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Meijer customer service is ranked #158 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 49.70 out of a possible 200 based upon 219 ratings. This score rates Meijer customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


189 Negative Comments out of 219 Total Comments is 86.30%.


30 Positive Comments out of 219 Total Comments is 13.70%.

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    • 189 negative comments (86.30%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Don't know why Meijer doesn't carry the Earthbound Organic Celery anymore. They now carry Foxy Brand from MEXICO! Puny looking celery! I bet the Meijer family wouldn't even eat this but they expect us to buy it! REALLY??? Whatever happened to grown in the USA?

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried many times to download and use the M-perks app and I keep having issues getting it to work. The specific issues are many. The last time I totally removed the app and reinstalled it. The problem then was it kept inssiting that I use a different email address. Perhaps it would be easier to shop at a store that does not require me to jump through hoops to get sale prices. Ron

Posted by Jessica

Didn't realize I couldn't put past purchases on my Mperks once I signed up and the cashier knew about the $10gift card coupon and didn't mention it to me. How rude! If I would have known I would get a coupon AFTER I sign up and I couldn't apply past purchases I would have waited until I signed up. JERKS

Posted by alf

I have tried for 2 days to get an answer as to why my card (meijer team appreciation ) now is saying invalid after using it for years and recently...I went on the computer, made phone calls for 2 DAYS!! NO one can give me an answer. I was given one phone number after another to call. ALL had no idea why I was asked to call them. NO one seems to have any answers. Meijer is NOT easy to contact for REAL information, just voices when you do call most of the numbers given...What is happening to the company I worked for for 23 years??? I did finally give info for a new card after all the calls made. Finally a prompt sent me to #3 to answer the programed lady and her questions. But no recognition in email as to whether they will be sending the card or not...Am I the only one frustrated over contacting someone for information?

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Posted by Lynn

I purchased a 3 lb log of Jennie o turkey that was spoiled returned with receipt. The credited my card but it still has not shown up 2 days later. The girl at customer service said max time 24 hours the guy the next day said min 24 hours. Always something here. Highland, Indiana store.

Posted by Frustrated Meijer Shopper

I've been able to return opened makeup before at Meijer but the one in Indiana recently said they changed it. You can no longer return any kind of opened beauty item. Period. Kinda frustrating since most drugstores (cvs, walgreens) have easy opened makeup return policies.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a lifelong customer of Meijer. I even received an award along side of Fred Meijer!
Whenever I come to the pharmacy @ monthly,
There is always a lengthy wait! Is this the level of efficiency that is what I should expect?
They ALWAYS tell me it will be @1/2 hour!

Posted by Sad customer

I was at the champaign Illinois meijers on prospect today. I had a return ( a bears mug that freezes when put in freezer and a men's belt and a package of unopened women's underwear) I didn't have a receipt so I was expecting store credit put on one of there cards ... No they told me no store credit... they told me to take my items back home with me and I was stuck with them the girl even called her manager... really is this the policy if so I won't shop there anymore

Posted by Pissed off

EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the customer service counter because I need a money order there is only 1 person working but 3 registers and a very long line of people waiting. Your no different than Wal-Mart. 20-30 registers but 2 open. You must think people don't have anything else important to do and want to spend their day waiting in line.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Customer Service as declined rapidly over the past few months! We were in you store in Fraser Mi. today and I will say it is not the first time that we had to wait in line for over 30 minutes to check out. Only 5 registers opened, shelves being stocked leaving isles blocked so you can not get to the items you are looking for. I am no longer shopping there, and I am sure after talking to others there today I am not the only customer you lost! It is ridiculous to have to wait in line that long when you have 25 registers not opened!

Posted by thedonnat57

Something needs to be done about the lack of cashiers and stock associates at your store in Southgate, MI. I have personally complained but nothing changes. I worked Retail Management for 30 plus years and I listened to my customers concerns. Again, today, my husband walked out of the store due to the long lines as well as the lack of cashiers. He told me several other potential customers did the same. Earlier in the week we walked out due to empty shelves. I understand this is a holiday week but this also occurs in the middle of the week during non peak season and shopping hours. If you are using your hours for curb side service this is affecting your in store shoppers. I understand, profits are important but you are losing business due to this problem. I don't know if your stores use automated scheduling or what is going on but you are discouraging many customers from shopping at this store. You don't have cashiers shifts end at 4:00 p.m. prior to a holiday. Even with automated schedules, you can manually make adjustments if you see a problem possibly occurring. We have 2 other grocery stores in Southgate and more and more people are shopping there. I don't like self checkout, either because I am unable to lift heavy items due to back issues. Most handicapped people do not like self checkout. It is just to difficult. I hope you address my concerns because I use to love shopping at your store.

Posted by Anonymous

Waited 30 minutes at the deli, 2 women served 2 people that each wanted one thing. Then cleaned up and left 4 of us waiting, while they disappeared.This is consistent with your deli service. Not sure I will go there again. At the hall rd location in mi

Posted by Nascar24

Ionia Michigan gas station needs new management bad. Over 30 days with inventory low or out. Things not being restocked. Im so disgusted in this store. Again in the gas station part. My business will go else where now.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped the Meier's West Saginaw store yesterday,spent $185.00 purchasing groceries, after waiting in long lines to check out due to lack of cashiers? I proceeded to leave the store when the security alarm went off and the door security lady asked for to see my receipt, due to the large amount of groceries bags, gloves and winter clothing I could not find my receipt. Although your security lady was professional about asking for my receipt she seemed accusatory about my lack of a receipt and that the check out clerk should have given me one. I responded was that the same clerk that did not clear the security tags on my LEGAL PURCHASE!I was detained in the middle of the entrance foyer while people were coming in and out looking at me like I was a thief!!! I then told the security lady to find the receipt herself and when she did she could also do a CASH REFUND, she immediately told me I was clear to leave without further inspection. I have never been so embarrassed in all of my 64 years on this earth.

Posted by Anonymous

Debra December 4, 2016 at 7:52 pm

I am so angry for the treatment my daughter has received from the managers at the Evansville Indiana store. She has been there since before they opened. She help set the store up. She has moved up in her department and works her butt off, but doesnt get the money for all her hard work. They are more than happy with her work, as her department tops their sales constantly, but she hasn't received her raises or bonuses like the employees under her. They get 600 to 800 dollars and she gets nothing. They make 1 dollar less than her an hour and she gets all the aggravation and nothing to show for it. She was hoping to use the bonus for her kids for Christmas and then found out she doesn't get one. Even WALMART treats their employees better. I hope she leaves this money grubbing company that has lied to her from day one. I will never shop here again!


Ginger December 4, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Left my cart full of toys. They said I could not mix the toys for 50% off 2nd one. All the toys in my cart had the signs buy 1 get 2ND 50% off. Would have been great if they had more then one. Will taKe my money and Christmas list else where. Im sure somebody else wants my money. The store must be doing great if their not needing money. I was one of 3 they turned away.
Great job meijer you have join walmart for bad customer service.


Terry PredmoreNovember 21, 2016 at 4:55 pm

Had to walk out with others because of poor service checking out. The store is located in Springfield Oh. I contacted the manger there by the name of Ed. He was pleasant enough but of no help at all addressing the concern about not enough registers open. And people simply left their carts and walked out because of long wait times, it was just incredible. My wife told me that this store is closing. And I would say if they arent, they will be given what I and others experienced Sunday night! Simply to many places to shop and spend your money to put up with such a lack of appreciation! As rot always starts at the top!


Austin November 27, 2016 at 8:16 pm

I went through the same thing in richmond indiana


Richard RanvilleNovember 17, 2016 at 9:13 am

The Swartz Creek Michigan store has switched from rainbow trout farm raised in Canada to rainbow trout farm raised in Columbia. This is unacceptable to me. The Hill Road store near Grand Blanc still has a sign up farm raised in Canada. Can I rely on that? Is there some necessity to switch to the inferior Columbian product? Any chance the Swartz Creek store will go back to Canadian?


David GordonNovember 13, 2016 at 3:09 pm

Openend a can of Meijer brand chopped spinach, only to find a big beetle in it!! Called our local store in Adrian, and was laughed at, and offered a refund or exchange. Unacceptable! As a consumer you expect a quality product. The mental trauma to myself, my wife, and our 5 year old son is irreparable! Considering contacting an attorney. Have photos of the can, the UPC, the insect.


Lorraine PiejakNovember 12, 2016 at 8:28 am

Just recently purchased Meijer brand breakfast sausages (original flavor). They were the most horrible tasting sausages!!! Dont know what your chefs special recipe is, but (s)he should throw it away.
Also, I hate that you are placing your private label canned goods as well as other products instead of national brands. There is a definite differece in quality. National brands are far superior. With increased difficulty finding my favorite national brands At Meijer, I will look for somewhere else to shop.


Jodie EastlakeNovember 9, 2016 at 7:23 pm

In June I move one city over and was excited that once again I have a Meijer less than a mile from my house. I just love mperks and the pharmacy. It didnt take me long to see that not all Meijer stores are the same.

Last night I went shopping, waiting for my turn in the deli on the hot food side, only to have the worker walk away after helping the gentleman before me. Then started talking to a co-worker totally ignoring me. There were 4 deli workers and I waited almost 10 minutes with no one else being waited on before someone came over. Ashley came and as she chomped her gum with her mouth open, I asked her if they had any specials on the chicken. She said she didnt know but she could ask. Walked to the 2 women talking (one of which was the woman who walked away from me in the first place) and asked if anything was on sale, she said I dont think so. Everything is full price, do you want anything? I asked in a bucket do you have to get legs, her answer YUP.

I shopped some more and came back to the deli and got chicken. Then I walked to the deli meat and cheese and you got it, Gum chopping Ashley asked if I wanted anything. I order 1/2 lb of the baby swiss on sale. 2 minutes later, the one woman asked her if she had her break yet, she said no. She said I got your customer, and without a glance in my direction Ashley left. The young man came in and said he would get my order, what did I want? 10 full minutes later (not exaggerating) he brought over a pound of cheese, I let him know I only wanted 1/2 a pound, he took off a third of a pound and at that point I will admit, I was done and said thats fine.

As I walked to the pharmacy to get my medicine, there was a young man who I didnt get his name leaning on the stand by the u scan, I asked him if the store carried ice, he goes ya, its over there. My response, over there where? He said by the service deck, there was a place.

I am sickened that this is how Meijer now treats its guests. Walmart is closer to my house, but I really wanted to stay at Meijer because the Northville (54) store employees are always pleasant and helpful.. So is Westland (68) but then sadly the only people who are nice and helpful at good old 188 is the awesome pharmacy team.

Feeling perplexed, switch to a different store chain? Or drive farther from my house to get good service?


Laurie November 3, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Started shopping at Meijer in 1978 when I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Travel from Canada to do my shopping weekly. Heard you were planning to drop womens clothing. Wont be spending my money in your stores anymore.


RON SMITH October 18, 2016 at 5:07 pm



 October 18, 2016 at 4:23 pm

I spend a LOT of money at the MARYSVILLE, MI, Meijer. In fact, living in a small town, Meijer is the only big box store we have. Usually, after shopping, I go to the customer service desk to get my lottery. On this particular day, it was about 30 minutes before the lottery drawing and only one person ahead of me at the counter returning an item. I had just finished shopping and had some frozen items in my cart that needed to be taken home and put away but with only one other person in line, this shouldnt take long. Or so I thought!

The other customer completed her return and proceeded tip continue talking to the Meijer employee behind the desk as if they were acquainted for the next 20 minutes. All the while, the time limit for that evenings lottery had expired and the line behind me had built up to about 8 more people who needed help.

Off to the side were three more employees huddled together talking amongst themselves, doing nothing and ignoring the ever expanding line of customers. The customer in front of me and your employee continue carrying on their conversation, the customer turns to me and smiles, noticing my completed lottery slip she wonders out loud what is playing on lottery that evening.

I was livid! I threw my slip down on the counter and walked out of the store.

The next day I went BACK to Meijer (TOLD you Im there frequently!) to purchase items Id forgotten. As Im in line, I notice the same employee behind the customer service desk as was there the previous evening. Shes staring at me, while huddled with several other employees, obviously telling them about my outburst from the evening before. I could tell because the moment I made eye contact, she stopped pointing at me and all of the employees dropped their eyes as if to pretend they werent looking at me.

Now, because she was not doing her job and moving the customers along, or asking her co-workers for help when she should have, IM the one who is the bad guy and being treated UNFAIRLY by your employees?

This is the only place in town to shop, and Ill have to deal with attitude every time I go in there. All of the other employees are friendly and Ive never had a problem any other time, but this catty chatty employee needs a job in the back where she doesnt deal with the public, and either I need you to give me a good reason to come back, or Ill drive all the way to Port Huron and go to Wal-Mart instead of dealing with this attitude again!


James Vierling Jr.September 22, 2016 at 5:22 pm

Update: I was actually let go for posting here and for trying to explain my side of the complaints to Aunt Millies. Yes, I had worked for Aunt Millies through the LaJoy Group, their hiring shell company.

I try and get the problem that even Meijer had been complaining about fixed by going directly to the company and I get let go. Aunt Millies makes all the Meijer products as well.


Debra December 6, 2016 at 4:01 pm

I think this company is a joke. They suspend employees who cant get the pay they earned and have asked repeatedly for something to be done. Then when they threaten to go to corporate, they are punished. Time to contact labor board and better business bureau!!!


James Vierling Jr.September 20, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Hello again. I am the same person that wrote the post about being a vendor/merchandiser. funny thing happened when I complained to the company that I work for about not getting the product needed to fill the shelves at the Meijer store that I service. I actually work for them through a temp staffing service that pretty much is just a front for them not having to hire anyone themselves. Anyways, the told my HR person at the temp service who then called me and gave me a verbal warning. So I actually try and do my job and get better service for Meijer customers and I am the one getting in trouble. I already got my scheduled changed to worse hours because of Meijer and now I am getting told to shut up and not complain by the HR a-hole who didnt even ask what I complained about. Right about now, I hope you both/ all three go out of business.


Anonymous September 9, 2016 at 5:51 pm

As someone that works as a Vendor/Merchandiser within Meijer and several other stores, I just want to inform all about a certain situation. If the shelves are low on product for the company that I work for, or any other, you can go to the back room and look to see if the product is there. If it is just one product, then someone most likely bought out the shelf and that is no ones fault. If it is several products then there are some possibilities as to where the blame lies.

1. If the products are in the back and someone was supposedly already there to work them then it is their fault.

2. If the product is not in the back, then it is the fault of either the person writing the orders or the the fault of someone in the supply chain.

Myself, nor other merchandisers/vendors can stock something that isnt there.

If the shelves are not faced at all and still a mess after someone was supposed to be there to work product and face, then that person needs to be replaced as it is just laziness on their part. However, if it is a store with a lot of college students, high school students or trouble makers then they may have done it just to be jerks.

Product out of place happens all the time as most people are just too lazy to put it back where they got it from. That is a result of bad parenting so take it out on them and give the lazy ones the paddling they should have gotten at home when they were young.

Please take the time to get to the root of the problem and take the appropriate actions against the appropriate people.


Gary p August 20, 2016 at 1:31 pm

Employee relation need to be fixed how do you plan to keep employees when the ones that have been there for years can scream and yell at new people and the manager in charge cuts hours for saying something then says call corporate and Ill fire you that is f-ing retarded what a place to work


kathryn long July 22, 2016 at 9:37 pm

We have been shopping at the Meijer store in Hamilton,Ohio for about eleven years. Lately the store has been dirty, As you walk in there are black marks on the floor and as you go through others isles the same. The produce section is also very messy. What has happened to a store that used to be nice and clean? Can this be fixed or do we shop at another chain?


Angie Marshick July 10, 2016 at 7:07 pm

On July 8th 2016, I went to the Meijers store on Warren avenue in Westland. I visit this store quite frequently and have never had any issues. On this same day, I bought a straightener/flat iron for my daughter for her birthday. Unfortunately she didnt need/like it. It hadnt been open, I still had the receipt and went to the store today,(7/10/2016) to return it. The service desk looked busy, so I decided to walk around the store, until the line at the service desk got shorter. The store is little more than a block away, I was walking my little 16 month old granddaughter in her stroller. The straightener ( the one that I was returning) was in a little storage area under her stroller and the receipt was in my pocket. After realizing that the line at the service desk was going to take too much time, I decided to leave and come back the next day. On my way out, the Loss Prevention people stopped me at the door and said something about seeing me pick up a straighter and put it in the stroller. I explained that the straighter was mine and that I was coming to the store to return it. They took me into a back room and looked through my purse, stroller, wallet. I told them that I wanted to see the evidence of me stealing this. I wanted to see the store camera. They said something about calling the police and me getting arrested. I had a baby withme.They told me to give them the straightener and theyd let me go. The straightener is/was my property! I showed them the receipt and they explained that I could take it up with the police and get arrested. I didnt do anything!! They took my property. Who is the one stealing now?! When I first went into the store, I remember saying something to the greeter, about having to return my daughters curling iron.She is very nice and we laughed about it. I did not steal the straightener!!. I was returning it. It was at the bottom of my stroller when I walked in the door.. The camera will show this!! I just want to see this evidence against me with out being threatened to be arrested!! I called the police and told them the situation. They advised me to talk to the store director and I did. She took my name and number, but I havent heard from her. I am so upset about this. I had thought more of the store. This corporation. Its one of Michigans biggest employers. Ive shopped the store for years. How could this have happened?


Melody Vrabl July 8, 2016 at 5:33 pm

I went to Meijers to shop on 7/8/16 and bought hamburger!! At this time I did not have my glasses on! So when i got home after cooking the hamburger also eating it!!! I oped the rest of it to pack it individually!! Come to find out this hamburger was rotten!!! I thought it was okay while cooking it had a slit smell!! Wasnt sure but then my daughter came home from work, I put my glasses on to find out this meat was rotten!!! I am very upset with the fact we ate this hamburger!! My 10 year old grandson an I !!! Not happy with this at all!!! Hope that we dont get sick from this or their could be a lawsuit to be filed against them!!!


Sue Alliso June 28, 2016 at 7:44 pm

After writing yesterday, I would like to add that the worst part of the entire incident was the cashier throwing the water into our cart causing the cart to hit my 6 year old granddaughter who then broke into tears. The rudeness and hostility to my daughter and me was bad enough, but harming my granddaughter is inexcusable. If I, as a nurse, had mistreated a patient this way, I would have been fired. I can only hope the same for Rose B. My granddaughter does have a bruise from the cart striking her and will be seen by her doctor. I will proceed from there. I do hope to hear from management soon.


Sue Alliso June 27, 2016 at 11:35 pm

I have been a customer at the Michigan City Meijer since it opened and have never made a complaint. But today my family and I were treated so rudely I will never return to that store. The cashier who was checking us out, became hostile because my daughter had put 2 cases of Coke and a case of water on the conveyor belt. The cashier yelled because she didnt want that heavy stuff on the belt where she might have to pick it up. my daughter was trying to be helpful and planned on returning the items to the cart herself once they had been scanned. The cashier, Rose B. came running down the aisle at us, scanned the water, picked it up and threw it in the bottom of the cart yelling Im 60 not 20. when the water hit the cart the cart hit my 6 year old granddaughter causing her to break into tears.. She now has a large bruise where the cart hit her. We will be seeing her doctor tomorrow. Rose B. then scanned the 2 cases of pop and threw them into the cart.Thiswomen was rude and hostile and unhinged.I spoke with the manager but I doubt if that will do any good. I was a nurse for 35 years and would have been fired if I had treated a client so poorly. It was bad enough being rude to my daughter and me, but injuring my granddaughter will not be tolerated. I definitely want to hear back from management.


Patrice Lyons June 9, 2016 at 8:45 am

I was at a gas station in Huber Height OH on 4/20/16 getting gas before going to a hospital for my treatment when I started to pump gas the gas blew up I screamed & ran for the station I was covered with gas. They told me where the restroom was & I kept washing my face & eyes. I was covered. I then went out to the counter very upset & scared A girl went in the back & brought out handy wipes which had written on the bottle SYSAL I told her I could not put that on my body They took my name & phone number I then started for the hospital a nervous wreck the highway has construction what a mess. When I got to the department the ladies said I needed to leave because of the gas there could be afire. So I left for home a nervous wreck. I got home after 40 miles. The next morning a lady called & said sorry it was not their fault things happen Since then it has been a nightmare I went to dr. & he said my eyes were burnt & I needed to go to eye dr. right then. They called & I got right in . I was given a RX for my eyes. Had to go back to both places again Had to pay for all of this. The week of 6/7/16 I was told my tear ducks where gone. I sent all of the reports to MEIJERS have not heard again. They have been giving me the run around with This. They called Up & I said to the lady that was their property & if someone had come to my house & got hurt I would be responsible. They better take down their sign if they thought they were not at fault. Have not got any answer from them might have to get HELP! I dont think much of MEIJERS now. They want customers but if something would happen at their store you might not get help! They are a very big company & they should be very concerned about this it could hurt them What would you think!


Unknown  June 28, 2016 at 10:06 am

Call risk management and annoy them, if they arent cooperating get some legal help, thats the only way these people will do anything for you


Dan smith May 21, 2016 at 6:14 pm

Being with meijers for over 8years I feel that need to send this email. I know that they have been hiring a lot of x Walmart managers, but since they have come in they are not running up too meijers standards, now this might be the plan, I do not know so l wanted to let you know. Our back room is never clean up be fore the next truck, they never have enough workers on the floor every day to keep the store klept ou or help the customers the way it should be down,it seems that meijer has chane the way Fred meijer wanted it to be. Thank you


Anony May 19, 2016 at 1:22 pm

I worked at meijer for almost two years, I loved my job and I was a very good worker. I get called in to security and he was questioning me about ONE coupon, he asked where I got my coupons from I told him I or one of my kids or a family member give it to me and he told me because I took one for a family that didnt live in my house that i used a coupon that didnt belong to me, I had no idea that was wrong so he suspended me and two weeks later, I was fired. I dont think I should have been fired, you cant go to anyone for help not your team leaders or the store director, ONE coupon should not cost you your job


Posted by Anonymous

Shopped at the Meijer in Evansville, IN. A cashier by the name of Matthew was the checker for my line. That young man talked to the couple ahead of me non-stop. It is too bad he couldn't check at the same time he talks...but no. He would hold an item to be checked in his hand while he held his social event (bout his kids, etc) with this couple. The wait was ENDLESS and I could see people on the side of me at the next checkout line come and go with HUGE piles of groceries...but not in Matthew's line. When I finally got up there with my three itms I told him he talked too much. He said nothing ... no apology no nothing. What a total jerk. I called the store manager and told her Matthew needed to be retrained. At Chirstmas time with lines so long why cashiers can't just check out the items and save the social contact for when they get home is beyond me.

Posted by Anonymous

I went early this morning to your Allen Park location. I was really appalled by the mess in the parking lot & garbage every where. The garbage cans by the entrance were over flowing with trash. The basket area in the store was a litter mess too. I could not believe the carts were everywhere around the lot. I shop at this location every week but if they do not start cleaning up I will shop else where. I talked with the manager on duty & he didn't seem to concerned.

Posted by Superred1

Today I shopped at Meijer I was accused of stealing two toys mine employee he actually came inside a great clips and told me that someone told him that my two grandkids have picked up toys and I didn't pay for them then he asked me for my receipt I told him no I asked him why in the world would he come inside of Great Clips and accuse me of stealing I was so embarrassed because it was other people inside a great clips so I decided to go to customer service they told me oh I'm so sorry but we've had a rash of shoplifting in the store I said and what does that have to do with me I'm a 60 year old grandmother that promise to buy my grandson a dinosaur I paid for it at the self-checkout get my receipt went back inside of Great Clips open the toys and then Brandon comes in there and said someone told me that you did not pay for your items but get this 2 months ago I was in Starbucks I swipe my debit card and it wouldn't work found out that the system has been down so I told the cashier told the gentleman I said cancel my order my debit card does not work so I walked out I'm in the parking lot getting ready to get in my car it's people in the parking lot he comes out then yells you got another form of payment that you can use it was unbelievable so when I called the corporate office again I'm so sorry I'm going to leave you with $25 gift certificate at the desk I wasn't calling to get a gift certificate they are rude they don't know how to speak to customers but today was the last straw me being accused of stealing to two toys and when I call the corporate office I spoke to someone that was in charge oh I'm going to go over there right now and deal with the situation again he says I'm going to leave you a gift certificate at the customer service office again I told him that is not why I'm calling I did not call to get a gift certificate I was totally embarrassed it was three people sitting in find Great Clips and then I'm accused of stealing I was appalled

Posted by Anonymous

Deidre is by far the worst employee I've met. She works in the Starbucks coffee shop inside Meijers on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. She has an attitude and is SO RUDE to the customers. I can deal with her slow service but her attitude I can't accept. If I see her working, I don't stop by for my daily coffee. Hope the store manager reads this and deals with it!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to express my disappointment about Meijer. Last week I went to the store and the check out lanes were not working and it took 3 times for them to figure it out and give me a receipt. This week I wanted to buy an electronic toy for my grandson and the manager refused to take the coupon off the price even though it did not exclude electronics. I walked out and will give my business to another store. The customer service just is not there anymore.

Posted by NC

Meijer is ridiculous! I went to 9 different stores last week between 2-4 times each and they NEVER NOT once at any store had the product I was looking for. It was in the sale add and never in stock. Rain checks were not available for this item because of the stupid * next to it in the add. I am still without my product and my gas and time trying to find my product. I got a gift card hardly helpful as I am a single mom and I wanted my on sale item to meet my families daily needs. Gift card is nowhere near what I lost in travel time, gas and the money lost by not getting this food product for my family

Posted by Anonymous

Please know I shop the st.charles,Illinois 3-4 times a week.
It is Thursday oct 27 @347pm in afternoon very busy and only
3 cashiers open. The rest are self serve check outs. Why is this?
When I see people in meijer shirts sitting behind customer
Service doing nothing??

Posted by City cat 2

They didn't want to help me and they didn't say anything to me when I left the building. I also was disappointed when I went to ask for help 3 different times no one showed up

Posted by Anonymous

Again no cashiers,, standing in line again as usual spoke to manager and she did nothing !!! You people have a big problem this store on Reynolds Rd in Lexington Ky

Posted by Anonymous

the South Haven store is consistently not stocked well and the customer service in the pharmacy leaves a lot to be desired. I have been a loyal Meijer customer for over 40 years and this is the worst service I have ever experienced.

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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to acknowledge Kat M. In photo department of the Cadillac Michigan store. She went above and beyond to help us with our phone issues and then her knowledge of the other line of phones led us to purchase two new ones tonight. Because there was only one she offered to call another store and secure us two there. Please give her our gratefulness for outstanding service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was shorted some pills from the warehouse,first time in 19 yrs I had a problem,Ed, the pharmacist at 149 in Michigan City took care of it right away for me when my husband couldn't get it refilled,insurance,too early,I never count my pills,he was so awesome,we all make mistakes,he was very helpful,thanks to him my husband got some relief after being without him script for 3 days,we need more ED'S in our life,thank you so much ED and Meijer for having a REMARKABLE employee

Posted by Anonymous

Jessica, at the customer care,Deserves a Stellar review! she was very pleasant and professional, in handling my Mperk,s issues! Thank You; again! Kimberly Morrison

Happy Holiday,s!

Posted by Diane

if youre shopping at the meijer in aurora on route 59 i highly suggest you have MINA take care of you. she is a very friendly employee! whenever im there shes always offering my kids and i samples of cheese and deli meats. my experience with this store has been excellent. many employees in deli dont change their gloves which in my opinion is disgusting but she does! im highly satisfied!

Posted by Anonymous

I visited your Meijer store on Friday 8/14/15 in Battle Creek Mich on Beckley road. I am 80 years old and I like to keep active when I can, so I go shopping with my daughter and she stands in line for checkout and I usually go and sit on one of the benches in front and wait for her. Today when I went to sit on one of the benches an employee was evidently on her break because she had a snack and some water. She sat on half of the bench and her water bottle sat on the other half of the bench. I have seen this before in this store with your emplyees that get carts. Do you not have a break room for employees???? I had to go out to my car to sit and wait for my daughter as some customers were sitting on the other bench. Thank you for listening.

Posted by Anonymous

Raquel at customer service went the extra mile to make sure I was a satisfied
customer .................she spent a lot of time straightening out my MEIJER
gift card issue

Posted by morgan k wyatt

Recently, I decided to buy a gas grill from Meijers under the belief it would fit in my Honda Civic. It didn't. Donald, an helpful associate in Noblesville, IN garden center disassemble it, but it still didn't fit. Then he reassembled it all with a smile on his face. He offered to deliver it after work at no cost. Some of you might wonder why I would give this gentleman my address. I had no issues because every time I came into the garden center he loaded supplies into my car, after I pulled up to the garden center. He probably noticed that I was a mature woman who could use the help.

He refused to take any money for delivery and gave me back the paper I wrote my address on. Two thumbs up for Donald.

Posted by juxtjeff

Just came from Meijer gas station. Young lady at counter was appropriately friendly and helpful. Thank you for hiring/training such excellent customer service. A friendly greeting goes a long way.

Posted by Anonymous

why is it that the gas price at the station in westland went up 25 cents over night? there is no major reason for this except are you trying to collect the new gas tax for the roads 6 months early?

Posted by Anonymous

This is not an "I hate Meijer" comment! In fact I should mention how much I appreciate walking through the isles, which are wide enough to easily push a cart through and not hearing the employees complaining to each other, like I used to when I shopped at another (major) dept. store. Oh, and lots of the employee's ask if I am finding everything. Nice not to have to hunt them down.
I just want to give some insight into the packaging for Meijer brand potato chips. The new bags rip so easily that it's difficult to keep the chips in the bag and fresh (even though they're eaten pretty quickly). Please look into this. It is an annoyance.
Thank you!

Posted by Jenny

I recently was shopping at the Meijer in City, Indiana. Meijer's is my grocery of choice and I was so tickled with the cashier "D.J". She was pleasant, and shared her warm smile as she assisted me. She went on to ask if I was familiar with the "Meijer Perks" program. Although I am not one for company sign ups and such, I was compelled to listen to her pitch because her presentation was so genuine. As a long standing retail manager, I know how hard it is to find good employees. Then when you find the ones who show up on time and are competent, they sometimes lack enthusiasm. I want to commend D.J. and just say keep up the good work!


Posted by dbeshara1

I would like to comment on one of the Westland Meijer cashiers, her name is Shandra my husband and I love to go through her line and will wait in long lines for her. She is just so pleasant and does a wonderful job. You are lucky to have her.

Diane and Peter Beshara

Posted by Anonymous

I have been extemely impressed with the increase of customer service at all of the Meijer stores that I visit. But, I have noticed lately that the positive service that I have received in the past is begining to dwindle. It seems that your staff chooses to look over their guests or through them, forgets to ask those questions that I personally appreciate hearing. I won't go to your self serve, because I enjoy getting good customer service. I like the quality of merchandise that I buy from your store, and the great sales you have weekly. Thank you for your time. Respectfully Debra

Posted by Anonymous

When shopping at the Hartland store #245 I was helped by April in the pet dept. She located items and loaded them in my electric cart for me. I wanted you to know she was knowledgeable, friendly and most helpful. She remembered me from a previous visit and offered her help once again. Please thank her again for me.

Posted by PianoLady

I would like to compliment clerk Rhondaw who assisted me with mailing packages on 6/28/13. I know it was her job but she made it so easy and pleasant for me as a senior citizen. I didn't have to go to a post office so appreciated the whole transaction.

Posted by alexh

I LOVE MEIJER! I shop at the Troy location and I believe its Sterling Heights.... Never have had a problem! Love the stuff, its always nice and cheap. Foods always good! nothing against Kroger but their produce is half rotten....Meijer's produce area always has fresh food. The people that work there are so nice...a lot of them I see often and they always joke around or give samples to my daughter. They all put me in a good mood! I really think a lot of people on here that are writing the negative comments are just angry people...some of the comments don't even make sense haha. anyways...GO MEIJER...I will shop at the Troy location for as long as I live here!

Posted by Papasan

I am very satisfied with my perscription service at Meijer pharmacy.

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned from the Meijer Pharmacy to refill a prescription and get a flu shot. The store number is 215,my user ID: and password:

I have been shopping at this Bolingbrook, IL. store since it opened several years ago. My experiences and satisfaction with Meijers service has always been excellant especially in the Pharmacy Department. The pharmacist that has been serving me for years is Debra Moorman and she has always been courteous, personable and professional in answering my questions. She is the reason I shop at Meijers for prescriptions.

William G. White

Posted by Mr.Vickers

I was at the Meijer store in Roseville #63. A young man working nights in Automotive and Sporting Sections, named Corey, went above and beyond to assist me with a motorcycle battery.

He went as far as removing my old battery, matching it up with a new one and installed it for me. He made sure it would start before he returned to the store.

I have NOT seen exceptional customer service like this in a very long time. Hats off to Corey. Great job and thanks for going the extra mile.

Posted by carolo43

I love my Cadillac Meijer Store! I like all the staff, love the store and even during this winter of extreme renovations, everyone is fun and friendly and helpful.

Reading the complaints on this site is like.....REALLY? You can't read a sale sign correctly and it's Meijers fault? Something goes on sale and you think you should get a discount on what you purchased two weeks earlier but don't have a receipt for it?

Get real. Individual stores do not make up the policies and no one should expect to loose their jobs because you want to break cooperate rules.

Posted by iceywarm

Nice Person and transferable to the right department! I love you meijers even though there not in NC lol.


Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for listening! About 7 months ago I commented that the wrap around coffee filters had disappeared and no one knew why. Finaly, last week there they were on the shelf again. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Natalie at Fishers, IN store in jewelry was very helpful, courteous and went out her way to help.

Posted by susannord

I was at the Meijer on Sawmill Road in Columbus Ohio today. First of all, you need to have more people staffed in the deli! 2 girls working today. It took 15 minutes to get 2 pounds of lunch meat! They talked while getting my order ready and moved like snails. I was their only customer at the time. It happens everytime I'm there. I have opted to get packaged meat because of this, but I would rather order from the deli!On a lighter note, I got in line and my cashier named Paige was so awesome. She said she had worked there for 3 weeks. What a lovely young lady. Not used to smiling, happy people there. She truly cared about her customers. I hope you reward her.

Posted by [email protected]

Saturday I was shopping at grocery store when finished shopping I was ready leave store, it was raining cats and dogs a group of us was standing under coverage waiting for rain slow up so could start load groceries. The cart boy (John) offered to watch our groceries while we ran to get our cars & pull them up close so could load groceries under some coverages. This young main did not have to do this - I just wanted to be sure that John was recognized for his kind efforts & he dis showing such a winning personality. Store Eastgate Meijer - Cinn. Batavia Shirley Marion - [email protected]

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Posted by Anonymous

The negative comments breaks my heart as a retired Meijer employee of over 22 years. I started out in 1973 and it was joy to come to work. The employees were always expected to do more than their best for every customer/guest. In fact as a trainer, I always told the new employees training for customer service desk, that they should always make sure they did their best to send a guest away smiling. As the years passed, and many changes were made unfortunately I saw employees lose their zeal to be their best because of the problems happening to them from Meijer changes to employees. Pay wise, work schedules and sometimes silly rules we had to follow, such as trying to sell the customer lottery tickets ect.. one small example. And we would sometimes get customers who were upset at our asking...Anyway, to see all these reviews that tell me customer service is at an all time low really hurts. Unless Meijer gets back to the fundamental belief that FRED had, that we are FAMILY, nothing will change. Until the UNION tries to work with the employees that THEY work for and make their lives better along with making Meijer a better EMPLOYER, nothing will change and people will walk away feeling "I will not come back"...PLEASE stop and think about where Meijer has come from and where it is now as far as employees and Guests are concerned. MAKING MONEY for the company is the issue I understand that. But, is it really worth loosing what once was what Meijer stood for in the beginning? People were proud to come and purchase from and it's employees were proud to work for you. I hear and see that declining every year for many years. It doesn't make me feel good saying all this, I am only hoping someone in MEIJER upper echelon will read this and DO something.

Posted by Anonymous

I loved store #52. East Lansing, MI. I worked as a cashier there for 28+ years. I was a great cashier. I had a regular customer following. That ended just over a year ago. They fired me for leaving the store to approach a customer for potential theft. Funny thing is.... I didn't leave the store. I didn't approach anyone for theft. I asked a lady which lane she had been on...on my fast lanes. That's it! Funny thing was... Not two weeks before I have gotten a personal compliment letter from the Meijer boys commending me in great customer service. Hmmmm. I was suspended 5 days after the incident and ultimately fired. Why? Probably because I was a senior employee making top dollar. This was my first write up in probably 20 years.

Posted by Garyp

My wife work for meijers in Davison mi on Irish road she just started she ha her trainer yolanda tell her she wasn't training her and ran her mouth to the point that my wife was crying when I said something to mike the manage he said he will pass it on to someone higher he said call and talk to tom or john at 7am cause my wife works at 5 so I did at 1pm she gets a call her hours was cut horribly they put her on thirds stocking and said if one more employee has a problem she fired were is that right when my wife did nothing wrong it needs to be fixed

Posted by Walmart rocks

Meijers is a losy place to work they start you out at 7.40 an hour. They take union dues out of that and if you buy their Health insurance, Then you are bringing home about 100.00 a week if you are lucky. They Managers are ass holes. How do they expect somebody to support a family on that Sam walton would not allow that. oops that is the other store that pays there employes better than minunim wage. you Meijers.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been at Meijer in Rochester since 9/2011 (and worked there before from 11/88 to 6/96) . On 2/11/13, I saw a contracted floor maintenance company worker take something off a shelf (with me being the only one in the aisle with him and me having previous encounters with him) and walk into the back room with it so I reported it to a "new" night store manager. Well he didn't take proper procedure and report it to security instead he confronted the guy with me standing right there...(he yelled at him loudly "DID YOU JUST TAKE SOMETHING?"). Later that evening I passed the floor maintenance crew and the guy accused said something loudly in spanish and when I turned to look he was pointing at me to the other 2 people of the crew. Needless to say I will NOT go back to work there. I called my store director ( Mr LaRock) and told him the story and he said I had to take care of this through the new manager..I have tried and he has been rude and the last time I talked to him he said I would have to resign or something to free up his schedule of my hours OR wanted me to go to a store that was 20 miles from my home.

I have tried for a transfer to the Washington store which is right behind my home..when I went in to see the store director there (Dave Marsico) said he had no openings..then I saw they had a Job Fair on 3/5/ I called him this morning (3/7/13) to ask why I wasn't considered for any of the openings and he went off on me...telling me he didn't appreciate my inquisition and used my lack of availability for an excuse (In January of 2012 my hours were cut from 32-40 hours a week to 15 hours so I went and found a side job to make up the difference that is pretty flexible with hours except for Saturdays because I am self supporting) I have offered Wednesdays Thursdays I can't quit my other job because how am I to pay my bills when they decide to take my hours away again...I was PROMISED when I first started working there that I would get no less than 32 hours....yes this is the way your managers and store directors have been treating this employee..

I go in and I work hard .You can ask my managers Willie Baker or Robert Bennet at store 57...and I have tried to restore the camaraderie in that store where there are so many disgruntled employees back to the way it use to be where everyone worked together as a team..I always had a good attitude...and tried to restore team where's the respect for my loyalty to this company? I'm still not back to work...and now that they are all upset with me how am I going to be able to work at any of them after this?? They're rudeness over this whole matter is overwhelming..I feel I am being punished for doing the right thing...what happened to securing my safety??

I NEEDED that job...there's not a big market out there for 63 year old matter how hard they work....any suggestions???

Posted by Anonymous

I have a family member that has turned in notice for a weeks vacation a month in advance. He was told that he would not get it because he was needed and that others have asked for time off as well but they were not going to get the time off as well. What is it that you don't have enough people to take care of peopel that work hard for their job and get treated in this fashon. I like Meijer Stores Can someone check this out. Lexington KY

Posted by humanbeing1

Just thought that the your customers might like to know that I work for one of Meijer's major suppliers. The product that we send into their distribution centers is of extremely high quality, hauled by some of the nations best carriers. Yet, despite this fact, our products are sometimes rejected or delayed at the distribution centers based on whether or not the overworked, underpaid "checkers" are in a good mood that day. Drivers hauling these products are routinely treated with contempt and disrespect resulting in extremely long unloading delays. We often get reports of 8-12 hours for a single truck!! Restroom facilities are old, run down, and often in extreme disrepair. Sanitation is non-existent. If a driver dares to complain, the carrier is simply asked to leave and never come back again. Since Meijer is such a large corporation, one single complaint from a driver can often lead to their dismissal, as their employer wants to take no chance at loosing the business. Very shameful behavior for a company that tries to present such a wholesome image to the public, for sure!

Posted by Worthless Worker

I will not say which Meijer I work at, because as of today I still currently work them. I've been with the company for 5 years. It's never been the best job I've had, but it has definitely become the worst. In elementary school, I lived in terror every morning of having to get on a school bus and sit next to some bullies. I'd actually get sick with nerves. Every morning that I know I have to work, I get the same feeling of dread and terror. I am one of the friendliest cashiers (I get people that actually prefer to wait in my line, no matter how long it is just so I can ring them up), and I've never in my 5 years been told 'good job'. But I sure as hell am informed when I do something wrong. I see many other co-workers, including myself, harassed on a daily basis by either management or the worthless S.Cs. Our store director is an apostle from Hell. I've been screamed at by him, because I yawned in front of a customer instead of shouting like a drunk S.O.B "HELLO! WELCOME TO MEIJER!" To the customers, do not shop here. Meijer does not care about your needs or your wants however basic they may be. There prime object is money, and our store directors get a huge Christmas bonus by making us ask you if you want to sign up for a credit card. You are mocked and berated as soon as you walk away from dealing with management. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I am stuck in this dead end job, because I need the money and the health insurance. On the glorious day I get to walk into the office and give my notice, I will never again shop at Meijer. I know how Meijer treats its employees as well as customers, and it is far more than degrading. It's been an eye opening experience for me.

Posted by spence

I work at meijer store number 150, have been working their for 2 years now and i would have to say that the grocery team leader is horrible. There have been multiple complaints on him from customers and other employees and nothing is done about it. He talks down to other employees and likes to yell at the other employees for his mistakes. The store director will not do anything probably because they are friends. store #150 needs a new grocery team leader

Posted by grdigib01

My daughter works at Meijers, if she new I was writing this she would kill me. She tells me about the things that go on at Meijers with management and I am in pure disbelief. She had a great job a few years ago but with Michigan she lost her job. She works now at Meijers for the pay, hours and dis-respect I have no clue why. But I don't say a word not my place. But I will tell the public. She has worked there 2 yrs approx. and missed one day. She was really really sick but felt guilty for calling in one shift. As a human resource mgr I said well if you feel guilty, call in explain you don't feel well and see if they are kind enough and say stay home if your sick. As a mgr that is how I would handle. Mgmt told her come in were busy. SHE DID ERRRR She was late because of going back and forth on with her feelings. They wrote her up. I was shocked.
I really think mgmt should be looked at there. I am 50 yrs old and never heard of such a thing in my life. Dogs get treated better than this. I will NEVER shop there again. NEVER

Posted by kitty

I work at Meijer's and they do not treat their employees with any kind of respect. They work us like dogs and do not compesate us. If you go to the stores and can not find anyone that is because they won't employee more people and most of them are up at the register. They would rather pull people off the floor and leave customer's guessing where everyone is than hiring a few cashier's. With my store I can't understand how and why the store director got his job. You should see him when an attractive woman walk's by, his head almost's twist's off. I guess it dosn't matter, as long as his numbers are up, and he get's his bonus no one cares. What about our bonus? oooooo a mer 10% employee discount and if we put appriecation card in a fish bowl and out name get's pulled we might get a $25 gift can Meijer afford that??? It makes me sick. I hate working there, but since Michigan has no job's i'm stuck.


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