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Posted by CJM

Under no circumstances trust Grassicks Perth Mini. My mistake was to trust them. Last service in August was poorly done, oil not changed and in fact we needed to put in 2litres and it still wasn't reaching the half way mark. Added to that they did not return my wheel nut so I have to make a 200 mile round trip to get a new one as there are apparently 40 to choose from. The final insult was when I discovered the service plan I had purchased was never going to be cost effective as it's limit was 80,000 miles..I was over 60,000 miles when I purchased it and they knew I averaged over 12,000 miles a year then it could never have worked for me. The last service I had to fight for so obviously Grassicks Perth wanted the money without doing any work. Not impressed. I will never buy another car from Grassicks of Perth

Posted by SS

I bought a MINI from Birmingham recently and the standard of service was poor. They got a lot of things wrong even upto getting the spelling of my name wrong on the V5c. I was promised that all that would be sorted out but nothing happened. I am still in the process of sorting it.

Posted by Anonymous

I had scheduled a 7:00 AM service appointment on 7/5/16. The service station opened its gate 5 minutes after it's 7:00 AM opening time. I was the first to arrive. After 1/2 hour of waiting, I was told that my appointment was for 7:45 AM, and not 7:00 AM as quoted when I made my appointment. Service clear saw me about 7:45 AM and spent 10 minutes asking questions. I waited 30 minutes (8:25 AM) until they gave me a loaner car. Staff was friendly, but friendliness does not make up for being slow. The Escondido Mini location is very good at getting me in/out in 10 minutes. This San Diego location managed to get me in/out in an hour and a half. Unacceptable. They made me an hour late for work. The entire purpose of scheduling my appointment at this location was that it was much closer my home & work. I asked for the manager (not knowing I was speaking with the General Manager). The GM went to get the Service Manager, who came out of his office, pointed at me, and proceeded back to his office. This left a bad if I was not important enough to be addressed. Bottom line, I asked Terry, the Service Manager to have the General Manager email me a letter of apology. It's been two days and I have not had the courtesy of receiving that email. Shows me that I was not important enough. When purchasing my car, I left a good $20,000.00 as down payment and this is the treatment I receive. I still expect that email of apology from the General Manager of the San Diego Mini Cooper dealer ship. Thanks for listening. Only wish my experience was a good one.

Posted by Ray

This is regards to mini in coventry
The charged us for 2 services which they didn't do admitted to it then refused to make a full refund
They was unhelpful and very slow to admitting the mistake and passed the blame upon 3 of there employees

Posted by Gusszapa

So I recently purchased a 2009 Mini Cooper hatchback. The car 55K miles and is funny that as soon as the warranty was over the Passenger Occupancy Mat sensor went bad, now I have the light constantly on and also the seat belt. I did some research and it appears there are many complains about this hazardous issue. As per my understanding when this sensor goes bad all air bags are affected, so for all intent and purpose if in case of an accident none of the airbags will work. I don't under how a manufacturer could be so careless with human life's.

Posted by Anonymous

MiniInabox is the worst site for ordering on line. Don't recommend at all. Still waiting for my order but they took money. Cannot reach customer service and no one responds to inquiries. Completely disgusted- would never use again and would NEVER RECOMMEND. Where's my money. Also won't allow me to unsubscribe even though I have tried several times.

Posted by Anonymous

We have a 2009 Hardtop Mini that we purchased in November of 2009. We were informed by Mini of Arlington, TX. that the sensor mat in the passenger front seat is faulty. There has been Recalls for this exact same problem for older models than ours, however informed that our 2009 is not covered under the thousands of recalls for the problem. Needless to say, we ARE NOT very happy right now about our decision to purchase a Mini Cooper and intend to advise everyone we can of this. We can only hope that nobody gets hurt bad due to this problem!

Posted by Anonymous

Since I bought this year ago I spend thousands for repair{{repairing mini is reap off For example for changing a thermostat they charge

$1200 Which should be less then $100 }My car is a melon . Iam renting a billboard

And I Present my case to the public so they know how bad this car is

Posted by annon

Do not buy from mini.
Bought brand new mini one D 1.6 in 2013. Had full service at mini garage as instructed in April 2015. Less than 6 weeks after this service the mini began to flood diesel from below the car whilst I was driving with my 10 month old son. After being taken for repair it was found that the fuel filter had began leaking. There was no damage found to the car. It was just a "one off fault".
This one off fault could have cost myself and my baby's life.
This is a car for which u pay £239 a month for.
I strongly recommended you do not buy this car.

Posted by ahmed

I want to send a complaint parent of the company BMW that anti branch is not able to repair the car and theft in the Allied force and statements, and I was sent this tendency in order to recover my right or repair a car that will not fix it, and I am now in the power of attorney BMW Abu Rawash desert and I I want to repair the car what to do and what is the solution and I want to answer and car cost by 11.198.53 Egyptian pounds and not repaired and the emergence of holidays again, and thanked

Posted by Anonymous

It Seems To Me That You Make A Huge Profit On This Company, Why Can't You Afford Someone To Answer A Telephone, And Stop The Bad Reviews, Along With This One....i Did Not Receive My Order .thanks For Nothing.

Posted by Pissed off

Can't get a contact number to find out where the hell my 200.00 order is!! This site is a scam!!

Posted by midnytekjh

I have a 2012 Mini Countryman All 4 and really loved it, told all my friends, and even "sold" a few through word of mouth .
Then with 3 weeks left on warranty, the monitoring system in the car reported "excessive electric discharge" (my local mechanic told me it read P1447/3221,DM-TL tank pump current too high)
Then a few days later the "check engine light came on". With 2 more weeks of warranty, I made an appointment for service and dropped the car off. I was told the tank pump canister associated with the fuel refilling system
was ruined and the repair would be $900 i.e. not covered by warranty. They did not have the parts on hand and would be a few days to get the parts in. (on a 2012, parts not in stock????)I asked what did I do to create this expensive system failure. I was told it was because I topped off the gas while filling, or over filled the car. I said not possible, the pump clicks, I take out the nozzle(my manual says you can click 2 more times to top off) The Mini service manager said then it was a faulty gas pump nozzle! I said I always hold the the nozzle and never leave it unattended.
I asked, could the car system have failed in some way (the excessive electric discharge warning previous to the check engine light). They said no, it was either me or the faulty pump nozzle. In my view, filling a car with gas, no matter how it is done should not cause a car system to fail to the tune of $900! Once the car is repaired, it will be driven to the next dealership where I buy my new what-ever, just NOT EVER a Mini.

Posted by Kimsuk roy

The worst website I ever dealt with. It's been past 40 business days that I placed the order but it is not delivered yet. Even worse is that the customer care is all rubbish. All frauds I think are there.

Posted by Anonymous

Paid $128.00 to Mini of /Allentown, PA 6/25/14 to program remote entry key without the remote unlocking the doors. Drove 3 hours each way to Allentown Mini and paid $128.00 for nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to return my merchandise and I can't sign in my account and is so hard to contact minionthebox and I feel frustrate about it . Bad customer service !!

Posted by Anonymous

I took my car to my local mini dealership for normal maintenance and because the bulb light would not go off. I was told it's a flaw that the car thinks that my fog lights have gone out, which I don't have any and that I would have to have the car reprogrammed. I was specifically told that it was a flaw with the car not that it was anything I did. I was told that I have to pay $130 to have this repaired. Why should I pay for Mini's problem. Some one please tell me.

Posted by Ailbhe

For 3 weeks now I have been getting the run around by MINI / BMW customer service here in Germany. So it's not much better here. Always with the same bla, bla, bla. What does it take for someone with authority and product knowledge to give me a call to solve a simple question? Even our authorized BMW dealership cannot understand the lack of professionalism of the main BMW/MINI service center. I was even told by a service person on one occasion that I should take an extra spin to the supermarket to charge the battery. An authorized dealership was able to find the root cause and now I'm getting the run around because we need BMW to approve the parts renewals. Why should I pay for a problem caused by MINI? For 15 years I have been a BMW customer but with this situation the relationship is about to end!

Posted by Pissed off

Disgusted is just an understatement and dissapointed just doesnt explain it.....Lyndhurst Auto in Melrose Arch provide s..t service. My car brokedown and was towed yersterday for overheating and now they tell us all these stories about shortages on courtersy cars and whose problem is that? Last december they took my car for 3 week just for an oil filter. and now we must sort ourselves out due to a car that just broke down with 38000km!

Posted by disgusted and fed up

I have a 2009 mini cooper S that I purchased an extended warranty for. I have had two timing chains, three door locks on drivers side replaced, two hatch handles replaced, a new thermostat and now I am being told my car cannot be aligned as the tie rods are corroded and seized up. I am also being told that this is not covered by warranty. What is covered by the warranty? Mini did wheel alignments in December 2012 and June 2013 and never mentioned a problem with the tie rods. Hasn't been alot of snow and ice in NJ since June til now so I am not buying this story. Evidently their customer relations is horrid as telephone messages and emails have resulted in no response at all. Will never purchase a BMW/Minicooper again. I had Lexus's for 13 years prior to this and never had a problem!

Posted by Monkey

I have a 2008 Mini Cooper that was serviced religiously at my Mini Dealer. The Plastic housing surrounding the thermostat failed and they are now telling me that the engine needs to be replaced. They stated at $10,000, and now they are down to $8,900. The housing is back ordered for 3-4 weeks and it appears to be a design issue. Anyone else have this issue?

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible cutomer service from Morristown Mini. Lost my Mini in Hurricane Sandy and had an extended service warranty.First they said I could get my money back with a letter of total loss. Upon producing this, no repsonse??? Fast forward, not only would they not refund me the balance of the contract (which is not written anywhere) they will not give me a document of a loss so I can deduct off of my taxes. I emailed 4 times and called 2 times . Finally someone else sent me a separate document claiming I cannot get the money back but still cannot show me where it claims this OR give me a letter of total loss -

Posted by JD

I have a 2009 Mini that I bought used from the dealership. They "sold" me an extended warranty/service agreement for around $1,200. My clutch went out and they now tell me it isn't covered under this service agreement (WTF)????? They also want to charge me $2200 for a new clutch. I took my car to a reputable BMW/Mini Repair shop (recommended by a friend) and got the repairs done for less than half of what Mini wanted to charge. My Mini will be traded over the next couple of weeks because I swore I would never buy another Mini or BMW (I have a 2006 325IC as well and have owned other BMW's in the past. Their service sucks and I am really not sure what this warranty/service agreement covers.

Posted by MiniCustomerServiceHasMuchToBeDe

I waited over 18 minutes for a customer service rep to answer the line. Poor. The rep's tone did not make the wait worth while, and when I asked for help, he did not offer any assistance from his end . I simply wanted him to generate a email with mini's correct web address for me to register. He was impatient.

Posted by Anonymous

I had mini cooper where I call the part department in Irvine as well Crevier, Shelly, they purpose negect the services poor refusing to answering any call by delaying nor never call back to customer pertaining to their service..I have many incident wanting have question pertaining to issue of mini car..they all refuse to call back nor help with part..I think most of people work in there are Hispanic where they munipulated the parts..Please never buy car with BMW..very agreesive ripped off..bad services..

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