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Motorola customer service is ranked #553 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 452 ratings. This score rates Motorola customer service and customer support as Terrible.


428 Negative Comments out of 452 Total Comments is 94.69%.


24 Positive Comments out of 452 Total Comments is 5.31%.

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    • 29.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 428 negative comments (94.69%)
    • 24 positive comments (5.31%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Call twice yesterday trying get phone back to sound and call out and their is no Imei number and you help me again reference thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I just follow the steps and phone just stop again please helplp me again so it won't do it again thank you

Posted by Anonymous

My phone has no sound can not call out or make any calls went to boost Mobile they help but went back told call you back but I don't remember call at all but you said I did please help 3 days

Posted by Parvez

Dear Motorola 5/5/2017 Today, I picked my mobile Moto z Play from your service center but in that there is Problem Media Volume and my mobile number is changed to imei no. Also my mobile has been scratched Now I'm doing a case against Motorola in Consumer otherwise money back or new mobile handset Very bad service your Motorola

Posted by vengatp

i have moto g3rd gen. Motorola customer care and service center very worst service support

Posted by John

My phone number hasn't been activated and I purchased minutes with a credit card I purchased the $50 plan please activate my phone my number is Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Motorola Bluetooth model 730 on/about August 20, 2016. Worked fine until today Jan 26, 2017. Now won't pair with my Samsung Galaxy 5A. Is this a warranty situation you can address?

Richard F Stanfield ... Roanoke, VA

Posted by Hoohoi

I have been waiting on live chat for a long time. What is the problem?

Posted by Kinloch

I am very disappointed with Lenova customer repair. I feel I have been badly misled on price and repair time. I would not have had the phone repaired if they had provided me with accurate information.
I was told that the repair for a cracked screen would cost £59.62 and the website indicated I would get the phone back within 2 to 5 days.
The Repair cost was much higher than the quote at £79.04 vs the quote of £59.62 and there was no explanation of the difference.
The repair time was a full 8 days from the day they received it, Not 2 to 5 days!

My advice, get your Motorola repaired at a local stall and the worst case is you will have to buy another phone which would only be 2X the repair cost..

Terrible service from a company that produces good phones.

Posted by Rad

This is the worst service center experience i have ever had. They told me that your phone will be ready within 15-20 days. The first time i called to confirm weather my phone is done they said it will take 2-3 days more and the second time i called they said the same. Now the third time they said yes and you can have your phone back.But when went back to the service center they said no your phone is still having issue and it will take 2-3 days more. Today i got a call form them saying that the process will take 8-10 days more. I have no idea when i am going to have my phone back. Its been more than a month. MOTOROLA, I am done with you. i was't expecting this type of service experience. The only call i am getting is to hear the same thing " Sir your phone not done it will take few more days".

Posted by jay

I registerd a complaint in month of november 2016.

Till nov my problem is not resolved or nor i have any info from service center

Posted by Nik

I never see this type of service center work it's very poor.Your B2X service center in Pune is too poor and I will give rate this -1

Posted by Anonymous

Don't buy Motorola ! Horrid customer service, didn't honor warranty. hate them.

Posted by Anonymous

Damn and stupid service by the motorola service center in Kukatpally.Within 2 months of problem resolving again now the problem is repeated.Why do you give such a lame service and make customer suffer.

Posted by moto g

Very poor service in mangalore karnataka.....i have given my set on 12/10/16 after that i have contacted 3-4 times but every time they say.......they need 10 more days to repair..................Mithun

Posted by sant rameshwar enterprises,S.C.O

worst service i have ever seen.
actually i found an issue with my charging adaptor,and complained on 20/09/16
and today is 14/10/16, its about an month, and still i have'nt got any solution.
plzz someone cancel their license/authority of service center.
worst worst and worst service i have ever seen from the company.
the bar is going continously down from my side.
i just want solution thats all and will also suggest my near,dear and loved one to, do not go for MOTO.

Posted by moto e2

MOTo service centre very worst .no response call and talking. my mobile moto e2 one year waranty not completed,but OS and SOFTWERE service centre paid RS.950 charges.sobvery worst for moto service centre. one week ago but not mobile service.

Posted by Shyam

I have never seen such a worst service from any companies. Motorola tops first on worst list. They do not care customers. They do not have control over their own service center. Service center in Ernakulam, Kerala is a waste. Good for nothing. Customer call center is also useless that does not have authority to help customers. A team of useless attends the call.

Posted by MOTO g4 Plus

I have never been to any customer service worst that Mototrola, Pune. I bought MOTO G4 plus 2 months back. At sudden one day phone gets switched off. But a new phone gets switched off just like that isn't the worst part, the horrible experience was visiting B2X Motorola service center to get the phone repaired. it took me 8 hours to get my phone submitted because of crowd. In one look they said it will take 10 days and now its been 15 days and still haven't received any call back. More to it, they don;t pick up call in case you want to know the status of your phone. Worst service received. I sincerely request authorities to take stern action in this regard otherwise Motorola will lose a lot of customer base

Posted by ocdogwhisperer

Thank god I found this site. I've been transferred and cut off with the other numbers that got me nowhere. The website is a joke. I just dialed the number and pressed ### and finally got my problem resolved. You rock!

Posted by Anonymous

Work Order No Handset given on 3rd Aug 2016 and no repairs done. Charges Rs.345 taken as advance and not refunded. Reason given is Part not available.

The person sitting in the Service Center doesn't know what is happening in the service center.

No attempts were made by service center to even open the handset. The service center representative also tells lies to the customer. Yesterday he gave in writing that the hand set cannot be returned and is sent to Pune back end office. It will take 4 working days to return the handset. Later we spoke to one Mr.Sweth amd he said that the handset is with him and we can collect it immediately. I got the Handset at 7.00 pm after waiting in the service center for 1 hour.

Posted by Anonymous

I have given My charger for exchanging. Which is in waranty. From Last 3 days They are just saying in one day, you will have charger. it's been 1 week and now they are not taking call.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Service I have ever got for any of the electronic equipment bought by me. Service people are ruthless and misbehaving. I submitted my MOTO G2 for repairing the charging port. Which is a very common problem as I learned from internet(P.S-Never buy any motorola phone. Initially they told me to come after 4 days for receving the phone. When I tried to inquire about my phone over the phone number provided on service receipt, I found that this number is not working. I went to collect my mobile after 7 days just to know that they dont have the charging pin spares available. It will take another 5 days for being repaired. There is no other way, you can raise the complaint on motorola service centers.

Posted by naveen

I have submitted my phone at one of your service centre located in Shaheed bhagat singh market, new delhi named as Ensure Support Services (India) Ltd. with Workorder No

It was worst experience from the day of submitting my Phone till now. Worker at service Centre are behaving like moron, these guys don't show any interest to understand the problem faced by customer. I have tried to call them several times and they don't even pickup my call. Initially they give me time of 7 days for repaire. They don't have any fixed time period boundation for repairing.

There was some issue of back camera for which, I have submitted it at service center under warranty period. while returning my phone to me after 18 days they told me that some camera module was replaced. Then I checked my phone and found motherboard of my phone was replaced with 16 GB Board on the place of 32 GB Module of Mine, Even Display also not working normally. So Again I have deposited my phone there and waiting to get it in the same condition, in which I have submitted it earlier.

Posted by Cspoon

FIVE phone calls, FIVE person, THREE weeks later I finally get my phone. Wait, not finish... What do I do with my defective phone? No instructions, no mailing address, no shipping label... No nothingÃ?â??Ã?¿ I guess I should keep the defective phoneÃ?â??Ã?¿0r do I need to talk to FIVE persons

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Posted by Blackbarn13

Moto G 4 started having ghost touch problems. Called for service. They emailed a shipping label on Friday, I took it to Fed X on Friday. Replacement delivered on Wednesday. Tracking emails kept us in the loop.

Posted by Mabeen

Mabeen was very helpful and sorted out my problem patiently

Posted by sarahhhh

I do not understand why so many people have been having problems with repairs. I had an excellent experience. I sent my phone in to be repaired on a Friday and got it back the following week in brand-new shape. I think if you do everything as they tell you to, and add the order slip inside the package AND write the reference number outside the box, then you should not have any problems. I had a few questions, and the team did great at answering them. Plus, when they say that you will get it back within 3-5 days, they mean they will FIX IT AND SHIP it back within 3-5 days. Keep in mind that the phone takes time to be shipped there and back. In addition, people have mentioned that the people who work at Motorola services have thick accents. I can see why that may be bothersome, but they are doing their best to help. If you're going to criticize them, find a reasonable thing to criticize on. Finally, I live in the U.S. This is probably why I haven't had many problems with all of this. However, I can see why things may be different for people overseas. Ultimately, my experience was stellar.

Posted by moto x play

have bought moto X play in Nov 2015, since last 10 days the main camera is not functioning. Every day i spk to the customer care who have been helpful, but some technical deptt chaps have to call for help which has not happened too date. Wondering what to other way to lodge a complain which can reach some higher up to react. Sad state of after sale services....

Posted by KARLO

I just wanted to say that I am very happy with Motorola products I have a Motorola cell phone right now that is amazing. I want to include that Motorola replaced my broken cell phone after I had purchased a brand new one was not even for days and they sent me a brand new almost brand new one which I'm very happy with I want to thank Motorola and Verizon together for the support and help and making their customers happy. Please continue to be such a wonderful company Motorola on Verizon together you guys rock I really love your products and your services thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Posted by norwood451

I have only had a positive experience with Motorola. For example, my son bought a Nexus 6, and noticed a small scratch in the USB cord. I called Customer Service, and they asked for the IME number and address and they sent out an entire charger and USB cord in a sealed retail package. A year later I bought a LG Nexus 5X, with a loose charging port. LG said I had to return the entire phone and charger (I had to pay the shipping) and they will fix then fix the charger. I was curious, so I called Huawei about their Nexus 6P and found their policy to be the same as LG. So, given the choice I would certainly pick Motorola over Huawei or LG. Fortunately, if you buy a Nexus, Google will take care of the warranty for the first year and two years if you buy the extended warranty, which is 80 bucks, but if you do not want to deal with poor customer service, I would probably recommend the warranty, which also covers breakage.

Posted by KARLO

I wanted to write a review in regards to the customer service I received when I spoke to a Motorola Customer Service rep at a Verizon Store. I recently purchased a Motorola Droid Turbo and not long thereafter, the glass cracked. They requested a replacement phone to be sent to me. A like brand new phone was shipped to me very soon. I was very happy with the service. I sent my broken phone back with the shipping label provided. I want to thank Motorola for the awesome service that I was given!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Posted by Anonymous

100 percent in satisfactory with Motorola service,they are only 2 Motorola service centers in Visakhapatnam, but both of them could not give better service for consumers please see to it Motorola and increase number of service centers in big cities like vizag also.we living in vizag facing this much problem then how this Motorola could serve consumers all over India??????

Posted by Akash

I own a moto g and I play metal gear solid portable op game on PSP emulator around for 5-6 hours daily. Playing game for such an extended period of time put too much strain on my handset's screen and it got damaged beyond repair. Thus, I visited a nearby Motorola Service Centre quite reluctantly because it was a physical damage ( I suppose) and was not covered under warranty. But, surprisingly, they replaced the display unit with a new one within 24 hours without asking a single question. Hats off to Motorola Service Centre!

Posted by sheshe

My phone stopped charging suddenly one day. I purchased a custom phone from Motorola online, so I contacted Motorola instead of my carrier. The first agent I chatted with was rude and not helpful and dismissed me because my phone would not power on and I did not have the box with the meid. She did not even attempt any troubleshooting. I closed the chat with her and found the requested meid on the Motorola website by myself and got another agent. I sent my phone in on Monday and got my replacement on Friday, so I am pleased.

Posted by Willclarke91

I had my x for about 5 months and not long ago I dropped it out of my car, yes the screen was smashed in several places. Bummer, I have no insurance either. So I decided to contact Motorola asking the repair price, they asked to see photos of the phone etc and if I had bought it from them direct (off the Motorola website)

They had replied that it's out of a warranty repair but as a goodwill gesture they would repair it FOR FREE. Couldn't believe this. So they sent a pre paid label to me to send off the phone, dhl to Germany of all places!
Further still, they actually sent me a voucher code TO DESIGN A NEW ONE ON THEIR WEBSITE FOR FREE!

So I'm now the proud owner of a new x (different colour scheme now) and I've not dropped a penny.

Motorola were very quick in response, and as you can see have an excellent customer service, I'm amazed and so is everyone I've told.

So just a huge thanks to Motorola, for their exceptional customer service.

Posted by omar

My first Motorola phone was moto g 1gen the they upgraded my phone to moto x 1gen for free.I had it for 3 months i broke the screen i send to them.they said they upgraded it to moto x 2gen 2014 costume edition for free.the costumer service is amazing

Posted by Just Another Customer

I am a one of the Motorola customers from India. I've been using Motorola phones from a very long time and I must say that I am totally satisfied with the quality and overall user experience. Company left India but i did not shifted to any other company because my phones never needed any service or repair. Most of the people might come here to give negative feedback but i am here to give a true feedback for the phones that I bought. First I bought Moto SLVR L6 which was one of the thinnest mobiles of its time and it worked really well. Then I bought Moto ROKR E6 - one of the earliest touchscreen phones and a linux operating system (Worth every penny). Used it for 4 long years without any problem. And believe me I am a carefree user. I did not handle it with delicacy. It just went well. Then I bought defy plus- the rugged series phone which was my first android (a bit dissapointed because of its slow processing speed but the size, handling and built quality I'll simply give it 5 stars.) I recently shifted to moto g(1st gen) only because I needed a bit faster performance.

So after this long experience with Motorola I would say that product quality and satisfaction is good but still there are a few things that you can consider for improvement. I am a designing student and I know very well that its not easy to attract a huge set of people having different mindset just by one product(as moto g did it quite well).

I am not just another customer of motorola products but I am someone having a good taste of designs and market strategies as well. I saw that your strategy of selling phones online was a big success and was obviously a very good idea. But you could have made it much better. Because moto maker is not available in India so you should have given an alternative. Like if there were original printed back covers for moto g and moto E definitely it could have affected the sales positively. In addition to that you could also sell some attractive accessories at minimum possible price. India is a price tag oriented market. If people here get anything (let it be colorful printed back covers, let it be colorful earphones or other cheap accessories) at a fairly cheap price they love it (provided you are not lowering the quality by a considerable amount).

Recently Motorola launched Moto g 2nd gen. Here you improved the specs a bit but I personally believe that its not going to be as big hit as was original moto g because... Dimensions. yessss. Survey can tell you that people want bigger screen but the thing is that some people want it to be more handy. So now there you have a problem that some people want a handy phone and some want a bigger screen. So solution to this problem was easy. You could have made same phone in 2 different chassis. In this way you don't lose a single customer. Because the phone was sold online you could have manufactured these different sizes according to number of customers for each group. In fact same goes for Moto X. In Moto Maker you can add this another option of choosing some predefined dimensions of phone by choosing the chassis size.

I've got a whole set of ideas for proper marketing and that is only because there is still room for improvement. Hope that you'll look into this advise. Anyways keep the good work up. Hoping to see some good products soon in the market.

-Just another customer

Posted by Anonymous

In my recent run-in with Motorola customer support, I was in contact with 3 different phone reps. 2 of them were brilliantly helpful, while the other was decently helpful but seemed a bit annoyed.

Posted by Anonymous

Besides getting ahold of an actual human being (took a long time to figure out where and how to get to talk to one), the service of the people was good, as well as how fast it came back. I never post reviews, but I just wanted to put out a positive thing about Motorola. They fixed my phone, free of charge, after the backlight went out on it. They said it would take 5-7 business days, and it took them 6. The people were also very nice as well. So thank you, Motorola.

Posted by xbl0ndiex

I have a Droid Razr and absolutely love it. Anyways, one night I had a few too many Jack Daniels, decided to change the password on my phone (and forgot right away) and was soon locked out of my phone. With my natural impatience and short fuse, I decided to rip out the battery in hopes that I could restart it that way...BIG mistake. Don't EVER try to take out your battery, it ripped this little pink strip that is inside the battery and caused my phone to not receive any power. The next morning I took it to Verizon, they told me since I wasn't due for an upgrade, that I can pay $650 for a new one. Told them to go pound on salt. Then I decided to call Motorola. The Motorola customer service rep was very helpful and patient as I explained what happened. He sent me a RMA # and instructions via e-mail only moments after we spoke. I followed the RMA instructions and sent it to Motorola Repairs. Well, 5 business days later, I received a tracking number from FedEx that my phone has been serviced and sent back. They shipped it overnight! I was so excited and so surprised that no one even called me to collect a repair fee, since this was obviously my own fault. So sure enough the next day my phone came back with what appears to be a new backing and a fixed battery, all at no charge. I am so happy to have it back and couldn't be more thankful that Motorola actually cares about customer satisfaction. I will definitely continue purchasing Motorola products in the future, and for all you people out there, don't let Verizon or your cell phone provider fool you into paying a ridiculous amount for a new phone, just send it back to the manufacturer first! Thanks Motorola!

-M. R.

Posted by kittyxxx3

my droid screen turns black and i have no physical damage to the phone first rude representative and then tranferred me to a very sweet and respectful representative n helped me with the waranty.

Posted by The Mikester

Thanks for the tel #. The promts were a bit lengthy and I did not give my cell # until the guy explained that it would be used to call me back if neccessary (later I discovered that the cell # became my account#.) He spoke an unaccented english, and after a 2 min hold (to check on stock) he returned to let me know that the warranty bluetooth ear bud part will arive to me in 4-6 bus days. I can't complain about the service - it wasn't great but it wasn't bad either - I'd call it satisfactory.

Posted by Frank

Motorola products SUCK! Although the customer service is great, the products have a lot of flaws and bugs... and the warranty policy doesn't guarantee a working replacement or resolution.

Posted by Michael S

I had some issues with my Motorola Atrix 4G. I was promptly take care of by a representative, then I was transferred to a very kind, American level 3 support agent. He was very apologetic and was understanding with my issue at hand. My issue was resolved within 15 minutes and I had a great communication experience with Motorola's support call center. They also know what they are talking about, it's like they HAD to be trained to know about everything! A+!

Posted by Scandinavian

Motorola defy with camera defect. Cam and camcorder show upside down all time. Motorola support fooled me two times to send it to their repaircenters. The first repairenter doesnt exist. The second could not repair it because it had motorblur they said. I am impressed - never motorola again.
This issue started 8 july and is still a problem.. They are always friendly and are very sorry and apologize.

Posted by james

motorola is the best

Posted by judy

motorola is the best for me

Posted by Anonymous

I was able to reach someone by phone with a few prompts. An unlike the chat service, I was able to get warrant service and a replacement. Thanks so much for the number!

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