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Mercedes customer service is ranked #413 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 46 ratings. This score rates Mercedes customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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2 Positive Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 4.35%.

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    • 34.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 44 negative comments (95.65%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.35%)
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Fauz Aziz

On November 25, 2016, we were at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington, VA dealership to buy 2017 GLC. This was our second visit in three days as in our first visit we test drove GLA and GLC and checked some other cars. This visit was to finalize the deal on GLC. However, we ended up leaving the dealership feeling disrespected and humiliated.

The assigned Sales Associate was very respectful, courteous and efficient. He went with us on test drives and discussed all aspects of the cars very professionally. It was the time when we were discussing the final price of the vehicle. The Sales Associate went to the Sales Manager, Mr Marcus Mignogna with our offers but the Manager walked in with him. During the 5 min talk with the Manager, we felt an EXTREMELY rude and aggressive attitude of the manager. He was literally yelling! We were appalled by his behavior as it was not representative of a company of good repute. On the other hand, from the very beginning we were polite, rational and calm which could be verified by other employees present there. At first, we assumed that it was his personality to talk in insulting and non-professional behavior but soon realized that it was something purposeful, biased and racist in nature. Since he continued his insulting, disparaging and demeaning tone and attitude, I stood up and told my husband that we should leave as it was becoming unbearable. As soon as he heard this, Mr Micnogna abruptly stood up and left saying, "I don't care!" Instead of telling us professionally how our offer was not acceptable to the dealership, he insulted us in front of his Sales Associates and our two kids.

One also wonders if his attitude was covering any form of discrimination! Whatever the reason is, I have decided not to do any kind of business, not just with this dealership but with Mercedes-Benz. We have given our business to BMW instead!

I hope you understand that such behaviors would affect your revenue because the customer is unlikely to come back. The company needs to think about educating their employees on behaviors with customers which will prevent the loss of business in future. We expected that a dealership of a luxury brand (or any brand for that matter) would value their potential customers. The first principle of any sales deal is courtesy and respect especially when the customer is being very polite and courteous.

I look forward to hearing back from you if you have any explanation for this incident.

Posted by Sam K

The Worst Car Company In The World From A Customer Service Perspective. All They Care About Is Their Dealers And How They Can Make Money By Screwing Their Customers. No After Sales Service Even When Car Is Under Warranty.

This Is How Mercedes Benz Of Salt Lake City Operates.

Save Your Self Thousands And Buy Another Type Of Car

Posted by Sam

Very bad experience with the quality of the Mercedes and the very bad service from the dealer in San Diego

Posted by dean

my car which is only about 1.5 years old had many defects since i bought it. last saturday it was undrivable. mercedes customer service, their roadside assistance was again a nightmare. as i am orginally am from germany my whole family drove the brand but it is really going down hill with them.i will not purchase a new car with mercedes anymore. their products have a quality that ranks below the cheapest chinese car manufaturers and their customer service agents are disrespectful,rude and unreliable.

Posted by sunny

horrible customer services in Hong Kong by Zung Fu as the dealer
no response, no care.
move to Tesla!

Posted by byang

bought a mercedes benz less than a year ago and have not have my second oil change yet. although its not a 2016 car, front door handle already broke (???). has 3 year bumper to bumper warranty on it and yet they told me its not covered and its going to cost me over a thousand. thought its a very high quality car???? its my first MB and its going to be the last. telling all my friends,relatives, their friends and relatives all over the country and international.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi i am Christine Kinchelow my car was originally brought in thru carolina auto body...I've been going thru he'll since January. My car has had been fixed repeatedly for same issue. I had 2 meetings with general Mgr plus others and nothing is resolved. I recently stopped payment on the check to get the attention deserved.. can someone please contact me via over the phone. Christine

Posted by cn1biz

I have a 2004 Mercedes e320. My complaint is Mercedes-South Atlanta intentionally broke several items on my vehicle after they tried to double bill me and I refused to pay them. Mercedes South Atlanta are crooks and lack integrity.

The car had a full diagnostic and had the fuel pump replaced on Jan 12, 2015 in Virginia. The car suddenly stopped on arrival to Atlanta on a road trip from VA to Atlanta on Jan 26, 2015. The car was towed to Mercedes-Buckhead in Atlanta. Full diagnostic was done and they stated there was damage to the rear SAM unit and a water leak on the left of the trunk and rear fender.
We held off on the performing the repairs, took the vehicle to be stored in a garage and called our insurance company. My insurance advised us to take it back to Mercedes so it was taken to Mercedes-South in Atlanta on Mar 12, 2015. They said the SAMs Unit needed to be replaced and it had a water leak. Mercedes South repaired the following: Drain Rail pins, L R Trunk liner/panel, push pins, rear platice trunk trim and clips, rear SAM replaced, reconnect SDS and charger, Trunk drain rails left and RT sides, Two plastic cover replaced, version code IT (this is how it was listed on my invoice).
On Apr 25, 2015 - Went to Mercedes to pick of the vehicle - was told it was repaired and ready. The bill was paid for the vehicle and the service department had vehicle pulled to the front vehicle pickup- the vehicle was covered with debris and dirt. The car had to be jump started to turn on. The keyless entry would not work at that time. Upon inspecting the trunk - it was full of water. We talked to service advisor Kevin Wade - who also saw the water in the trunk and stated it needed to get further water testing and inspection to see why it was full of water. Pictures where taken of the car. The manager came and viewed he vehicle and it was left at the Mercedes South. During this time we where relocating from Atlanta to Virginia - so we left the vehicle and went to VA.
On Apr 30, 2015 - Manager Craig Beauchamp talked to me regarding the condition of the car and currently water testing to find out why water was in the trunk.
On May 27, 2015 - We traveled from Virginia to Atlanta to pick up the car. Arrived at Mercedes to pick up car - upon inspection of the car - the trunk was dismantled. The service tech had to jump the vehicle. I immediately asked for the Manager, Craig Beauchamp informed me he didn't know what was going on with the vehicle. There was an error message on the dash, the gas tank would not open, and the dome light was stuck on. They stated they had to do a full diagnostic to see what the problem was. I left the vehicle returned to VA.
Jun 16, 2015 - Spoke with Manager Craig. Discussed all the discrepancies found when coming to pick up vehicle. He stated the new SAMs unit that was just put in the vehicle in Apr at the Mercedes was now also water damaged while on Mercedes lot and he didn't know the cause of all the additional problems. He stated he would get back to me regarding cost to repair vehicle and who is responsible.
Sep 30, 2015 - Traveled to Atlanta from DC - went to Mercedes and talked to Manager Craig. After argument and refusing to pay for a new SAM's unit and some additional charges due to the fact the car never left the dealership, he stated they would replace the second SAMs unit at no charge.
Oct 2, 2015 - Picked up my Mercedes from Mercedes South - Manager Craig was not available. At pick-up before leaving Mercedes South lot, I discovered several things not operating on vehicle that worked prior to taking to Mercedes shop.

Items broken or missing while in the care of Mercedes for repair.
• Broke gas tank door- it locked and opened with release button - does not lock now and has nicks suggesting it was pried open and rust.
• Front bumper needle opening panel for towing completely missing.
• Unplugged alarm stating it went off all the time - the car never had that problem.
• Cup holder does not release and open.
• Radio does not turn on.
• CD player does not open up.
• Plastic cover in the trunk missing - was on the list as replaced. Was in trunk on May 27 pickup - Was not in the trunk on Oct 2nd pickup.
• Extra pack of fuses in the trunk missing.

Additional problems Mercedes South stated on the invoice as inoperable:
• Connector for alarm siren broken
• Audio gateway not working
• Current codes for heater shut off motor and in car temp sensor
Nov 26 - Car stopped/cut off on the road and had to be towed.

Posted by [email protected]

I have left phone messages for customer service. My wife was involved in an accident caused by her steering wheel locking !!
I need to hear from someone in customer service as this is a brand new E350 2016 and we Do Not want this car back.

Posted by TH

Worst customer experience ever. Owner of a 2010 GL 450 with 60k miles. The entire air suspension is shot and needs to be replaced at a cost of 5K. I open a case with Juan D out of their corporate office and ultimately I was told the dealership euromotors of Devon wasn't willing to work with me. They told me they'd knock 2K off a new GL. I will never buy a Mercedes again. If you pay a premium you expect the best not a money pit.

Posted by Roger Siew

To Merceder-Benz

Dear Sir/Madam,

Complaint for poor survice and ignore customer concern

I am writing to you to complain about the poor responds and action taken by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM). I have wrote notice to MBM to inform my car E250 AVA was found black oil leakage out from the door bottom after raining or car washing on 25-Aug-2015, until now MBM yet to taken any physical checking action to re-solve my concern,but wrote letter (MBM/ASCR/AG-115/15, 22-Oct-2015) liar to said the dealer Hap Seng Star in Balakong had thoroughly checked the matter? they all just like to write letters but never taken action to re-solve the issue. it is totally unaccepted situation.

I strong suggest is MBM should open,inspect,take photos for all this area for good justification and to ensure not effecting the function of any lubrication or rust issues inside the doors with immediate action.

Please respond to this complaint in writing within 14 days of receipt.

Yours sincerely,

Posted by CS

We needed Mercedes Roadside assistance to help tow our C250 from our garage to the dealership because the key was stolen. We started trying to get them to assist us at 3 PM. It is now 9 PM and the car has still not been towed to the dealership. The excuse has been that there is only one tow service that has a device to remove the car from the garage. 6 hours though? Can you imagine if you were stuck somewhere with kids? Can's depend on these people obviously.

Posted by Anonymous

I Was Holding & Told The Wait Is Only 5 Minutes But After Almost Half An Hour, I Gave Up.

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2004 E500 Wagon which is currently at Mercedes of Wisonville in Oregon. The issue is the right front strut has failed and the dealership cannot get a new part. This effectively renders my vehicle useless. If Mercedes will not send a new front strut from dealer to dealer how can my car be repaired? What does this portend for the remainder of ownership of my car? Resale value? Please address these issues ASAP.

Posted by shahamat

i sent my GLA for service and got it back after 3 days as they said there was some ugradation to be done the car came back with oil marks on the seat and foot prints on the rear seats

Posted by thomas

my wife and i were driving along when we heard a loud bag and then we were showered with glass, the sun roof had exploded, there was no stones or anything about, i have had my car serviced since i bought it at mercedes and now they dont want to know, they said because it is 2003 it cant be a fault, the car was like new, its an sl55 AMG, my insurance doesn't cover this now im left with a car i cant use,

Posted by Dissatisfied

had a terrible experience with Mercedes Usa customer care { Cares NOT!}---long wait time for any call back and then absolutely ineffective--what a complete waste of time.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased new ML 400 today only I took the delivery but I am not getting good feel about the car. I feels the showroom sold me display car without my knowledge. Because when I took the delivery the front seat looked like little spoilt with dirt. All the original plastic covers were already taken out. Moreover when you sit inside a new car the feel the smell is totally different which makes you cofident and feel better that the car is new. But in my car it was missing.
Any way I raised my doubt with the sales person and he said it is not such case. But still I doubt this but I dont have any way to check this thing.
2ndly when a person buys car and that too a luxury car likr ML400 where he spents thousands of hard earned dollars and he is there for delivery with his family I think the showroom sales manager should have given a small sweet or chocolate box atleast as a small gift as gesture for owners spouse or family. Which they not.
There just want to save that small gift money also which may have costed them only few dollars. I even requestsd to give atleast a small personal gift from metc lifestyle collection as a gift but the manager was rude saying that is not possible.

I didn't liked this behavioyr. They must have given at least a small chocolate box to show they value there customer and share their happiness on there being Merc customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Need help fixing my S500 2000. Taken to the authorized dealership and the techs couldn't couldn't tell me anything but let's try this and that. Where do I go from here?

Posted by Ibby

I had to fork out £400 for brakes and brake discs for a 2 years cdi merc c220 sport plus with 10000 miles on my dashboard. This is a total scan. I have lost faith with merc though I have 2 cars from them. Is looking to swap for something else may be nmw or Audi or even a landcruiser

Posted by Elena

I bought my Mercedes in US in 2013 and move it to Panama. I living here.
Now i lost my key under the ocean and need help.
We have only one agency in Panama and i called them.
They want to charge me $565 !!!

I am sure - this is unbelievable!

So I waiting for help

Posted by Mr Shah

I bought Mercedes E class Estate E3250 Petrol AMG and was advised delivery would be between 8 to 12 weeks. Four weeks later I was advised beginning of March. The car was not delivered until 9 April. In the meantime my old car lost its value, I had to pay for higher premium for four weeks late delivery and my personalised plate cost increased. I requested for compensation and the dealer would not specify the compensation apart from it would be a gift. The dealer, Inchcape in Oxford would only state it is a gift and would be when the car is delivered. It came two weeks after delivery of the car following me chasing a number of times. When it did arrive it was a mug and coaster in glass as it broke in transit as there was not bubble wrap etc. I contacted Mercedes complaint office and was advised beginning of December 2014 that I would be given compensation amount of £100 and it would be sent within 5 to 10 days (before Xmas). On 29 December I send an email and heard from Mercedes that due to administration and Xmas post it was not sent. Also they have been chasing the dealer but this was only after I wrote to them. Today I received a call stating the amount would not be increased and comments are taken into consideration and feedback will be given to the dealer. Unfortunately this is not acceptable based on the disappointment, negligence on the dealer. Representing such a premium brand I am surprised on the sorry state I am left with.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Seattle dealership has had my brand new car for 5 of the 12 months I've owned it. As of now it's been 7 weeks straight. I'd call customer service, but I'm still waiting for them to call me back from September. How about someone let me know how to tell someone at your company who gives a ***t my problems. Worst car ever. Worst customer service ever.

Posted by anonymous

One afternoon went into the lone star mercedes for detailing my car (mercedes). I got approached by a sales person who decided to talk me into considering a newer model. Eventually we started talking about prices.I made it clear that I would probably need a cosigner as I hadn't built enough credit history. She said we attempt submitting some paperwork and see if i will need a cosigner.I questioned the paperwork as it was to hasty to commit to anything right away but She then clarified that there will be no commitment until the bill of sale is signed. She further said that in order to start the paperwork she will need some deposit to facilitate the process and made it clear that it was 100% refundable and it was only to facilitate financing to see if I would get approved. I made it clear to the Finance Manager that I was shopping around for cars and I am interested in another Mercedes at another branch which I really like. After telling him the model and price of other he also agreed it was a better deal and he would have been interested if he were in my shoes. Yet he continued to call endlessly, I was convinced by the last call that he was more interested in his commission. Eventually, I ended up buying the other car. I later went back to go pick up my deposit at Lone Star mercedez Calgary. The Sales Manager was so rude and extremely unprofessional.He sounded uneducated, underqualified for the position and most of all lacked peoples skills.He looked me straight in the eye and said there's no money here for you and said "too bad you went for another vehicle but we get to keep your deposit" The finance manager came in also raising his voice - he seemed to be full of lies and illegal actions. The sales manager asked me to leave his office as he had other clients to attend to.I eventually left without my deoosit and state of shock from the outcome of trusting a "Lone Star Benz" staff. I will advise you stay away - the hassle and rudeness is not worth it. In conclusion Stay Away from Lone Star Mercedes.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a E500 2004 and when I accelerate the car dies out. What is wrong

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Posted by Anonymous

I really dont know what people's problems are. I have had the best of times when I was with Mercedes-Benz, still am!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had no problems with them. Ever.

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