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Mitsubishi customer service is ranked #573 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.70 out of a possible 200 based upon 81 ratings. This score rates Mitsubishi customer service and customer support as Terrible.


78 Negative Comments out of 81 Total Comments is 96.30%.


3 Positive Comments out of 81 Total Comments is 3.70%.

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    • 78 negative comments (96.30%)
    • 3 positive comments (3.70%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Being you haven’t responded to my email leaves me surprised, I didn’t think you treated your customers that way

Posted by Anonymous

Recently, I visited the service department at Hempstead Mitsubishi to have some work done on my car that I feel should be covered by the warranty, I purchased a 2016 outlander at the Hempstead dealership in August of 2016, the vehicle currently has 32000 miles on it, I have a loose airbag cover and a loose console that need to be reattached, I have a squeak in the drivers side door that, in most cases, just needs some grease on the hinges. Being that wasnââ?¬â?¢t done, I assume, was because it ââ?¬Ë?s not a manufacturer defect, which is the reason I was told that the other items werenââ?¬â?¢t covered, I was also told, in a voicemail to my phone, that I was entitled to a free. Oil change, but when I i was at the service department, I was told that I waited too long and it expired, on top of all this I paid a $112 ââ?¬Å?diagnostic ââ?¬Å? fee, I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with this entire experience and will be telling friends not to but Mitsubishi products in the future

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service i experience in my life ibrought my c a r last week for a recall of airbags that day they didnt have the parts another appt they fixex i d idnt have air in my car they disconet somethingthen i notice that the dash no have lighti go back excuse my car is to advance they had my car several days waiting for the lights in the shop i call saturday an we going to get thr car that the dash was in the front seat i asking a eay to help me with transportation because is the only realiable car. I work 6 days a week at 3.00am and my car is use for my disable mom for her apptalso they damage my reams of my car that are very expensives and told me i have to paid for repairs right now my car is not working. Is in my driveway Ima veteran of theNational Guard and i so up s et that. I can enyoy my day for the irresponsability of the Dealer i can loose my job if this matter continue nobody going to continue bring me to work at 3.00 am they waiting for the parts ibelieve that when you make an appt they needto be ready this problem going more than 1 week they waiting one week for the parts come from Georgia i tell you i afraid to bring my car. To Missubishi in Colonial they fix something and broke something else

Posted by Hdtherapy

Got a 2017 outlander se two weeks ago.the remount start won't work. Hadn't in the shop two the service manager to complain again. He said what do you want me to do. Got it at 5star mitsubishi in altoona leasing it for 3 yrs.want to return it.cause of there attitude.

Posted by South Park Mitsubishi- Pittsburg

Hi gentlemen,

I spoke to Mike at North Star and he advised me my vehicle needs a new rim and 2 new tires. I cannot express enough how displeased and disappointed I am in my recent purchase. From the moment I took it off your lot with paint blemishes on the hood, it has been a tremendous disappointment, esp. when my wife first reported the issue a week after it was purchased when she took the vehicle in to have the paint serviced and was basically blown off when she informed the sales & service team of the shaking/rattling/vibrating on that very same day. Now I find out what the problem is that has plagued us each and every time we drive the vehicle (which felt unsafe with 2 small children inside anytime it reached speeds in excess of 50-55MPH) and we again, for the forth time, have to take it in to be serviced.

I will await John's call to schedule it, as I have no other choice in the matter. I would like to receive a follow-up survey so I can express our disappointment in the newly purchased vehicle and perhaps reach out to a member to the corporate office to ensure the vehicle is completely checked for any other deficiencies, and if so, what my next course of action can be under the State of Pennsylvania Automotive Lemon Law.

Posted by pookie

Just Got Car 2016 Lancer. Doors Do Not Lock Automatically I Would Like To Get It To Do That What Ever It Takes Can You Help. Cant Get Much Help From My Dealer

Posted by Rick G

The 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage is a good economy car. I just purchased it last week on September the 24th 2016 This is the second one I have purchased to use for commuting because I like the economy it offers for fuel use.
I do have a major complaint about the car that I believe is a step backwards in their design as well as convenience. All the hype about the Apple Car Play is a burden. Also the Mirage boasts of Bluetooth which is misleading. Bluetooth means wireless but wireless is not what you get in the new design. You have to actually wire your phone via USB into the car’s console to make the phone apps work. Also when you get into the car the vehicle does see my phones via Bluetooth but you cannot speak to it. It also says downloading contacts but it does not do that either. I see this as false advertising for this new model. In the 2014 version of the Mirage it was truly wireless. The Link Fuse system was great. All you had to do was turn on the phones Bluetooth and when you started the car the system linked wirelessly to your phone. All your contacts were downloaded and you could just give the system verbal instructions and the calls were made. This is not the case with the 2017 so called upgraded system. You have to hard wire the phone to the system. In my opinion this is, as I have said a step back in convenience and safety. I do not always need to plug my phone in and use the navigation system, or other features. Most of the time I just want to get in my car and receive and make phone calls just by voice. Why did Mitsubishi do away with something that worked great for something that is more cumbersome? How come Mitsubishi couldn’t keep both? That would have been the best of both worlds. I will not be buying another Mitsubishi if they do not upgrade so called Bluetooth system to work as well as it did before.

Posted by Susan

Dear spare part department!
Please be friendly!
If you really do not like answer call, you can go ahead resign!

Posted by Anonymous

I took my car to the my dealer this morning at 08:00 as directed when I booked my service and motor face to face last week I was asked if I wanted a courtesy car whichire I refused as I planed to visit the local parkrun .when I arrived at 07:50 the place was closed and the sign said it did not open until 09:00 grrrrrrrr there goes my plans for the morning I waTed for them to arrive which was spot on 09:00 mmmmmm don't know about anyone else but I always arrive for work at least 30 mins early just in case there are any issues . When I asked why I was told to bring my car in at 08:00 when they didnt open until 09:00 I was pretty much called a lier and thar wouldn't have happened I was also told I couldn't have been offered a courtesy car as they don't do them on a Saturday mmmmmm being called a lier again the person I was talking to then dragged another customer into the conversation saying I had called him a lier when the said customer had not been privy to the whole conversation.

Posted by Anonymous

took my mitsubishi lancer for a recall of the passenger airbag and the sterring-wheel
cover was gone, about $4 to $5 in white coins were gone, and my mother(90ys) helper to go in and out of the car was gone too. Called the service dept. they can do nothing about it. If they don't fixed this problem wh their employees, one day they will face a bigger problem and Mitsubishi services will be exposed public..To all of you out there that have a recall in your car, get everything out before taking your car there are many dishonest people out there with hot hands.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a new outlander 5000 miles. A slow leak in a tire and will not replace. No warranty what is wrong with this company. Leak from side wall and can't go and now you want $300 plus for a new tire. Somebody said there was road hazard for tires but the dealer told us nothing about. Poor service. I will make sure this kind of service is told to all. The transmission is a joke also.

Posted by Angel

I love my Eclispe, the last 5 months I have been struggling. My husband passed, my father passed then I was in hospital from Jan 2016 to March2016. I got very behind in my payments, and sent what I could. A few times that I was able to talk to customer service, they were so rude I couldn't talk well anyway cause I was still in the hospital but I just want to let them know what was going on they are so rude! I have 5 more months to pay on this car.

Posted by Anonymous

I love my Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 SE and have an issue with missing and surging with engine revs going over 6500 rpm under load .In fact, my symptoms were/are very similar to a recall you had on only a few 2009's under recall SR-14-005. On my Code reader P0868 showed up but i personally didn't search for more(raining). That is a transmission fluid pressure low warning. So I brought it to the dealer who found two additional codes(P1778 which relates to the valve body assembly(stepper control motor; and P0776 secondary pressure control). The tech (and agreed to by the service mgr) felt P1778 was the cause of the other two, so we ordered the parts that I paid for up front($1299.82) confident that was the problem. I was leary because I felt replacing the entire transmission with a rebuilt one was extreme. But in fact I wasn't getting a rebuilt tranny and so there was a communication problem in that i thought those ordered items was a tranny replacement. I would have probably ordered the items anyway because I felt the cure all was what service told me.

I expected to pay approximately $1200 more today(I thought my parts would be in last Saturday, but couldn't get an appt until today-a supposedly 11 hours of labor).

Bottom line The parts were replaced and tech drove the car telling me there was no change in the condition of the car and that because there were metal shavings in and around the body assembly valve I would, in fact need a $6000- or $7000 new transmission. I was furious in that not only is my car the same or even somewhat worse(more sensitive engine surging), but the parts paid for were now in my vehicle, cost me $1300 and there wasn't even an offer to compensate me, other than to waive labor costs (about 6 hours).They still had the parts so I said if there's no change just replace the old ones. He said the new part removed ONE of the three codes and had no other knowledge of what else to do.

Now I am a senior with NO monies and little remaining credit living on Ramen Noodles and in danger of becoming homeless because I am so extended. I also had 3 surgeries the past 45 days that i can't pay for as I had a 30k mile service a few weeks back plus the $1300 last week for today (can't afford supplemental ins)

The head sales manager gave three options, buy a new or used car (can't afford that and had planned to keep my Mitsu i love so), buy a used transmission, or buy a new transmission. None of those is acceptable as I absolutely have nothing presently and am living solely on SS.

My Fica score was obtained by the sales dept and was down almost 80 points from when it was last checked.

Now the manager felt badly( and responded as he should from all the training) and said he would try to work with me if I get back to him. He could not find a rebuilt tranny today; don't know if they stopped searching).

Lastly, no one has maintained their vehicle more than me. I am religious about keeping the car in shape and while 182,000 miles of highway driving seems like a lot. I would not think the transmission would give me problems.....but then again I wouldn't expect the car to go into "fail-safe" mode (never fixed properly); nor would i expect 2 additional sets of brakes

If there is anything you can do monetarily, or feel there is another avenue to take to keep me a happy customer i would appreciate you're researching this further. I need a car!!

My service dealer is Fairfield's, 434 winchester st, Keene, NH.03431

I am David A May

I am not a complainer as I usually take it as it comes, today being the exception. In fact the only other time I've written is to ask why you didn't advertise in North America more because you have such a good product.

thank you

david may

Posted by exhausted

I purchased a brand new 2009 mitsubishi outlander in 2010.Due to faulty breaks I met with an accident due to no fault of mine but failed breaks and I ended up with my SUV in the agents garage. (Al Habtoor Motors, Dubai, UAE). due to chasis damage I told them to condemn the vehicle but they refused and assured that the material used in the chasis was titanium & could be easily repaired,their documentation & repair certification was good to go. After many haggles an engineer was sent from mitsubishi motors for inspection & he agreed that there is a break problem & the agents charged me for the break repair. Today after six years of failed reports for passing my SUV for registration and getting the vehicle registered, always on the second attempt, Iam left with a repaired chasis and basket full of anxiety year in year out for Insurance & registration, all due to the repair done by the agents Al Habtoor Motors, UAE. March of this year same song & dance with RTA. UAE and I got it passed again using the original documentation of 2010 issued by the Agents. but I was reprimanded by the higher authorities to get proper current dated documentation.I had to crawl back to the agent for this documentation but to no avail. the Agents answered my request but want me to pay atleast an amount for inspection. when I refused they dont even consider me as a customer anymore. All emails & calls fall on "deaf ears"

Posted by Anonymous

I took my 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage in on the first of March 2016 to take care of two recalls I had gotten notices on and I had the oil changed at the same time I'm driving my vehicle down 45 South the Gulf Freeway in Houston when all the cars warning lights came on and the vehicle started to shake I was able to get the vehicle off the main freeway lanes to the concrete barrier wall and got on the phone to the dealer I set on the freeway waiting for them to get a wrecker to me they never sent one the Houston police got one to me, I had the wrecker driver to tow to the dealer where I was relayed when my oil change was preformed the oil plug was not put in properly it came loose and all the oil flowed out, so I was placed in a rent car while my car had to have a new motor installed! It took till March 28th for this to be completed, it was returned to me in a filthy condition, they not only screwed my engine they wanted to screw my paint job to.It's a shame there is no customer service at this dealer!

Posted by Wayne

So i got a paper from Mitsubishi they are recalling my car for a default in the headlight switch.Phone the dealer and exsplain to him, my storie that i have to drive +- 160km and take a day off from work to get to a dealer.And it is not even my fault!!!!So i phoned the dealer in Strand and ask if the part is there and when can i bring my car.Still waiting to hear from them.I dont give a this is your problem and you must fix it.Get my car on a rollback so it can go to the dealer in strand so they can fix it>If this is the kinde of service you want to give me,be sure this will be the last car i will bey from you.BAD,BAD,BAD service.

Posted by Kblvk7

Traded my truck in for 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer when we left the dealership the car ran ok we noticed dents and dings on the car which weren't disclosed to us at the time of purchase then we went to all of a sudden the car ran sluggish and had a whiny noise to as if it was struggling so I took it the Mitsubishi in city of industry the guy checked my oil drove and said the whining noise is normal and he sent me on my way then I tried to make an appointment at Anaheim Mitsubishi no one called me back nor picked up the phone when I called so I went back to where I bought the car south coast Mitsubishi I drive over there and I took a day off of work to do this to tell them I need to have my car looked at he wanted to charge me 150 bucks to look at my car and asked is he serious so then he tells me give me 50 I said I don't have money at the moment let me phone a friend he says yeah phone a friend because I need something so I leave feeling like no one wants to help me with this issue I don't feel like I should be paying monthly for a car that's run down in not happy with this car or company at the moment

Posted by JIGGER

After agreeing on a trade in of my 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander and pay an additional $14500 so I can get an 2015 OUTLANDER, with the Jose the Sales guy at Gladstone Mitsubishi, 18500 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97267, the manager Joe came to meet with me & tried to add additional $3300 over the $14500 that the sales guy Jose and I agreed on (including everything),I told the manager, Joe, that there has been an agreement already and I won't pay more money. Am NEVER EVER going to be purchasing or driving a Mitsubishi again, proud owner of a Nissan now.

Posted by Ion

I like the sales person Juan from Whitebear Mitsubishi hi was helping us in buying first and second cars but the service and finance are so disappointed their real my outlander sport 2015 for transmission but before and after we got the same eshu even worse unsafe transmission an low gas mileage. Very disappointed I tried to exchange my car for a mirage but their ignore it trying to fix it. I am totally disappointed.

Posted by Linda

Terrible, extremely bad experience with Mitsubishi Service Center located along Marcos Hiway, Cainta, Rizal.

My Mitsubishi Mirage was brought to the said casa in mid-October and was released after more than two months!!! Granting that there were quite a lot that had to be repaired, still more than two months was totally unacceptable! Add to that the fact, that the service advisor Mr. Boyet Barriento, wasn't giving me any updates, unless I text or call him.

The first LOA approved by my insurance was sent to the Casa on October 19. In my succeeding followups, I was informed that they were just waiting for the parts and as soon as they have these, they will start work on my car. To my surprise, I was informed on Dec 7, that they sent a revised LOA to my insurance company. So, what happened between mid-October when he was repeatedly telling me that they inspected my car and were just waiting for the parts, until December 7? Pinaikot-ikot lang ako??! Add to all these the fact that the Manager, when I sought help, didn't even have the slightest interest to help me!!

When I finally got my car only last December 29, Mr. Barriento informed me that he wasn't able to install the motor windshield washer because it is unavailable! How pathetic that after more than two months, that Casa couldn't get that washer!!
Are actions taken to these message board complaints? Are these investigated? I urge an investigation and service level commitments are improved!

Posted by Er Ravi G

Very unhappy on the non availability of spares for my media sports. I love the car and Maya motors Chennai are very efficient in servicing the car but express helplessness on spares.
My car needs ignition cable set and for one month unable to use the car without it.
Now I need alternator belt, AC belt and a thermostatic valve for the coolant system and nobody knows when it ill be available from Mitsubishi.
Worried what support I will get if I am travelling and get stranded due to lack of spares.

Posted by anonumus

My Mitsubishi TV wont work when i turno it on it makes a wierd noise then turnos off the timer light is green the lamp might is red and the status is black and the picture wont show What is the problem ?

Posted by besmaeb

Very dissapointing . My car went to Dip uae center on 29th of October for body shop repair and till now no one has got back with proper explanation that why they failed to contact me when it was ready . M driving rental car or 2 months n paying my EMI . Customer service is useless . No help offered .

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a 2015 outlander in the beginning of the year the sales person told us about the amazing and different services they provide especially when you're involved in a accident.. That if you're car was written off it will be replaced with the most up-to-date model.. Now we wer involved in a multiple car crash which we wer the last car to be hit from behind, it is not written off but it needs some work done.. When we called for assistance All of the Mitsubishi staff especially BARRY the SERVICE MANAGER didn't even want to hear what my husband had to say and brushed us of to the sales person that sold us the car.. I think Mitsubishis standards and Customer service if any is appalling.. We have been loyal customers for a very long time bought 2 cars from the Manukau branch, obviously Mitsubishis Customer service as a whole is their biggest weakness, and broken promises is their biggest strengths.

Posted by jar

The day we got the brand new 2015 strada out of the showroom it was raining that afternoon then when we got home two headlight assembly is full of water and moisture inside the housing lense. We complai t the next dayto the dealer what we got is nothing the warrNtu officer told us everything is normal to have moisture inside the headlight assembly. And no warranty claims has to be done. This is absolutely insane telling me moisture and water inside the headlight is normal. I was dismayed and furiously disappointed to MITSUBISHI VALLEVERDE LIBIS.

Add your review!

Posted by Cue Fanatic

I just had my 1k PMS today... kudos to the following who have assisted me from the Carworld Marilao Service Team - JR and Erger for their awesome customer care. My appreciation as well to my SA Eunice who has been there for me since pre-acquisition period to after-sales support. She has been all-out for my concerns and continues to do so ;)

Posted by raffa

I have purchased a new Mitsubishi Outlander in 2003, it has been 11 years now and my Mitsubishi is still going great with no problems what so ever. I just wanted to let you all know that I have really loved and enjoyed this car, and still do. I would recommend a Mitsubishi to anyone! I also wanted to say that previously to the Outlander I owned a used Galant. Thank you Mitsubishi!

Posted by CARLARAE

I Purchased A 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Brand New Right Off The Lot. When I Made My Purchase I Was Told That I Would Receive 5 Oil Changes Free Of Charge. 1 From The Dealer (prestige) And 4 From The Mitsubishi Corporate Offices, One Would Arrive Per Year For The Next 4 Yrs. About 30 Days Prior To My Anniversary Date. I Did Not Receive A Coupon In 2013 And When I Called Corporate Customer Service Their Response Was That I Must Have Either Used It Or Lost It, When They Checked They Realized It Was Never Redeemed And Their Reply Was I Must Have Misplaced It And There Was Nothing They Could Do For Me. (great Customer Service Huh?) I Explained The Promotion And The Representative Informed Me That She Had Never Heard Of This Promotion And They Have The Right To Cancel Any Promotion Without Notice (does This Sound Fair?). I Then Called My Dealership Who Did Assure Me That I Was Entitled To The Free Oil Changes And I Was Not Going Crazy. I Spoke To Corporate Again And They Still Insisted That There Was No Promo. The Dealership Was Very Helpful In Trying Settle This Issue, We Thought It Was Settled . I Called Today To Schedule My Oil Change And Yup There Was Nothing About A Free Oil Change. Long Story Short I Believe The Dealership Is Doing My Oil Change To Keep Me Happy And Although I Do Appreciate It I Am Mad As Hell With Mitsubishi, I Did't Like The Attiude From The Corporates Customer Service Rep Or The Supervisor That Called To Tell Me There Was Nothing They Could Do About That Promotion But She Was Sending Me A Coupon For A Free Oil Change Anyway. I Told Her I Wanted The 4 That Were Part Of My Purchase Agreement.she Acted Like She Was Doing Me A Favor. No Such Luck. What Ever Happen To The Customer Is Always Right And I This Case She Has It In Writing!!!!!! I Just Want To Say My Dealership Has Been Terrific.

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