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Microsoft customer service is ranked #483 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 762 ratings. This score rates Microsoft customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


712 Negative Comments out of 762 Total Comments is 93.44%.


50 Positive Comments out of 762 Total Comments is 6.56%.

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    • 712 negative comments (93.44%)
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Posted by Nobody

Shocking customer support. We have spent hours and hours just trying to activate RDP licences. You get passed from one call centre to another, all of them say they can't help and fob you off to the next one. Literally all around the planet in a big circle and get nowhere. None of their staff seem to have a clue what's going on, the numbers on their website don't correlate to who actually answers.

Posted by Johnathan Smith

M/S Customer service is ZERO. M/S's Tech Support is ZERO! I spent 9 hours trying to get a paid program, Outlook 2016, installed on my computer by Philippine techs and got a messed up computer instead. I have used M/S products since DOS days, but I'll never use another - their service is worthless!!!


Posted by ihatems

I spoke with MS tech support to cancel a subscription we are not using. After 1 hr, multiple transfers, repeating the same information over and over and over ad nausea, no one in Pakistan could manage this simple request. I worked in tech support for 5 years, and no one I spoke to would have lasted the first week on any team I've ever been on. Incompetent, inept, and absolutely unable to deal with a simple request.

Oh, and "Archie"..... you're not fooling anyone with your accent.

By far, one of the most aggravating and useless support experiences I've ever had to endure.

Posted by Anonymous

Impossible to speak with a live person - for a company that wants to sell you a product its quite frustrating.

Posted by Becky Culver

I am trying to update my Microsoft account I put a new credit card in I need help we depend on our email my husband gets his dispatches for work please call Thank you Becky Culver

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service, got ride of their phone number and now its impossible to reach them. Please how they work their in-game currency is absolutely terrible

Posted by David44010

attempted to reactivate windows 10 after mucking around in the BIOS and adding RAM, tried to get help from Microsoft.... what a nightmare.... 2 hours later I finally get a hold of my second "customer service", (with HEAVY sarcasm), the first hung up on me, he then gives me a case number and put me on hold for 20 min while he transferred me to a tech support rep, finally a "tech support" rep gets on the line, I start to explain my issue and frustration..... and she hung up on me.... I had another company that was at the top of my worst customer service experiences, Microsoft just made them look like they were greatest experience ever.... once again Microsoft shows just how user unfriendly they are.

Posted by Radix

Let me tell you about my experience, which will illustrate Microsoft's lack of care, support and professionalism.

This is almost unbelievable!

I sent my Microsoft Surface Book to America from Japan (where I'm currently residing) on the recommendation of Microsoft online staff, as the staff could not repair the technical issues I was having. I was having issues with the hardware, nothing else. That's important to remember.

I sent my laptop under the instruction of Microsoft to an address provided by Microsoft and insured my parcel with tracking to the cost of £50.

My parcel was delivered to America on the 12th of January, but for two weeks Microsoft tracking showed that they did NOT have my laptop in their possession. I emailed countless times to find a resolve, but Microsoft staff consistently ignored my emails and had been reluctant to help me locate my parcel.

After launching an investigation here in Japan with JP post, it was brought to my attention that Microsoft did indeed have my parcel, and it was in fact signed for by an agent to Microsoft on the 12th of January.

With the knowledge that Microsoft had indeed had my laptop this entire time, I reached out again via email, but to no avail, I then made an attempt to publically 'call them out' via Instagram in hopes of getting their attention, to which they replied along the lines of, "message us through direct messaging and we'll help you", but again, I messaged them as they requested, forwarded all the relevant numbers and codes and even attached screen shots, and yet again, they too had not replied.

I have opened Reddit forums, I have opened a Resolver case, I have messaged Microsoft employees on LinkedIn, and I have emailed countless times via the support website, but no one replies.

I checked Microsoft tracking nearly two weeks later, and within 1 day, they received my parcel, repaired my laptop, dispatched my laptop to Japan and that I had received my laptop. I can confirm, categorically, that I DID NOT have my laptop.

I once again emailed Microsoft but they did not reply.

The member of Microsoft staff whom I've been in contact with, has been nothing but unhelpful, has consistently ignored my emails, and when he has responded, has replied with scripted and unrelated 'text'.

Suddenly, after being ignored for weeks, I received an email from Microsoft Japan on the 26th of January informing me that my laptop was being sent to them for repairs for a damaged screen. I never had a damaged screen.

Most importantly, I was given a service request number by Microsoft prior to me sending my parcel to America. I have evidence of this. This is a key point.

After two weeks or more of chasing Microsoft and having no help, it has been returned to me UNREPAIRED because as stated by Microsoft, "There was no service request for this device"

To sum up, I'm down £50 in postage fees, I still have a broken laptop, I still can't work, and Microsoft is ignoring me. I still have a year on my warranty.

I need urgency from Microsoft because as a writer, I'm unemployed without a laptop. I am losing work, therefore, losing money. I have a backup laptop, which is a Microsoft surface too and that's also broken.

Posted by Merrick

Microsoft customer service is the worst. I have returned two New Surface pens that did not work properly. Today they sent the wrong pen as replacement. I have yet another trip to Fed Ex.
Worse returns and service ever.

Posted by microsoft worst company ever

microsoft support is aweful.
I asked the support one question, she put me on hold to ask the technical expert. After she came back, she not only didn't get the answer to the question, she didn't even ask them. And she promised to transfer me to the sales department, and just hanged up.

Didn't do anything
promised to transfer me to the sales department and didnt do it, she hanged up after that.

Because she was angry, she let her emotions control her.

wtf microsoft. Bill gates you hired some nasty people.

Posted by Anonymous

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER TO WANDER FROM APPLE AND PURCHASE THE MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO! I recently inside of 2 weeks purchased the Surface Pro thru Best Buy. I needed Microsoft Office and told the sales person I wanted to purchase Office 365. The Best Buy salesperson was adamant that I should not sign up for a subscription service and I should purchase Office Home & Business 2016. He said he did not like software subscriptions and that Offie Home & Business as the best choice. I trusted his recommendation and purchased Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 for $$209.99. Upon further review Office 365 would absolutely serve me better (additional storage for One Drive, updates, ability to use office programs on mobile devices, etc.). I returned to Best Buy and informed the store's management about being mislead by the sales agent. The bottom line is they could or wold not help me since the software had been loaded onto Surface Pro. There comment was that Microsoft would not give them credit because the software had been loaded onto my device. I was told by Best Buy to give Microsoft a call and see if they could authorize Best Buy to provide me credit for the software, and have Microsoft de-activate the software on my Surface Pro, and then Microsoft would cover the return from Best Buy. I then would purchase the monthly Office 365 subscription.

Upon contacting Microsoft I was told by a sales person (Sherine) that there was nothing they could do because I had purchased the software from a third party vendor and she cut me off. I asked her if there was a supervisor that worked with third party vendors that I could speak to and she said no and Microsoft could not help me. I get it that Microsoft can't directly give me a credit but you could work with your partner Best Buy to allow me to purchase the software I originally had asked for and is best for my needs. MY BIGGEST HESITATION ABOUT PURCHASING THE SURFACE PRO OVER THE IPAD PRO WAS THAT I WOULD NOT GET THE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT APPLE HAS ALWAYS PROVIDED ME OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS SINCE I SWITCHED FROM MICROSOFT AND PC. WELL MY FEAR CAME TO LIFE. I MADE A MISTAKE LEAVING APPLE. EVEN THOUGH I AM GOING TO BE STUCK WITH THE $210 I SPNET ON OFFICE I AM AN ELITE MEMBER WITH BEST BUY AND WILL BE RETURNING THE SURFACE PRO AND WILL GO TO AN APPLE STORE AND PURCHASE THE IPAD PRO.

Posted by Anonymous

Microsoft provides a direct connection between Office 365 and OneDrive...basically Office 365 will not work properly unless one uses OneDrive. However, these two don't alway play nice with each other. Getting problems resolved is very difficult and exceedingly tedious. At one time, MSFT provided good support, but sadly that is no longer the case. OneDrive support is pitiful O stars.

Posted by bbird

MS customer service doesn't understand completely what you are saying. Repeats what you say or is reading off a script not really getting what was said. yes, we know it is off shore service but this is your service. Problem with backup on my hard drive and suggested backing up to O365 which is where my file is. Does this make sense? Nope, but that is what she called me with. So I am still thinking they are either reading off a script or not listening but really I know it is both. Very frustrating.

Posted by greg

I ordered a Surface Pro through the Microsoft French online store and was shipped an English keyboard. After several calls to customer service I was told to return and re-order. I did this and called customer service with order number so they could ensure that it had been ordered correctly - they confirmed that it had. I was shipped another English keyboard. Eight 30+ minute calls later, as instructed, I returned just the keyboard and now, 4 30+ minute calls later, I remain without a keyboard. DON'T BUY FROM MS ONLINE!

Posted by Val

I have 2 Microsoft tablets in the family and one is having continuous issues. We've been to the store while still under warranty and no one suggested that it might be a hardware issue. Now that I am out of warranty, the tech support at the store is saying that it is a hardware issue, so I would purchase a new unit.Needless to say, I am quite disappointed.

Posted by Switching to Apple

Microsoft failed to fix my surface 2 when it has broken down twice since I bought it 2 1/2 yrs ago. I have currently put $800 into this tablet and paid for the first repair but then it broke down again 6 months later. Very disappointed and would not recommend Microsoft due to their; 1. Support and 2. Products

Posted by happy customer

I had the best customer service experience from Richard. He helped me set up the academic account and went through the set up process with me. I originally called to see if I could get a discount as I'm not currently working. Richard proposed a few options and I learned that because my husband is a student, we are eligible for student discount! He is very approachable and went beyond call of duty in speeding things up so that I can access to the documents I need. He totally changed my perception about Microsoft's customer service, which I used to think non-existent. I did not have his last name but I do have my case number

Posted by trendy

Do not buy anything from Microsoft HUP if you have any issues or have to return, as you won't be able to email anyone, or contact anyone online. And the 1-800 # will have you on the phone for over an hour as they transfer you from dept to dept where you have to repeat your problem over and over again.

Posted by Jnomy

Help me out and SHARE SHARE SHARE this please!!! I'm having a horrible customer service experience with you store and store managers at Northpark mall in Dallas!!! Here is the review I've been posting online.

TERRIBLE!!! Do not go here!!! I recently bought a brand new, top of the line Dell XPS 15 along with a full 4 year warranty/protection plan. I took the laptop home and it immediately started crashing on me. I tried to return the laptop (with my receipt) but Microsoft refused to give me my money back bc they only give you 30 days to make a return. They then got exchanged my less than two month old busted dell, and replaced it with what I THOUGHT and was told was a brand new dell. But when I took it home and turned it on, it automatically logged on as a username that I don't recognize and have never used. Meaning they lied and gave me somebody's old refurbished laptop. When I took the second laptop to the store, they basically told me that it was a brand new laptop and that I was lying and they STILL refused to give me my money back. Both times I've come to the store to make a return the employees have been extremely rude, and this past time I felt pretty insulted since they basically called me a liar!!! I've tried calling multiple numbers from the Microsoft website but apparently they cant help you if you buy something from a store. And the four year warranty I bought apparently does nothing either. I can't imagine having this much trouble at an APPLE store. I should also add that this was a business purchase, which allows for returns to be made at the store managers discretion after 30 days. So i guess that means the manager has been in a bad mood bc I feel insulted by both the employees and both the store managers I have spoken too. In conclusion, Im now stuck with somebody's old, refurbished dell when I actually paid WAY too much money for a BRAND NEW DELL!!! Never go to this store! I've never had such horrible customer service and been treated so terribly when they should be trying to help resolve my issue instead of telling me them I'm lying!!!

#microsoft #helpplease #microsoftnorthparkmall #microsoftdallas #dallas #dallasmicrosoft #northparkmall #terrible #rude #badcustomerservice #mean #microsoftstoredallas #dallasmicrosoftstore #microsoftissues #problems #needhelp #rudemanagers #microsofthelp

Posted by Annoyed!

I dont know why in the world does Microsoft concerns so much on my email that is just used for buying stuff, game accounts etc. It blocks me for no bloody reasons and said "Hey why dont you create a new one?" F&*& MICROSOFT!! what the hell? and the support is not helping either..... you want to talk to a person in the 'chat' guess what? you have to sign in.... owh no problem, owh wait.... you've been BLOCKED!!!logic am i right?

Posted by email web account

had the same problems listed before. It is worth repeating. It is extremely frustrating the I can't login to my email account because the acct was suspended (with no legitimate reasons other that I could not provide a mobile phone number).
I have landline, but can't un-suspend the acct without a mobile phone.
Why does Microsoft force people to have a mobile phone and give MS these phone number?

Posted by Rey

After three hours of customer service the only thing that had been done is the representative telling me to follow the online password recovery process. After telling the representative that has failed three times. Also I went through escalations and I told them paragraphs of information, plenty enough right? No. I hate Microsoft not just their customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer support is the worst. I can't change my alias to my O365 account and they are making me cancel my subscription and re-subscribe. Costing me money again. I've been on hold for 20 minutes and now they tell me they are having "technical difficulties" and they can't transfer me. Unbelievable.

Posted by Lindsay


tried to discreetly charge me dollars to even TRANSFER ME TO THE PERSON who might CONSIDER to fix my problem. I called to ask about some faulty software and these acted like it was a privilege for me to wait around on hold for hours.

NOT ONLY did the guy not even make an attempt to make it clear that he was trying to charge me (he muttered it in the middle of a sentence), but when I asked for specifications as to WHY I would get charged for a fault in their system, he couldn't even give me a straight answer! crooks, I can't imagine how many people probably get scammed by that.


Posted by Lindsay


tried to discreetly charge me 75 f*cking dollars to even TRANSFER ME TO THE PERSON who might CONSIDER fixing my problem. I called to ask about some faulty software THEY sold and these as*holes acted like it was a privilege for me to wait around on hold for hours.

NOT ONLY did the guy not even make an attempt to make it clear that he was trying to charge me (he muttered it in the middle of a sentence), but when I asked for specifications as to WHY I would get charged for a fault in their system, he couldn't even give me a straight answer! F*cking crooks, I can't imagine how many people probably get scammed by that.


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Posted by ME

I was having a problem with my printer after renewing my MS Office package. I tried the virtual chat and got nothing but "canned"responses that didn't really resolve my problem. I then called customer service and was pleasantly surprised to get a call back within seconds! The person quickly resolved my problem within less than a minute by changing my printer back to the correct setting! I was very impressed with that part, the personal service.

The only question I have is why would renewing my MS Office package software online automatically mess up or change my PC's printer settings and add unneeded new features like One Note without getting my pre-approval?

Also, an aside, I noticed A LOT of loud laughter and chatter in the background as I spoke to the "tech" who got online to resolve my problem. It sounded more like a junior high school class at the end of the day, or a frat house, not an office full of professional computer techs. Honestly, in this day and age of daily hacking stories, it makes me pretty nervous to entrust my computer info. to a total stranger on the phone, probably some underpaid kid overseas. What steps does MS take to ensure our computers/data is safe from theft/hackers?

Posted by User

If you are going to buy a tablet, laptop or mobile i suggest you not buy Microsoft product. They are the most worsest servicing in the company. Talking to the customer care or sending an enquire to tjem is just to make pain in your A** if you dont want to regreat it then just don't buy the product. I need to send my surface pro 1 for repairing so i send a mail and try to make contact with the customer care its useless. you know what, if you want the product its ok buy it but i am 100% sure you are gonna regreat it. Buy surface pro for 40k and sell it for 5k after 10 months later thats gonna be your choice. Worst product and customer care+ the most worst servicing in the world especially in India. Think about it before you get one. This is the FACT

Posted by Anonymous

September 26, 2016: I wish to give an outstanding, superior, supremely excellent rating to the Technical Support rep who helped me today: Priyanka Nath, re Case Priyanka Nath is supremely knowledgeable, extremely kind and patient, and worked above and beyond all expectations in assisting me to resolve my printing problems! I am so grateful for her kind assistance. When I had to stop the initial phone consult and leave for a couple of hours, she even phoned me back to resume the tech. support assistance. This is fantastic! Thank you so much Microsoft for hiring Priyanka Nath as a tech. support rep.

Posted by Emad Amir

Key activation problems with the office 2010. It was solved by tech Emad Amir, via remote control of my laptop. Great work.

Posted by nlo1120

I had a problem with my outlook and dreaded calling Microsoft support, but I'm glad I did. Chris, the agent who helped me, was patient, knowledgeable and quick. He made the experience painless and more importantly, he quickly fixed the issue

Posted by Kittyhayvan

I used the store in Aventura Mall in Miami. On-line sign up for an appointment was perfect. Called me up when work was done and everything was very professional. They did the necessary work for free (Best Friends Geek Squad had asked for $200). I worked with Perry (I hope he gets credit because he was wonderful--not condescending but very understanding towards a 60-year-old panicking).

Posted by Pallavi and Naveen

I am really thankful to Pallavi and Naveen from Microsoft bangalore office. I was in problem in installation and even my Internet was slow however Palladium patient fully helped me for long time. After that Naveen follow up till the moment I have successfully resolved my issues. I must say it was my best service experience ever. Thank you so Pallavi and Naveen. Thanks Microsoft for training your staffs to be patient and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

to illuminada thanks for the help i got it to work.

Posted by Anonymous

I had many issues when switching from my broken computer to a family members old computer, and the two customer service reps I had during this process were more than helpful and extremely friendly. They were able to fix all the issues in a timely manner and saved me hundreds of dollars...I was going to take it to the Geek Squad originally.

Posted by Sotiris

Just had a problem with activating windows 10, spoke to Desirie B. and he/she was very cooperative, helped me get through my issue step by step, and was very patient, and most helpful. Very satisfied the help he/she gave me.

Posted by Liv

My order tonight form deal with by Liv (Europe). I somehow lost the review tab/section :(

Liv handled my order with great efficiency and professionalism. 10 out ot 10. aA great person to deal with :)


Posted by sunshine

Sunshine was very helpful and responsive. I have always believed that microsoft is a good company with the intention of taking care of their customers. Sunshine confirmed this with the way she handled my technical issue. Thanks again, sunshine.

Posted by Anonymous

My customer service was amazing! I could not have asked for a more helpful representative. Ian (my representitive) worked with me to resolve the problem and even installed Microsoft Office on my computer for me. Thank you!

Posted by Anders Forever

10/10. Microsoft Word wouldn't save. Using chat, I got through within 1 minute to a level 1 technician who spent four hours(!) with me trying to solve the problem. When she couldn't, she booked a phone-call for me to talk to a level 2 technician, who called back within one minute of the expected time, and used his level 2 expertise to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Posted by Ozzy

Well, what can i say, technical support here is both good and bad, but a bit more good in my opinion, ALTHO it takes 3 different people to download a new win10 dvd and do a windows repair with the words "hoping it will fix the issue"

call back had too take 2 days, was fine with that, computer was still partly working. calls was almost dead on time eventho im all the way in south africa.

guys there in Bellevir Washinton... please learn a little humor, you sound like robots.

not even a next level "expert" could fix mistakes, just run the same old common stuff you can find on google search.

Now that is out of the way i had too discover with this faults that win10 is NOT free. its only free on upgrade. so after the free upgrades expires and you want too redo your windows you need to buy it, because you cant install the old the weeeeeeks of updates and then upgrade.

hope they can fix my pc, because a fresh install is not a option without a serial key

Posted by [email protected]

Today August 31, 2015 Called tech support about windows 10 problems I talked to Jay C. And then also a guy named Micheal.What a waste of time no solutions and no help. I trusted Microsoft but feel like am getting nothing in return.I hope so much you read this message Bill Gates .Trust is like losing your virginity once you lost it its no getting it back.I feel betrayed and forced to move on another operating system and advise others not to give Microsoft the chance to do the same to you. Jesse York, pa.

Posted by darkym171

I made a microsfot account which took several seconds, then I explained my problem and got into a chat room with a nice patient person who then solved said problem. 10/10

Posted by Anonymous

Very good experience via instant messaging. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff willing to help who offered me a replacement for my surface touchpad, and were equally as happy to help with my enquiry to cancel this action as the fault had been fixed. Even recommended I try chamomile tea.

Posted by TimSoares

Overall, took FOREVER to connect to someone, everything from then on went fine.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had some great customer service from Microsoft, dealing with a problem with my copy of Windows. Thank you Maria at Microsoft :)

Posted by dirk

Microsoft do have a realy good support, compared tot Google. When I do have probleem with development with an app, they will help you out! Last time when I had an issue with an app on Windows Phone, they gived me my money back directly! That is good service!

Posted by Anonymous

Have y'all all noticed that support resources who are incompetent always act unprofessional and infantile "I can't hear you ma'am. Hello? Hello? ok, I can hear you now." and then they proceed with some instructions just so they can hung up in the middle of their own sentence? LOL
LOL LOL so entertaining

Posted by Denise M.

I was having problems signing in to my HP Envy and so I called HP, they tried as usual to tell me that they could not help me unless I bought their tech support service for 14.85 a month or a fee of 99.00 per year. I told them I was on SSI and had no money and please help me to reboot my system. The guy was a total jerk and told me to take my computer to a local fix it place but assured me it would cost me over 100.00. I then called Microsoft support. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! The tech support person was so nice and helpful and I came to find with his help that it was not a virus issue or anything else serious as the HP person said it was as simple as changing my PASSWORD!. I love microsoft and how nice and helpful you all are. For a poor person, the internet is our only form of entertainment and contact with the outside world because we can't afford to do anything else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support. You are amazing, patient and kind.

Posted by aaronweisser

The agent was able to handle everything we need and actually showed the ability to be resourceful and use multiple methods of resolving the issue. Given the horrible customer service that is normally faced these days with all the offshoring happening, this was a very welcome surprise.

Posted by Georgina

I had the BEST EVER service over the internet with a support person Jeramie. He went out of his was to help me, and spent 2 hours making my computer perfect. He explained everything to me, and even rang my phone in NZ to check when my internet cut out. Thanks so much Jeramie. I am not sure if you will ever see this, but I'm hoping this might make up a bit for not being able to do your survey!!

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Posted by Okay Guy

I read lots of comments, both positive and negative. I sincerely relate. I work at MS as CSR. It can be really frustating! We are required by quality reviews to make empathy statements (that's why they sound insincere) and we have to face the wrath for Tech's and Answer's desk mistakes.

Advice: Keep info like email, order numbers and CC numbers handy, to help locate your orders. Be kind, and dont vent for issues from other deparments. It's hard, I know, but a bad attitude generates more bad attitude. Don't think an overseas agent is inherently uncapable or viceversa, give them a chance.

Im truly sorry for all those bad experiences.


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