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    • 106 negative comments (89.83%)
    • 12 positive comments (10.17%)
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Posted by 104krp

I am a frequent shopper at Michaels as I go at least once a week I received a gift for my birthday a light that I did not need I tried to return it to Michael's for store credit and they stated since it was over $30 they were not return it without a receipt nowhere do I see this in a return policy I'm very very very unhappy with this

Posted by unhappy

Bought several items online for in-store pickup. I decided to return some of them when I saw them in real life, but every item rang up at a different (lower) price than what I paid for them. I had to show the manager my original receipt (thank god I took a screenshot -- they do NOT email you order details or prices you paid when you buy online for in-store pickup!!).

She couldn't cancel the last receipt, so I had to re-buy everything at the incorrect price, then re-return everything at the prices I paid for them. It took OVER AN HOUR with register issues and questions the manager had about the original prices I paid.

I'd shop here again, but I will NEVER buy for in-store pickup again.

Posted by Triiiip1215

Never shopping here again ! Paid for 2 brushes and a tube of paint. They told me my paint cost to much so they won't exchange it or give store credit . Because I bought quality products they won't exchange them out for me ??? Absolutely makes no sense I will never shop here again. Managers need a attitude check that's for sure. Accuse loyal customers of stealing because the product cost to much ? Your company needs to rethink how the treat people. They talk all high and mighty behind that counter. Don't waste ur time here, go to Joann's .

Posted by Disappointed customer

My Mom just wanted to exchange a defected brush she bought that day. The cashier said, "No you paid with a check. You have to wait 10 days." My Mom explained again, I don't want a refund, just exchange the defected brush.
The manager was called and had to escort her to look at another brush-which they didn't have. Long story short, she bought another brush for more money.
Not good at customer service.

Posted by JJ Craft

I returned a rotary cutter that was defective. I had a receipt, but no original packaging. If you read through Michael's complete return policy, original packaging is not required for in store purchases. At any rate, I didn't appreciate the condescending and accusatory tone when they questioned me about my return. I did receive partial store credit, but the experience was unpleasant, to say the least. If this is how they treat customers, I may have to shop at a different retail store.

Posted by Linda

I returned an item received for Christmas with a gift receipt. Instead of getting money back I was given a gift card. Your policy says items can be returned with receipt so why was I not given money back? I am not sure what the point of getting a gift receipt is if you don't treat it the same as a return with receipt? This makes me think twice about buying anything in your store.

Posted by Pdawg

I tried to return paint brushes sent to me by my sister through the mail without the receipt. I was given the third degree about the brushes, and then informed I must have the receipt or the phone number of my sister for some rewards garbage. I wasn't trying to get a refund just exchange them for something else. My sister lost the receipt and didn't give her number when she purchased them. Now I am stuck with these brushes I don't need, and theveryone manager made it seem like I stole them. Very unprofessional and uncalled for. Will never go there again

Posted by Kat

Everytime I try to go to one of emails or sales emails, I get a transmission problem - try again later. I am unable to load coupons - getting ones that say "20 to 25%" and yet unable to use. I am unable to shop. What's going on?

Posted by Bella

Michaels customer service is horrible! I tried to return a $20 item without a receipt that my daughter got for her birthday and they said no-manager disgression. That is not in their return policy. I was not asking for a refund. I just wanted her to be able to exchange it for something else. Insane!

Posted by Anonymous

I received a Phillips Remote control that doesn't work, where do I send it back

Posted by DMH

Was shocked to be charged a restocking fee for faux greenery stems I bought. They were too big for where I wanted to use them. They were 19.99 each. I returned them with the receipt two days later and only received 14.99 back for each. I was shocked!!! Micheals stole $20 from me. Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics will get my business from now on. I am telling all my friends not to shop at Michaels, go elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping in Michaels tonight in Goldsboro,NC and and a manager walked up and yelled at a cashier in a store full of people.I was BAFFLED!!My husband and I felt terrible!While standing there she(the cashier) had just called for back up and no one came initially.This particular manager is usually rude in nature but today was UNBELIEVABLE!!I will NOT be spending my money in this store and I hope she receives the justice she deserves!

Posted by R Dub

Michaels in Redlands, CA is great! No "restocking fee" on returns or exchange, in fact, there'a no sich thing in the return policy online, so I'm not sure how they can get away with it in all these posts on this page :/
The store is always clean and well organized, staff is alway friendly. Maybe its the area. Its a nice shopping center, & is near other craft stores. If it was as a lot of you describe (in disaray, rude emoloyees, crappy return policy) I think it would go out of business. We have Joanne's & a few other small business local crafts stores that would be an atractive alternative if Michaels pulled that crap.

Posted by Maureen

the frames I ordered were the wrong ones. it was not my mistake. Please send a return label so that I can send it back

Posted by Axenty

Maybe it also has to do with the store you shop at. I've returned different items paints, paper, brushes, Art books, glue's, They never charged me a restocking fee, in fact I've dealt with nearly all of the employee's with in the 4 yrs I've shopped at Inglewood's, Store located off Village and Century, when I found items I needed like tubes of Acrylic paints and partially damaged, but still usable, they would allow me to buy it giving a huge discount more like a steal not just some employee's all of them very friendly and courteous.

Posted by Anonymous

Clerks at the Pinole CA store were not advised that there was a problem with Michaels and Bank Americard. Therefore, my mom had to use cash for her purchase when her card was denied. She was only told the card did not go through! This left my mom in a quandry so she called the Bank Americard customer service number when she got home. It wound up to be a 45 minute call and at one point she was transferred to their fraud department! She was exasperated to say the least. She is 93 years old. All this because the card issue with Michaels was not explained to her. She had made other purchases with her card during this past month and couldn't understand why the problem at Michaels. She also was very embarrassed because the line at the cashier was getting longer and longer while the clerk was trying to get the card to clear. Why weren't the clerks advised to let Bank Americard holders that there was an internal issue instead of making the customer feel embarrassed?

Posted by Unhappy pencil pusher

I received exceptionally poor customer service at your store located at the Perimeter, in Atlanta, Ga.
I was in possession of discount coupons that I received online from your company. I was trying to use the 40 percent discount off all pencils as spelled out on the coupon. The store manager would only accept buy one, get 50 off one.
He stated that the coupon was a corporate mistake, and he could only honor the one with buy one, get 50 off. At that point he said it's a corporate problem, they need to deal with it.
I ordered online tonight, with added shipping. Hopefully your company can work together better in the future to honor coupons sent from you to your consumers- only to be refused in the store.
Thank you for your time.
Dale Stanley

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Customer Services:

I am a professional artist. I was in your store the third time in the last 15 years. Usually, I would get my art supplies from Wallack here in Ottawa until Wallack went out of business. It took me around 35 minutes to purchase a bottle of masking fluid and two windsor colours at your store #3505. There was not enough services on the floor, the only person who was very good is at the cashier 1721 sale 4810 3505 001 on 1/14/17, 11:58am. I have to wait for a longline people in order to ask where is the masking fluid after I went through the watercolour section. I got the masking fluid after the cashier told me where it is and I went back to cashier again waiting for the longline of people to ask another question where I can get a service person to open up the glass window for the windsor colour paints. I was told to push a red button and I started to look for a red button, and I cannot find one and went to the customer framing session and there were two persons serving and one was free. She opened the window and I got the paints, but she took the items to the cashier. I waited in a line again. I will not recommend all my students to go to your store to purchase anything. It is like a dollar store and smells incense. It is strange to have window for the watercolour paints. I never seen one like your store. Why don't you set up security system on your bar code like other stores.

Sincerely yours,

Rowena Tolson

Posted by Anonymous

Wow,reading Everybody's Post About Michaels Customer Service And Returns. I Will Not Shop There Any Longer. You Would Think The Michaels Owner(s) Would Be Concerned. When The Owners Do Not Care About Their Customer Service Business Starts To Fail! But I Guess You Have To Care About Your Business And Not Be In It For The Money Only!

Posted by Sue

I returned on onlone purchase to a retail store after the item arrived broken. I was reimbursed for the cost of the item, but not the shipping and tax. Wow. Not a great way to keep a customer. I'll be shopping elsewhere.

Posted by NLF

A restocking fee for Michaels. PATHETIC. Guess I'll shop at Joann's now. No more Michael's for me if they care more about ripping off consumers than providing a good experience.

Posted by Busymommy2

Hello- I was at the Michael's Wake Forest NC location on Wednesday December 28. I had my two children ages 3 and 1 with me. I went into the store and put my 1 year old in the cart and my 3 year old walked around next to me to go find the items I went into the store for. After I found the items I wanted to purchase, we went to go check out. While at the register checking out, my 3 year old was reaching to get something out of the cart and the entire cart fell over on its side-on top of her- and my son was sitting in the child seat went down with the cart as well, hitting his head on the floor and knocking over a wrapping paper display. They were both screaming in tons of pain. NO ONE in the store tried to help us at all. I am trying to console 2 screaming children, and all the lady at the register wanted me to do was to swipe my card to pay. There was a huge line of guests waiting to check out and they were all staring at me like I was a terrible mother. Like I did something wrong. I have never had any issues with my daughter riding/standing on the back of carts..that is what they are made for. I didn't realize it would cause the entire cart to fall over and injure both of my children. And, I was completely upset that no one in the store offered to help me. As mentioned, their only concern was making sure I paid for my items and got out of the store. I finally ended up paying and leaving, and literally sat in my car and cried for a good 30 minutes before returning home. I am very disappointed in the way the employees/ staff handled this situation and upset that my kids had to get injured in the store and they were not doing anything wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

Please change your emails to me from French to English.I do not speak Frenc even though my last name is French.

Thank you for your attention to this request.

Helen French

Posted by Taurosta

So annoyed. I purchase things at my Micheals every week for the last year. Went to return a basket I purchased the day before and they only gave me 6.99 for a 9.99 purchase. I can walk the basket back to the basket pile myself, this two dollar fee is ridiculous. Very disappointed in this store.

Posted by Diane Laskowski

I went to Michaels today to pick up an expensive framing project that cost over $300.00. I was totally shocked as to what the framer had done for this project. She forgot to put in the fillet, it was framed upside down and backed the picture with white paper. This was totally despicable! All she said was "My Bad." Her badge said she has 15 years experience. I feel this was intentional. Now with the
Holiday rush and driving, I now have to go back in a couple of days. Afterwards she just smirked at me!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I happened to be in the Manchester, NH store on Thursday, 12/20/2017.

Having worked in retail, for more than 40 years, I was more than pleasantly surprised
to find this store to be very, very organized (despite it being 5 days before Christmas)!
Aisles were clear, displays were well signed, condensing of Christmas merchandise (moving to the aisles and to the front of the store) was incredible! Spoke to MOD Fran...highly visible, available for questions and delivering answers!!!
What I find amazing at this time of year...when I ask: "Are you the Store Manager?"--the look of horror, I usually get...Fran was wonderful and very, very delightful to deal with...
She really be recognized for her attention to all aspects of the business...especially your customers! ....when I was leaving, a man approached about a purchase he had made the day before, without a coupon....Upbeat as I had witnessed, she smiled, and said "Follow me to the registers!"

What an asset to your company!!! This is someone you should truly value!

Posted by Sue

I have shopped in your Bala Cynwyd, PA store many times. Yesterday was a big sale with a crowded store. Your employees were and are always so nice, patient and most helpful. They said that they were short staffed but you never would have know!

Posted by A Michaels Craft store cashier

I have a big HUGE complaint about customers going to Michael's.Do not berate,put down,yell at the cashier for things out of their control.We get orders from our Manager to have to say or do certain things.Know our Michael's coupon policy before you go into the store to complain.We cashiers don't force you to buy the items,so it is not our fault if you as a customer cannot read the coupon and what the exclusions are.When you return items WITHOUT a receipt,it's stated on the receipt that you will be getting less back,store policy when you don't have a receipt and know that if you give us attitude don't expect GREAT customer service in exhange!!!!

Posted by Liz R.

Been shopping at Michael's for years! I've always had a good experience. Yes, sometimes you have some young, new employees that are not up to speed but they'll get there! If I have a problem I ask to speak to a manager and I always get help with what I need. I shop at the Mission Viejo (manager Nick) and Foothill Ranch Stores and they are always friendly and clean.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to take the time to recognize an outstanding experience from a manager at the Asheville store. The manager staci was fantastic. I was in your store yesterday and the store was dirty staffed. She was very professional and gave me outstanding customer service trying to find string art projects. She was relentless in finding me something and what she found was exactly what I was looking for. She was getting call after call in get radio for other things she was needed for at that moment. She helped me and remained I'm control even under the stress that was obvious. When I checked out there she was yet again on a register ringing me up. With a smile on her face. She even Gabe it's a coupon in return for the constant interruptions.this is a level heeded well rounded experienced manager. I was impressed by her and wanted to praise her! She most certainly deserves a raise out at the least praise. That's a good manager. Thank you! Scott Liam..

Posted by Anonymous

I had a wonderful experience in the Michael's store on Brandywine in Wilmington, Delaware because of the floral arranger, Michelle.

I was shopping for centerpieces for an 85th Birthday party and Michelle helped me find the right arrangements and was able to personalidentify them for the spracial occasion.

She went above and beyond expectactions that I have for shopping at your stores.

Thanks so much Michelle.

Posted by Tmera

I shopped at your LV store yesterday and used my teachers ID. I was only given 10% off, and most of the items were not discounted. What are the exclusions please?
Also want to commend your quick response to a previous complaint regarding the poor condition of the restroom. The door was propped open yesterday and I could see that the faucets had been replaced and it appeared to be cleaner, nice job/response! Thanks for valuing your customers input, I'm very impressed!! :)

Posted by Lexie Knutson-Kostalas

I would like to thank Michaels store employee, Sam Speaker in the Cedar Falls, Iowa store.
First of all, I special ordered some glass/ candle center pieces for my wedding. I got a phone call they were in in Cedar Falls. I drove down there ( an hour away ) and they were not. Only 1/2 the order was in.
Well, I kinda did the UGLY bride thing. With just 2 days before the wedding and no time to shop around and figure out what else I could do for the centerpieces. Sam could see I was upset. She was calling to all the other stores to find all the pieces. She found them in Ames, Iowa. Which was way more driving for me and I had no time before the wedding.
So she volunteered ! She drove an 1 1/2 hours one way to get them. And I was able to not have to change a thing on my special day thanks to Sam !! She was a life saver ! She is a true asset to the Michaels team !

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 16x20" frame at the Boca Raton store & had a problem placing the canvas in. We spoke with Nikko the store manager Saturday Feb.27. He was a delight to deal with & suggested we bring it in to him. Today, Sun. The 27th we did just that. Not only did he put it together for us he wrapped it too. I am sending Michaels KUDOS IN HAVING A STORE MANAGER THAT IS A STAR .

Posted by ?

Just want to take a moment to give credit to salesclerk Kelli at the bloomington/normal store #5027 for the excellent service she provided me yesterday. It was my error and she took so much time to help me correct it.Corporate please note this! Great store

Posted by MK

I had a precious piece of artwork framed by April S. in the Nampa, ID store, she patiently guided me thru the many choices and with her great ideas my picture exceeded my expectations it is truly beautiful. she is a great asset to your company, I will always take my framing to her.

Posted by Anonymous

Megan, frames dept., Valparaiso, IN store #4746: Knowledgeable, polite, patient, helped with framing three pictures. Continues to smile, look for merchandise, suggest order online for frame not on shelf, sincere, mature employee. Keep this valued lady on your payroll. I have seen her in action, many, many times, when shopping. She is always pleasant.

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Posted by Anonymous

My last day as an employee at Michaels is Saturday. I work in the San Jose location and this review is solely about the store manager who's last day at my location was today, Thursday February 2nd. I had submitted my 2 weeks notice last Thursday and my final day was going to be February 9th. I find out that I'm not even on the schedule at all for my last week. As someone who has worked in retail for 14 years, and my last position at my last job I was in upper management for 2 years, I know thats not how you run a business. My store manager never even gave me notice that I wasn't going to be on the schedule at all. Since the day I was hired, I could easily tell she didn't want me working there. I don't understand why, as I had not done anything to upset her or disrespect me in any way. She will be moving to the Sunnyvale location in 3 weeks when she returns from her vacation. I honestly believe that something needs to be done about this store manager, as she clearly doesn't understand how to treat her employees. As well, in the past 6 months, I have not been fully trained to be in the framing department and I felt like every time I came in, I was just treated to be a janitor to the store which is not what I signed up for. I did not sign up to be her janitor, I signed up to learn framing, and production, neither of which I got. I had voiced my opinion to different managers, including the store manager herself, and saw absolutely nothing being done about it. I was consistently blamed for orders being re-ordered but when management changed a week after I got hired, the manager they transferred me also never trained me and in fact was the one who sent 56+ reorders that didn't even need to be reordered in the first place and I was blamed for it because they were all under my name. I felt very disrespected, and I felt like I was being discriminated against since it seemed I was the only one in this store who was being treated so poorly by almost all of management, especially the store manager, except for 2. Something needs to be done about this store manager as soon as possible and her work ethics before something terrible happens to the employees at the Sunnyvale store.

No, I am not making any of this up. This literally all happened during my employment time. Unfortunately, as this is the closest michaels to my home, I will be willing to drive further to another michaels for better service, as I won't be able to set foot in this store again. Please do something as soon as possible.

A very irritated, treated disrespectfully, employee.

Posted by Chocolatedrop

I was an employee of Michael's in the Port Chester store and all I could say is the management need to be trained again on how to deliver customer service not only to the customers but to their employees. The staff is totally GREAT and I hate the fact that I'm no longer working with them. It seems like the managers leave home with an attitude and come to work to vent on the employees. I haven't been there but maybe a month and the training is terrible because no one shows you anything; you're basically learning on your own or if another team member helps you out. I got so tired of the way I was being spoken too there and as a friendly smiling person which the customers all said they are so happy to have someone like me there to brighten the place it was a disaster to work for such management as that. There's never enough staff to cover any shifts which leaves pressure on the closing staff to try and maintain the store before and after closing. I even heard how one manager talked down to another manager. This store need to be evaluated because I could go on and on.

Posted by chuck

I am an employee at your bel air md store, I was hired by store manager Erin in early February, shortly after Erin transferred to another location, our new manager Pete took over cutting hours to 5 hrs a week, he is very disrespectful, mean, nasty, and totally unprofessional. Insulting employees over the radio, makings us belittle each other to his amusement, this man belongs in a cave not a retail store, this is my 2 weeks notice, and I'm glad to be free of the abuse, he took me off the schedule, then back on in one day with out notification,several employees have quite do to racism,and anxieties in the last 2 weeks, tell Pete Michaels may be impress ed with his brash behavior but us people with a soul won't be apart of this type of toxic infectious individual who obviously has issues with himself and others, well not my problem any more. there will be more that endure this abuse,but who is the overseer of tis operations should be ashamed before God, eclesastics 5:8, see that's why we should do business in grace of him. thank you for the opportunity,And good luck with sales this season, the job was fun,interesting,and enjoyed, prior to, Mr. Pete


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