Explorer. I'm finding out that Google Chrome seems to run much better than Firefox. It's disappointing really. When I use Firefox and try to load my Yahoo mail, it seems like the browser stops.....actually hangs up and I can't do anything. It appears to be when it is loading, or trying to load, believe that's correct. I would really like to start using Firefox again. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Aggravated

I am more and more disappointed with Mozilla Firefox with each passing day. I have started to migrate all my bookmarks over to two new browsers, whichever one of those two performs consistently better will replace Firefox.

Your browser takes up HUGE amounts of resources. Even simple things like Youtube hang up, and I get the never-ending 'Not Responding' message.

For the last of god knows how many updated versions you issue, after the update nothing worked, and the solution offered was to do a complete uninstall and then a new, clean install. Kind of a lot of hassle for you to do a simple update to your software. Ironic that I had to use another browser to do a full download of your latest iteration of your browser - and the browser I used to do that worked clean, fast, no interruptions, which naturally made me think, "Why don't I just use this one instead of Firefox?" Why not indeed.

But since I had done the download, I tried it for a few days - same problems all over again - so, what exactly did you update? Your update doesn't appear to have solved anything, so what DID it do? Then today - again - a simple 480p youtube video locked up and, what a shock, Firefox was 'not responding'. So, back I went to that other browser - the same youtube video - it was up and running in a second, and it ran completely uninterrupted without any hiccups.

You can see where I would realize that it's just your browser, since I have consistently found that trying something on your browser that lags and locks up, works without a single flaw on another browser. Please come to realize that you are getting to the point where too many bells and whistles are adding nothing of value and just slowing us all down with the extra weight.

Posted by Hate Firefox

Mozilla ( browser ) should be independent . Unfortunately, it turns out not to be so. In the backward is during insallation the stupid "ask" Toolbar integrated with your system. Everything Mozilla formerly stood for: Freedom in the choice of operating systems and programs on your computer appears to be a big lie. That is a big disappointment and so I'm going to remove firefox and never use it again.I will tell all my friends and acquaintances about this.

Posted by Anonymous

You won't send me an email like you say you have, so how can I get into my account? Your customer relations stink

Posted by jb76006

Totally fed up with "Firefox is already running but is not responding" error that has recently been plaguing my Firefox. Have reset it dozens of times through Task Manager and deletion of parent.lock, but is always eventually returns. Have been a Firefox fan for many years but I've had it. Not worth the trouble. Gone to Google Chrome.

Posted by airy75218, Dale

Your "security update" is abysmal. Since our current office 2003 serves us very well and we don't have the money to update, please remove the last Firefox update from our computer. We have no access to any of our email and, since my email is for business and not pleasure, this is critical. Our current privately written and installed security is more than adequate. I'm sorry and do NOT want to lose Firefox. Your prompt attention is appreciated.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't get my Firefox hd6 loged in or regerstered I have a new unit and can not get started

Posted by ohdee

All I've heard is stay away from IE because of virus type problems. Go to Firefox - that's where I was told to go - that was the overwhelming response so I did.
What a difference! The add-ons and themes got better year after year. However, the past two to three years have been a nightmare. I keep it updated which is probably the wrong thing to do - each time I do, it crashes more and more. I'm so TIRED of the crashing. I've gone to forums and re-adjusted a few settings which got me nowhere. I've been to Mozilla forums but received no replies. It's truly ridiculous. It was a great idea but seems as though the people in charge aren't making the updates useful. I would stick with Firefox forever if not for that.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not want my Wells Fargo on line log in to auto complete as it does when using Firefox search engine. It does not do this when using other search engines.

Is there a way I can stop the auto complete just on Wells Fargo on line access via Firefox?

Posted by ArcAIN6

General Firefox annoyance:

The ability for other applications to install addons into firefox without user permission / promt is a SECURITY EXPLOIT!

To further add insult to injury, firefox doesn't allow you to " uninstall " these addons.

Again.. this is a serious concern.

The fact that trojans, viruses, and other malware is not only able, but expressly given permission to add anything it wants to firefox is severely risky. Mozilla has been told about this open door policy time and again, and has completely disregarded the security risk involved. Simply telling users to " remove them from your profile folder "

The issue with this is simple. Addon's usually don't create a folder based on the addon's name within the randomly named profile folder. Instead, they generate a random name for the folder. So if you have legitimate addon's, you'll need to complete some tasks that resemble trouble shooting more than uninstallation.

1) backup ENTIRE profile folder somewhere safe.
2) 1 by 1 remove the plugin folder's until you get the one you want.
3) make note of the folder name for the plugin you're removing,
4) make a backup of your backup profile folder.. (yes.. srsly... )
5) remove the offensive plugin folder from the backup of the backup.
6) replace the current profile folder with the backup of the backup profile.
7) start firefox and hope it didn't crap the bed.

7b) If firefox does crap the bed...
1)completely delete the profile folder
2) now copy your still completely intact backup profile folder to where your old profile folder was
3) start firefox
4) install an addon that allows you to backup cookies, history, bookmarks, settings, passwords, form data, and other addons / plugins selectively (i know right!!)
5) make your selective backup, trying to get all information BUT the offensive addon.
6) Completely uninstall firefox.
7) Delete the profile folder
8) Reinstall firefox
9) Restore from backups (and pray it works)
10) Decide that NO browser is worth this much trouble simply because the mozilla developers have an open door policy for addon installation.

Posted by PTC

I am dropping Mozilla due to your thought police policies. Your treatment of your CEO was outrageous.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Mozilla Firefox I'm very upset I updated and now I have this malware crap all over my computer There's no way that I can get this crap off because I've already spent $250 and having my computer scrub I've had it reset back to factory specs everytime I go I go back to Mozilla Firefox it reinstalled please get your straight

Posted by SL

I would just like to add my comment to the others, the intolerance that Mozilla has shown to the newly appointed CEO's beliefs have caused me to remove Firefox from my work computer as well as all our laptops at home. It is truly amazing that a company preaches tolerance and diversity yet doesn't allow tolerance for any viewpoint except for that which it endorses.

I will never again use any product by Mozilla.


Just like you made a decision to remove your CEO, I would like to make the same decision regarding Firefox, but for some reason Firefox was designed so I can not remove it from my computer. HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP

Posted by Anonymous

Can't find another way to contact Mozilla Corporate. Please pass this along to the President/CEO/Chairperson of the Board: I am deleting FireFox from my computer, going back to Explorer. And its all about Mozilla's decision to fire the CEO last week. Decisions have consequences.

John Watkins

Posted by commonesnes

I am removing Mozilla from all my business computers and my family's home computers and laptops. We were early adapters of Mozilla but I am sure Safari can do the job as well or better than Mozilla. Your blatant disregard for Mr. Eich's right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion is intolerable.

Posted by [email protected]

Your "intolerance" to other's views is mind-boggling and I am terminating my account immediately with such a narrow-minded corporation that not only suppresses free speech, but would ruin someone's life-long career by snooping into their personal contributions to see who they "align with."

Add your review!

Posted by Richard

I am not making a complaint but I need to know why one of my computers won't let me access one of my sights and also the other computer won't let me access thunderbird plus one other site.I don't think I will be hearing back about this but then again there is hope..Yours Richard Burgess

Posted by LG

Dear Sirs,

I have got a claim. About two years ago I download virusbuster by Mozilla and I paid for it but I do not use it now because my PC was installed and there is a new virusbuster on it.
May I kindly ask you how to cancel your service because I do not want to pay for it any more?

Thank you for your reply in advance.

Best regards,


Posted by Anonymous

Mozilla's handling of issues via their bug database ( is amazing. They respond to issues with questions and attempts to assign (or mitigate) the issues very quickly. The average wait time for a first response is usually about 4 hours.

I believe they may have had a problem in the past with not responding to or fixing issues (they had less money in the past) so long standing issues may still be unfixed, but all new issues seem to get handled very quickly.

Posted by dardan

Compared to AOL, their internet browser is far, far ahead of AOL. They are 1st class and respond quickly to any problem with answers and help.

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