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Memorex customer service is ranked #558 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 76 ratings. This score rates Memorex customer service and customer support as Terrible.


73 Negative Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 96.05%.


3 Positive Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 3.95%.

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    • 29.35 Overall Rating
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    • 73 negative comments (96.05%)
    • 3 positive comments (3.95%)
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Posted by Nothoro

I cant do much about this because I dont have a recipt, about 8 months ago I purchased a 50 pack of memorex dvd's so that I could burn backups onto them, it turns out now, that I find that the second half of this pack of 50 has a single song on every last one of these dvd's. (Brother Darrell Glory To God 2 Look for me), and in some cases over 20 copies of the same song on the dvd. Im not an anti-god person, but this isnt my kind of music, I know that there is nothing I can do about it now, but just letting it go out there. Brian.

Posted by Anonymous

Got an endless loop that could not get out of trying to interest me in other products. Could not reach live person even though instructions said press 3 to do so.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I am in dire need of a turntable belt for my memorex model # 9285 MMO I am having difficulties finding the belt please help if you can I haven't played it for a long time b/c no one I have searched have it for this

Posted by MEMOREX

It's Just Impossible To Contact Customer Service With The 800 Number You Provided, I Spend 20 Minutes And Got Jus One Dial Tone Every Time And Then Busy Tone.

Posted by Anonymous

It's extremely obvious that Memorex doesn't care about their customer. They have such an inferior product and they flat out refuse to acknowledge it. They give their customers such a run around, till the customer just says, "the hell with it, I'm not fighting them anymore, I'll just eat the loss." Good riddance Memorex.

Posted by Anonymous

WOW...I just spent 20 minutes of my life arguing with two representatives and begging to sent them their faulty product back. 1 CDR actually worked out of a package of 50! They wanted me to send them my computer information to "test" against the compatibility of their product. The last supervisor I spoke to wanted me to did out older CDR's of memorex that worked so that they could compare them to this package? Needless to say I WILL NOT ever buy this product again and may even file a complaint with the better business bureau. The stupervisor that tried blowing smoke to me was named Juan and his employee

Posted by bearclaw52

I have always liked Memorex products because of their quality. A few weeks ago this changed. I purchased a spindle of DVD-R blank media, consisting of 100 DVD's. The 1st one I used, failed. The next failed. The 3rd one worked. After that, 1 out of 5 worked. I stopped using them and contacted support. That was worse than dealing with the bad DVD's. They wanted me to try different software, different computers, etc. I tried 2 other computers and other software. None of the tries liked the bad DVD's. All other brands, Maxell, Staples brand, etc. work just fine. I got tired of the run around with tech support, and conceded that I lost the money i paid for the DVD's. Fortunately, it was only $30.00 and not $300.00. It's still a lot of money, but Memorex obviously doesn't care. What I've learned, never, ever buy another Memorex product.

Posted by Anonymous

hello my name is Gwendolyn Morris my telephone number is . I have been a memorex customer for 30 years my hobby is music so I like the best sound which is why I love memorex CD-R regular colors or if my money is low I go to family dollar and get the pack that has 25 in the box. I normally catch them on sale at Walmart what target hundred CD pack. in 2014 I bought a pack of cool colors 25 in a pack they would not play I took them back to Family Dollar and got another pack they worked. last week around July 20th 2015 I went and bought a pack of CDR cool colors CD I took them out the pack yesterday they will not work none of them I can record but they will not play on my computer Obama call on my CD player in my house I don't have my receipts Family Dollar told me to contact the companyI don't know what's wrong with these CDs but I've been a long long long time customer with Memorex can someone please give me a call and let me know why this keeps happening they won't play in my car nowherethank you for taking the time to read my letter

Posted by liftstation

I purchased a radio/CD player ---Memorex brand-- well it sucks--I'm almost in the center of tampa florida and this thing will hardly pick up a radio station. I had a friend open it up to put an external antenna on it,, well it seems that ALL the components are from the 1960's that's BS this is the second time this has happened with a memerox product. I can tell you it will not happen again myself and my family will NEVER buy another memerox product.

Posted by younglivers

I purchased a 100 spindle of blank CD-R's from Best Buy and every single blank cd will not work. They are all defective. I would like to receive a replacement spindle since these were so expensive.

Posted by Jake

Spent several weeks providing requested system, hardware and software information, and running requested tests, proving there was nothing wrong with my equipment. I was experiencing an 80% failure rate.The CD would burn, but the first 14 minutes of every disk would be nothing but short bursts of songs. I was finally told that one of my 4 year old HP Pavillion Elite Desktop OEM optical drives was not compatible with their CD's. I explained I have been burning them for 4 years on that drive and never had a problem till now and that they were doing the same thing with disks I burned on my second OEM drive.

The outcome was they are going to replace the 100 CD's as a courtesy because they do not warranty compatibility problems. My question is why did Memorex suddenly make Disks that are no longer compatible and why are there no warnings on the packaging about changes in compatibility.

Posted by Steve

For the past 5 years, I have use the memorex CD's, 30 pack. I purchase your brand because of it's quality. For the past year Memorex has been slipping. The quality is still good when you do get a good cd out of a 30 pack. In the past I would get about 5 bad CDs out of a 30 pack. The 30 pack of CD's I purchased from Best buy, 2 weeks had 14 defected CD's in it't package. 14 out of 30 is not good. I've never returned the product, because of it's overall quality. I'm simply say, either step up your game, or you'll loose me as a customer. And I will encourage everyone I meet and know not to purchase your product. And hav ethe pass the word as to why. Too many defects. In advance, thanks for viewing my concern. And lets get back on track

Posted by Robert

The product I purchased (a boombox with AM/FM band, CD capability, and options for battery operation OR power through AC current. It also has a clock feature. Because of the clock feature, it is impossible to turn the machine completely off...which means that it draws down on the batteries very VERY rapidly. I am certain the product directions did not disclose this. I've thrown the box away, so I am unsure about this statement, but I'm not even sure it disclosed there was a clock at all. This should be considered a CUSTOMER COMPLAINT, as opposed to any request for directions for use. I've not requested to return the product. However, if that is an option, I was not informed of it. I will check "Not even Close---Worst" until any resolution presents itself

Posted by Cameron570

How is it that you contact the customer help number and noone answers. I purchase a 8gb hard drive for press releases and my main file is 7.2 gb and its saying there is only 6.4 available when nothing else was ever put on it due to the fact of it being brand new.

Posted by Rose

I bought a pack of 10 DVD+RW and 4 of them are defective so how do I get my money back I already wrote a letter and I did not get an answer.

Posted by terry

BOUGHT A 32' LCD FLAT SCREEN TV SERIAL from Sears in 12/23/07 and it was made in 11/2007.We were watching tv today when all of the sudden it burst into flames.Glad we were home it could of been bad and i know it would of been bad for memorex.I'll never buy anything from or made by Memorex again and i know Sears wouldn'y do anything there a joke also.

Posted by Anonymous

I once again tried the Memorex dvd+rw. Bought the 10 pack(just in case) and sure enough NOT ONE OF THE DVD'S WILL READ AND SAYS NOT RECORDABLE. Funny how we spend our good money on their products and the warranty says up to 2 years, but they will not stand by them. Again I will try and return to store, but you know how even the stores are sick of the crap. GGGRRR, looks like it'll be sony for me from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

I just on this website to check out why you have so many different prices for you cd's and if one is better than another? Because we have been recording our gospel group cd's and giving them away as part of our ministry. But, we have been having trouble getting the cd's to copy correctly. We have run off 1500 so far and just wonder how many are out there that didn't record properly. We can't go through each one. Also, we've had touble with the labels. Some were fine and others were too light. There was not a problem with the ink. I did call about that and was told to send them to them and they would replace them. We were talking about a lot of labels that used the ink and were not about to pay to ship them to you and have to run them again. After reading your reviews, I now know that your products are just default and we will have to use another company. It's a shame that your company doesn't care anymore about the products their putting out there.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a fifty pack of the dvd +r memorex out of6 so far i have tried to use 2 have been good. i am using a rca dvd burner they told me to go on line or contact rca and download an update because there was nothing wrong with there disk they said that my recorder must not support there ids the stupid person i spoke to would not understand that the dvd burner hooks into a tv not a computer and not app for updates they will never get my business again for any reason they even told me i was trying to burn the dvd wrong but i did not tell them how i was using it so unless they were watching me or i explain to them what i was doing how could i be wrong

Posted by h.m.

memorex has made a major corporate blunder by diverting the monies they needed to use for production and quality control to advertising. big mistake.

so i'll never purchase another memorex product. ever.

they are making defective products. and although a good exercise in technical prowess, completing and troubleshooting cd and dvd problems are beyond most of our bailiwick.

Posted by donnie d

this is donnie driggs i went to walmart and purchase two packs of your cd-rw blank discs and for some reason they wont play in my cd player the only thing they play in is my computer and i dont like the idea of spending money on something that dont work right because i want to listen to music on my stereo not my computer i dont understand why i spent my money on something that dosent work right because months back i purchase a pack of your cd-r discs and they work just fine so i was wondering if youll send me a couple packs of your 24 pack cd-r discs and ill do you a favour i wont spread the word about memorex being worthless and having products that dont work right and ill spread it right on facebook and i also want you to get on my facebook so i could make sure that i get those disc

Posted by Akire

I bought 2 100 pack of memorex DVD's when they where on sale. Of course I won't do that again. I taped a movie on a few DVD' s and after finalizing I checked the DVD. That is when I ran into different problems with the DVD's. with one the counter starter over and over. One gave me an error while trying to format. The others would skipped the first 3 minutes of the movie.i couldn't tell you how many I waisted. That's when I checked the other packs and sure the same thing happened. I tried a different brand of DVD and it worked fine. Memorex won't get any more of my money since they don't stand behind their product

Posted by tikicheeks

For the past month I've been slaving away downloading a bunch of my favorite movies. My father bought a 50 case of Memorex DVD's he doesn't burn very many movies so he gave them to me. 5 of those 50 DVDs worked -__- I spent hours frustrated and going ballistic at my computer ..come to this website to find out..its the disks. FORGET ever buying Memorex EVER again.-Tanika S

Posted by PCLEMSC

I have had problems with Memorex CD's for years. Unfortunately, it's the only brand my closest store carries. This time, the first five discs out of the package were defective. I quit while I was ahead. Why waste more time and energy on JUNK DISCS?
I've had as many as 50% of the discs in a package be defective. Enough is enough. I'll never buy Memorex again.

I did have a chance to try Sony discs, although they were a couple dollars more. NOT A SINGLE FAILURE IN THE BOX! When I look back on all the Memorex crap I've bought, where you pay for 30 and are lucky if 15 are useable, there's no sense in paying for crap you can't use. I ended up paying way more than the Sony's for the few Memorex discs that were usable.

Posted by btorious

WOW! just got off the phone with memorex, about once a year I return about 100 to 150 bad dual layer dvd dl disks. I buy about 8,000 a year or so, my name is in there database shows the times I have had to return the disks and what now the lady tells me they dont do it like that anymore. Now I have to take pictures of the disks before they can proceed, BS. They are just making more ways for people to not want to warranty there bad product. if you do research you will see the ritek dye they use is bad especially if you get singapore discs instead of the mexican ones. ANYWAYS LONG STORY SHORT MEMOREX WILL NO LONGER BE GETTING MY MONEY! HELLO VERBATIM!

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Posted by Anonymous

On 9-7-16 I contacted the Memorex Technical Support staff with a problem inn my Memorex DVD Player. The technician provided information - to the best of his ability. However, I was not satisfied and I requested to speak with a Supervisor. I next worked with Todd - who was extremely helpful. Not only was his customer service demeanor excellent, he was also very helpful in assisting me in solving the initial problem (with my BlueRay DVD Player). What I appreciated the most about Todd's approach was that he was an excellent listener, answered my questions while educating me to several important aspects of Memorex products.
Initially I intended to leave a complaint about my interaction with the technician - instead I am leaving this message as an accolade of the service provided by Todd.
Best Regards,
Mary Fuller-Fougerousse

Posted by Anonymous

Their customer service was OK but if you bought model MVBD2530GPH you're pretty much up the crick without a paddle.
they don't even have any support on their site for that model number no mention of it

Posted by Anonymous

Always had good luck with them. Professional prompt CS.

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