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Posted by Patricia

I visited Menard's Store May 9, 2018 I bought 3 big bags of weed and Feed for my lawn. I
requested help loading it into my car the cashier told the guy I needed help he said ok and that was the end of that. I never saw him no more and he never came back to help. I struggled and managed to get it into my car but me being a senior I am afraid to go back to purchase anything that heavy again for the service I just experienced. Poor Service Rendered. Clio MI

Posted by Mikelurie

Purchased a Yard Machine push mower here, got it home and it wouldn't start. We followed the instructions, used the correct fuel, checked the oil and filled appropriately to the fill line. The mower never turned over. Tried to return it two days later and was told "once it has gas in it, it can not be returned". They tried to send me to the repair department. I was attempting to make this return on my lunch break, so I did not have time to wait for the repair, nor did I want the mower any longer. Any mower that requires a repair before the first use is a mower I would rather exchange. I explained that I would take a store credit but wanted a different mower. They wouldn't even exchange it or offer a store credit. Additionally, the woman working customer service was extremely rude. So rude that two of the people in line commented on it. One lady turned to me and said "this would not have happened at Lowes or Home Depot..." She was right. I asked to speak to a manager. A manager appeared at the customer service desk and proceeded to ask me the same question the first person asked; "is there gas in it?". What a stupid question. How would anybody know their mower doesn't work if they never put gas in it? I tld the manager if he didn't at least offer a store exchange, I was going to "destroy Menards in customer reviews". He proceeded to lose his mind and started yelling that I threatened him and he was calling the police. I was dumbfounded by this man's response. He acted as if I put a gun to his face and told him I was going to kill him. He said he was calling the police and then scurried off... lol
I just left the mower there. Apparently Menards needs the $150 bucks more than I do.

I'll never spend another penny in this store again. The customer service is a complete joke. I've noticed the poor customer service before, but it was tolerable enough to deal with it. There is a Menard's location literally a quarter mile from my house, so it's the most convenient option. But after dealing with this clown show, I'll take my business across town to Home Depot. This never would have happened there. Places like Home Depot and Lowes are successful enough to absorb a $150.00 mower in the name of good customer service. I guess the two lessons learned here are 1.) always lie about why you are returning an item at Menards and 2.) Don't shop at Menards. Shop at the big name suppliers. They are big name for a reason.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to cancel an order I placed yesterday for a medicine cabinet that I no longer need for 2 hours. This procedure is very frustrating. The order name is Christine Wills - 1735 Wise Ave. Roanoke, VA 24013. The sku . The order Please let me know if this cancellation was successful.

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