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MetLife customer service is ranked #495 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 164 ratings. This score rates MetLife customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


154 Negative Comments out of 164 Total Comments is 93.90%.


10 Positive Comments out of 164 Total Comments is 6.10%.

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  • MetLife

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 154 negative comments (93.90%)
    • 10 positive comments (6.10%)
    • 4 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Unable to talk to a customer service representative regarding a claim that is 5 months old.
I keep getting routed to pick an option for help then an automated replay.
If wait to long or don't respond then becomes disconnected.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying since March 1st to get the interest that was paid in 2016, on me and my wife life insurance policies. They will not do my taxes without it. Ken Growney is my rep he has not gotten back to us, my name is Raymond Van Buren, Rita Van Buren is my wife. My payment is taken out of my account without fail every month. Please have some one get back to me asap. I can be reached

Posted by Anonymous

Metlife is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Last year in September I went out on disability due to I was losing my mind. I couldn't understand why. I went to several doctors due to increasing pain in my hip and in my shoulder. Come to find out my hip had dislocated and there were several tears creating many issues. In speaking with doctor's the conclusion reached was that due to the severe pain that I was in I could not mentally deal with the circumstances. I spoke with Metlife and they stated although I had went out due to my current mental status, I would be covered following what had been discovered by the doctor's of my medical situation. Well needless to say that was not the case, they ended up denying my claim and I had to go through hip surgery. It was hard because I did not get paid and almost lost everything. There reasoning was that my original claim was due to depression and anxiety, but that my surgery would not be covered because that was not why I went out originally. I don't understand how a company can tell you what ever they think you want to hear, just to turn around and lie and deny the claim. I have worked for my employer for 13 years, and have paid my insurance benefits the whole, just to be in a situation where I actually have to use they benefits and get denied for doing so. This company has no integrity and has to apparent responsibility to the people that pay their pay checks. I am disgusted with them. Fast forward to 08/2016- I am now on disability due to a shoulder injury, I have submitted all required documentation and am looking at surgery and low and behold yet again they have denied my claim. At this point I am going to start looking for new employment so that I do no have to deal with this company going forward.

Posted by JJF

Cannot reach a person ever. Terrible unavailable customer service.

Posted by bonaireking

Metlife is the worst insurance company I have ever worked with - all the complaints are valid. You can never speak to anyone who can help, the systems are always down when you finally get a real person, and their online site is worthless. I have been trying to get a dental claim processed since 2014 for significant dollars and its one excuse after another.

Posted by hearsjohnny

was sold a policy that i can no longer afford and i have tried to get service on it but so far calls dont get returned letters dont either emails either and weeks go by while i pay for premiums i can not afford
i am promised a return call every time i get someone on the line but no one calls
to get a real person is a struggle and if you are successful it will be someone that does not speak english well go then you have to be transferred which takes over 30 minutes but it is to the wrong place so have to start all over again. they never handle the policy you are calling about.
i have 30 years experience with this company i no longer recognize it and i warn everyone to avoid this company for their own good

Posted by Anonymous

It is virtually impossible to get a hold of a person to speak with when you have any questions. I have been trying for three days. I keep getting transferred from one selection of the button to another without talking to a real person. Then after 10 minutes they hang up on me!

Posted by E. Hampton.

After 4 weeks, 4 submitted "researches", 5 different official replies, and numerous calls, I am still waiting for a resolution of my case involving $351.57 quarterly payment posted on my MetLife account on 12/18/15 --- and because of "adjustments" it simply disappeared. Official documents sent to me by different MetLife employees showed different data --- and no one has yet able to reconcile and properly account my hard earned money. Is it the issue of record keeping or mere incompetence? At this point, MetLife to me earned a disappointing VERY UNSATISFACTORY customer satisfaction rating. In a score of 1-10, I give them a 1 for doing something but not accomplishing anything.

Posted by Sad Widow

We paid premiums for life insurance for over 12 yrs, when my husband recently passed away, we were denied despite the fact that we did not miss payments. I was transferred from person to person and wasted approximately 8-10 hours of time over 3 days only to be repeatedly denied coverage. My late husband Thought he had myself and our children taken care of but he didn't because he had Met Life. Now I am left without anything to help out. No longer like MetLife or the Peanuts!

Posted by Tired of being transferred

Of the hundreds of companies I have had to work with through automatic phone transfer systems Met Life has the absolute worst. You punch in your numbers, you get transferred, they have you punch them in again, you get transferred, on and on. Usually takes a minimum of 15 minutes to reach a real human, who then asks for the same information you punched in many times previously. They need to dump that piece of garbage program and buy a better system.

Posted by New Buckeye

I was a MetLife customer for 2 years for home and auto. No real complaints on that other than that an agent promised to look into lowering my rate and never got back to me. I am in the process of moving and ask for a quote on my new home. They quoted my wife a price that was a 6 FOLD INCREASE. Yeah, the new house is bigger, but it isn't made of gold. After shopping around I found a quote at another insurer that was LESS than my current with MetLife at a much smaller house. So basically they just assume I am too stupid or lazy to look around. Apparently their business model relies on the inability of their customers to use the internet. Good luck with that in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently beyond frustrated and have been more than patient with Met Life for the past 2 months. The inconsistencies have me in disbelief. I ask to speak with a manager daily to be told they are unavailable and or in meetings. This is the worst experience. I have done everything that I have been advised and STILL have yet to be contacted nor do I have a resolution and this has been almost 45 days. The communication and updated information to my employer has not been done, my job could be in jeopardy because other people aren't doing theirs. This is so unprofessional and so unfair!

Posted by Diann williams

Icould not be more unhappy with the Auto part, i dont no where they got these people from

Posted by Anonymous

i was one of the policy holder of metlife insurance since 2008,i visited branch to book policy surrender,the excutive (sunil)suggested for sureendered without information of 30% dedution. after that i asked my friend regarding the policy matter & she told me about 30% deduction. immediately i called the excutive and told him to hold the surrender process of my policy. he was ok with it. what the matter happen that excutive without informing me and without taking my confirmation he has done the procedure because of it i have to bare lose.I called him for not to surrender policy till than he has already submitted and now his is giving me wrong hopes that he will restart the same policy again which is not possible as i have shared his matter to the call centre excutive who told it not possible to restart the same policy again once its close by surrender or cancellation.hope, you will realize my difficulties and do the justice. thankyou!

Posted by Anonymous

metlife cheat insurance company! hardword is done by agent and therafter benefits of commissions is taken by company. company should give commission to the agent for his customer policy till the end of policy even after he/she left the company because all the efforts and hard work was done by the agent.agent face the customer directly for negative and positive approach/services of the company.thankyou!

Posted by FKNA

As I am reading the reviews regarding Metlife, I am seeing a pattern. I have worked for a company for 18 years and I recently went out on STD due to severe back pain. People at work gave me horror stories, yet I wasn't worried. I figured as long as I stayed on top of things, everything would work out just fine. I was so wrong. The incompetence surfaced very quickly. I went out on 8/6/15. And for the next two weeks while I was staying on top of it, I kept being told it was being referred to a LTD specialist. Their system kept showing I went out in February 2015. That alone took two weeks to get corrected. On 8/26/15 my claim was approved through 9/3/15. On 8/27/15 I had my follow up visit with my doctor. Based on my progress, he submitted a request to extend things out for one week. On 8/285/15 I confirmed that Metlife received the paper work from the Doctor. I was told it would be reviewed within 5 days. After that time period had elapsed, I kept calling to check the status. Each time I was told I would receive a call back within 24 hours and each time they verified my contact number. Fast forward to 9/21/15, still nothing. So I decide it's time to escalate to a supervisor, I've been patient enough. Surprisingly enough, the moment I ask for a supervisor, it appears they are calling an incorrect number. Supposedly they contacted my doctor on 9/15/15 to request more info. I ask how much time does the doctor have to get the info to them. They could not answer. I advised them adequate time needs to be given since I am just now being notified that they need more information and that they have called an incorrect CBR even though EVERY TIME they verify my CBR correctly. Because of this, I request to speak to a supervisor. When I arrive to work on 9/22/15 I was informed by my HR department that my 1 week extension was denied. Strange coincidence that happens on the very day I point out their incompetence and request to speak to a supervisor. Later in the day I speak to my case manger, she confirms she has called an incorrect number trying to reach me and that she made a decision to deny my claim since additional info was not received from my doctor. I advised her, since I am just now finding out about this, she should re-open the case and allow my doctor 5 business days to respond. But of course, that is NOT an option, even though it was THEIR mistake. Now I have to go through an appeals process, in which they have 45 days to make a decision. Just a quick recap, they have all documentation on 8/28/15, they take a full 11 business days before they decide to review my extension. Once they do, they reach out to my doctor and give them LESS THAN 5 business days to respond. The way I see it, my doctor is in the business of treating people and Metlife is in the business of approving/denying claims. If they take 11 days to review my account, my doctor should have 11 days to respond. I am being PUNISHED for THEIR incompetence. I am back at work now. My focus should be on performing my job functions, I shouldn't have to be still dealing with Metlife's incompetence.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to resolve a problem cannot get cooporation from your company your sales rep misrepresented a policy to me i was told the sudio would be reviewed within 24 hours no true was told i would be contacted no true i am reporting this matter to BBB and have contacted our HR dept whereseveral employees are policy holder you are not the type company i want insuring my property or my friends and family

Posted by Unbelievable

Received umbrella policy in the mail with letter stating what was enclosed. It was not there. Documents I received were wrong; wrong coverage's, wrong premium amounts from what I was quoted on phone.
I call, impossible. Then when I get through it's obvious the person does not have a clue. Over the course of 3 weeks of calling waiting an hour or so to get someone each time, no one can get the correct documents or a correct bill. The online documents and bills do not match what I have in hand.
I have a simple case. They changed me from a group policy to an umbrella policy after 2 months. Simple: cancel the old policy, process refunds, issue new policy and documents to match. Metlife can not do this. I screamed at the cust service rep when I asked why the homeowners doesn't show on line, oh because it's paid in full - no kidding, you owe me a refund! Too many folks, they don't know what they are doing, their computer system can't process correct documents, can't link and process refunds to show on line correct. There is no quality assurance between what the agent quoted you and the package you get. You can NOT reach anyone. I will puke if I get that page one more time on how to contact them. Can't wait for the year to be up so I can drop them!
What I'm wondering is there someone all these folks can contact to get them to clean up their act, like a government agencies or something. Five on our side news?

Posted by Over It

Impossible to talk to a representative that understands English. Called to ask simple questions about my coverage and the first woman I spoke to said I needed to hold while she checked on that answer. She kept me on hold for 20 minutes and then disconnected with me. Called back and spoke to another completely ignorant man who of course also spoke broken English and could not understand my question. Then when he did? 35 minutes on hold only to come back on to ask me to clarify my question. Then he gets back on the phone with the answer to a completely unrelated issue. Who are these people? They have no answers and they don't understand or speak English competently.

Posted by Just trying to get MY money back

Six phone calls, the shortest 10 minutes and the longest 50 minutes just to get an account transfer form! We tried being nice, patient and so on but it didn't help. I'll never look at their commercials or blimp without having a physical reaction to the shameful customer service.

Posted by Met Life Are Crooks

The worst experience I have ever had with an insurance company. They flat out lie and don't pay claims.Terrible

Posted by ivy

Staff called me and telling me how good it is and I applied in January 2015, they told me I would receive the package in 15 days. Until now 27-May-2015, after 5 months, I didn't receive the package and they continuously charged me 192AED every month! that is cheating and what a company can do that!

Posted by Dan

My 30 year experience with MetLife: Have the whole life policy and had the home insurance policy. This company is absolutely the WORST of any insurance company we have use. They always screw the customer and never pay anywhere near the full coverage for a claim. Canceled them a few months back after roof damage was refused for full coverage. Sure, they send out their Hancock consultant who is on their payroll. My consultant had a completely different opinion.

If you have them for home coverage, I would strongly recommend switching to a new company. I now have USAA (wife's family is Navy/Marines). Night and day difference.

Posted by Dental Gal

Interesting seeing all the comments about dental claims. I handle insurance claims for a dental office. In the last few months I have noticed a slowdown in claim payment from MetLife. They are looking for any reason to stop or slow a claim, keep asking for information I've already given them, etc. This is more of a claim handling issue than purely customer service, but the problem is, the MetLife customer service people don't have the power to do anything. They just make notes and send it to someone who is supposed to handle the claim, but they still don't handle it. This is a recent change in the last few months, and it truly makes me wonder about MetLife's financial solvency, that they are going to such extremes to avoid paying claims.

Posted by Anonymous

Life insurance claims reps are heartless and ignorant of what to do.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

While getting my car insured on-line I had two very long phone conversations with two of your online customer reps: Paul Anderson and Stephan Sanders. Both of them were friendly, kind,very helpful and most of all extremely patient. And they laughed at my jokes! Kudos to them both and please let them know how much I appreciated their service.


Gloria Kosko

Posted by Anonymous

From the initial phone call to the resolution of my claim, Metlife has provided great customer service, in particular Michelle Boettcher our claim consultant. Michelle is friendly, informative and knowledgeable.

Posted by zuch

I have nothing but praise for Met life. Both my parents had long term care insurance with them and I had power of attorney to take care of them. I always dealt with the same person. Claims were always paid on the 10th of the month like clockwork. And the claims were huge, month after month as they were either using aides or in nursing facilities. When my dad died he had several life policies that were all paid in a timely manner.

Posted by Sasha

Had Policy For Sickness And Accident, Metlife Paid Within 5 Days, Amazing

Posted by KingOfAlbion

When I called, I didn't wait for more than 5 minutes, and even whilst waiting another person answered the phone to talk to me until a representative was available. They answered all of my questions and were very patient and respectful. I know I didn't make sense when I was asking my questions, but they understood me anyway.

Posted by julie petit

We had customer satisfaction by asking to speak with someone higher up in the company. All of the MetLife representatives who called our home were professional and polite. Two who did an outstanding job were Lanette (Lynnette?) and her supervisor, Sue. They took time to call us back and kept us informed even when the news wasn't fun news to share. They also "went to bat" for us and we ended up resolving our situation in a very positive way.

Posted by arkgranny

Had to contact MetLife for assistance today as my agent wasn't available. Customer Service agents (2) were very knowledgeable and provided the information I needed right away.
Thank you MetLife!

Posted by Tom D

Regarding some very old insurance policies (1923) I had two of the most helpful ladies that found all the information necessary and are mailing the necessary forms to file with the state to recover lost funds. I'm sorry I didn't get thier names because they were very helpful and pleasent.

Posted by Anonymous

(July, 2010) My statement had my maiden name on it ( and it wasn't even spelled correctly!)...had to contact my rep, who never called back. Then I emailed him, and he told me to call the customer service myself. It took a while, but the service line was helpful (slow, and had to give my info 2X). But it was still faster than actually working with my rep! Sad...*sigh*

Posted by jbarbarau

Customer service reps try really hard at MetLife to make your experience great. The automated system they have in place is not really helpful, but other than that I have no complaints.

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Posted by answer questions

Metlife BS Code of Conduct

For more than a century, MetLife has built a reputation as a company that believes in fair dealing, integrity and trustworthiness. Our Company’s well-known name and good reputation are reinforced by our pledge to deliver value and world-class service to all who do business with us and to always keep in mind what is best for our customers.

Well Our Financial Rep is not able to answer 3 questions we have been asking

1) A clear and comprehensive account of all charges, fees, commissions, and other costs we are paying for your service.
2) [email protected]: Why we are no longer able to access all past documents as of July 28, 2013. We were able to view all past statement prior to 7/28/13
The meeting we had was less productive then we predicted. We are more confused with either ½ answers to our questions or not having an answer to our questions.

Prior to the meeting we asked for all charges, fees, commissions etc: The following charges is the list you handed us
1.15% mortality and expense charges,
1.17% max weighted fund expenses
1.00% GMIB Max
0.20% Death benefit
You also noted that * there is no charges for the optional annual step-up income benefit. This is found in Optional Reset, check Auto Step-up.
This is available through age 80 as a living benefit: no fee for this

We are not suggesting that all fees and charges are unfair we just want to be knowledgeable of all expenses regarding this annuity Contract #7700152719

Are you saying there is No
• Omnibus Processing Fees
• trailers and 12-b Fees
• Networking Fees
• Finders Fees
• Account-Services Fees for Affiliated Fund
• Revenue-Sharing Payments
Fees for financial advice or collect commissions on any transactions or any other charges than what you list states?

I am sure there are situations in which we would be happy to pay the fees MetLife is charging because their financial advisors and money managers are smart and caring and do a good job.

But, When we asked questions regarding the companies chosen in the Annuity etc. You stated that it was basically our responsibility to manage the annuity. That you only received 3.20% commission. That it was impossible to handle 500 accounts and the great pressure that MetLife puts on you.
Question: Why are you paid a commission and why are you handling / representing this account as a Financial Advisor?

Please respond promptly with answers to the total fees and the questions not answered in the meeting. I ask you to please copy your manager.

Posted by ExMet

I used to work for MetLife. They were a very good employer until they started outsourcing jobs overseas. The employees knew the layoffs were coming, and morale began to decline. I left rather than waiting to be laid off. MetLife has carefully managed their lay offs to avoid hitting the news, but they have laid off several thousand people over the last 2 years. Very sad.

Posted by rajhe25

hi i m working in metlife since 2009 i had a good and bad experience due to negligence of some agents or advisors who have mis sold the policy and customer need to get alert of those advisors and agents. so i will inform or suggest the customer to get alert and read the product broucher or policy document which will be recieved by and u will be having free look period 15 days from the day u receieve the policy document..

Posted by LFig

I used to work for MetLife and was one of the greatest jobs and work experiences I ever had. I did not enjoy working for the insurance industry too much but I did learn a lot, they have great training in place and they also provide Learning and development opportunities plus affinity groups where you can network and get to meet and learn from managers. The rest of their benefits are also great.


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