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Metro PCS customer service is ranked #586 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 1056 ratings. This score rates Metro PCS customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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    • 28.39 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 997 negative comments (94.41%)
    • 59 positive comments (5.59%)
    • 8 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

How do I reach a representative??? Not a recording......A live person who can help me and answer my questions??

Posted by marinedad

My family and I had been customers of Metro PCS for over 10 years when they just started. The only way that you can have them take you seriously is if you complain to the FCC. They provide their unsatisfied, frustrated customers with a free upgrade and some credits to ease the frustration. Fast forward two years after our complaint, we still experienced unreliable service, dropped calls, no signal, no incoming/outgoing texts, etc. There are known for using deceptive business tactics to avoid being fined for scamming many customers. Their corporate office enjoys lying to the FCC and only helping their customers until the case is closed. As paying customers, it is disturbing to tolerate unreliable, poor service and to deal with a carrier who could not care less. Fortunately, we switched to a carrier that values customer loyalty. The fact that there are so many negative reviews online for Metro PCS speaks volumes.

Posted by Yungbuc28

I lost my phone back on July 28th 2017 and didn't get a phone to August 18ty and they won't refund money and they had also made me pay 100$ for a month of service I didn't use and they over charged me when I went and bought a new phone and charged me 30$ in fees I would like to be refunded or get the minutes for the months I paid for and the day's I lost on the minutes and no one will help me I am probably going to switch phone company I have never been thru this

Posted by Anonymous

On June 19th I spoke with a rep about some changes dealing with my payments. And I asked to speak with a manger to complain about why my phone is not making calls from my device on Wi-Fi I was hung up on and blocked from speaking with a rep I am passed off right now and I will pay my bill but I am asking for a discount your manger played ass they did not hear me and then disconnected the call

Posted by Anonymous

They lost a new customer they didnt even have, I was interested in switching to them for business purposes so had some presales questions about porting and vanity numbers, and no matter what could not get to thru a rep even with the details on this site. Well if you cant answer my presales questions, I guess i pay for your services. To bad Metro, your loss not mine. . . its a shame you guys have come to this I used to have you guys on 2006 and at least i could talk to some one at that time. . SMH

Posted by Anonymous


I used to have a number with you and that number is connected to my gmail acount and I forgot my account so their sending me varification codes and I can't reach them. Ifor you can please send me that code

Posted by DaBesst88

Called about a problem with my MMS sending, kept saying it exceeded my carriers limit, the file was only 300kb. All she could say was " it sounds like the files to big" I asked several times while stating its "only" 300kb and I asked if thats the case then what's the max sending limit, and she said I don't know what that is or how to find out... So your telling me you don't know how to do your job. Well I hung up and figured it out myself knowledgeless idiots. Overall call was extremely frustrating talking to a customer support individual who you know more than they do. I give a minus 5 stars for that one!

Posted by Anonymous

have had an account with metropcs for 3 years and wanted to upgrade my phone at the South center Mall location in Tukwila, WA. I was told I had to purchase other accessories in order to be able to upgrade because they only had two phones left.

Posted by seemeonly

Someone needs to post how to talk to a live person wile on 48 hour extension or while account is suspended. None of the numbers that are suggested here work I've tried. seems to me that it should be easy to speak to someone if you need your phone turned back on. I guess metro doesnt care enough to put their reps on the phone. dumbest idea ever, besides slowing your data down to a crawl when you hit your '4g' cap...

Posted by Anonymous

I. Bought line and phone highland Park Nj store
After I purchased phone try to use at home no line hook up
Next day I went store
Worker no idea what they doing
No result, because worker only speak Spanish language can't cominucate
Third day we went return to phone and non working line
They said they can't pay back
This store workers no idea what they doing
Don't ever go this store
You will be piss ..,
I never see the store like this unprofessional ..
They service is sucks

Posted by Kelly

I am so discussed with metro, had you for years paid every payment same card, got 4 new phones 2 weeks ago...Tried to pay on the 29, said card was invalid, went to my bank nothing wrong with my card,called ur customer service that night said he report it...Been now calling customer service takes me to bill pay only,I want to know if the problems been fixed...New z phone will not even let me log into my account...All want to do is talk to a agent, someone needs to call me now, as you can see all these years I paid with my bank debit card with no issues

Posted by Anonymous

Metro is now officially become crap worthy with your bullcrap customer service line that doesn't help at all

Posted by Lisa Vieira

Why is it so hard to find help!!!! Been trying to contact Customer service and always closed or wrong number very frustrated customer thinking about switching for this reason

Posted by Anonymous

The supervisor was very rude, didnt listen and wouldn't transfer me to a manager. I am leaving them.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a customer at metro pcs. I switched to cricket, not because of any problems but cricket had a great deal on an iPhone I wanted. The problem is that I paid my bill early and then I heard about cricket. I went to metro pcs inquiring as to my payment I made early and was told I couldn't get my payment back. So I paid good money for no service whatsoever. Incredible, bad business practices! I want my 30.00 back. It's like they stole my money.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is a joke. I would rather roll around with black king cobras than call them. Metro PCS sucks customer service wise.

Posted by Metropcs

My payments is on the first of the month,i got this straight out. I still gets texin before the first about payments.

Posted by sendy semsey

metro pcs they have worst customer care they don't pick up there phone I been trying to get in touch with metro over the phone and nothing they have a Automated machine it doesn't help you at all I'm trying to talk about live person and then the phone hang up in don't know how they join t-mobile smh

Posted by William soban

OK i paid my bill and I still have no phone service 60 once 16 once 83 once with in a week or so time and now I have no phone service and I am not happy about it please fix this problem and I will be with you guys for a long time and I will get another company that will not be like that and want my business so please let me know what you think please and thanks

William shown

Posted by Anonymous

Yeah I'm sending you this email because I can't get no help in several months I have tried and tried to get you guys to clear my internet because it just doesn't work I pay $60 a month on time and I get some really crappy service something needs to be done about this my number you can call me or or not but I'm starting to look for another carrier I've been with you guys a long time and your service is done really lousy thank you

Posted by ftw666 the hardest company to get alive person on the phone metropcs.

Posted by upset in tucumcari

You need to send people out to update towers in rural New Mexico so people do not have to be without phone service, give it till tomorrow and then I am changing phone service

Posted by Anonymous

I have an emergency. Facebook has seized up and it says I have a virus. There is misspelling in the notice. It says I have to download an app. I suspect it's a fraud, BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT METRO PCS!!

Posted by FLORIDA-(ANON)

seemingly METRO PCS is owned and operated by Muslims, every single store I have gone into has Arab/Muslim attendants. Has any one else noticed this, or is just between Florida and Georgia? or is it just my Imagination... I am upset with the quality of the services 411 is being discontinued, and you unlimited DATA does not apply to your unlimited HOT SPOT for your PC. if you use your lap top your data goes faster then a box of doughnuts at a doughnut eating contest!!! THIS IS MY "DOESN'T THAT STINK FILE!"

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service support system sucks .. there should be an easier way to speak to a live person when need to at anytime, you need to improve this service

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Posted by Anonymous

I love Metro PCS, I go to the store on N. Main in Las Cruces, N. Mex. Orlando and the other young men that work there are always so helpful and kind...

Posted by Anonymous

I have gone to the MetroPCS Store in Dellwood to get assistance troubleshooting my phone and would like to commend Armon one his wonderful customer service with us getting our phone back online. He was extremely knowledgeable and he was very personable and had us out of there in a matter of minutes. He was extremely polite and helpful, a wonderful employee.

Posted by Gerald Hudson

The young lady that service me on customer service was Marissia Apologies if spelled wrong she was very friendly and we need more people like that. She deserve respect ❤

Posted by Shamari

Shamari agent number was very helpful. On a scale from 1-5 he gets a 10 from me. I first called and spoke with someone who not only kept me on the phone for nearly 25min! But did not even solve my problem so I hing up and redial and got Shamari who handled my call in under 7 minutes! I very seldom follow through these things but wanted to say thanks to Shamari Agent I'm a very happy camper.

Posted by Anonymous

She was very nice,polite and friendly. She guided me through the process until it was accomplished.She deserves an applause for an outstanding performance.

Posted by I dont know

I had the best help from a customer service worker on the phone, her name is Harmony. I forgot whether she received my call in Colorado or California. she provided the best help I had ever received and she was extremely patient and awesomely friendly. I explained to her my issues and she listen, understood, and resolved it for me easily. never had an easier experience on the phone and I just loved her friendliness. She was the best help ever.

Posted by Sugg

I had an great experience with an customer service representative,He went above and beyond the call of duty.Even after we got disconnected I called back and guess who answered the exact same person.What are your chance's of that!

Posted by The Difference

Today Metro made yet another mistake on my screen. When I dial 611, the next screen populates and breaks down the individual plan. Months ago, I select forty dollar plan. Today automatically the screen gave me the option to submit a payment of ninety dollars. I can afford that but its not what I signed up for. What if I had been a little old lady not paying attention and paid it? Then Metro PSC would have a better profit margin. How many have fell for that tactic?

Posted by Sarah

I seen alot of complaints about metro pcs.. i have no complaints! I rarely have a problem, and if i do, there's 3 stores around me.. i have 4 people on my plan, very rarely does anybody complains about u guys.. i like metro. Wouldn't change for any other company.

Posted by Tlamkin7

My name is Tonye Lamkin and I have been a customer of Metropcs for over 10 years. Within the last couple of months, my daughter, which is also on my plan, and me bought new phones and were very excited because they seemed to be so perfect for both of us. Her phone has never had any issues. My phone seemed to constantly have issues, so from about a month ago up until tonight, there were a couple of things that needed to be either reset or fixed, but no one was able to help me. I went into a couple of different stores to let them know that my blocking services weren't working properly. The first clerk told me he fixed it and gave it back. It still did not work properly. I went into another store and the female clerk told me I did not know how to do it properly, she said she fixed it and I would no longer receive texts or phone calls from a man that is harassing me, though I personally have never met this man, he has my number and constantly tells me I belong to him. (Scary)
Tonight I went into the store located at 9112 Camp Bowie West, Suite 103 and a young, professional female was extremely nice about listening to what I needed to let her know. She gently took my phone and proceeded to find out about the two things that still wrong in my phone. One issue was I couldn't receive or send pictures through my messaging. The other issue was my calls/texts were still not being blocked, though I have been paying for this extra feature for several years now. At that moment, she let me know that my block had been deleted, most likely by the last female that told me, (I had no idea what I was talking about and everything worked just fine.)

She worked diligently to find out what caused the problem with my blocking app being deleted. It was not correct, it was not even in my phone, which is what I had been telling other clerks for 2 weeks and no one else cared to listen or fix the problem. She then told me she would need to call the tech support.

Tech support walked her through how to set up different perimeters for me to send/receive photos in my messaging. She downloaded all of the original apps in my phone and set up my blocking.

I am writing this letter to you to let you know that I just experienced the most professional, beautiful experience with Tiffany Sanchez from the Camp Bowie West store in the Benbrook area. She never made me feel like I was lacking intelligence, as the other clerks in the other stores had made me feel. She took her time, she talked with me and made me feel valued as a customer. She fixed both of the problems in a timely manner and never once made me feel like I was an inconvenience, as the other clerks in the other stores had made me feel.

I was so impressed with Tiffany Sanchez, I decided to write and let someone else know in hopes that she would be high commended for her perfect customer services skills, her perfect way of dealing with a problem that was very real, and her kind attitude with me while she was trying to figure out why my brand new phone was not cooperating.

If this is not management material, I would be seriously surprised. I have owned 3 businesses and this is the type of person that will continually help any business grow beyond and above what a normal business would. This is the person, Tiffany Sanchez, that I personally would hire and put her in management because of her exceptional customer skills, her exceptional knowledge of the products she sales, and her professionalism she never stopped showing.

I am personally making the Metropcs at 9112 Camp Bowie West Suite 103 in Benbrook my one and only place to shop because of Tiffany Sanchez's skills, abilities, knowledge and customer service.

I feel there are not enough people in this customer service business that have learned what she can do, she is a natural leader.

Thank you!

Tonye Lamkin

Posted by zet max

It's a very bad service I have to go out the door and talk on my phone I try to call somebody it tell me I have no service The internet never work I paid my $60 Dollar for this I'm going back to boost mobile

Posted by Anonymous

I got great service when i called in yesterday and that made me not regret that i switched from boost to yall.Thanks

Posted by in9818. jazmin

I came into this store Metro PCS on 98thave in OAKLAND California,and ALL of Sudden??,Jazmin shows up and told and explain every details,why and what for my phone and for $5 more I got my phone extended to extra 15 days added to my time for$5 bucks,what great employee you have,keep her and give her raise and management positions,
Not like other ones only there support there drug habits and chewing gum and smoking there marijuana and seeing when there gonna get there NEXT check.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Lathrup village store where I am an At&t customer but the service was so excellent. My family member got new service there with a service agent AJ who was outstanding. Going over and beyond to service us I had to just purchase at least a case. This is a awesome team over here.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you to metro pcs rep i don't know how to spell your name but u helped me to day and i really do appreciate your helpand ccustomer service. SB

Posted by Axel

July 9, 2015 I spoke with Axel regarding my brother bill. He is an Excellent Rep, I run in to so many bad reps at different companies, I wanted u to know he does his job well.

Posted by Faycel

On May 12, 2015, 9:00 a.m., I visited the Temple Terrace Metro PCS store at in order to upgrade my phone. One employee, Faycel, was on duty. Faycel explained he was visiting that particular store in order to fill in for another employee for the day, as he did frequently for various Metro PCS locations. Because a password had been placed on the computer the evening prior to which Faycel was not privy, he had no access to the computer in order to assist me. While I waited, Faycel quietly made phone call after phone call to various employees in order to obtain the necessary password. As Faycel made each phone call, he was persistent, asked questions as necessary, was calm, patient, polite and professional, and I was exceptionally impressed with his work ethic, knowledge, skills and customer service throughout. Once the password was obtained and Faycel had access to the computer, he set about helping me select a new phone, and setting it up for me; a lengthy process at best, all while politely assisted walk-in customers, all without complaint; all, with a smile. Were I a Metro PCS executive, I would immediately offer this man a managerial position. In sum, whatever corporation Faycel chooses to affiliate himself with, will be fortunate indeed. Kindest regards, Anne Copeland,

Posted by K.Johnson

I walked into the Metro PCS store today with a -CHIP on my sholder, ready for a screw job done by a corporation that probably dosn't give a crap about their customers . But I was pleasently suprized by a young man named Meshack Tapoales at the store on Park Blvd and Starkey Rd in Seminole Fl. In the beginning I gave him a hard time, but his calm demeaner won the day . I walked out with a new view of a generation that I thought was lost . He took care of Business Quickly and efficently . I still think that Metro has a way to go toward customer service to repair their reputation, But this young man should at least be giving a paton the back .....Good job sir, and thank you . K. Johnson

Posted by James

I needed some assistance with my outdated and TWICE!! this well informed customer service rep.{SARA 61220} somehow was the selected Young lady that thoroughly made the right adjustments necessary that was delightful & professional. She restored my trust with MPCS Service.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased my Galaxy S4 in June of 2014 I'm on the 60 unlimited Plan and I've never had an issue with the phone or service.I pay my bill online with no extra fees.Metro PCS you've been great to me !

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service representative named Angel best customer service experience ever. Angel was patient, helpful, friendly and he resolved my billing problem. I hope this message reaches Angels supervisor so Angel can be rewarded for an amazing job he is doing.

Posted by Anonymous

At about 630pm, Sunday (Pacific Time), I called for technician for trouble shooting on my cellphone, PJ # 907954, assisted me and after about 30 minutes my cp problems solved. PJ is like a surgeon on the operating room instructing assistant/nurse, precisely, PJ is very excellent and outstanding...I called four times prior PJ assisted me and was never solved my complaints to those other customer service..I commend PJ for an EXCELLENT and Outstanding job! 5 STARS from me...Bennie Campos,

Posted by Ali

Cleo at metro pcs in West End Atlanta, really need classes on customer service! That woman is rude with the attitude of a smoke blowing bull!!! But, her real gift is over talking the customer. I'm changing service. Thank you Cleo for helping me make this decision after 8 years with Metro PCS.

Posted by Anonymous

First Off, I wanted to complain about the MetroPCS Web-site constantly being Down and out of service, for days and weeks on end. So you have to call their 888 Line and talk to a CS Rep to Change your fricken Password when you forget it. I are fricking kidding me. They break all Security Protocals when this is done (giving your password to the CS Rep to input it for you.) I don't understand. so i go to Contact Us Page and of course they have more unwanted self help and FAQ's. With a phone number and postal address to contact them. No EMail address, and no chat capabilities. Absolutely unacceptable. Whats the matter with these dopes. Because their cellular service is not bad now that it shares the T-Mobile backbone. Good reception in most places. Much better than AT&T. The Net here, have your fricken WEB-Site available and get a CS EMail address like a real Cellular Company and keep up the good work on the reception/service front. Dah!!!! John Z.

Posted by Anonymous

The service /support was fast sufficient and friendly. You cant beat this 24 hr customer service

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Posted by Anonymous CSR

I currently work for metro pcs in the csr location, and i can tell u that metro pcs customers (some) are no more ignorant stupid customers ever!! they get mad at u if they forgot their password for vm or for the acct,
to make life much easier for u cheap asses!! read the f**king terms and conditions and everything u curse about will be answered! and for god sake keep ur damn info when u call in, u cant expect to call in and dont know ur phone number or the name on ur acct? what bs is that . And im tired of hearing or well im going to boost mobile, guess what? u cant because u cant afford it thats why ur with us .. so suck it up and stop complaining for the little 40 dollars per month!

Posted by upset dealer

I have been reading several posts on how bad Metro PCS customer service at retail stores. Truth be known, the reason for this is because Metro PCS treats us store owners as bad as they treat you customers. Flat out....they just DON'T CARE!!!

Yes, all the money is going into advertising and nothing for store owners and improving quality / experience for customers. They pressure and even threaten to terminate our dealerships. Honestly, they don't pay dealers enough money to put up with customer's problems. That's why you as a customer is pushed aside and given the runaround.

Metro could care less about customers or dealers. Just look around, there is a Metro PCS store almost every corner.

It's the truth. Just ask any retail store.

Posted by cool

To exhausted and ANGRY, I am very very sorry to hear what happened. Metro actually does reserve phone numbers for service members and their families who are being deployed outside of a home area. You have to go to a MetroPCS store. The service member will need to show their deployment papers and the deployment should be greater than 90 days but equal to or less than 3 years. They will reserve the number for family members traveling with them also under the same rules. And to reactivate after deployment, you will need to return to the store again so that your number can be pulled out of reserve. hope this helps

Posted by Anonymous

If only people no what the metropcs reps has to go thru everyday..wthey can only follow the rules...they prolly talk to at least 40 people a day.. how will u feel someone curseing at u about a damn cellphone eveyday..

Posted by Hello

Just to clarify 80% of the Metro Pcs you visit are individually own. Most of does companies pay $8 to $9 hours and little to none commission. They don't offer benefits or vacations to their employees and promote un- qualified associates to manage their stores to get away with paying the minimum pay. I strongly believe that the Dealers running Metro Pcs need to be monitored by Metro Corporation internally because at the end of the day does Dealers are representing Metro Pcs....

Employee treatment and pay is corrupt, managers are being asked to work 60 hours a week with $1200 salary.

Great customer care starts with a happy employee.

But that is just my thought...

Posted by Csr

All u people just make it hard on ur selfs read ur Ts n Cs. I work for Customer Service let me tell u we do not have the phones its a Call Center we provide Service..n about the Switch Phone method u need to file a claim first to Asurion to asure u will recieve a phone an ur paying metroguard for the phone u damage not for a temporary phone ur transferin the service it makes since dont u think u cannot keep metroguard and be cheap and put a phone that has been use...and all u people that forget pin code 8 digits this information we do not have!! since its ur own personal information we were not there when u open ur service we cannot baby sit ur information... its ur b-day in some cases..n stop making fraud by activation service and deactivating next day we all know u get one day of service also stop making fraud with fake confirmation code it will bit u in the ass.. sooner or later or phone will be block from our system...

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you so much Psrmiami . After two days I was able to contact a live person at Metro PCS.


Posted by Anonymous

I use to work for metro pcs and this is a pre paid service so you pre pay for your month of service there are no extensions. We do not store credit card information for your security not all individuals working in a call centers are legit u don't want your information stored in your acct notations.


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