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Morgan Stanley customer service is ranked #344 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 24 ratings. This score rates Morgan Stanley customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


22 Negative Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 91.67%.


2 Positive Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 8.33%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Morgan Stanley

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 22 negative comments (91.67%)
    • 2 positive comments (8.33%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 3.5 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Very terrible company. No customer service at all. They send me incorrect check, my bank charged fee because of it. I was calling to them during a 3 month, they told me a few times that sending new check to me. Still waiting :) Don't do any business with them

Posted by Joan Klug

Terrible, terrible customer service. Still trying to get my 2016 Tax Forms from them....First time I called they told me they had been sent; second time I called--10 days later--I was told they would be sent. This company has deteriorated into
ineptness. I will be moving my accounts from here to another investment company where I also currently have several accounts, and where I know the company values its clients and responds professionally and expediently. Morgan Stanley
does not.

Posted by Very Happy I LEFT

After over 30 years of holding an investment account, I wised up and moved to Fidelity. They charged me $95 to transfer the account. The fee schedule states that it is at the discretion of the investment advisor whether to charge, and of course they would not waive the fee. BAD BAD LOUSY customer service. They do not care about you.

Posted by enough

call #1: was told my account had $0.00 remaining so everything must have been transferred to my new account with UBS
call #2: i told them my monthly statement showed i have a significant amount left. was told it must be a position that UBS doesn't have so i should double-check with UBS and then ask for a check for the sum of the remaining account thereby avoiding a $95 transfer fee
call #3: told i could not receive a check, and there is a transfer fee of $6.50???
call #4: i called back to say something was not right. super rude customer service. transfer had to be cancelled via written letter. needed to call back after 48 hours to ask for check again
call #5: asked for check again. could not speak with anyone to complain about the breakdowns in communication.

Posted by Anonymous

MS has Hijacked our account and will not release our funds to our new financial adviser without selling off shares and taking out service fees.

Morgan Stanley is a corrupt company

Posted by P Black

My 2015 profile is very conservative requiring safest investment, very little return. Morgan Stanley put me in Highland HCOCX -now losing 40%; ivy WASCX - now losing 20%. Ivy WSTCX losing 17%, Wells Fargo EACFX losing 12%. All these severe downslides happening when Indexes cross the board were only down 1.5%. MS has shaken my financial future and I can only now cross my fingers that these awful irresponsible bets will recover in time. What occurs to me is Morgan that some this broker's SECURITY will be in someone else's hands, be it financial or medical, and he will only hope that person has his best interest at heart.

Posted by Customer

Morgan Stanley customer service is worst thing; you will be faint by puzzle if you know that they have no mail-id for support customer over the help-desk.
For terrible phone call experience you may call them.

Hate this company !!!!!!!!

Posted by frankjabra

Bruce Greenwald of your Cleveland Ohio office has refused to reply t our questions regarding our investments. We no longer want to talk to him. Please have someone else contact me at . We wil be submitting this complaint to our attorney and the SEC

Posted by Anonymous

Please stay away from investing your hard earned dollars at Morgan Stanley. They will charge a high account management fee, and then "forget" to regularly manage your portfolio. Has happened to me. I moved my account elsewhere and regret not trusting them to manage my account.

Posted by anonymous

Morgan Stanley can not find my mother's beneficiary designation. We trusted her advisor, after each merger, he said the paperwork was complete. My mother passed away over a year ago but still no beneficiary even though the account is titles Transfer On Death Named Beneficiaries. Their response is disgraceful. I will never use them or trust them with my money.

Posted by Babs

My MS agent kept insisting that I use the TRAK service for my account. I specifically instructed him to invest my next egg in growth stock mutual funds. He ignored me. Instead, he kept insisting I use TRAK, and over a period of months I realized he was skimming my profit instead of letting it accrue to my account. He stole my money!!! I should sue MS but my account was too small ($25K). I've since severed ties with MS but I'm furious.

Posted by luca

I called the customer service 800# to find out the incoming wire transfer instructions and after having a futile conversation with a computer I was eventually transferred to a "customer service" rep in the Philippines who only knew the script and didn't even know what I meant by wire transfer instructions. After explaining that I wanted to wire funds into my account and after holding for several minutes more she was unable to provide instructions. This is my typical experience with Morgan Stanley. You can't get a human on the phone very easily and when you do it's someone in a foreign country!

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad customer support, they do not keep promises, do not correct problems they cause..cause customers lage money lose.

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad customer support, they do not keep promises, do not correct problems they cause..cause customers lage money lose.

Posted by Anonymous

Your service sucks for the second time my retirment money was not deposited.Last time i was told the problem had been fixed this was a LIE.It has been 3 weeks and no deposit, no calls no one cares.

Posted by Anonymous

Morgan Stanley's financial advice is absolutely terrible, the WORST. I lost over $400,000 because my advisor, Ed Carchia, in the Paramus, NJ office, CALLED ME on the phone and rudely INSISTED
that I sell ALL of the stock mutual funds I had in my IRA in late August, 2010 when the DOW was under 11,000. He insisted that the markets were going to take a HUGE PLUNGE very soon and that I had to get ALL my money out of stocks. He then sold me a GNMA bond earning peanuts and charged me $6,000
to buy this bond insuring that Morgan S. got its commission.
He was adamant and said if I did not take his advice he could no longer be my advisor (after Morgan changed my advisor 4 times due to resignations or firings). I very reluctantly consented to follow his advice which he insisted I do because I dreaded starting over again with another new advisor.
The DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P
continued to rise steadily since the day Ed Carchia literally forced me to sell ALL my stock mutual funds.
The DOW recently passed 17,000 in less than 4 years.
Ed Carchia also changed my Annuity investment from Aggressive Stock Fund to Conservative Bond Fund.
Right after doing this, the markets continued to rise and rise and rise. When I questioned Ed Carhia about this and his terribly BAD ADVICE, he insisted that he made the right call despite the FACTS (the rise in ALL market indexes), and then he RUDELY HUNG UP THE PHONE on me. OUTRAGEOUS!!
I LOST over $400,000 between my IRA and ANNUITY and FOUR years of RISING STOCKS PROVE Carchia was WRONG.
This arrogant, egoistical, pushy, rude, self-centered MONSTER is NOT man enough to admit that he made a BAD CALL and was WRONG. The irony is that all Ed Carchia had to do in August, 2010 was LEAVE ME alone. I had the perfect portfolio for me and for the next 4 years. But if he had done that, he and Morgan Stanley would NOT have made their $6,000 COMMISSION. So Morgan keeps paying this monster,
increasing his salary and giving him bonuses because he makes Morgan money (commissions) while causing a SENIOR CITIZEN client lIke me with a relatively small portfolio to lose over $400,000. I would have had a comfortable retirement were it NOT for this OUTRAGEOUS, greedy, and selfish behavior which I really think is absolutely CRIMINAL.
SHAME on ED CARCHIA and SHAME on MORGAN STANLEY. That they can get away with doing this is beyond belief! I am beyond FURIOUS, I am SICK over what Morgan Stanley did to me. I did NOT deserve this, nobody deserves to be treated and ROBBED like this. But Morgan Stanley got their commission and that's all they care about. Let their client's be damned! For SHAME!!!

Posted by jes

Customer services is the worst ever.

They loose paperwork
Provide inconsistent information
cannot speak English
Fail to solve problems
Only accept paperwork by FAX !
Have no Freephone number, so have to make an international call to try and resolve problems.
Cannot get anything resolved

Posted by speedypass

Morgan Stanley is an old style full service financial institution with a legacy reputation in institutional finance and brokerage.

Their retail wealth management business leverages this historical position in the industry to capture customers who want a “name” brokerage. The majority of the retail customers they enlist have no desire to be involved in details, analysis or pricing issues and want little involvement in managing their wealth. Potential customers who pay attention to fees, want to understand their investments and enjoy analyzing their portfolios can find better options than Morgan Stanley.

The MS slogan is “Don’t worry about anything, trust us.”

Customers attracted to that idea provide Morgan Stanley with high margins. It is significant that a recent Wall Street Journal story said that Morgan Stanley was expanding their retail wealth management business because it required minimum investment and margins were high.

One of the ways Morgan Stanley generates high margin returns is their practice of not publishing their fees. Customers are left at a distinct disadvantage in determining if their fees are reasonable and in my case, what my total fees were.

Since most new business comes from referrals, Morgan Stanley’s policy is to promise fees that are for “Friends and Family”.This technique disarms most clients into thinking they are being provided reasonably low rates and are “part of the family”. In reality the cost of nearly all of MS services (in our experience) are significantly higher than the competition and only become somewhat competitive when the client negotiates. When you think you are being given a special deal and getting special “Friends and Family” rates it is unlikely you will negotiate.

The process reminds one of purchasing a new car at the local Chevrolet dealer. You have a smiling salesman who acts like you are getting a great deal. Ask any questions and he has to talk to the man behind the curtain. There were few decisions our adviser could make without going in “the back room” to talk to his manager. Nothing came easy and the result was that we felt we were dealing with a car salesman, not a financial adviser. . Since the salesmen’s interests are based on his earning the highest commission possible, the client and his advisor often do not have common goals.

We felt like the only good deal at Morgan Stanley was the free covered parking.

The MS slogan “Don’t worry about anything, trust us” is a tool they use to entice potential customers who do not want to worry about their investments. Our experience showed that if you did this, you likely:

1) Will be charged various miscellaneous fees that are not insignificant.
We were charged 3 different fees that we had to call to the attention of our salesmen. They were all removed but without our intervention we would have been charged thousands of dollars extra.

2) Will not have your account managed to meet your expectations.
We directed our salesman to provide us with a portfolio that provided current income. We were given a portfolio that focused on growth with a minimum income component. It had to be liquidated.

Finally, Morgan Stanley has very poor financial transparency.

It is problematic to see what their total monthly charges are since they are not summarized anywhere. If one is interested in understanding what they are being charged, several hours of tedious calculations are required. When we asked for this problem to be corrected, we were told no one else complained and it wasn’t one of Morgan Stanley’s priorities. One can only assume from this response that Morgan Stanley finds it is not in their interest to have the customer understand what their total charges are.

Biggest misleading sales lines:

1)“We take a holistic approach to helping you”

Translation: .We will try and sell you overpriced mortgages, accounting services, legal services and insurance

2)“You can have friends and family pricing”

Translation: You’ll relax and then we’ll charge you high fees that you'll be embarrassed to question because we said we’d treat you like family

Posted by Anonymous

If you need help regarding anything concerning Morgan Stanley---Forget it!!!

About as much help as my neighbors dog!!

Posted by Anonymous

I began 11 months ago trying to transfer an IRA to another company, but I have not received the assistance necessary to complete the transaction. I need someone who can listen to my concerns and help me before I seek legal assistance. Please contact me at

Posted by j_sky

Be very careful or you will get taken advantage of. If you are a big investor with lots of money, they may take better care of you, but if you are just a normal person with a modest savings and retirement portfolio, they won't work very hard for you. Don't expect prompt return phone calls or emails unless you constantly follow up, like 5 or 10 times.

Make sure to put everything in writing and document everything. Every conversation and every request for a transaction. That way when they ignore your request you have something to stand on.

Watch the fees charged very carefully. They chargesd us for 3 accounts AFTER we closed them down!

Basically, last August, the MSSB guy came to the house and was told to move money and send a prospectus of what we discussed buying. A few weeks later I still didn't get anything so I tried to get in touch with him. Since he never responded to emails, I called and he says “oh, the money’s moved but I didn’t send anything because we decided you shouldn’t buy now”. Ok…Jan 1st comes I’m working on my taxes when I realize MSSB never moved the money in August. I called the next day and MSSB guy says “I don’t know how that could be, I’ll check it out and get back to you.” Three days go by…no phone call…so I called his boss. He doesn’t know anything about this and asks "why didn’t I tell him", -well what do you think I’m doing???? Then he has the nerve to send an email to me, ccing his legal dept, which he states what my investment strategy and motivations for moving my money are….never once does he address the issue or problem. This is now 6 days after the first phone call….and my money is still not moved. We immediately began the process of closing our MSSB accounts moving our money to any place but MSSB only to be charged for 2012 fees and transfer fees to the tune of $500. When we asked to get the 2012 fees returned (which they are not entitled to), legal wants us to sign a release making us promise to never talk about this in public!

Posted by Lee Liberman

I have been a client of Morgan Stanley for some 5 years, and I am extremely dissatisfied with their customer service. Was referred to an agent in Orlando Florida by my brother. Name: Ron Garrison. Told him what I was interested in (transferring some IRA funds to stable, income producing assets.)
He involved me in some garbage called "buy write securities", and deftly danced around my requests for a prospectus and information about what this fund invested in. Turns out it was call options, and when the markets crashed in '08, quarterly dividend payments were suspended! I ended up selling these, and losing $7000!
shame on me for allowing myself to be manipulated in this fashion; shame on him for not complying with my risk requirements and selling something something that obviously benefited him far more than myself.
I also purchased shares in a mutual fund, American Funds Income Fund of America, class A. I had the account transferred to Indianapolis, and it was subsequently switched to "national account center." We have our quarterly dividends paid in cash, and I was told that this would happen pretty much automatically!
This has not been the case, as recent dividends were posted on 9/19, and I was told that mine and my wife's dividends would be transferred on 9/22! I keep calling and getting the runaround, and nothing gets done.
I am sorry I ever became involved with this firm, and regret ever doing business with them!

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Posted by Buggy

Parents were satisfied customers of MS and predecessors for some 50 years. Not great returns, but liked the representatives. The last parent died and MS said no problem to get the money from some partnership accounts. Said the will and partnership docs are valid. 4 other companies cashed out accounts with no problems. MS keeps coming up with changing reasons not to cash it out. We just want them to execute the docs according to state law. We're still paying fees and an attorney and it has been almost 2 years. MS says the attorney is giving them the wrong forms but won't tell him what they want. We're all so frustrated.

Posted by Amy Borders

I just wanted to thank Amy Borders for being so patient & supportative helping me get through the log in process! We must have tried 10 times to enter a proper password before, finally, one was accepted. Amy Borders, you are a great, valuable employee. No one realizes how well you handled a difficult client like myself!!

Thanks Amy,
Richard Benney

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