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Mediacom customer service is ranked #693 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 702 ratings. This score rates Mediacom customer service and customer support as Terrible.


680 Negative Comments out of 702 Total Comments is 96.87%.


22 Positive Comments out of 702 Total Comments is 3.13%.

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  • Mediacom

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    • 25.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 680 negative comments (96.87%)
    • 22 positive comments (3.13%)
    • 6 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by ALMA

Use At&t ...i Left At&t For Faster Speed And Received Sporadic Speed With Mediacom! Big Dummy!

Bills Come On Time... Service Interrupted Regularly...especially If It Rains

Lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...lousy Service...

Service Representatives Misrepresent The Truth With Orders When Repairman Does Not Show Up

Posted by Anonymous

It is too bad that you don't act on the bad reviews to improve your customer service. I called the customer service number and got a very rude person. I went to the local office only to get another rude employee. I'd like to say this wasn't the norm but I can't. Don't you provide customer service training for your employees?

Posted by Call the Boss

If you are having trouble, call and ask to speak with Rocco, he is the owner and CEO. You may not get to speak to him but the response is a lot quicker.

Probably the worst customer service I've ever encountered. All calls are met with a message stating that "Due to unexpected high call volume..." Followed by a useless automated system and then representatives who are not empowered to assist customers and have supervisors who are unwilling to help. I have had few problems with my actual cable and internet service but the lack of customer service reps ability to take care of the problems I have had has only exacerbated minor issues.

Posted by Bryan

Your service is the worst. AIJZPhone service was out, again, most of the day. Either modem is down, tv connection to wireless is disconnected, or phone service is down every week! Waited 35 minutes for chat on linetonight.
Support tech finally got me dial tone. She wanted to schedule service call on Monday, March 6. After repeatedly telling her no, I disconnected from chat. Immediately received an email confirming service call on Monday, March 6! What is wrong with you people? I will switch back to DirectTV asap.

Posted by whatlopez

I have contacted Mediacom to have collection from a fraudulent claim removed from my credit report and have had nothing but hassles. The customer service agent (Tracy 1/23) continually interrupted me and would not let me finish a sentence. I requested an email stating what was supposedly done to "help" me since I was told the same thing LAST MONTH when I called and had a similar situation of someone (Nick 12/19) who was going to "help" me and send me an email. I have received nothing but hassles from their customer service and have been repeatedly told to contact the collection bureau. When I contact the collections bureau, I'm told money is still owed. "Customer Service" is the farthest thing from what I have been given!!

Posted by Anonymous

Loved reading complaints online about stupid mediacom reps - as I had just encountered one of the top 10 in sure - made me feel better knowing others have felt my pain

Posted by Anonymous

Ok I stayed home waiting for repairman. He is supposed to call prior to arrival. I glance out to see him opening my back gate and letting my three dogs out! The front gate was unlocked and no dogs. In my haste to try to get outside, I catch my finger on the door and fracture it. He didn't apologize and went to look at outside cable. Now I see he's gone and I still have no cable.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service. High price and little service. MEDIACOM treats customers horribly. I am dropping them and their rude staff tomorrow.

Posted by C.S.

TIVO service/internet connection continually go out with same error codes. Techs have been out multiple times, my issues escalated to mngmt several times, etc. Each time a tech comes out they blame the last one for not doing it right or not fixing something that should have been done. I have been told repeatedly that the lines and connections outside my home needed repair and each time someone came out they worked on SOMETHING out there. Yesterday was the last straw! 2 techs come out and go to the box outside then proceed to tell me signals bad, lines need work, connections failing. Well, I ask what was done the last time this happened and they were out there. I was told, looks like nothing has been done to correct your issues. I was beyond peeved. So, I said, you mean to tell me that each time techs have been out here Ive been getting lip service and that's about it! He apologized... they all apologize.. and agreed it was ridiculous!! I was told that this was AGAIN being reported to tech supervisor and they would be out to work outside in the morning. I asked AGAIN to get a call once this was completed (they never call) to confirm the work was done. I then called Mediacom and spoke to a supervisor named David, voiced my concerns AGAIN. Asked how was I to be comfortable believing that whomever was coming out was actually going to do the work and fix this once and for all. Without going into every detail I was basically told no one can guarantee the work a tech does and that if I was not satisfied with Mediacom it would be a shame to lose my business but that I could go elsewhere. That was very upsetting. I said, so, you would rather lose a customer who pays about $220 a month for services then get someone out here to figure out what the hell is going on in my area and repair our service. I asked him if he was telling me that Medicom has no idea how to even fix their issues or just don't want to put in the time and money to service their customers?! He had no answer for me. Its no wonder I see more and more dishes going up in my neighborhood. He continued to tell me there was nothing more he could do for me, then proceeded to tell me he didn't even work in the TIVO area, which is the prompt I initially selected and that he would have to put me back into queue to talk to another person in the TIVO area. I had already waited 15 minutes to talk to what I thought was the TIVO area!!! He puts me back in queue and I get the automated system telling me it could be 20 minutes before someone could help me. I ended up hanging up. I am beyond frustrated and am appalled at the crap service I continue to get. I have been told that all of the issues stem from the outdated equipment outside that belong to Mediacom, yet it seems no one is doing anything to fix the issue.... BUT they have NO PROBLEM taking my MONEY every dam month. Its really sickening that because we have no other cable options they are allowed to do this to consumers.

Posted by Harold

MEDIACOM is our phone service provider. Our story is this: As an elderly couple (both in our 90's) with health issues we depend upon reliable phone service as a way to reach out to family members, our medical doctors, and support staff. In a few words MEDIACOM FAILS in providing reliable service. Our service, or lack there of, has been unavailable for the past 48 hours, with an estimated service date of 10/17 which is another week out. Outages have been frequent averaging about once a week.
BIGGEST CONCERN IS THAT MEDIACOM DOESN'T SEEM TO CARE. Customer service is POOR, REPRESENTATIVES lack basic people skills, and unfortunately PROBLEMS ARE NOT BEING RESOLVED. My wife and I reside in DES MOINES, IOWA. Our humble advise to those seeking INTERNET, TV, AND PHONE SERVICE is this: Don't Trust this company because they simply do not deliver. Seek out another provider and hope for the best.

Posted by Anonymous

Keep raising rates. New customers get better rates.
Customer service is terrible when you call to seek explanation.
Live in iowa, but may have to switch. The rudeness by the kid on phone was terrible

Posted by Anonymous

Been a loyal customer for 5+ years. Keep raising rates yearly, yet new customers offered better rates.
They took out encore without telling us, yet kept rate the same. I called to complain that bill went up again, & the little boy who "helped" me, wouldn't do anything to rectify the situation. I told Pam I wanted to speak with a manager and he acted like he was paging someone or whatever but got back on the line and told me one was not available.

Posted by Anonymous

How is that every morning and night for the last 2 days I have no service,I get channel should be available shortly. ref code S0a00. I'm paying very nicely for a service I cannot use. I came home tonight to the same message as above. Please fix thank you Connie Barton

Posted by Dumb founded

Thursday 09 29/16 I had Mediacom install phone, internet and cable service in my home. After the installer completed his work and had been gone 2 hours this same night, I spent 3 1/2 hours on cell phone with your service rep trying to get the modem to come on line since nothing worked. We did eventually get everything working. The next day the TIVO automatically rebooted several times which took 15mins each time, yes we was attempting to watch TV at this time. On Sunday 10/02/16 the TiVo box went out completely and we still have no TV. After 2 more hrs on phone I was told a tech would have to come out. I was told the earliest they could get a technician out to my house would be 6 days later on 10/05/16 since I kept the appointment that was originally scheduled from the first night.

This is completely unacceptable and below par service at best. Is it a standard practice to install your defective equipment in customers homes and then tell them to wait 6 days without service before a technician can get back out???????

On the subject of Technicians, The technician YOU sent to install your product in my home also took the liberty to cut the ends of every single cable that was previously installed for my satellite dish and the cables leading to all four rooms in which I HAD service. He did not remove the cables, he just destroyed them. This was MY PERSONAL PROPERTY THAT HE DESTROYED. Once again I ask, is this standard procedure????

I was promised by your sales rep that I had a 90 day trial period in which if not completely satisfied I would receive a complete refund of all monies spent. I do believe it goes without saying that I am extremely far from satisfied, I could not be anymore dissatisfied!!!! and that is only after 3 days of the worst experience I can remember.

I am currently working on getting my previous provider to hopefully come back and repair all the damages that your technician deliberately destroyed for no reason what so ever. I am asking you to discontinue service and return all monies to me as per our agreement. Quite honestly I also believe the least you could do is reimburse me for all expenses I will incur having the cables replaced that YOUR technician deliberately destroyed.

I am a previous Mediacom customer of 18yrs, losing internet and phone service on nearly a daily basis and poor customer service is the reason I went elsewhere for service. After 4yrs with another provider a Mediacom sales rep came to my home and explained to me that Mediacom revamped their entire system and guaranteed me nothing short of excellent uninterrupted service. Promised the moon and the stars so to speak, I asked to have my previous phone number imported which naturally got screwed up as well.

Your local office here is completely incompetent and this is the reason I am sending you this message, H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anthony Reynolds

Posted by Rick

Been hooked up now with Mediacom for a couple months now. Have had very bad service with this company. Have had someone out 7 times now to fix our service. Can never get ahold of customer support on the phone. Always have a recording saying very high call value and gives you couple choices but none to talk to customer support.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so disappointed in Mediacom. we have had 2 amazing techs out here in the
last 2 weeks. They have checked our equipment and have been so concerned
and courteous. It seems that their hands are tied because the problem does not
have anything to do with our equipment,but is Mediacom equipment. We went out and
bought new phones thinking it was our problem, but to no avail. We are not happy
that it cost us unnecessary money, only to find out it has nothing to our phones,
but Mediacom is falling short in giving customer satisfaction. Our neighbor also
called Mediacom to change from Verizon,needless to say they had nothing but ttouble and are going to stay with Verizon. Sounds like whoever took over for Mediacom
is only getting a fat paycheck with no concern with workers and customers. We will
be also leaving Mediacom to go to Verizon who also is not one of my favorites, Corporate America takes over again. We have had mediaacom for years and in the
last recent year, service has been horrible. You need to watch your TV commercials
and follow through on what you promise.

Posted by Anonymous

I moved to Des Moines, IA from Knoxville, TN. I had At&T internet service in TN. I averaged about 2 outages a year with AT&T. I have had Mediacom for 15 months in IA and average 2 outages per month. Very, very aggravating!

Posted by Anonymous

We changed out our old equipment that I think was 4 years old..assuming it was new when we got it. A week later we got an equipment charge of 1500 takes on to my bill because they say the equipment was in bad condition and couldn't be reused. After losing the battle to get the charge removed I requested to do a payment arrangement to pay for the equipment. They won't do that and are giving me all of 9 days to pay the money that is when my bill is due. Obviously they don't care to keep me as a customer. I am now searching for a new provider.

Posted by Anonymous

Very poor service since I began with Mediacom several months ago... Problem is not a lot of options in my area. Mediacom service is quite terrible. My internet is out for days at a time and when I call I get the same thing: first, you might hear a recording that "service is out in your area, would you like a call when service is back on" and when you push for yes you never get a call back; then if you call back and wait for an actual person, they are usually in another country and difficult to understand and inevitably cannot help you, so they send a technician to your house days later, if they even show up at all! It's like going back in time, but even then service was better....

Posted by Kiss my ass mediacom

mediacom Real Talk I'm pissed off had a appointment for today I'm sitting here waiting for hrs I finally got them on the phone n they tell me their coming out Wednesday it's Sunday I work 6 days a week 72 hrs my only off day is Sunday I'm not Happy with yall company at all if yall knew better you'll do better piece of shits I bet you mfs can call for a payment but can't call your customer to tell them you changed their order I'm highly pissed off as of right now F mediacom and if I cancel since I paid in cash it takes 2-4 weeks to get a check sent out considering I paid full in cash your company.

Posted by Anonymous

All of my mediacom services have been out since about 2:30 pm!!! I've had so much trouble with mediacom since I got it!!! Customer service sucks!!!! They say you'll get a call when it's working,but it NEVER happens!!!! I'm still waiting for a call from last weekend!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Just waited for 15 minutes for Customer service and when I got to talk to someone they hung up on me.

Posted by Stix654

I have had mediacom try and fix my Internet 5 times this year they still have not fixed it. Switched to dish network today and they new the problem right away. Mediacom is garbage so is the customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I had mediacom service set up in my home on Monday, and by Friday morning, it was already having technical difficulties and I wasn't able to use my cable box or my wifi! I called so many numbers for help and have only got recordings. I jus want answers as to why it isn't working, instead of jus saying it doesn't kno when it will b up and running. I understand that there are some things that cannot b fixed right away.. but it's been over 12hrs and ive yet to speak to someone about my issue. And to think I thought I switched to a better cable provider than my last! Apparently not. And i was also sent a credit report that I didn't ask for, which is the stupidest thing to me.. what's it to mediacom to find and send me my credit report? I can do that on my own if I need it, instead of my score being penalized bc of it being checked when I never asked for it to be.. and was never asked by them if I wanted them to.. nor was I told that they were going to do that. Anyway to sum this rant up, I regret switching to mediacom, and if I'm already having this much trouble and cannot view my cable or use my internet, ALREADY... then lord knows what's in store for the year I'm under contract! This is bull and I've paid WAY too much to have my service not working, after only having it installed 4 days ago!

Posted by ?

Mediacom got a credit report on me stating I rewuested service when I had not. I called to enquire about rates and decided I would not use Mediacom. I was very upset to find that even after deciding I did not want to use Mediacom, my credit report from Experian was pulled anyway. Now my score has been lowered. This needs to be addressed and corrected immediately between Mediacom and Experian. Please have it cleared up immediately

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Posted by [email protected]

I want to let u know that a service rep her name Joanna helped me a lot.
I want commend her on her help with my Cable bill. She was very helpful. She needs to be commended.
Thank you Joanna.

Posted by Anonymous

We have had superb service through Mediacom for the entire length of our association with them. The current pricing structure is not what I would consider to be in line with the area we live in, but the service is excellent and the customer service agents are friendly and helpful

Posted by Anonymous

I have had a few problems due to the modem failing, but the man (George) who originally came out gave me his number in case I had problems. When I called him he came right over, it didn't cost a dime and he was extremely personable.

Posted by Anonymous

Sooo, I wrote a negative comment last night about Mediacom because I got a person overseas that spoke poor English and she was asking me for multiple forms of ID including my SSN and I was not going there. Today, totally different story and I had Rose at extension 9428 for current customers and she was amazing. She took the time to answer all questions as I had a lot after reading many of the comments on here. She got to know me and I have a new look on Mediacom. Clearly there are some things they should work harder on as I should not have been transferred over seas. I rarely have a good experience with outsourced employees. I can't imagine that being cost effective as I have left more than one company for that reason. Anyway, Rose should get 2 thumbs up for salvaging a bad situation. Thanks Rose! And for the rest of you employees that might read this, make sure you explain everything to the customer and know your stuff ahead of time if

Posted by smo

I've had virtually no issue with my Mediacom service, and was satisfied with pricing as well until recently, when my "promotional" period ended and internet cost went up.
I called several times, and even went to visit Mediacom in person, to try to lower my bill. I can't afford the increase... but it seems I'll just have to cut other costs to make it work.
I am frustrated that, although I have the lowest possible internet speed, they can't match the current promo rate for their Higher internet (a rate lower than mine Ever was! And this is a Better speed!) or the rate of say, Century Link, which could give me a better deal.
Furthermore, I'm confused because some representatives said I could cancel my internet with no termination fee BUT my phone charge would increase; others said there is an "ETF" but the phone is separate and wouldn't change.
So ultimately, I guess I'll keep the exorbitant pricing for one more year THEN switch providers when there is no fear of fees or changing rates.
Why is this a "positive" review? Because the customer service people were wonderfully helpful and polite, and I feel they tried to do everything they could, there simply was nothing they could do.

Posted by readimix

I want to Thank customer service placed today, july 16, 2013 with Christina. I have been having problems with my service however when you receive the right person who takes the time and effort and respect for herself and her job, a frustrated customer like myself enjoys explaining my problems with services, the employee took the time to read the notes, ask me questions, troubleshoot and of all things, offer better options that would suit my lack of knowledge with internet, cable. I can not tell you what a difference it means when the employee listens, listens to what your problems are and actually takes the time to figure out what is going on, I don't mind staying on the phone longer, when she is doing all she can do to help better my services, not only that, this particular employee, explained options that would have solved earlier issues, Mediacom, this person is who you should have as a supervisor or in charge of teaching others, I really hope you read this and give her the credit she deserves for keeping a satisfied customer satisfied, and truly communication-professional is really the great way, and as frustrated as I was, within minutes,I was calm and very thankful for her tone, her knowledge and just plain ole respectability. Thank you very much and I hope that somebody actually reads this and lets her know that she kept another customer due to her professionality. Thank You very much Stacy

Posted by penny

I have just had a gentleman name bob (didn't gethis last name) that is a technician come to fix my picture on my tvs ( april 15th 2013 and I thought I would let you know that he has went above and beyond the call of duty.. he was so very friendly and knew what he was doing.. a lot of people don't think about bringing the outstanding workers to your attn. but I do if I feel they deserve it.. I hope you can figure out who this man is and give him a big thank you for me even though I already did.. just thought you needed to know this.. if you had more employees like him it would be awesome cuz the last 2 I had were real pain the butts and attitudes.. thank you for your tije in this matter

Posted by Anonymous

When calling support there is always a 'script' you have to go through even if you tell them you already tried all that stuff. I work in IT networking and in my opinion have better than average skills at working through issues. To be told for the 100th time to unplug the modem is frustrating.

Posted by FullOregret

I now added 2 positive reviews that showed up as negative on here. I didn't realize there was a little dot that I had to select for positive, or else it would read as negative, despite the score I gave.

Mediacom fixed the incorrect show listing for the problem channels. We were happy with the quick fix and to get our DVR under control.

Posted by Dylan Mouth

Had issues with my internet tonight but Amy got me back up and running. Very crucial I had internet since I have a test tomorrow. Thanks Amy!

Posted by Customer Since 1992

The Customer Service rep i spoke with 10/27/12 did very, very well. She told me some things Iíve never knew. She was very informative. Mediacom needs to buy her a cup of coffee, or something.

Posted by ItWasntMe

In all fairness their customer service reps have all been very nice & have tried to help, but mediacom cable & internet service is inadequate as a product. We recently moved a couple miles & got the upgraded internet speed product. In our old home cable was the issue so we didn't renew that.
Since we have been in this home & had internet (mar 2012) I have Mediacom service on SPEED DIAL. Internet kicks us anytime of day or night. They have sent techs to go through all the cables, replaced our modem etc etc, & still we lose internet a couple of times a week, yet on their side they show no issue. They have credited us one month, but the headache of dealing with it over & over is not worth it.
Their cable is no better. Last month my boyfriend added it to the deal as they offered a great deal, it is dead money folks. They say service is between midnight to 6 am yet you lose service all different hours day or night.
I would not recommend mediacom to any other people as a first choice or even a 3rd choice. If you have other options I would say gamble on them before committing to mediacom.

Posted by Buyyourproductforwhatyounneed

I have had mediacom VIP pack for about 11 years now and no issue. I had them replace a line from my house to the ped. The line sat in my back yard for 3 months but hey it was winter and they cant dig frozen dirt. Internet is fast and never has gone down on me. The digital cable is great. I think the people who are complaining are doing it because they didnt order the right package for them. I mean i am a huge gamer and internet guy so i bought their 50mbps internet and for tv i like get picture so i got a HD box.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a Mediacom service call for phone service on 11/14/11 in Milton, FL. The service man, Ed Love, was timely, completely professional, and had an extensive knowledge base of all the Mediacom products. He was very tactful and pleasant, taking the time to educate this recently retired senior citizen about the prioblem and solutions. This young man is a credit to Mediacom. Because of the excellent service, I am encouraged to stay with Mediacom and will recommend it to everyone I know.

Posted by david4602

I just got Mediacom service and have found no problems. Customer service was American, they always answer quickly, and the reps are friendly.

The internet service is much faster than we had before...surprised how much of a difference it has made.

Posted by Bill

I have been having trouble with my mail since I arrived home on July 10th. I called for service on the 11th and was transferred to a man named Jack. I think he was in India. He could not help me so I asked to speak to his supervisor and he asked me why. I said maybe he can help me and Jack said he can't help you. I then asked Jack if he was in India and he said he can not give out that information. Jack was very rude, so then I just hung up. I generally don't complain but I do not like rude people.
Thank You, William D. English
PS The issue was resolved today by a woman named Nancy, she was very good and polite.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with mediacom for i dont know how long.i have all three services with them and up until right now i have not had a major problem with them. there were times that it would act up but there are still polite and knowledgeable individuals who help me over the phone to fix it. Thank you Mediacom.

Posted by Anonymous

goojob to mediacom.. what a great service.. :) im so happy with my internet, phone and cable.. and i had a great experience with the mediacom customer service representatives..

Posted by JEFF

you have an employee by the name of jeff initials are h.j.j. he is a very polite and he knows his job very well. jeff was very patient and got the job done. he needs to be recognized for his good doings. thank you jeff. THE TURNER FAMILY

Posted by Anonymous

The rating of this company in this manner is far from just a little skewed and distorted. It is infinitely skewed and distorted. For one, those with the motivation to look up a site such as this and leave their negative comments are upset consumers. Satisfied consumers say nothing and go about their day. Let's take some round numbers here. Let's say a company has 1000 customers, and let's say this company has a customer satisfaction rate of 95% (practically unheard of), and let's say all 100 unsatisfied customers hit the blogosphere, it would look like the company was horrid. Plus you have invalid complaints, such as complaining on the company for turning off services because of an unpaid bill and things of that nature that are not actual deficiencies of the company, rather an unreasonable expectation held by the consumer.

Posted by mryan972

well, 10 minutes after leaving my complaint, I left a short polite message on the home phone answering machine of Senior Vice President of North Central for Mediacom. I got a WONDERFUL call from the Cedar Rapids manager who listened to the whole fiasco of today and made arrangements for installation TOMORROW. I tried to follow the chain of command, but no one cared. I am most happy with the results. When you do not get results the 1st time, strart at the top and it will get results.

Posted by Anonymous

David, #7743, from Mediacom just installed expanded cable TV service in my home and I was very impressed with his knowledge of the equipment he installed, his explanation of how to operate the new remote and his overall politeness. Before leaving, I asked if he had knowledge of computers and he walked me through setting up my new computer using Mediacom Internet. I had reached a point where I was frustrated and had given up. I was ready to call the Geek Squad but will not need to now.

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Posted by FiredEmployee

I worked proudly for Mediacom for about a year and a half. How delusional i was. Not only did I get wrongfully terminated, when i contacted my HR department they said to email them and they would take care of it. Guess i'll email you to make you have a laugh.

Techs are all awesome in my office. Dispatch was pretty good but any managers position and up crap on us. There is no chain of command. If you so much as say the word "Union" you will get fired. They expect an outrageous amount of sales from every tech(72 per year) how does a tech make 72 a year when the only reason your out to their house is to fix what's broken? Surely you wouldn't pay for more services when the ones you already have do not work. I was forced into a stupid shift with forced on-call. Why the heck do we offer a late night schedule when everyone is wanting to watch TV after a hard day? Oh that's right. Because it's broken.

Don't forget the equipment issues. They are issuing out old equipment that no longer works, never test to see if it still works, and with an equipment shortage of 170 DVR's(as of 4/22/13) customer's will just say screw it. I agree.
Mediacom is always hiring because everyone that works there quits after being crapped on for so long. Some of them are stuck. Some have options. It's time to get out of the business Mediacom. Give in to a better ISP that will respect their employee's.

One person that for sure needs fired is the manager at the Waterloo, IA office.

I had to re-write this due to profanity. Just to let you know there were 20 words i had to correct,

Posted by ticked-off

I am a customer and the wife of a employee of mediacom and I've been sitting here reading all the comments from both employees and customers and I must have to agree on ALL the comments being made! My husband has worked for this company for over a decade and it is the WORST company for business and employment! Business sense, they're a joke! They will give you any excuse they can for why your CRAP doesn't work but it is true that the techs. aren't to blame it's corp. pushing these useless products on us. The techs. are only doing what they are instructed to do. Everyday I hear my husband come home and complain how things are being run by this company and how they are always understaffed, well now I can see why they are understaffed when the supervisors treat their employees like CRAP(and this is an understatement)! How do they expect their employees to put out good quality when they leave the office in the morning so BELITTLED because the supervisors make them feel like they aren't worth a CRAP! Our District was one of the best around but now since they have this character guy as a supervisor let me tell you he is the F'N WORSE supervisor I have ever seen! I've literally have seen him yell at his employees in front of customers, degrade them like no other and yet he is a supervisor! I've heard other employees call the house to let us know that they are quitting because of his degrading behavior, but yet he's a supervisor! I've seen him go half cocked because he's had to work on a schedule day off and literally peel out, but yet he's a supervisor! Don't even get me started on the other supervisor he isn't much better either! What I don't understand is why do they expect their employees to do their job when thats why they are getting paid the BIG BUCKS! That is why we are no longer #1 division because these YAHOO'S don't know how to treat their employees let alone their customers! Thank goodness for this WEB PAGE, because I've held in my opinion about this company for over a decade and I was getting to the point where I thought I had to get a hold of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU but it still maybe an option and if that fails I guess I'll have to call my good ole' ATTORNEY! There is so much more to this company that alot of people don't understand or SEE, so do me a favor, READERS, when your paying your bill or having any equipment installed pay CLOSE attention what is being said around you, ask questions about the equipment,keep ALL papers you sign or ask for copies, ask for NAME of every person you had to deal with, but most of ALL, listen to the tech. when he gets a phone call from office or dispatch (and he will get one)and you can hear how RUDE,NASTY,DEGRADING,EMBARRASSING way they talk to their employees, OH WAIT, you have because they talk to customers the same way! Well hope the company can improve but I highly doubt it cuz it hasn't improved all these years and its so sad because if it wasn't for the economy being so screwed up MEDIACOM would have already lost majority of their employees, customers, and the company would go belly up!

Posted by MediacomSupport

I apologize for any service issues on behalf of Mediacom. If for any reason you have problems and need help, you can feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or sign up for the Mediacom Forums at and we can help with any issues you have.

I apologize for any poor service you have and would love to make any problems right for you.

Posted by MediacomChris

I apologize for any service issues on behalf of Mediacom. If for any reason you have problems and need help, you can feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or sign up for the Mediacom Forums at and we can help with any issues you have.

I apologize for any poor service you have and would love to make any problems right for you.

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Posted by MediacomTECH

I have worked for Mediacom for about 10 years now, started out as an installer, then tech.. I know how frustrating it is to take used crappy equipment to a house... especially when you are getting it from the warehouse and you state the obvious and are told, take it or leave it... Just shows how much the employees really care... I am sorry to hear people are having such bad experiences, unfortunately, there is very little techs can do in field without support from the office and the corporate. Techs are FORCED to sell, what is that crap? What is the sales department for? You get in trouble if you don't sell... they load you with more then 8 hours of work and expect you to do everything within that time, no overtime, and if you don't get it done, you're yelled at, if I didn't have bills to pay and time in this company, I would look for a new job, this is crap.. worse company in the world to work for. My internet is always slow, I get less then 1MB/s most times.

Now the owner wants to buy all his stock back to make the company private, quality... so he doesn't have to answer to the stock holders why his company is almost worthless! LET COMCAST OR VERIZON BUY US!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a tech for mediacom for 7years and I can tell you that me and other techs have preached to this company over and over about faulty equipment and don't seem to do anything. Over half of our equipment is bad in our trucks MOST of the time. the techs get scored against on the reviews by the company for repeat trouble calls, but most of our repeats are bad equipment. it seems as if they buy there equipment refurbed from comcast or something. we hardly ever get new equipment and if we do its a small amount. Also,for the longest time handing out used remotes. Now this is wrong! especially due to flue and cold seasons also h1n1. they have started giving us all new remotes, but not enough. If a remote is not in a plastic sealed bag you shouldn't have to accept it. Please people don't blame the techs. we get enough bull from the company and we do everything we can do to get home everyday with a smile on our faces.


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