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Money Magazine customer service is ranked #214 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 30 ratings. This score rates Money Magazine customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


26 Negative Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 86.67%.


4 Positive Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 13.33%.

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  • Money Magazine

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    • 44.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (86.67%)
    • 4 positive comments (13.33%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.7 Issue Resolution
    • 4.1 Reachability
    • 1.3 Cancellation
    • 4.4 Friendliness
    • 3.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I have the chase sapphire reserve card and was very disappointed when I tried to use the Priority Club in Amsterdam and was turned away - told I could only use if I was flying business class or within one hour of the time my flight departed which was ridiculous because of the location in the terminal. When I returned I called the priority number and the credit card and was told it may not always be available as they can only accommodate a set number of passengers. Needless to say this significantly decreased the value of this $450 credit card to me. Think you need to advise or correct your statement about access to 900 plus airport lounges - it should say restricted access.

Posted by JCinAZ

Apparently Places like Copper Fit Give a FREE Subscription (that you overlook) and are now getting.. Luckily its at No Charge But Like All things Enough is Enough My Husband NEVER EVER Reads Magazines so they have been tossed as Soon as they Arrive. Have to Call Magazine to Get Number to Third Party To Cancel Bada Boom Guess they Want the Circulation Numbers No idea !

Posted by Anonymous

Please cancel my subscription immediately. I tried to cancel last month, but obviously was unsuccessful because I received another magazine yesterday. I did not subscribe to Money, do not know how you got my address, and do NOT want to receive it. Following is my name and address. I do not want to contact BBB to stop this from coming to my address, but I will if I have to. Alcie

Posted by Anonymous

Please discontinue the subscription to Money magazine that I did not request and do not want!

My name is Joyce L. Cochran,

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter!

Posted by Anonymous

Two points 1)I agreed to a one month subscription for $10 you are billing me for a 3 year sub. for $20
2)Your customer care said my account is cancelled as of april 1st yet your still asking for $20. If you cancel stop sending bills. Y0ur customer service rates a zero.If you still want the one deal for $10 let me know.

Posted by Rdrnr64

Reaching Customer Service electronically on the website is almost impossible to pose a question. Telephonically was better. You are not able to obtain/download digital copies of articles unless you have an iPad, an Android phone or a Kindle Fire. They do not make digital access available to customers on a laptop. REALLY!!!! They need to move into the full digital age.

Posted by Anonymous

I have renewed my subscription to Money magazine. I sent a check out 12/27/16. The check was cashed, but I have not received an issue since. Could you please find out why I have not received anything, while my check that was sent to you was cashed.

Thank you
Stanley Gacek
3892 Snowden Hill Road
New Hartford, New York

Posted by Anonymous


I gave subscrtions to 2 people.

One order went through just right.

The second order has 2 things wrong:

Apparently I ordered the magazine for one person Janet Lang, twice.Please cancel one of 2


Also, the billing address is wrong. It should be attention Al Earle, box 246, Oak View, CA 93022.

Thank in advance for your help.

Al Earle

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely Hate The Jan/feb 2015 Edition And I Am Sure A Lot Of Others Will Too. Will Not Ever Your Purchase Your Magazine Again.

Where Is The Complete List Of All The Different Types Of Funds And Fund Families? The 500 Of Them And How They Have Done The Last Year. Who Cares About Your Top 50 Picks. I Want To Look At All The Funds And See How They Did. Shame On You For Tricking The Public This Way By Dropping Your Usual Style Of The Investor's Guide Annual Edition Without Informing The Public Prior Of This Change. Shame, Shame, Shame. Will Never Purchase A Money Magazine Again. Please Pass This Message Along To Anyone At The Top That Should Read This.

Posted by Anonymous

Have a question and have no idea where to post it so am using this 'forum'....I'm a subscriber but do not like the idea of 'automatic renewals;.........unless I've misunderstood, if I renew it'll be renewed automatically, but I can contact you anytime to change/stop.....this is not acceptable to me as many other magazines have the same feature, but then notify you of the upcoming renewal time and then give you the option to continue or cancel. as I said, this may be the same thing you offer but I did not understand it that way; the wording leads me to believe this is different than the example I gave. Why should a subscriber have to contact YOU to change it, when you are able to let the subscriber know the renewal time is up? thanks for your reply........'

Posted by Anonymous

I called Money Magazine Customer Relations to stop sending their Magazine since I never ordered. They said they needed my credit card to see if they can locate any account with my name. They took 2 of my credit card numbers---after a lengthy wait--they came up with nothing. I asked for their clearing house--they could not give me that name. They apologized. I told them I was concerned that they have my credit card numbers.They assured me nothing will happen. Just letting the public know. Be careful with Money Magazine...How can they not know how to stop their magazines from being sent? I will not post my email address nor name.

Posted by Ed Hewlett, Ph.D. Clarence, New

I have been a reader and subscriber of Money Magazine for many, many years. I've suggested that friends read Money Magazine. I received a notice for renewal recently and decided not to renew. Here's why:
A month or two ago, I was absolutely appalled to see a full page horrible caricature picture of Dave Ramsay, the financial radio talk show host. It was SO OBVIOUS that Money Magazine was attempting to put him a a very, very, very bad light. I have never seen such a blatant attempt by a similar magazine to throw someone under the bus. I lost all respect for Money Magazine. Today I decided to send that picture to the Money Magazine CEO, assuming he surely wasn't aware (Like Obama sometimes complains) what his people were actually doing. In looking for his name and address I found this site. I thought I would express my view on this site, in addition to writing the CEO. Thanks for providing this opportunity.
I hope what I've taken the time to do is helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

You have begun taking money from my checking account without my authorization for a paid subscription I did not order.

Please stop taking the money aand return what you have taken.

Thank you.

Philip O'Keefe

Posted by Anonymous

Money Magazine sent renewal notice and shame on me for not checking,but I paid them in Jan. 2013 and again in June 2013 for the same 1 year subscription! They are not only subscriptions that keep billing you and taking your money even if a renewal is not due. I'm letting them all run out.

Posted by whybuyit

The representative did not understand ENGLISH! I repeated my question over and over and finally gave up because she kept giving me answers that proved she had no idea what I was asking about. I asked for a manager which she told me was unavailable. TERRIBLE customer service. I think I'll buy Fortune magazine instead. The company needs to learn to focus some MONEY on its customers.

Posted by [email protected]

Although I've been a patron of Money Magazine for many years, I will not be one going forward. After my current subsription runs out, I will not renew. Let me tell you why. They continually send renewal notices, even when your renewal date may be 9 months away. I usually renew in June, and by October I am hearing from them (several times a month sometimes) to renew again. I have repeatedly sent them back their mail with a note to stop sending this to me over and over. I can only conclude that Money Magazine is trying to get payments they are not entitled to. This year I renewed in June-it is now July, and I have already gotten another one. This time, they sent it so it can be done on-line. Just another way of getting money from us? I don't know, but I do know it is beyond annoying. I am sure they probably get many people to renew when their renewal is not actually due. I think this is a deceitful way to do business. If this harrassment (and it is harrassment when you constantly ask them to stop sending this to you and they igonre you) doesn't stop I will report them to the appropriate authorities. Take heed people: it seems that if you start a subscription with them, they will never stop sending you renewal forms over and over again. This was my experience and I thought it only right to let others know. NOT TO MENTION WHAT WASTING ALL THIS PAPER IS DOING TO THE ENVIROMENT!!!!

Posted by Susan In MA

We ordered a subscription for our son for Christmas 2012. My husband contacted Customer Service multiple times because our son was not receiving any issues. In July 2013 he finally cancelled the subscription. I called to ensure that we receive a FULL refund. The rep said he was not authorized to issue a full refund, only partial. I told him that if he could not put me in contact with anyone who could issue a full refund that we would report Money to the BBB and the AG and cite this phone call. He said that I would have to work with "people on my end" because there is nothing he can do. In this conversation I found out that the address Money had for our son is incorrect, completely unknown to us, and was changed at least three times over March and April. I told the rep that we know our son's address and do not know the one he rattled off. I said that someone at Money made the change. He said that they are not authorized to change addresses. I reiterated that we know our son's address and have no reason to give Money one that is unknown to us. This rep (young male with accent) was polite; Money is inept.

Posted by Kayce

I didn't ask for an issue or a subscription offer. Why are you wasting the paper? Customer service doesn't exist with you - can't get a LIVE HUMAN on the phone. How dare you, Money Magazine?

Posted by Anonymous

On-line customer service is a waste of time. No answer provided.

Posted by Anonymous

You supposedly offer a download to tablet for print subscribers. I put in my address and account numbers and then it wants my credit card number to verify what country i live in. Really. You send me the mag every month so i assume you know what country i live in. I guess it would be nice to have the tablet version but you make it to difficult for no reason that is obvious to me.:-(. Keep your app! When you truly have your customers in mind let us know.

Posted by gjrubin

I ordered a subscription of Money Magazine online and received confirmation email stating paid in full. 8 weeks later I received a bill in the mail for the subscription that was paid. I emailed then and though I got a reply that I will hear from them in 2 days I did not. When I called their phone the operator was confused and did not know what was going on, her supervisor was equally unhelpful. Ultimately someone supposedly in charge said that they never got paid. My card was debited $30 and they refused to acknowlege it! So they lost my money and did not acknowlege it. Way to go champion of the consumer. Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with my subscription. I had no success on line. I called and received help from a representative in India. I asked to speak to someone in the United States but he insisted he could help. No offense but I prefer to have my problems solved by honest working Americans. He tried to help but eventually placed me on hold to speak to someone. It was an American and she handled my problem. Please don't outsource. Hire Americans to handle our problems.

Posted by Anonymous

they use a 3rd party outfit called synapse that sucks you in with a cheap rate and then automatically renews yr subscription at full rate. Tried to cancel and after an eternity of waiting they can't find my subscription or cancel it......avoid this pack of thieves.....

Posted by Unhappy

I subscribed to Money Magazine in November. I have not received an issue in more than two months as of today, March 17. Trying to reach you via e-mail to your website has proven to be a waste of my time. The week before last, I received an automatic response that indicated I would hear within two business days. A full week passed w/o my receiving a response, so I submitted again, March 11. Four more business days have passed w/o a reply. WRETCHED! Why don't you provide a USPS mailing address that is easy to find? How can I write to your customer service when I don't have a copy of the magazine at hand? You folks are wasting my time, not a good omen for me to resubscibe. In fact, I may even consider cancelling my current paid subscription. Any comment?

Posted by Anonymous

TERRIBLE!!! I signed up for a free subscription to get a taste for the magazine but didn't like it. So I canceled within the time period they required. Then they have the NERVE to send me a COLLECTION NOTICE three months later. This magazine has poor advice for those serious about building wealth. The only thing worse is their customer service. PLEASE PLEASE AVOID THIS MAGAZINE.

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Posted by Anonymous

Please acknowledge my pleasant experience with Razor who renewed a gift subscription for Jeff Schirmer for 3 years. Please enter the following information in his personnel file:
He was polite
pleasant mannered and
provided clear explanations.
Thank you,
Carol W. Kortekamp

Posted by Anonymous

I called the customer service number; pressed #4 and was taken care of immediately. (Was missing pages in the magazine and was told a replacement copy would be sent out the next day.)

Posted by Anonymous

Number worked perfectly, and #4 got me to a live operator in a few minutes. Unfortunately, the operator must've been tired or bored because she kept yawning.

Posted by Anonymous

I just hit 4 for customer service and then hit 0# a few times and got a person in the US. She was very helpful and got everything straightened out in about 5 minutes. I have good customer service.

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