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McDonalds customer service is ranked #596 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.17 out of a possible 200 based upon 1907 ratings. This score rates McDonalds customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,816 Negative Comments out of 1,907 Total Comments is 95.23%.


91 Positive Comments out of 1,907 Total Comments is 4.77%.

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    • 28.17 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,816 negative comments (95.23%)
    • 91 positive comments (4.77%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I left my purse on Sat.,August 4 at your McDonalds in Newberry,SC, at 2:50mp.m. upon getting it back on Monday, I found that $30.00 dollars was missing from my purse. I am very grateful that I receive my purse with all my credentials but I was sorry that I had missing money.

Posted by Mzz fzz

McDonald's on Harper in Albuquerque NM. They are very RUDE...always have a attitude when order special request orders. Have reached out to corporate but never heard back.
McDonald's needs to get it together!!

Posted by Kathleen Cross

Iâm writing this review today because Iâm absolutely fed up. Your store in Pinson Alabama, at the following address: 6639 Hwy. 151, Pinson, AL 35126 - hasnât irritated me for the last time. Iâve kept track over the last 30 days of every visit. Iâve gone there 19 times in the last 31 days, which is probably obvious from my McDonalds App activity. Of the 19 times Iâve gone there, caramel macchiato or caramel mocha was available to me THREE times. My visits are always between the hours of 10am and 2pm. They claim the machine is down or being cleaned. Why offer a menu item that is almost NEVER available? This is ridiculous. Why not clean the machine at night? The staff there has a tendency to be rude when I question this. I am so sick and tired of this store, from menu availability to employee courtesy. I never have this trouble at the Trussville location.

Posted by Anonymous

just there had to get a refund.customer service was horable.we got eyes rolled at by 3 workers when payed and got our food .they made us wait.when the food was ready .not satisfied at all..and disappinted.

Posted by Anonymous

Waiting in line for 20 minutes at drive through in perris ca. Perris blvd and ramona expressway. Really??????? For a coke.

Posted by Anonymous

On 11/9/17 we went thru Burlington Wisconsin's dive thru. We waited in line for 10 get our food. Then on our way to our destination we opened the bag. We had the wrong food and when we went to drink coffee....IT WAS ICE COLD!!!! We tried 3 times to call Burlington and the phone continually rang with no answer. WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THAT LOCATION.

Posted by Dana

October 25-17. Stopped at McDonald in Marshall Mo. Ordered a meal with no salted fries. Was given salted fries. Told them about it. They told me to pull forward and I would be sent out no salted fries. Sat for ten minutes waiting. Had to call into the building to let them know I was still outside waiting on my fries. Was upgraded to a large frie for free. Money was returned on the medium fries. Did not feel I should of had to call inside from the car

Posted by Anonymous

I have been told several times including last night and today that there's no Diet Coke but they wait until you get to the second window to tell you
It's ridiculous that a huge franchise like this should run out of anything and if they do it should be resolved immediately
Terrible way to do business

Posted by Wanda

I am trying to reach someone that is the owner of the McDonalds on Battlefield pky.Fort Oglethorpe 30742.I live in the area and this is the worst McDonald's I have ever been to.Everytime we go there we have a bad experience.The food is cold and dried up.If you order a chocolate sundae the icecream machine is always down.My mom and I were out shopping and stopped in to eat.She ordered a hamburger and fries.Her hamburger was good but the fries were cold.After waiting on hot fries my mom noticed on her ticket that they had charged her for 2 burgers but she only ordered 1.They had only given her 1 also.Yesterday I reluctantly decided to go there on my 30 minute lunch break hoping they not mess up.I ordered a filet of fish and a expesso.I pulled over to eat my fish sandwich and it was so head I couldn't bite through it.I tried to tear the hard edges off and eat the middle but it was so dry I couldn't eat it.I took it back in and told the lady in charge.She apologized and made me another fresh one.It was perfect.So I left and headed back to work and opened my Express and it was cold.It was not even barely warm.I couldn't take it back because I had 3 minute's to get back to work.Everytime I go to that McDonalds it turns out to be a bad experience.Every time!I don't understand why this McDonalds can't get it together.

Posted by McDonald fan?

Canât get menu online. Blocks by going dark, and demands sign up for mailing list . If you do, still blocks menu. Triedemailcontact, but it insisted my postal code was wrong, even when added the four digit one to the five digit one. So customer unfriendly!,

Posted by Anonymous

I go to Macs almost every day for breakfast and / or lunch. It's not the food that I go for. It's the coke in the styrofoam cup. I hear you are phasing out the cup and changing to plastic. If that's true, I will find another place to eat. Doing away with the cups is a bad business move. Have you done any research into the number of people that do business with you because of the cup. Almost all my family and friends are upset about you changing to plastic.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I was in your McDonald's tonight doing Uber orders I believe they messed one up but there was like 8 employees in there and they could not get one order to one person in less than 15 minutes a guy wanted to ice cream cone and he had to wait 10 minutes that's ridiculous there was a lot of people working and the lady said to me we're we're not well-staffed tonight they were well-staffed but none of them were really working something needs to be done the manager was back there cooking that's ridiculous I think you should go into this McDonald's and do something about the whole crew if the owner doesn't care about it I feel sorry for them the address is on 66th Street and 54th Avenue North in St Petersburg Florida it may be in Kenneth City but that's the cross streets the worst McDonald's ever.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went to the McDonald's on Kirkwood highway in Wilmington and they only had one sandwich available and when I asked the girl why I couldn't have fries with my sandwich she said because they close in five minutes. All the employees were sitting at tables inside and some of them were standing around their cars outside at 10:55 when they closed at 11

Posted by Anonymous

I would like antonio sneed from the new albany ms or whoever it now to text me about the awful experience i had tonight and the horrible attitudes of the employees especially the lady in charge who i have complained about before when she let people stand in line while she talked on her cell phone. Text me and dont hand my number out please 8:30 pm no customers hardly so why such bad attitudes toward us thank you

Posted by Anonymous

June 28, 2017 my Sister & I we go to McDonald every or every other morning for breakfast we go thru the drive thru every time the employee know us we always eat in the car, we go in and get a refill on our soda and leave but this morning my Sister went and was escorted out the door by the manager short & white no refill for drive that is terrible we never have problem anywhere else. we come just about everyone morning. I would have to go to jacks if you cannot help us thanks.

Posted by Tanya

Me and My 3 daughters went to the McDonald's #8201 on June 25,2017 the receipt time was 8:23pm we placed our order in the drive thru. We purchased 6 strawberry cream pies and two chicken sandwiches and a mcflurry, cherry limeade, and a frozen drink. We were told there would be a 12 minute wait on the pies. We said that was fine because the lines were long. We got yo to the window around 8:45pm and I paid for our meal and the lady at the window said I'm sorry there will be a 12 minute wait on the pies because we forgot to "drop them" I told her that was fine but could we please have the rest of the order she told me no and we pulled off to the side to wait in the number 1 parking space. At 9:00 I go inside the restaurant because I was worried they had forgotten us. The manager assured me we were not forgotten. Two men came inside while I was standing patiently and they hear the manager yell "no more orders until we get caught up" so they walk out while I'm still waiting. Then an elderly man comes in and said we have been waiting in the drive through and they aren't responding and then he hears the manager yell again no more orders in the drive through period til we get caught up. The elderly man looks at me and said well I guess we won't be eating here tonight. The manager walks up hands me my bag with only 4 pies and I said well I ordered 6 pies and I also need the rest of my order. He was frustraded and placed the food in the bags and made the drinks. We also told them at the time of ordering we needed two large fries but of course we did not receive them either.

It's just frustrating that we had to wait until ten minutes after 9pm for our food

Posted by Dennis

Was in Biggs mcdonalds at about 6pm. Customer came in with a dog, I didn't say anything at that time even tho the law states a service animals are required to wear a vest. The man then let his dog up on the table to eat. A pilot employee also witnesses this. I notified your management and she asked him to take down the dog but she said she cannot ask anything else. So I can take my Shepard in and he can eat with me cause I'm a vet! If your stores are that worried about having individuals removed for this kind of action maybe I should take my business else where. I can accept some things but allowing a dog to get up on a table in a food establishment is unacceptable. Thx Dennis Baker, phone

Posted by Anonymous

Went to mcdo branch located on 2nd floor of puregold in corner of paso de blas this morning may 18,2017.we ordered 2 pcs chicken meal and 1 sausage mcmuffin w/egg meal.i even asked if may bteakfast pa that was 10:14am.i followed up my order for 2� going to the counter n once asking one of the crew to fol up.n my coffee was already cold wala p iyon sausage.finally my meal came at dsappointed so many crews but bad service.we are regular customer of all mcdo branch experiencing good service.but this branch is the poor service we ever met.not even an apology was gven by the girl on the counter nor even fm any of the staff.n you will see the manager chatting n making jokes pa.hay naku pls check this branch

Posted by Unsanitary

Went through drive thru. Nwttlton AV Jonesboro AR
Ordered a mighty kids meal extra fries ice tea and a large sweet tea. Payed for food at window 1. Then I remembered that I forgot to tell the order taker no ice in large tea. I told the girl at window 2 that I was sorry I forgot to tell them no ice. I could tell by her expression that it earatated her. She shut the window turned to someone. Next thing I saw she was scooping the ice out of the large tea with the lid. Now I have never seen this done or want to again. She opened the window and tried to hand me the tea. I told her nicely that I did not what that Sweet tea. She rudely shut the window and turned to a female and spoke briefly to her. The young lady turned around and dumped the tea out throw the cup away and made a new tea. She handed me the tea and I politely said I was sorry again. She made a very sarcastic remake "that's ok." I then response with. "Well you do not act like it's ok" she slide the window closed with great force. I drove off I told my grandson what had happened and his commit was " That's not right" take into account that he is 8yrs old. It would of been fast and easier if I did not make the mistake at first about the no ice. But to scoop it out with the lid and give it back and then catch a attitude about it in front of a customer. I guess my point is how sanitary is it to take a lid you just put on a cup and take it off and use it to scoop ice out of the cup than fill the cup up with sweet tea and give it back to a customer. It would of been faster to dump the tea out in the sink use the same cup and fill it with new sweet tea.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is David West I am a disabled veteran and I frequent the McDonald's on Arsenal Boulevard and Watertown New York most often with my daughter. The staff here know me my daughter and my service dog Titan by sight and name. They all love Titan and have no problems with him being a service dog in restaurant. Well on this occasion well out in the parking lot my left leg gave out and I fell. A young man named Tim employed at this McDonald's rushed outside to help me up. I love you McDonald's the staff is friendly restaurant is clean and they give me no problems with my service animal you have a customer for life at this location and I think that Tim should give a little something extra as other people in the parking lot just stood there and watched he is a very nice young man and a credit to your staff. Thank you David West. Contact number

Posted by Anonymous

In reference to McDonald at 2300 SW 87th Avenue, There is always a very loud conversation in Spanish between employees. They can not focus on their work and make mistakes. In addition, I had an unpleasant experience this morning with an employee whose name is Alexeiv or Alexev who is not well trained on customer service manners. With few exceptions, employees don't look trained for their task. there are too many new employees and I wondering what's the cause. Poor management?

Posted by Anonymous

I'm wondering why the brand new McDonald's on S.Breiel Blvd in Middletown, Ohio always has a non working ice cream machine. It has been that way for at least 2 years. Even before the demolition and build of the new store.

Posted by Anonymous

Need to train workers better and can not be out of everything all the time

Posted by Anonymous

Was travling in Minnesota stopped at Avon mn for dinner about 7pm worse Mcdonlds I have evet been in service was bad food not so good

Posted by Ray

Visited Mcdonalds in Montebello Ca on Rosemead blvd was told one dollar drink no longer available. But went down street and purchased same drink for one dollar

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Posted by Anonymous

This is a positive commen.
There is an employee that works for McDonalds at Port St. Joe, Florida that is outstanding! Her name is âJennyâ. I love when she works the pick-up window. She greets you the most wonderful attitude daily. Even on one of my worst day it makes it better. Her orders are always correct, which helps a lot.

Jenny is a model of what I think all McDonalds employed should be! It would be great if more people could share her enthusiasm and dedication. She is definitely an Awesome person! She is the best!

Posted by Charla smith

Hey I just wanna tell y'all Charla smith is doing a good job with getting food out one time and she is the nices worker in McDonald's location st. Francisville Louisiana

Posted by Great Service 1 Sept 17

Jon at the 128 Broadway Everett, Mass location always helps greets us customers and with his presence make eating at this location very enjoyable. I retired from the US Army and Jon has all the virtual of a take charge Leader. You would be crazy not to promote.

Posted by Chris

Chris did a wonderful job greeting me in the drive thru and making sure everything was taken care of. He was very friendly even though there was a line building up behind me.

Posted by Burger king rules now!!!!

The McDonalds on Glenstone and Cherry in Springfield Mo, is the worst!!!! I went at lunchtime and no fries ready for one (laughable since that is what you are known for), and fast food. I was told to pull over and wait while they were making fries. I did, and waited close to 10 minutes. Then I went inside, only to be given the wrong order and no soda. There was 1 other customer in store and every employee was looking and acting like they did not know what they were doing. This is unacceptable! As I checked my bag, I was given to cheeseburgers ( I ordered no cheese, its not that hard), and as I walked to leave the young girl laughs at me and the manager does NOTHING!!!!! Very rude and extremely hard to understand that kind of professionalism when you are dealing with the public. It is unacceptable. I also still never was given a receipt. I am now a burger king believer!!! Thank you for your time on this matter and for opening my eyes.

Posted by Sierra.E

I was at mcdonalds in Orrville,Ohio and the service was great, I got my food really quickly, and one of the managers, Devon, was nice and told me to have a great day. Definitely will go back.

Posted by Anonymous

Visited your Kewanee Illinois restaurant on Saturday 12/31/16 I was overwhelmed by friendly staff, cleanliness of the dining room and bathrooms. This was one of the best McDonalds I have ever experienced. You guys are doing everything right. The franchise owner should be very proud of his management team and staff.

Posted by Anonymous

After not being able to buy my needed gift cards at the McD's nearest my house (117TH 44107) I went to the one on Detroit Ave 44107. I bought 13 cards totaling $245.00.
Shya (sp), the shift manager, was very pleasant, attentive and accurate. I was quite addlepated but she was patient and most helpful. Thank you for a fine experience.

Posted by Anonymous

After not being able to buy my needed gift cards at the McD's nearest my house I went to the one on Detroit Ave. I bought 13 cards totaling $245.00.
Shya (sp), the shift manager, was very pleasant, attentive and accurate. I was quite addlepated but she was patient and most helpful. Thank you for a fine experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to show my gratitude for a very dedicated employee, Gladys from store 883. We spend a lot of time at this Mcdonalds with famiky and friends. We can tell when shes working by how immaculate everything looks & smells fresh, as well!! Ive been wanting to write this so often. She needs to be praised. We tell her all the time but it means much more when you tell her, too.
Thank you, Toni Hess

Posted by Anonymous

A special needs young lady helped us at McDonalds today and asked us to fill out a satisfaction survey. However I didn't realize I needed to keep my receipt to do so. MIRANDA T at the CinciDayton road store in West Chester was absolutely delightful. She interacted with my 3 year old grandson, got him condiments and all of our beverages. She also cleaned our trays and at least twice asked if she could help in any way. If there is anyway you could reach out and "reward" her, we would be pleased!
Donna Aufranc

Posted by Anonymous

My Husband & I went to MCDonald's in Ridge Long Island NY Middle Country Rd. On Friday evening 10/21/16
After leaving for home in Ridge I found I didn't have my glasses I checked my handbag & everywhere in my home plus my car keys were gone I didn't use my car. When we went in to the parking lot & I got out of my husband's car they must of fell into the parking space I didn't realize it due to the fact I didn't use my glasses while in McDonald's. We went back to check the ground in the parking lot which was loaded with leaves acorns in that space my husband got out & checked the area as luck would have my glasses were there in the case not even broken but no keys. Went in to McDonald's and ask them if they found any keys they checked around no keys. We told them what happen in the parking lot your manager Rob came to help look for the keys it was dark out & checked every empty space nothing, then he ask my name & telephone# he was so polite & wonderful to me & my husband a great manager. Low & behold after we returned home I found the car keys in my handbag which I checked every part of it earlier after checking for my glasses. I called him to let him know I found the keys. I thanked him again for his kindness. Patricia Schiavo

Posted by Anonymous

I go through the Zionsville, Indiana McDonald's frequently during the work week and often have the same delightful employee (Rose) to take my order and money. She is extremely efficient, pleasant, and has been there for years. She needs to be applauded.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to give special thanks to the morning crew at McDonald's in Snow Hill. Address is 1033 Kingold Boulevard. These women always have a smile on their thanks. They greet me every morning with a warm welcome. It is such a pleasure to go to that McDonald's for breakfast. I feel the need to be recognized for all their hard work in customer service.
Thanks again,
Wendy Roberson

Posted by Anonymous

Ok, I've had a lot of bad experiences at Mcdonald's lately. I had decided not to go to Mcd's anymore. But I was driving through Brownstown Indiana and decided to try the Mcd in that town. They looked to be pretty busy so I had some trepidation. When I got to the counter to order there were several people in front of me and no one was taking orders. Soon though,a girl appeared and started taking orders. Soon it was time to take my order. I made an easy order since I have found that a complicated order is beyond the capability of most Mcd's to handle. Anyway, the girl took my order and I stepped aside to wait. Amazingly I received my order within a couple minutes. Also the food was warm and appeared to have been assembled with a bit of care instead of just thrown together. Amazing. What a surprize. Still it was McDonald's food so I am only able to give this restaurant an 8 out of 10. But I have no complaints with the service. If only all Mcd's were this good, they would have a lot fewer complaints. As an aside, I heard the girl taking orders mention that she had been working a 10 hour shift. So kudos to her for having a decent attitude.

Posted by Anonymous

On August 8 Delta airlines computers went down causing flight delays. I was at the Minneapolis airport in concourse D. The employees at that McDonald's worked for 24 hours serving tired, frustrated travelers. They served quickly and with a smile. I was so impressed, as were all the people around me. I would hope that the company will recognize this outstanding effort by these special people.

Posted by Liv

Mgr. April, Front counter, Markees, Jessika, & especially the maintanence D'Andre were marvelous. Please give D 'Andre a new broom, because he can wear one out! He is conscious of area cleaning and always should have prime equipment, because he excels the best! This team is Better than robots and service ready, while really smiling. Take their performance seriously, too. Really clean restaurant. Good food! Thank you. Store # 7618

Posted by Anonymous

The McDonalds in Woodward, OK is always busy morning, noon, evening, night NO matter when you visit you are greeted with a smile and really helpfull personnel, this McDonalds KNOWS EXELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! This location sets the standard for SEVICE!!!

Posted by Carol

Rengstorff store mountain view,ca.
Manger:RIGO nite crew I WANT TO TELL YOU I GO OUT MY WAY FOR THIS STORE..the manager n his crew are excellent..the food is hot n correct..they are very polite n they remember u if you came before i am truly impressed..all your stores should have a Mr. Rigo

Posted by Nathan kling

At the 3rd and Townsend store in San Francisco Frickson is always nice and extremely polite all the time! He deserves recognition...

Posted by Myjcorp

Store# 31848
Clean dinning area clean restrooms professional associates I rate this facility 5 stars

Posted by Anonymous

Griselda at the 3rd and Townsend store in San Francisco is always so nice and wonderful to associate with!! It's a pleasure to be her customer...

Posted by Anonymous

I stopped at the McDonald's restaurant in Ladysmith, WI this morning to purchase iced tea. I was greeted happily by two young employees as I came in. I commented on their friendly greeting. They say people are quit to complain and they really appreciated my words to them and suggested I contact McDonald's.

Posted by Anonymous

I have experienced great customer service at many different McDonalds but I would have to say the best service I've expirienced would have to be from store #26809 Jamestown NY.The crew members seem to always get my orders correct and made the way I like.Always polite and respectful.I have kids so I usually go through the drive threw makes it easier for me.The girl who always takes my orders always repeats it back to me and makes sure its always correct.She is very friendly and always has a smile in her voice.And when there busy she always says"It'll be just a few minutes ma'am and I like that.And if I needed to ever change anything she does it right away without any problem.I come through 3-4 times a week and she is always my order taker. I wouldn't want anybody better.I've had a few bad expirences with other McDonalds but she always gives me the confidence to always come back.Thanks to all those who work hard keep up the great work! And thanks for making things a bit easier each and every time I visit.

Posted by ann

Love your yogart parfet. Its the right price and nutritious. Thanks again.

Ann Russell
Richmond ca

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Posted by Anonymous

I missed a McDonalds Mimax employment call on 3/20/17. I reapplied on 3/27/17 got no response. What do i do- it's for a crew member job in Avon Lake, Ohio?

Posted by Kimbo Barbie Slice

I am a former shift manager from store #5740 in Flagstaff,Arizona. I was fired because I didn't go in on Christmas day. We had a major snow storm.I was stuck with a flat tire and the only road out (the I-17) was closed. I didn't have a history of calling out and I was never late. I was fired over the phone. The store manager is so unprofessional. Other managers are late on a regular basis and nothing is ever said. Management has been inappropriate with minors and it is kept quiet and higher pay is given to those involved to keep quiet. Managers dating crew and having relations which is against policies and nothing is said. If Rebecca (store manager) wants you to will. It is a wonder how she got to be in that position. She has terrible people skills and doesn't know all of the operations of HER store. Pathetic!

Posted by Anonymous

Store #10024. 4706 Irlo Bronson Memorial Pky Kissimmee, Florida 34746. I arrived at this location at 5:22am went thru drive thru and I was the only vehicle in the drive thru. The cashier took my order. I ordered a steak bagel no folded and a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. Only two sandwiches. It is no 5:42 am and my order is still not ready. My husband and I had to go to work that we were late for due to this that we had to wait. The manager is walking around with her head up in the air that she had no clue what was going on. My husband go so irate and started to yell and the cahier remarks was :Don't yell at me". She was as ilerterate as they come with her ghetto responses. If you have this kind of people working for you in your facility that is a disgrace. As a former McDonald manager up north cooperation motto is 90 seconds or less. not 22 minutes or less. As I looked on from the drive thru window to watch the nonsense and disgusting display on how they carry themselves is a disgrace to your store. This is not the first incident that I had with this store. My opinion your managers need to be retrained and your crew members need to be replaced. I so disgusted that I even mentioned that I worked at a McDonalds after watching that display early this morning. Everyone of those crew members in that store either needs to be retrained or replaced. It was just a disgusting display to watch. When I was a manager in my store up north I would of never tolerated my customers waiting that long for just two sandwiches and no one in drive thru waiting. You need to do something about this store and replace your crew members and managers for that shift and all shifts if you want your customers to go away happy. Many people who never worked for a McDonalds thinks this is normal, but for me who did work for McDonald and know the routine I am speaking on their behalf.

Posted by dont have one

i wasnt fired from mcdonalds here in Luverne AL 36049 i quit with advanced notice because i was working maintance but wasnt get the desired hours.when asked about a rehire for diffrent position hoping for grill she told me she cant i asked mrs brenda powell store mngr why not she replied bc i screwed tht up when i know people who have got fired for being disorderly an got rehired but i cant and i have eight year old son whom i am raiseing his mother passed away i need job in my home town,need someone help me.

Posted by anonymous

McDonald's employee steals a lot of food and flavored syrups to give friends, hides bottles of syrup. Doesn't care about customer service and attitude is terrible. Calls in sick all the time and lies about it. I have to pick up her slack and I don't get a raise. To old for this job and she should be fired and fined for all the expenses she's taken for years.

Posted by Ms k

I work at a mc Donalds and I'm being treated unfair and underpaid due for a raise signed the paper and still no raise what do u think I should do about this because its not right people get all these perks shirts and stuff and I don't get nothen its wrong the way I'm treated and a manager treats coustmers bad and still works there its nuts

Posted by Anonymous

Hi i was an employee for mindless i just started an have became very ill due to my own sickiness well i have has to miss days do to it which sucks but they were informed of my ill ness an now one been fired but anyway my problem is that i have a stalked an now i just found out that starter has went to my place of employment an was giving my hours an when i work an of i have worked to me that is a very big problem for me an my safety what of he plans to harm me non of this would happen would not have put business of mine.out so now i fear for my safety no thanks to my employmemt

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I'd like to reach out to someone possible have them contact me.I have a concern my name is Regina and I work for the MCDONALD'S located inside the Palm Springs Walmart I recently had my hours cut back to 1 day a manager is Alicia and her supervisor is Michelle.when I asked about this problem I was told because I had another job it was a problem.ive been with the company for 2 years have never gotten promoted and my manager Alicia always works around my other job with no problems now all of a sudden I'm being told that the store needs someone with more flexibility in there schedule able to work days&nights.I don't know what's going on if I've just acquired way too many hours and they needed to cut me way back or what.I know at the end of the year hours from throughout the year are all brought together and if the store has worked u too much throughout the year they must cut u way back to make up for it but not given notice or this lame excuse isn't called for I'm a reliable member if this team and don't think I should be treated like this.there was one day last week where I was called in because they needed help and was called back an hour before my shift was to begin and told not to come in.with no excuse. Can someone please get back to me.I'd appreciate it.thank you ms.Regina Dunham

Posted by Anonymous

goes straight to a fax sound can't even get thru.. I haven't even gotton my 1st pay check.. been there since nov 1st. no one seems to know who to go .. here it is the end of nov no check no money.

Posted by Anonymous

My 2 roommates work at mcdonald's and could not pay their rent on time due to you switching his paycheck. So thanks for the bounced check. I will be helping them find new jobs that will pay them when they said. Because ppl get direct deposit to get their pay checks early and you took that away from them. Some ppl live pay check to pay check. But you don't care. Your only worried about you. I will make sure all my friends and family know what you did to these ppl.

Posted by Anonymous

For being paid minimum wage and bring disrespected by management is not worth it.I believe all McDonald's employees go to work to make money not be treated like there not worth nothing and talk down to by a bunch of under payed management that is not happy with there job.

Posted by Anonymous

Northvernon Indiana store
Sexual harrasment, bullying, verbal abusing another employee my gf loved her job at that mcdonalds until yesterday when the other employees starting abusing her an the manager on duty didn't do an thing about it THIS SHOULDNT NOT BE ALLOWED HANDLE THIS OR WE WILL BE FIL ING A LAW SUIT AGAINST MCDONALD

Posted by unprofessional business people

Iam/was an employee of McDonald's,had an incident happen will on the job medical for example Work threw my complete shift 6am to 2pm nothing to eat, nothing to drink, not even a break, chest hurting, difficult breaking, grasping for air, as the semi shifts changed at approximately 11am i ask the manager who was running shift at the time was it enough ppl coming in. She applies yes i proceed to tell her the reason i asked i could not breathe i needed to go to the hospital to seek care. So two ppl came in one girl was put on front counter the other one was suppose to come to the back window. The girl from the front receive a call stating that she had to come get her baby because her gmother was sick. So the girl that was suppose to come to the back was put on the front counter. I ask the manager that was running shift again was anyone coming in because i couldn't breathe she looks at me say let me go check,she walks off never. I ended up working my whole shift. So i tell the manager that runs shift will she be running shift the next day she replied yes i tell her i will not be at work tomorrow i have to seek medical attention. I leave the next day 6am the over night manager calls me in say its time for your shift are you coming i told him yesterday i told the person who is was shift that i wasnt coming because i had an asthma attack in the back window etc... I have forms, papers, doctors excuse etc.. I come to work that Wednesday the over night manager greets me at the door comes out side and say are u such n such i replied yes he started that im not allowed to come back to work until the monday after next with no explanation. I come monday to pick up my check its a write up my expression for what? Since then i haven't bern on the schedule its going on three in a half weeks now. Ive called the store to talk to store manager, ive left message for her to call mr back, ive called the local corporate store talk to that person to have store manager call me, i have yet to receive a phone call from anyone. McDonald's is suppose to be this high end fast food chain, that handle good business, suppose to be very professional, but there shift managers, store managers, in corporate managers, can even be professional enough to call a person back to give direct information or let them know whats going on why there not on the schedule nor far most fired. How can you run a business in NOT know what's going on with your employees. That's very unprofessional and not how you run a business.

Posted by Anonymous

i was an employee at this company. until i found out i could not get more then 4 or 5 hrs. when ever i went to quit on monday this past week i took in a paper for the food stamp office to be filled out. this was the fourth paper i had took to them to be filled out for my case. and the manager dawn is who i talked to when i told her i wasnt going to work if i only got 4 to 5 hrs a day she said she couldnt guarantee me more hours. she said she dont no one. but with both my interviews i told her i could not drive from salyersville to paintsville for only 4 to 5 hrs a day. an she was more then disrespectful about it. she was a total smart ass and rude as could be. she even told the other manager to just shot her now. then she told me she would not fill or fax my paper unless i was an employee there an going to work. i have been trying to get this paper turned in since jun the 25th. so today when i took her my uniforms i tried to explain why i wasnt going to be working anymore an she said i have nothing more to say i said i tried to quit monday an you threatened to not fax my paper in. & by law she is not allowed to abuse her manager rights by threatening me like that. and i told her last time i talked to her monday she was a smart ass to me. an she got mad an said leave now or i will call the law. and i told her what she has done was determination. and she didnt care she just keep threatening me with the law. i have gave her 3 or these papers and had the food stamp office also fax one there self. they have gave me a total of 5 of these papers an not a one had been faxed in. because of her my son has no medical right now.. so plz tell dawn thank you from her old employee && im going to talk to a lawyer about this. because she had no right to do me the way she has.

Posted by Astreater

Im having issues with my asstiant manager a situation occurred where a employee didn't come to work she took her frustrations out on me an told my other manager to call the police on me she has verbally mocked me an disrespected me I feel when I confronted the store manager about it he told me I have to respect my manager I feel if if I bring it to corporates attention I will continue to be bullied by her I had a incident with her previously an she claimed I was crying to the store manager like a baby also she has shared my personal information to another manager in the form of gossip at another McDonald's im the opener an today I saw one of the crew members an maintenance worker recieved a Break but I did not I feel in many situations the issues ive tryed to bring to their attention have not been aqknowledged ive been there ten months an in the beginning I was being verbally an physically attached by a xemployee there an I was told it wasn't seen on camera an I was punched in the arm by another employee seven months ago

Posted by Anonymous

After reading mostly bad reviews, mine has a different message to the Corp. Office, and to some of the readers. My son Seth has worked for McDonald's for 5 years in Eagle River,WI . I received a call tonight from him with a sad voice, he decided to quit. You have to understand it was his summer job while staying with grandparents to make $$
for college. He works as a server back home here during the winter months. He loves people of all ages:) he loved working that 5:00 am shift to see his regular drive thru customers:) but what broke him, his spirit and his drive to please was the past few months of working for a manager that had compassion for the customer.It is the manger that needs to hold their team together, help them out, not walk around while the ship is on fire.leaving customers upset. Or going out for several smoke breaks while help is needed! This puts employees in not so good situations:( it is very hard to understand unless you have been behind that counter- no break- no lunch working for a manger who maybe needs more training. So I say to you McDonalds Corp. you lost a hard worker today because of your own staff:(maybe if you read this you will take a minute to listen to your customer. Happy employees make happy service in return happy was hard to hear my son's voice crack as he was telling me his story.

Posted by sad store

Iam a employee of McDonald in new Orleans the service is bad because the store is bad from bad management if u haven't givennot one employee a raise in three years how can u expect them to be happy you took our vacation time from us and u hired a store manger who everyone know got fired for stealing u have all these bums hanging in the store in the daytime and terry Scott the owner see them in there and don't say nothing your wife come in there at lunch drunk all the time how can we work in that surrounding if u in new Orleans don't visit the store on carrolton ave u be sorry

Posted by Anonymous

they fire employees for calling the customer complaint hotline even tho your a paying customer off the clock when u go back in for your shift after calling and reporting on the store u work in and rong doings like two employees making out in the back of the franchise a unclean lobby customers cleaning the lobby instead of employees doing it becuz them making out on the clock is more important then cleaning lobby and doing their jobs i was a employee but am not now do to fact i called and complained about this on the store i worked for i was immediatly retaliated against by my store boss's superviser the next nite i lost my job and i was best employee they had but i got them in trouble for being very unproffesanal so they terminated me for it! TRUE STORY siloam springs mcdonalds lets sexaul conduct go un punished....

Posted by Calveasha Hawkins

I am a current employee at McDonald's located at 2615 Dawson Road in Albany, Georgia. I was supposedly "terminated" as so my mother was told, for not parking a vehicle. My manager, Tony and the general manager, Roberta, participated in an unprofessional procedure as to terminating me. 1.) Neither of them told me that I was terminated, verbally nor in writing.I called when I was going home and was told by two of the managers, Vontressa Stills and Tony, that they were unsure if I was terminated or not, my mother called and she was told by Tony that I was terminated. I called afterwards to get a better understanding as to why I was terminated and I was told that we were not supposed to have any communication and that I had to call the main office; I still wasn't told that I was terminated. 2.) I was falsely accused of constantly having to be told to park cars, therefore, backing up the drive- thru line. However, I have not received any write ups/referrals on that ASSUMPTION made by Roberta Schafer. In conclusion, how could I be terminated if I wasn't told so verbally or in writing and what exactly is the reason for my termination?

Posted by Atlanta Highway Mcdonlads

As a co-worker all I see is favoritism. My Store manager is dating my guest service department manager. It interferes with their job big time. One gets mad and has a attitude with everybody. They cut my hours because I had an disagreement with a co-worker. I've been there for almost a year and no raise no promotion once so ever. I've been told my store manger said "Ain't nobody getting a raise unless their give head". Its too unprofessional and I need my job. Please help me.

Store #7557
Montgomery,AL 36117

Posted by disgruntled employee

I have been employed with McDonald's part time for over 10 years
I also have a full-time job that has my time at McDonald's limited. I was recently hurt ar my full-time job and was taken out of work. When I took my doctors note to them, they acted like I was lying! How can I lie with a note! They ask for a note and I still get ridiculed. Then to make matters worse, the owner calls me and yells at me for not coming to work snd then tells me that I'm not that hurt! How dare they do this to me! There are a lot of things that go on in tgat that store and nothing is said, but when I do the right thing I'm treated like dirt! Very unhappy!


As a former emplyoee of Mcdonald's many yrs. ago, I find myself disgusted at what was once an oustanding business become a place which I will never frequent again.
Center, TX is the place in which this establishment is located.
After many previious dissappointing visits to this place, I have finally had my fill of this place. Although there are not many restaurants in this small town, I now refuse to go back there until some sort of improvements are made. Mainly the bat attitudes & lack of courtesy from the employees, shift managers included.
There is no urgency to get orders out. There are LOUD discussions going on amongst the employees. It seems to be a place of social gathering rather than a place of "business".
The only time that concern of customer satisfaction is considered is when the stoe manager (Melissa?) is there.
Once again, I once worked at the Center's Mcdonald's years ago when it was owned by Gary Hart, who knew what it meant to have a respectable business. And I know what should be expected of the employees to ensure speedy service & customer satisfaction. And the current group that is working there is far from what McDonald's should want as a representative.

Posted by McManager

I am a manager for McDonald's. I can speak from a standpoint of one who has worked their way up from crew to crew trainer to MIT to manager for five years. McDonald's has a really amazing management training system and classes. There are going to be some workers in any environment that will be very difficult. But I am here to say that not all our stores are that way. Not every experience is awful; not every employee is intolerable. I believe a lot of these reviews are a bit unreasonable. I handle customer complaints as well as commendations and I understand that when we are angry, we have a bad habit of exaggerating the situation. I've been there, as have we all. But I assure you that we value every customer and we are always willing to do anything that we possibly can do to make an effective recovery to repair our relationship with our customers. The best way to ensure this is successful is to contact the store that you have an issue with and discuss it with the store manager. Give us a second chance. :)

Posted by Tay

I have applied online for mcdonalds (Ramsey St Faye Nc) I have been struggling and I called the manager of mcdonalds to check up on my application. She told me they are receiving applications and she will call me if the person who interviews is interested. I however was not satisfied with the answer simply because I have been looking at other jobs and its hard to get a response from them. I know for a fact that I want to work and the answer I recieved I wasnt very happy with that. Are they not receiving my applications?

Posted by death to mc donals

mc donalds is the worst companie to work for i have to fight for, y right that include breaks, sick pay, i told them i wasnnt available and for 3 week theyh gave me shift duing the week. the manager arxe oversensitive that can make sexits comments toward female employee and if the female tell them were to go there up on a disapinerary. Ive gone to other manager and head office they could care less. If yopur not a push over dont work there they will just try to get rid of you throught giving u a day off and claiming you no showed. they have belittle men infornt of customer ive been attacked on shift and im gthe one with the problem if ur not best friends with a manger forget matting in my store kin burnley there moron nothing more nothing less

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