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Mojang customer service is ranked #294 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates Mojang customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


31 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 88.57%.


4 Positive Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 11.43%.

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  • Mojang

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 39.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 31 negative comments (88.57%)
    • 4 positive comments (11.43%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.7 Reachability
    • 2.3 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 3.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Logon

Mojang support? Laughable in a not so funny way. I have a subscription for the Java version of Minecraft, but my kid cannot not log in due to the absolute mess they've made with their authentication/authorization processes. Their error messages are useless. Their help pages are useless. I submitted an email request for help on 8/1 and am told they are working on request s from July 25th - 8 days behind. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY WITH MOJANG AND THE JAVA version of this game.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely terrible customer service. I submitted a bug report and in under a minute it was closed by a MOD and labelled as resolved as a"duplicate issue" but the report that they linked it to was completely unrelated from my issue. Trying to follow up on that I received absolutely no response, absolutely ghosted. For this reason I will never, ever buy into realms, Minecraft merchandise, or any ther game produced by Mojang

Posted by Predator in pink

Worst customer service ever!! Regret getting this game for my daughter, nothing but problems and end up paying someone in the US to fix it!! Thanks... Emailed, Twitter, all bull!!

Posted by Anonymous

Pls help me i cant connect in any servers like i can play on the server for only seconds to 2mins and then crash help me pls version 0.15.0 my mcpe acc- lukas_2004

Posted by Samk9099

Incompetent and extremely hard to get any attention from customer service. They fail to give simple results that any other company can server and take a week to reply to that 1 email. These issues are re accuring and they are a pointless service. Not worth a cent

Posted by AmberWiec

I have not been able to connect to other people worlds or have them connect to me. We are sitting across from each other, are on the same wifi and have the lastest update. I have been researching and found others have the same problem. Someone said that if you delete the app and reinstall it, multiplayer works. But, I don't want to lose all my data and worlds that I have worked hard on. This situation really needs to be fixed.

Posted by Anonymous

I hate the game only because it has been shutting off and stuff and if they don't fix it I will delete the game so if you want me to keep the game and not tell people what happened you WILL FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!

Posted by Guava

Incompetent and extremely hard to get any attention from customer service. Apparently they forgot that their service is payed for, they need to start doing their job! I can log into my account at or and then a few minutes later my log in information will not work anymore. I am not the only one with this problem. Also, back in 2012 thousands of people started to experience similar issues with not being able to log into the game that they had purchased and due to the lack of connection between the customer and support they didn't even know that people were not able to access their accounts! Most of the questions concerning customer service in this review I cannot even answer because I have never been able to contact one of their representatives...

Posted by Anonymous

I was I was in my world.I went mining and I came back up to see my horses stall was halfway destroyed. I wasn't on xbox live or in easy regular or hard mode.can someone tell me what happened plz

Posted by cookies

I can't play mine craft together with my friend how do I make her my friend on mine craft before the update we could play but now we can't do have any ideas on how to fix it?

Posted by Trying to set up

I received the appropriate link to do parental verification and purchase a Minecraft account for my son. I click on the link, fill out all of the information and keep receiving an error message advising me to check my account details. I have, over and over again. All the details are correct. I have even tried more than one card and no matter what I put in I get the same response.
I have clicked on the link for support but it just churns and churns and never connects to anything.
My son has been waiting now for over a week for me to try and get this hooked up for him. It was his birthday present. I hate to see his frustration.
Please help.

Posted by Thunderwind224

Hey, how are u?

Ok so hers the problem, first me and my friend played ps3 mc, and then crazy things happend, we found backward H's and thought it was herobrine. I went to the nether, and a ghast ball broke the portal, the overworld portel didnt break so we kept going back and forth until we created a nether portal, mc created not me or my friend, then i broke the 2 portal with a ghast ball, and it spawned another portal, my friend is the hoast and ps3 logged him off, and i was still on the surver and i couldnt die or get hurt, then i saw a steve flying either

Herobrine or ghast glitch, and now their is a 3.5 portal what i mean by 3.5 is the third portal dissipered and it created a portal 25 blocks away from the first broken portal, and now me and my friend are wondering if we made a time paradox, or herobrine is hanting us, or we broke mc

Call back at

ðŸË?â?¬ thanks and have a good day.

Posted by Anonymous

Like to know how ya got my creditcard account. I did order anything. Ex special games I'm over 55 years order. Please reply back to me or call barbara. Ya send me an email saying ya took 26. 95 out of my account the credit card is going to despite this action because I didn't order this. Thank you.

Posted by ICEMAGE69

Response time is very poor. My son's account is possibly hacked and after 10 days of waiting for a response all they can say is "The problem you've described sounds like a temporary issue and should have been resolved now. Please try again, and reply to this email if you're still having the same problem.
Best regards,
Adam M.
Mojang Support"
Incredibly useless and frustrating.

Posted by sunshinejj01

My daughter just bought Lapis from minecraft central & when she got the items she typed in /Invsee & it ALL disappeared. I need help ASAP to retrieve everything & to make sure my paypal is secure. I prefer to speak over the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought your game thinking 6ou can have horse because I saw it on Google is that true can you really have horse?

Posted by That strange monkey guy

You guys are liars. You made me 15$ for the halo pack. And it don't have the halo what a rip off . let us Go ARROUND the halo

Posted by Anonymous

Why doesn't minecraft have a tech support!! Don't want to help your supporters!!!!

Posted by ser

Good night... I change the Cellphone equipment and when he download the application he lost everything.
Its any way to get everything back?

Posted by Skyla

On Minecraft PE I was seeing if I could color my name but when I did and went back to type it in with out colors I deleted my whole name and now I have no name I cant join my friends When They are in their world And Their local switch is up and When I type in chat It doesn't Show what I Put It in the chat. Wish I could get someone on the phone.

Posted by Nickrd

This girl bubblegumgirl keeps joining my game it is not a server she Saids bad words and when she is on my server she said bad things but some how I was on a regular world and she joined every server I have she joins and saids bad things

Posted by cupcake14089

I paid money to join minecraft for my granddaughter.I called the creit card and you have the money but we do not have minecraft.I e-mail you and have not hear from you.I do not understand why we have not hear from you..Could you please fix this so we can play or cancell and give my money back.Really hope I hear from you this time.Thank you

Posted by Mau mau

You should not buy this game because for one it will lag and second I got off the game and my brothers world lagged and the world got deleted. If you get this game (which you shouldn't) be warned on shat it does. My rating will be 0/5 stars or 0/100

Posted by Anonymous

i live in the US and have a US visa credit card and it is not taking the card when i try to pay... but everything is right. would love to have the game and need some help

Posted by Greg06

Some of the emails waiting for answers are YEARS old! They take your money and do absolutely nothing else - they don't even provide a playable version of the game.

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Posted by MARK

Any kind of problem related to the, mojang minecraft game, such as if you are not able to login, not able to activate the game, not able to transfer the game data, server problem, not able to make new world in the game, data loss, all kinds of editon pc version, x-box version and moblie version.

Posted by TheRMF

They helped me recover my account pretty fast, thanks "Adam M.".

I see most people suffer from technical issues, which sucks to have and to fix (I've worked tech supp before). Anyhow, for the account management part they helped me and fixed my problem, so thumbs up!

Posted by IamDisappoint

Like ICEMAGE69 I also had the pleasure of dealing with Adam. Adam is credit to team. Talking to Adam is like talking to a solid wall of barely topical copy-pasted nonsense.

Adam's is a new and bold take on customer service, wherein his aim seems to be to simply drive the customer away through sheer frustration. Grab the cash, then beat them away with a stick! Gone are the days when you had to actually formulate situational words to deal with a customer! Handy phrasebook of 'Please go away in ten different easy to copy phrases' no doubt supplied courtesy of mojang.

Didn't Microsoft buy Mojang a while back for quite a bit of cash? It's a shame that when all that money was tossed about, none of it landed within the realm of 'Let's make sure paying customers get what they payed for'.

My advice is to avoid dealing with Mojang if you possibly can. It's not worth your time or your sanity.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand most of the reviews here are negative, I however had a positive experience with Mojang, when I had an extra minecraft account charged on my card, they fixed it for me very quickly!

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