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Mazda customer service is ranked #477 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.17 out of a possible 200 based upon 329 ratings. This score rates Mazda customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


312 Negative Comments out of 329 Total Comments is 94.83%.


17 Positive Comments out of 329 Total Comments is 5.17%.

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    • 32.17 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 312 negative comments (94.83%)
    • 17 positive comments (5.17%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Can You Tell Me Why The Show Room And Flood Lights Are On All Night We Live Across The Road And The Lights Shine Into Our Bedroom Which Is Causing Us To Have Sleepless Nights, This Is The Garage At Leesons Hill Orpington

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, just relaying my experience at maple shade Mazda service in maple shade nj. 2921 north route 73. I took it in for broken power window passenger side. I signed sheet which had price for repair when I dropped off. When I called to see if it was finished, they told me and that the sheet I signed did not include the price of the part, or they thought I prepaid for the part, thus the price I signed for was now $200 plus more. Seems kind of misconception, I paid for repair but was not happy how it was handeled.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Mazda,

I live in Saint Petersburg, FL. I was driving down to Miami when the tire pressure sensor went off. I went to Gunter Mazda on SR 7. I was told by the intake service person they are not taking walk ins today. She never asked what we needed. I'm not a mechanic but how long would it have taken to put the air in the tire? She still refused to help us. I live four hours from Miami. I needed the make sure the tires were filled properly for the return trip. I ended up going to the local gas station. I've had this car just over a year. I was under the assumption that any Mazda dealership could help. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think Tyrone Mazda would have done that to me.

Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

This is not a review for your Mazda Corporation this is a review for a partner that you have partnered up with in San Rafael California Marin Mazda do not have anything else to do with this company that you are associated with because they have the worst company in the world and you're putting Mazda's name with it and it makes you guys look like so be done with Scotland car yard Enterprises is a sleazy unethical illegal practice you guys will lose your good name as a great car and great service company if you continue doing business with the sleaze bags at Marin Mazda thanks for listening PS someone should call them right away and see what the hell is going on down there and if you'd like to call me back you can

Posted by Joseph

I bought a CX-9 a few weeks ago. It is the third CX-9 we have had in the last 10 years. So I have 1400 miles on the car and I am driving down a 5-6 land freeway in Phoenix. A truck ahead loses several wood items that cover each lane. Several cars and trucks had no choice but to motor on which I also did. I ran over some wood crate or whatever. Ruined my driver side back tire. Had to replace at more than $300 which I added road hazard protection for $35.00.

You guys should have covered my 4 tires on my new Mazda or at least gave me the chance to buy tire protection. Diappoints me. Whatever. As they say in Russia "tough

Posted by Anonymous

I’m currently leasing my 2nd consecutive Mazda – a 2017 cx5 grand touring. Last car was a 2014 Mazda 6 grand touring.
I like your cars. I don't much care for your dealerships.
It says on Mazda of Culver City website and on a large screen inside the service center that the first oil change is 7500 miles.
The service advisor said every 4 months or 5000 miles. I asked why the literature is different. He said it may depend where you live. I live near the dealership that has the sign and 7500 mile recommendation on it’s website.
I’m paying every month for windshield, ding and other protection. When I asked the service manager how I would go about getting a ding fixed he said he’d look into it if I sent him a copy of my contract. I bought the car there and was sold the extra protection there.
I mentioned that I have some trouble with the Nav system. He said that a system update might help. I asked for that. He said no system update is available. I asked when it might be available. He said, “we never know”. I asked if Mazda contacts them when an update is available. He said no. This mystified me.

Posted by Anonymous

I Bought A New Mazda Cx5 From Saltmarine In Northern Ireland 2 Years Ago Complete Electrical Failure Last Thursday On Way Home From Work. Told By Saltmarine Staff
Couldnt Look At Car For Two Weeks . Warranty ?what Warrannty . Joke Of A Dealer.
Have To Hire A Car Now To Get To Work. Another Mazda Dealer Cant Find Fault In Car. Unreliable, unhelpful .working Mother Of Two Kids Where Is The After Sales Service .
Non Existing.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought you might like to know how my wife got on when she went to the Mazda franchise at Milford Surrey, were she originally bought her first new Mazda 2 automatic and is now looking forward to replacing it when the next plate is due! on her arrival 2 sales persons were sitting at the desk together, no acknowledgement at all she was the only person there at that moment 2/3 mins past one said can I help,she asked for a trade in price against a new Mazda 2 he asked about the mileage=(25000mls)never took the trouble to look it over he glanced out of the window and said 3,100 pounds,we have had it valued and it's worth more,the mileage as stated above is very low for it's year and also it has service history,yes she will have another Mazda 2 auto but not from that garage,one wonders if they are paid too much,sorry but this is appalling customer service R.Wainwright.

Posted by Anonymous

This is about a Mazda I origionaly co-signed for with my son and had to return the car the next day. This was 2 and a half years ago on Labor Day. Nothing wrong with the car. When we got home we found out my son couldn't pay that high of insurance on the car. Went back the next day and the salesmen all said, "Sorry. There is nothing we can do." I sat there for 5-6 hours. No one would help me. My husband was gone M-F(trucking) and I was still grieving the death of my daughter! A black salesman(James?) sent me over to Nissan. I had to end up with a new vehicle Nissan after I gave up my other one first. Then at Nissan they took back the Mazda, charging me about 5 g. more than the day before. I have a 2014 Nissan Versa Note and still owe about 14 g. after 309.00 mo. pymts. since then. The cold-faced salesmen and supervisor there at Kings Auto Mall need to be dismissed. This is not customer service but customer abuse.

Posted by kb

2016 Mazda CX5 and have owned it since last spring. Vehicle has 15,000 miles and has been in shop three times for squeeling and grinding brakes with no resolution. Dealership points finger at Mazda,as they are supposedly working on a solution for CX5's with this issue. Getting impatient with Mazda and may end up being my first and last Mazda.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a JEEP PATRIOT 2015 from Mazda Roswell in Roswell GA. I am displeased with their service. On 4 attempts they have not fixed the wheel bearings on my vehicle and now are telling me I will be stuck with this none working truck. I asked them to select another vehicle and the sales person reben told me I must bring 2 or 3 thousand dollars in order to do so. HELP

Posted by Anonymous

Mazda has known about the Tribute's issue with the airbag light coming on and it being cause by a faulty seat belt sensor which would cause the airbags not to deploy during a crash. I contacted customer service and they would do nothing to help me with this. So if my daughter (who drives the Tribute) wrecks before I can get it repaired and the airbag does not deploy I will own Mazda because they knew about the issue and did not put out a recall. It looks like the safety of your customers would have made your company issue a recall as soon as you were aware of it, shame on you Mazda.

Posted by [email protected]

We hav 2 problems : rear bs other working, 1200.00 to fix!!so, we have an unknown passenge slide 12 inches Crack down the dash with a tacky feel in the smfer. Lately we had a SRS code. We n brought it in, for.110.00 that checked it but stated they need to.remove the dash to further evaluate the partner was charged 110.00 0er.diagnosis!!! Now return for dash removal..Seinfeld another and fix defective airbag. I'm not vehicle unsavory.....I smell money scam!!! What r ur thoughts. What r the TSBS

Posted by Ahmed

This is Ahmed AlGhadani,from Sultanate of Oman, I bought a Mazda cx-9, 2016 model from the official Mazda Dealer.a week later I discovered rusting spots all over the car base (chassis). Which was weird for a new car. I approached the dealer for inform them about the problem but they refused to admit and take responsibility about the car. I then approached the Consumer Protection Authority to help me but again the dealer refused to admit what in the the car base is rusting so I had to appoint an expert who is authorised by Ministry of Justice to be the judge and again he confirmed the existence of the rusting. Then they offered my painting the car base with anti-rusting chemical but without any warrantee that the rust will not come out because they said it is not their responsibility to work it out. After that, with the pressure of the Consumer Protection Authority they agreed to give the warranty for three years only. So I told them to withdraw the case from the court I need them to pay me back what I spend of the expert and to give me compensation for what I suffered but they are refusing
Now I even don't want the car because of the mental pressure they put me in.

I want you to help me please.

Posted by Anonymous

Refer to the above mentioned, I bought the Mazda 3 in May 2015 last year. I detected the above matter and send the car to service in June 2015.(mazda service centre jln 227 pj). According to the service advisor, the car have cracking sound at engine compartment while accelerated obviously when go up hill. They also feedback to me this problem will need refer to Japan. It had drag for almost 1 year plus and after countless checking and repair they still unable to fix it and most disappointed is Japan side couldn't give any feedback. The advisor keep saying waiting Japan advise and now my car milage is about 60k used and this problem still keeping unsolved. I hope you can give me a solution on this asap as it had been drag too long.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible experience,at wesley chapel mazda in florida. Sales person extremely rude and rushed. He wanted another sale, so he dropped us and decided to not show us any of the car features. We got stranded today without the tire lock jey. Tire pressure going down and we were on our way to Orlando to disneyworld when we saw there was a nail I tirw. No one could help us because they needed this key to unlock the tire. Our entire vacation weekend was ruined. Hate mazda and this dealership. If I could, I wouldn't even rate them with one star because they don't even so deserve that. Very negative experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I first contacted the Mazda dealership customer service on Sept. 1,2016,explaining that I have not gotten ant response from the PoughkeepisNY dealership regarding the illegal trade in of my sons car. The title, which was in my sons name had been forged, was accepted as a trade in for the purchase of a new car. The salesperson, which I contacted said there was nothing he could do and that the trade in was a done deal! Since when is forgery not a crime? I have been relentlessly contacting customer service for answers and have gotten no results! Time to take further action! Ref

Posted by Pastorgary

I recently contacted Mazda Corporate about the controls for the heater and AC malfunctioning and having it back to the dealer. 3 times in 9 months they have had it in for repair 2 times for several days. The last time I picked it up I didn't even get home before I realized they had broken the buttons in the console (Navigation and radio buttons)while fixing the AC control problem. This is unexceptable!! What ever happen to coustomer service? When I contacted Mazda Corp I was never contacted. The Dealership is Cogswell Motors in Russellville, AR. needless to say I'll not buy another Mazda!
The vehicle is a Mazda 3 touring.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2016 Mazda CX 9 Signature and am ashamed to drive it. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I hit a small animal and tore the trim off the right rear wheel well. Seems Mazda can't get me replacement parts. $45,000 car and I am ashamed of it. Won't make this mistake again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2011 Mazda 6 with 66409 miles.
This car is an automatic. The car does not start in Park gear. However, it does move to Neutral and starts.
I called my local Poughkeepsie dealership to explain the problem. They notified me that the car was out of warranty and in order to have it fixed I must pay for the repair.
I then called corporate headquarters and was told that they would contact the dealer, explain the issue, but I would be responsible for a diagnostic fee.
I spoke to the dealership, they informed me that I was responsible for a $105.00 diagnostic fee.
With that I explained that I would call the Better Business Bureau.
I am a car owner for over 40 years. My husband and I drive over a 1000 miles a week. Presently we own 4 cars.
I have had many cars over the years and feel I am aware of what is "normal"for modern day cars.
To my knowledge, a 2011 AUTOMATIC car should not move out of PARK to start in neutral. I feel this is a defect in the car that poses a safety issue that I should not be responsible for. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Posted by Determined

I visited Mazda in Moon Township, Pa to ask if they could do a trade in on my ford focus 2013. I am having little success with Ford to remedy a problem with the automatic clutch. It has been pulled, cleaned and seals put in twice. Now the engine light is coming on and lost power. Ford is aware...still no action. The question was simple. Could you do a trade in for a mazda CV3? The young lady that opened the door for me was trying to ask him that same question. The man at the desk stated: Didn't we just go over all this last night? Remember what I said? The girl replied, yes and turned to walk out as I followed her and said, does that mean yes or no? She did not reply, but started showing me a mazda I liked. As we walked around, a woman and another man entered the office. They laughed and carried on to the point that I could not here the girl speak as she showed me their inventory. I waited another 10 mins. when the young lady called to the office and said...Is she going to be able to make that deal without going over $300 a month. Being close to the office, the room got silent. All the laughing had stopped. Then the man walked over to me and said." I ain't gonna be able to do it for under $300 and walked away. I said Thank you as he stomped back to his other co workers. I know my car had problems. I had leather put in it, heated seats, just bought "run flat tires" $600. It wasn't a junk car. I keep my cars looking clean. I really felt that I was invading their territory. NOT ONE PERSON, other than that young lady, who by the way, apologized for their actions, said hello to me. When she made that call to him and said..Do you know what you are going to do? She doesn't want to sit here all day. That put him over the edge. We were interfering in his storytelling. That is RUDE!!!. I owned a Mazda in 2012 and loved it. In fact I bought it in Moon Township. I won't be going there ever again.I'm done. Just out of curiosity....Have your sales dropped since they have been there??? All they needed to do was say ..sorry, but we can't do that. Ashame

Posted by mazdaprobs

If you are looking for a car loaded with recall issues that are not attended to than by a mazda 6! My 2010 Mazda 6 passanger dashboard literally melted in the sun! Other car companies with this issue issued recalls, not Mazda!

Also, if you want your neighbors to start hating you, another great reason to buy a mazda! The factory alarm has plagued so many owners (do a quick search) and goes off at random times with no fix unless you leave your doors unlocked! Finally after going insane listning to the alarm at 3Am 5AM and any other time I left my doors unlocked only to find my card rummaged thru by a thief yesterday morning. Why Mazda would not fix a melted dashboard and malfunctioning alarm for their customers is beyond me, NEVER AGAIN!

Posted by kcardelle

I have owned four Mazda's in my life, and I will say that I will never purchase another one of these cars. I bought my wife a Mazda CX7 one year old. It is a 2010 and now has 70,000 miles on it, very easy miles. We just had it break down, needing to replace the turbo and catalytic converter, $3,600!!! My Mazda dealer told me these cars always blow the turbo early, and that Mazda had set up a special warranty to cover them. Turns out my VIN number wasn't one in the extended warranty group, that is b.s.!!! I asked, "is there something you can do for me?", he replied, yeah, I can replace your turbo". Arrogant jerk. Let me tell you my son and I are fanatical about taking care of the car, changing the oil every 5,000 miles. In addition all Mazda cars have the cheapest brake systems. After 70,000 easy miles on this car I am also replacing my rotors for the SECOND time. We replaced the pads probably 4 times already. My wife drives easy and there is no slamming on the brakes, they are just no good, on this CX7, my old 626, my old RX7 and my more recent Mazda 6, all bad brakes. I am very disappointed to have to spend $3,600 on a repair Mazda KNOWS ABOUT. I am very unhappy.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 07 Mazda cx7. Since November of 2015 I have spent 15000.00 yes 15k on a new turbo a new engine a new front end. All due to an oil leak and a knocking no ice I heard. I am now back in the shop for the third time for the air conditioner. And the check engine light came on again. EGR valve is out. It has a new engine!! I'm in Pueblo Colorado at Sale Spradley. Don't bring your car here to get fixed.

Posted by AGR

We own a 2014 Mazda 6. Unfortunately and we do not know how it happened, the Driver Headlight cover got shattered. We called to see how much it cost to replace it and heard the Part alone cost $730 plus $230 Labor. Come on guys, really? The headlight cover is broken, the light works and everything has to be replaced? $1000 for ONE headlight cover replacement??? I'm so mad. I really liked driving the Mazda, but if I think about what we have to pay for something so simple, I don't think I ever will own a Mazda again. Other Car companies offer here and there something or if you contact them, of courtesy help you out. There is no Coupon, no nothing. This is not the 1st time we felt, Parts are just outrages cost. This time, it hit bad ......

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Posted by Thulari

I have driven several cars f different brands and my wife drives the Mazda 2. I drive it sometimes and I take it for her to service. I have always received positive treatment and I am always made to feel like the only customer in the world. MJostly I service her car at Ford Fury Sandton South Africa and they are a excellent bunch. I would also like to give a shout out to the Ford dealership in New Road Midrand and the Imperial Mazda in Germiston. Thanks guys keep it up.

Posted by monikapphd

I received excellent customer service today at Mazda of Panama City, Florida. I drove a Passat and a Jetta previously (last 12 years) and the customer service at Mazda is 100% superior to the service i received at Volkswagen. I want to express my my appreciation of being made comfortable while I waited, the expertise, and the timely service. The staff you have working there definitely has my vote. Monika Perez, proud owner of the much better car when compared to the Passat and the Jetta!

Monika Perez

Posted by n/a

MAZDA is a very good car (van mpv 1993) my family car.If I were able(moneywise) to buy one that will be my only choice. Thank you for making a good product. Keep the good wotk.

Posted by Done with Dissappointment

Posted by Dissappointed

on 7/27/15 at 8:13AM


Just received a call from the local Mazda Dealorship. They phoned to tell me they have changed their mind and have made the decision to replace my dash.

It was fun to tell them that it wasn't my dash anymore, it was theirs...I traded my car in yesterday for a shiny new Mazda 3 sans melting dash board.

My faith is restored in Mazda. Kudos to you local Georgetown Dealorship, Kudos to you.

p.s. The sales team was awesome and the process was smooth and quick, no haggle, no hassle, no heartache. James Gillespie and Charles Turner were both friendly, professional and fast. They answered every question I had and provided me with a beautiful new car with every option I asked for. They went above and beyond to make sure I was a Very Satisfied Customer, and I will be referring everyone I come across to them.

Posted by Eslam

i have Mazda 3 only one comment where the care is excellent but there is no Cover for the engine like Mazda6 and CX9 i don't know why
also the agent here in Saudia Arabia its not improving his service although selling a lot of cars and this make for us problem when we are doing the routine maintenance we take so fare date and we have to leave our care for service at least 2 days
so i think agent have to improve his service
also i have another problem with the agent where after i purchase my car and before i receive it he down the price 10% so i lost 10% of my car before even i drive it and they didn't announce me that they going to do that before i purchase my care

Posted by ECVonnie

We have a 2001 Mazda MPV Van with 270,000 miles on it. It has been an extraordinary vehicle to own! The van runs just as well today as it did the day we bought it. Admittedly we maintained the vehicle well, but it is a well built, reliable vehicle. Only problems we have had over the 14 years we have owned it is that both back door handles broke off in subzero weather. Ignition security system locked us out and needed replacing, we disabled. Other than that, CUDOs Mazda for making a vehicle which we have depended on and which we anticipate depending on for many miles to come!

Posted by Anonymous

It has taken me a long time to write this. But I still feel very strongly about it because I could have had a heart attack. And it still effects me just as strongly and freshly today as it did the day I had the experience. I was shaken up. late last spring, I walked into the Wilkins hyundai mazda dealer in Elmhurst, Illinois. The sales consultant Emmanouil (Manny) Tzoumas picked me up from the airport as a courtesy ride to the dealership to test drive a Mazda 5. I am a full time employee working for the airlines and I was expecting to be away for a full 10 days. So I was not going to be making any concrete decisions to buy that day. This particular mazda dealership had the stick shift I wanted in the Mazda 5. They ran my credit and I told them I would like to think about it for a day or two and call back with a security deposit. This way I can arrange plans to drive it back home to Michigan. I had already test drove a few cars by G.M., Ford, Kia, Nissan and Chrysler with no hassle. The car dealer along with the manager he kept on consulting with in the back did not take no for an answer kindly at all even though I wanted to think about it. I was going through major life changes and all the car salesman said was that I looked stressed, which was very inappropriate. I still needed to get a car because my Honda CRV broke down completely. Manny came back and said that his manager said that since I wasn't going to buy a car that day, then I would have to find a cab ride back to the airport. I just about had a heart attack. I had about a hour to get to work and the manager stated to Manny which in turn relied the message back to me that all the porters were busy and I have to get a cab ride back. I could tell that Manny started to genuinely feel bad as this manager was calling all the shots. As manny scrambled on his smart phone for a cab company to call, It wasn't until I walked over towards the counter and asked for an available porter to please drive me to Manny and I told him I was going to be cutting it close to get to work. Even the customers were becoming aware of the situation and were observing me asking for a courtesy ride back and I even saw one customer shake their head in disbelief. The manager was clearly in a bad mood. He showed the utmost un-professionalism and couldn't even look at me but managed to find a porter that wasn't "busy in the back". When I got in the courtesy van, I asked the porter if this was normal behavior for this manager and he said yes. I was very upset as I feel that they ran my credit and I hadn't let anyone run my credit at that point. This was a huge deal to me. As I am obsessed with my credit score lately.

I waited to go to the Ralph Thayer Mazda dealership in Livonia, MI. I was skid-dish. And very afraid to go into any car establishment at that point I encountered the sales team there which gave no hassle at all whatsoever. The atmosphere was considerably different. I had not mentioned my incident in Illinois as I was completely traumatized. Pam, which was the car salesman that showed me cars that day and let me test drive the Mazda 5 grand touring Mazda 5 sport and 2 Mazda 3's. I told Pam that I wanted to think about my purchase and she gave me no hassle. She was so respectful. I came back and put my $2500 dollars down I saved and got a fully loaded Mazda 3 sedan and I was completely happy with it. It wasn't until I had placed my deposit and the buying process was well under way that I told Pam what had happened. Pam and the sales team at Ralph Thayer Mazda in Livonia, MI were complete polar opposites from what I had experienced in Elmhurst Illinois. They had ordered and secured my car from a different state and she kept in touch with me everyday with the process. Her communication was very professional. It's no wonder she has so many thank you letters on her desk. The whole team was so unbelievably nice, courteous and respectful. In short, I am very in love with this product. I am glad my experience at the previous Mazda dealer did not deter me from test driving further Mazda cars as I believe in the product. It took me a while to muster up the courage to write this. But the proper people and channels need to be made aware that this type of behavior is happening at a Mazda dealership as Mazda is very reputable and has come very highly recommended to me by others. Ralph thayer mazda in Livonia Mi has given me immpeccable service with my oil changes and I have had my mazda 3 going on 7 months now! I'm glad I chose this dealership and their team!
Thanks. Sarah

Posted by JPsouthFL

Just leased my brand new 2015 Mazda 6 from South Motors Mazda in South Florida. Thanks to my sales agent Jorge Ovalles, my buying experience was excellent. Such a nice guy, not pushy, and incredibly knowledgeable on the product he's selling! I almost bought a Kia Optima next door from another great agent but not only was I sold instantly on the quality and luxury of the 6 vs the optima, but the thorough explanation of the vehicles features and great deal Jorge got me is what sealed the deal! I live 50 miles from this dealer and only went there because I was visiting family but I can guarantee I will return to get my next vehicle from Jorge at South Motors Mazda! Kudos to Mazda on the great team, knowledge and service training, and of course on the product. I feel like I'm driving the most luxurious car on the market! Thanks again to Jorge Ovalles and South Motors Mazda of South Florida! You guys are the best!

Posted by Motor Sport 74

Our 2 year old BT50 suffered a major mechanical issue in Charlton Victoria on our return to Melbourne, towing a caravan.
A phone call the RACV also to Mazda Australia and the BT50 was loaded onto a tilt tow truck, the caravan on behind the truck and we were delivered to the RACV depo.
We were duly contacted by Mazda Australia and told the caraven would be taken to the caravan park in the town, Charlton and in the morning, we would go with the tow truck, caravan towed behind and be taken to Bendigo, the closest Mazda Dealer for repair.
When we arrived, we were given another BT50 to tow the caravan to a caravan park and on returning said loan BT50, we were given a Mazda 6 vehicle to use for the time we were in Bendigo, waiting our BT50 repair.
The service manager was in touch daily re the work being done on our vehicle and we were even granted our request to view damage to the vehicle's gear box and clutch.
Mazda also contacted us daily re our satisfaction re Mazda Bendigo and information we were receiving and our satisfaction re the process.
Except for paying for our caravan park stay, there were NO costs to us for this whole "expensive" process.
Mazda Australia even paid the RACV charges for their Road Side Assist (for which we are members) also transporting fees for the taking us and our caravan to Bendigo.
We are totally satisfied with the whole experience with the Bendigo Mazda Dealer, Mazda Australia and the RACV service and of course very greatful for the organizations communication, assistance and for working together to supply the fantastic services we received.
We were also informed by Mazda Bendigo and Mazda Australia a full review re the cause of the failure would be forthcoming and if we had a re occurrence of such failure, even if the vehicle was not within the warranty period, it would be fully covered again.

Posted by Carl H

I own a 1998 Mazda Protege, and without a doubt it is the greatest car I have ever owned. I travel quite a bit for work, and have just over 193,000 miles. Other than regular maintenance such as oil changes, ( which I do myself), and brake shoes, I have had no problems with my car. Unfortunately, due to my increased travel schedule, it has begun leaking oil and smoking excessively and I fear it will cost more to fix than the Blue Book value. Since I'm not wealthy, I will be looking for a used car, but I assure you it will be a Mazda, as you have won a customer for life.

Posted by Compliments to good customer sup

I am writing to give my commendation to the customer service staff, Paul Tait from Melbourne branch in Australia. I am truly impressed with the service and support he has provided, when I called the centre in desperation related to the repairs of my fairly new Mazda CX5. The car was in the garage for over 2 months awaiting for the spare parts to arrive from japan. Paul has helped sort out the spare parts very quickly and has continued to follow through with the supplier and keeping me posted whenever he has further updates. The services he has provided has boost my confidence and faith with Mazda, and is highly commendable.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand people have issues with their mazdas but I love my 2008 Mazda 5 it's what I use to get my wife to work and my terminally ill 17 mth old son to children's hospital of Philadelphia for his drs visits but people its only a car piece of metal that can be replaced don't get me wrong I do understand all your frustrations but if someone like me sees all the complaining about a car knowing that I have a child that will die at a very young age because of his disease it just pi$$es me off I'm sure 95% of you have healthy child/children and the car can be replaced my son can't and if my Mazda 5 dies on me yeah ill be mad but ill get over it it's only a car but ill be screwed cuz I won't be able to get my son to his appointments because I don't have the money to fix or replace it so please step back and look at other people's situations like mine because you really only have a minor inconvence dealing with your car

Posted by dg

I am writing this letter because my daughter had a mazada 3 (I think or it could be a 6 ) she had an accident the car ended up going 18 feet in the air, in a wooded area and spun threw the air took out the tops of trees. It was a mircle that she actually walked away from this accident with only burn marks on her arms, and seat belt marks across her chest, and a bruised ankle. We are so thankful and blessed. Thank God that she was driving your vechile it saved he life.

Posted by Denis

Feb.28,2013 - 2009 Mazda3i, 137000 miles. Survived head-on when 4-dr truck pulled-out in front of me while cruising at 55mph. Broke arm, toe. Bruised, sore, but alive. Thank you Jesus, thank you Mazda.

Posted by Anonymous

Martin Mazda service center in Newark Delaware provided great last minute service!

I am new to the area and have started going there for a short amount of time for service on my Mazda. Recently, the tire light came on my dash board and I didn't know if it was the change in the temperature because I had just had it serviced there a month ago. I put air in the tire and the light on the dash board had gone out. but the next day came back on again.
I work the same hours they are open and could not get to get it checked out until the weekend. So I just walked in and told them about the problem. Not only did they squeeze me in, but they found a nail in the tire and fixed it free of charge. Now that is excellent customer service! Thank you to Henry (the service provider) who made my day and fixed my car!

Posted by Lanettelopez

November 20, 2011
Dear Mazda Corporation,
2 days ago, on Friday, November 18, 2011, I was involved in a serious accident.
I was the proud owner of a 2001 Mazda Tribute. Although my car was 10 years old, I still enjoyed driving it. It was Our Primary Family Car. Over the years, the car required the usual maintenance, and still performed wonderfully.
On Friday Morning, November 18, 2011, I had ventured out on several errands. I dropped off my 5 year old daughter at St. Ann’s School in Kaneohe, dropped off mail at the Kaneohe Post Office, dropped off my Husband at the Straub Medical Hospital in Honolulu, went shopping with My Mother at a couple of places, retrieved my Husband from the Hospital, and went on to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club on
Keeaumoku St. After shopping for groceries, we got back into our Mazda Tribute, and headed for home.

What transpired next was the scariest moment of my life thus far……………..

While waiting on the corner of Likelike and Kahekili St. at a Stop Light, I heard a horn blaring from behind. I looked in my rear view mirror, and didn’t see anything. Then, I saw a very large truck coming around the bend very fast. The Driver was holding down on his horn, and coming fast. I couldn’t go forward as there were cars ahead of me, and cars lined up next to me on the right preventing me from pulling over to the right-side of the road. Everyone was stopped at the RED LIGHT waiting for it to change.

The only thing I could do was say, “Oh My God, Oh My God, He’s going to hit us!” I braced, My Mother who was sitting directly behind me braced, and My Husband, who was sleeping in the front passenger seat, awoke to me yelling…… “He’s going to hit us!” Then, CRAAASSSHHHHH! We were hit from behind. Our car slammed into the vehicle in-front of us, then, we were hit again. Our Airbags went off, and all I saw was smoke all around me. I thought the car was smoking, and getting ready to explode into flames. My Mother and I tried to get out. My Husband took off his seat belt to get out, and couldn’t move his leg. He had leg injuries and his left side was hurt real bad. His Head, Neck, and Back were also hurting. The Ambulance immediately took him to Castle Hospital for treatment.

My Mother and I sustained some bruising and 1 day later, started to feel the effects of the accident.
We both had Head, Neck, and Back Pain, as a result of being hit so hard from behind.

The real story is that there were NO FATALITIES. Our Mazda Tribute, although completely smashed in the rear and in the front (Engine) of the car, remained INTACT in the seating compartments of the car. Our Groceries didn’t make it, but, All PASSENGERS lived to talk about the ordeal afterwards.

When financially possible, we will definitely own another Mazda Tribute.

The Safety and good build of that Car, and God up above, SAVED OUR LIVES!

Lanette Lopez & Family

Posted by linda

wow! they answered promptly. were professional and fast.they verified who i was ..did not question my knowledge and or inquiry ..and did not try to sell me anything....

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Posted by Anonymous

Its a shame that Mazda just screwed every sales person on the planet by changing the incentive plan for there front line sales people. Now we cant make money on the sale of the car because of the price points and cant make decent spin money either. Maybe some one from corporate shoud
try working 12 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week for $70 dollars a car.


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