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    • 27.85 Overall Rating
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    • 119 negative comments (96.75%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.25%)
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Posted by No Tolerance for...

Annoying policies. Can get 90 day refill through them/Express Scripts but not though the local pharmacy. My doctor submitted the refills multiple times through Express Scripts electronic process yet Express Scripts claims to have never received them. Highly frustrated and really in need of my blood pressure pills before going on a trip, I ask the doctor to write out the prescription so I can take it to Walgreens. Naturally, Medco denied the full 90 days and only approved 30 days. Funny thing is that the price is great - only $2 which is way less than I'm going to spend in time and gas driving back and forth through stressful rush hour traffic. I guess this is their way to retain customers by keeping us in desperate need of blood pressure meds... Thanks!

Posted by FeedUpWithCurrentHealthCare

Medco is completely incompetent. First person contacted, Kim, flat out lied to get me off the phone. Next up was Carmen, who also lied that she was a supervisor. 2 hours later, with Teresa, narrowed down the issue of "pre-authorization" of something my dr. prescribed. The incompetence is with Medco -- they dont flag the dr! Thier best solution was for me to pay cash so I can be relieved of the pain while I travel for next two weeks and then submit a claim. What a joke. You would think this is a govt office.

Posted by [email protected]

pharmacy says Medco is blocking my medicine from being refilled. Medco doesn't like the work "blocking" ...All I know is I've been off my blood pressure meds for 10 days now because they didn't notify me that they were not going to refill it. They notified a Dr that I don't use anymore who could care less. Good thing it wasn't life threatening medicine. You can't get in touch with anyone. CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WOULDN'T NOTIFY THE PATIENT 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE SO THEY CAN CONTACT THEIR DOCTORS OFFICE IN PERSON TO BE SURE THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!!! This is exactly why I don't want my meds mailed to me..

Posted by wrn1

I've had two bad experiences with medco express scripts. One time they changed the quantiy of a prescription order without notifying me. I actually watched my online order after I placed it. For several days it was pending. Then the next day it was shipped but the amount ordered had been changed. It was like they purposely did this quickly and quietly so I had no chance to catch it before they shipped the order. So instead of saving $20 over the retail pharmacy I ended up paying $180 more for an amount which expired long before I used it. So I never use the mail order service any more. Recently I have been trying to get an answer of why the medco online retail pharmacy price quotes are radically different from what I am actually charged at the pharmacy. It stands to reason that if medco tells the pharmacy what it can charge then medco should also be able to to tell me what that charge is. Lately they have been off by almost 100% (pharmacy charges me double what I would expect to pay). Medco "customer service" reps are of not real help. They read from a scripted msg about pricing is just an estimate.


This company is outright criminal. They are practicing medicine without ever seeing the patient. Has anyone else noticed that as you climb the chain of command from CSR to Supervisor to manager, the "Member of the management team" (With no actual title) sounds more and more uneducated ? Yearly pre-Authorizations are required every other month. So Do you think they send a form to the DR, ? NOPE, they wait till you go to pick up your RX, and spring it on you and then have the testicles to tell you, that you have to do all the work for them. ALL IN FAVOR OF A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT pm ME

Posted by wwnn

I had a call from Express Scripts that I had a balance due on my account, however, I was unable to understand the voicemail message to return the call. I had several people listen and still couldn't understand the purpose or the return call number. This happened several times before I figured out who the call was from. I called and was told that I had a balance and that my prescription could not be auto-filled. In addition, my co-pay had gone up from $5.00 to $25.00 without notice. I sent the payment from my bill payment service on 5/29/14 and drafted from my account on 6/2/14. This is the same bill payment service that I have paid with many times before.
I got another collection call on 6/12/14, in addition I have no medication. I spoke to three people that day and had my bank fax a copy of the payment receipt. I called back on 6/14/14 and was told that it would take ten to fourteen days to confirm payment.
Meanwhile, I am going out of town and had to get my prescription elsewhere BECAUSE I WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF MEDICATION.
On 6/18/14 I received a collection letter dated 6/9/14 for the same amount.
On 6/19/14 I spoke to a representative that said the matter would be resolved by 6/24/14. I spoke to two people that day as well.
On 6/19/14 my bank sent ANOTHER fax of the receipt, this time with my member number, as requested. Not sure why my name wasn't enough.
On 6/26/14 I received yet another collection call. Today I spoke to two people. The second wanted to know the routing number of my check (no routing number, bill payment service). This person finally put me on hold and found my check in some limbo account and applied it to my account.
Here is the question:
WHY didn't that happen upon my first call?
HOW can a company expect clients dependent on medication to have trust in them when this kind of thing goes on?
What kind of resolution can they expect to make after almost a month of ineptitude?

Posted by Don't use Medco

This company is disgraceful. In an industry where compassion and understanding for patients is number one priority, Medco Express Scripts customer reps are apathetic and indifferent to the needs of sick people. The rudeness and uncaring of the reps are disgusting and has caused so much suffering for something as easy as filling a medical prescription. This company has caused further illness with their lack of communication and failure to provide this simple service of filling medication. What they fail to realize is there will be legal ramifications to what they did and how they do business. I implore all not to use this company. It is a disgusting and despicable manner in which they treat patients who need their medication to survive. They have been holding a prescription for 14 days and still have not filled this order. Each rep had a different story. One of them said they couldn't read the script but never called or communicated this information. The prescribing doctor called and got treated just as the patient did. Complete disrespect. Even confirmation from the Dr. They still said they couldn't read the script. The dr. Called them yet again and the results were the same as before. These people are poorly trained or just plain incompetent. This is day 16 and they yet again pushed the shipping date out 4 more days. Do not use this company especially if you take medication to survive.

Posted by [email protected]

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Every time I call I get a different answer and no one is responsible for anything, ever!!! They contacted the WRONG doctor with the same name about my prescriptions and she said is was not her patient. And now I have to fix this...they will not contact the right doc. The worst, the worst, the worst...

Posted by sweetpea

Medco CEO makes seven and half million dollars a year, and they balk at every prescription that over a certain amount.

Posted by Gender Matters

I tried to get my partners prescription filled and was denied because the gender box was marked unknown in their system. They blamed everyone and wouldn't do anything to correct the problem.

So when my partner is in the hospital because she doesn't have her medication who benefits?

A doctor prescribes medication and Medco denies it because they don't know someone's sex.

Posted by ----

I'm having a problem with one perscription but after reading this I've changed my mind and believe that my reaction is part of the problem. I will try CS again and try to keep my temper under control.

This is criminal.

Posted by Anonymous

I just CANNOT believe that Medco has the right to take away a medication I have been taking for roughly 14 yrs. and need it very much!! I don't have much of a life without it but yet they are telling me I can get by with HALF of what use to get!! This NOT the Drs. decision,its all Medco's!!! Where do they get off getting away with this!! All of us that ARE HAVING PROBLEMS SHOULD GET A CLASS ACTION SUITE AGAINST THEM SOON BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!I don't like making waves but I feel like a dog that's been kicked to the curb.Lets stand and do something soon!!!

Posted by very upset daughter

My mom has Medco plan, sent her 3 meds,
separately instead of together. The one she
NEEDS she does not have yet,has 2 pills
remaining. These were called in week to ten
days ago. She was getting at local pharmacy, but Medco called her and told her
she couldn't do that an had to get through
them. Which to me she should have the right
to have her prescriptions filled where she
her to get them locally,and the heck with you guys. Plus she can never get a LIVE PERSON only your stupid automated service.

Posted by Anonymous

This company is the worst I have ever encountered. Theya re now telling me what drugs I should take. When asked if they know my medical history the answer is no yet they decide what drugs I take.

Now I call their corporate line and have been on hold for over 30 minutes.

This company is a joke.

Posted by chjv

Worst service ever!!!!!! 10 mins on the with automative system just to check on a status, then got a gut named Darrien, had food in his mouth, couldn't understand him, awful, awful, awful!!! Will not use them ever again, it was required to use them by our RR insurance company, not no more!! Woohoo!!! Oh also tried to register online, that was a joke had ALL the info required and still was not able to set up the account to check the status of our call in order. WTF!! Anyway thru with Medco!! Can't imagine being old and trying to get meds thru this company.

Posted by [email protected]

I'm taking the time to comment because all your online comments are negative and misleading. With the high cost of
medications today, the uninformed should be aware that. of the six prescriptions I regularly receive, I have never had
any kind of problem nor found a lower price. I trust the recent merger will not change that. You may print my comments
but not my last name.

Thank you,
Alice Kilpatrick

Posted by billybroo

medco / express scripts is complete crap! if they feel you are getting too much in medication they will call you doctor and tell them to change the prescription to a lower number of pills over a three month period and then ship you this amount without ever informing you, the patient of the change. h
However, you are responsible to pay for the medication whether you want the lower amount or not, because they will have shipped it to you. They do this all the time!!! if you call Medco and ask to speak to someone by name, no-one in the company can look them up of find their number....this is a terrible company!

Posted by Anonymous

My doctor ordered a presciption antidepressant for my husband, and when I checked our bank account, we were charged $300! I called Medco and even though it hadn't been shipped, we were told we were liable for this amount. I told them we would send it back unopened, and they informed me that we would still be charged. Do we have any recourse? So frustrated!!

Posted by NOONE

Since Medco became Express Scripts, IT IS A DISASTER AND I AM LEAVING!!! I have spent about 15 hours on the phone and writing them to try to accomplish simple things. Impossible! Apparently they employ only MORONS.

My doctors all groan when I ask them to send prescriptions to Medco/Express Scripts. WE ALL DESPISE THEM!!!


Posted by Anonymous

I hate this company with all my heart. No one ever gives you a straight answer. My meds are always late because of something stupid that Medco has done. Who is in charge of this company, it seems to be run by idioits. I am in the process of finding another mail order company.

Posted by Allen S

I've been double shipped prescriptions and charged for them and they claim I double ordered a prescription yet their own records which are on line dispute that yet there arrogance to charge me for a prescription that I don' need their web site doesn't even show their corporate address like it a secret I had to do a Google search to find it so I'll be calling and visiting their corporate office soon

Posted by John J

Express Scripts recently informed me that they have partnered with Medco and have taken over my prescriptions. I recently had prescriptions filled and the prescriptions were confirmed for shipment via phone call on 4-28-13. One prescription was written for Aciphex. I was quoted a price of $150 for the Aciphex. I was told that this prescription would be shipped by May 5, 2013. On May 2, 2013, a prescription showed up for Nexium. In the shipment was an invoice for this new drug and a letter indicating that we obtained a new prescription for Nexium from your doctor on 4-29-2013. Absolutely no notice was given from the pharmacy in regards to this change. I called Express Scripts and spoke to several individuals. I advised them that I do not use this drug because it is ineffective. The pharmacist said that they do not generally fill the Aciphex prescription anymore. I asked the pharmacist, the customer service supervisor "Dan" and his supervisor "Tasha" why they would not contact their customer and just send them a prescription for something that was not written. I advised that I wanted to return the prescription because I am not going to use it and this was not what was written on the script. Basically, the pharmacy went out of their way to call my doctor to have the prescription filled for Nexium instead of Aciphex because it saves them money. In the process of asking to speak to supervisor Danís manager, he started to make verbal threats and became completely uncooperative. He stated that you will have your account flagged and we wonít fill any prescriptions for you is what he said if I wanted to speak to his supervisor Tasha. The company records the calls so I would like the conversations pulled as well if available to document these threats. All I want is the company to return the prescription which I never asked for or wanted. Dan said that he did not think it was fair or reasonable for Express Scripts to take back the prescription. I feel that I have been a victim of bait and switch and when the company is called out on doing such actions, they make verbal threats. I want them to return the prescription. A company needs to notify their customers if they are going to make a change. Again, the fact that they went out of their way to have the prescription changed is ridiculous. I had a prior authorization letter on file with Medco and Express Scripts should have notified me if they were going to make the judgment call on their own to have my prescription changed. Express Scripts has now billed me $100 for a prescription which will not be used. I am expected to pay this which is ridiculous. I explained that this is no different than me sending them a bottle of aspirin which they never asked for and billing them $100 for it. None of the individuals could comprehend this and were solely trying to protect the company interest, probably in fear of losing their jobs. They continued to give me scripted responses with no resolution. This company cannot continue to threaten people who are paying for a service and pull bait and switch routines behind their customers back in lieu of profits. A letter showing up with the prescription saying we had your prescription changed on 4-29-13, the day after I called them and spoke to a representative who indicated everything was fine and the order was being shipped out is not sufficient notice. This is clearly wrong and the company needs to return the prescription. They should have never filled it and just shipped it to me without any notification. I am submitting a complaint to the state attorney general.

Posted by people should not be treated lik

people that suffer with psoriasis have a hard time getting the full amount of cream, (Fluocinide). My benefit is 3 tubes (60 grams) per month, but when Medco mails it to my house they only send 2 tubes per month, they have been cheating psoriasis sufferers out of there benefit, saving millions of dollars on the back of psoriasis sufferers

Posted by Peppylong legs

Who ever is the corporate officers of this company or shareholder
must have a big hold on the legislatures . They have them snowed if they think we are getting a better deal with Medco. I haveChrohns disease and my medicine is never on time so far this month they have had to give me free medicine due to the fact do one there knows why my meds where not sent out on time. Our meds come from Las Vegas, TAmpa, New Jersy and God knows were else
I wonder who's pockets these people is padding. I tried to find the corporate officers and this is not public information
Does that tell you something/.


This Is The Worst Experience Ever...a Complete Headache. The Medications Come Dang Near 2 Weeks After I Need Them. They Serve No Purpose To Me...i Enjoyed Bioscript And Chronimed Pharmacy....i Pray We Get More Options Oppose To This Nightmare....

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Posted by Big whistle

Went very smoothly for me; no problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I call the costumer service, the representative was great. I didn't have problem get to a live person and she is very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Sorry to hear about everyone's problems. I called the number provided on this web-site, said I wanted to speak to a representative, then didn't answer any more prompts, and got right through to a human. She was nice and knowledgeable, even gave me my ID number. Is going to send the info I need.

Posted by Terry F Toothman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service, courteous and friendly responces to questions I have had in the past, and your continued transmition of information regarding my prescriptions in a very professional and accurate way. Thanking you very much, I remain sincerely yours, Terry F. Toothman, PO Box 67, Dalmatia. Pa 17017

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Posted by Anonymous

Medco is the worst PBM to deal with! I worked for Caremark for about a year and a half and thought management was dispicable but Medco is ten times worse and you can never reach someone other than a person from India...either their call centers are overseas or they think it's acceptable to hire cheap help so their callers cant understand a word their representatives say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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