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Mattel customer service is ranked #310 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.68 out of a possible 200 based upon 34 ratings. This score rates Mattel customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


32 Negative Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 94.12%.


2 Positive Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 5.88%.

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  • Mattel

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    • 38.68 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 32 negative comments (94.12%)
    • 2 positive comments (5.88%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 3.9 Reachability
    • 3.1 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please give me the email address for customer service in the US?

I would like to get my feedback through to US head office please.

Thanks and regards,
Ms Tan

Posted by ali

I ordered a fashionista Ken June 23. Every time there's a delivery date, it gets bumped up a week. I have been waiting now 3 weeks and just today when i checked it has been bumped up another week. I am sending it to someone out of town who is leaving soon; i had no idea it would be a month (or more, at this rate!) to get it to her, since when i ordered it the ship date shown was two days after that! I called their customer service department to inquire and get a REAL eta, and the rep was extremely RUDE (I am purposefully very kind when i called; she was NOT). There is no explanation or politeness or consideration - when you click on the "click here if you need more help" it doesn't go anywhere! Ha ha -- which even if you reach out for help, guess what; it doesn't go anywhere! LIke the toy i ordered! Horrible experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been collecting Hotwheels since 1973. I am in Canada and have amassed over 40,000 Hotwheels. I am very upset with the distribution of your cars in Canada compared to the US. We are 8 case codes behind the US in distribution. Until about 6 years ago, I was spending over 6,000 dollars on Hotwheels per year or more. The last 5 years I have bought less than a hundred dollars per year. I believe this to be unfair to all who collect your cars in this country. If it's about money, you are losing alot. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

bought hot wheels octo battle for my grandson and what a load of rubbish the pump dosent work on it and when you try to make the car jump to the ramp its impossible so if your thinking of buying one don't bother because the child you buy it for will be very disappointed indeed

Posted by ally

I brought the Barbie rainbow hair doll for my 8 year old sister she loves Barbie and normally dont have a problem but this doll was horrible the hair colour takes for ever to wash out the straightener coloring tool broke first time it was use used and the barbies head came off very disappointed as spending 50 dollars you expect quality the 2 dollar dolls hold up better its is such a rip off won't be buying again

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased an expensive kids Trike online, a major component of the trike is missing from the box, so it cannot be assembled. I emailed customer service to request the spare part, and they told me it's not their product ??!! When I called consumer relations, they said they can get the spare only if I pay for it. Then they hung up on me ! I called back and the woman hung up the phone before I could even say hello. An extremely rude, uneducated person. How can Mattel allow someone like this to represent them ?
Horrible Service

Posted by annie0507

Years ago when my daughter was young, I purchased "Dolly Pops" for Christmas....Fast forward to 35 years later, and I found a couple of dolly pops when moving...I looked for them in different stores, to no avail...The little ones absolutely love them....It would be great to have them available again! Thanks for your help!

Posted by annie0507

I purchased Barbie rainbow hair and when I put the hair dye on my Barbie, it became multicolored, and it didn't look like the Barbie on the box. The box said that if you run the hair under water for 5 minutes, the hair dye will come off. I had to wash the hair for 1/2 hour before it was back to normal. 5 minutes after I opened the box, the clip for the hair dye snapped in half, and I ended up throwing the hair dye away. I'm 7 years old and I take good care of my toys. I will let my friends know this wasn't a good purchase.

Posted by Mamma

I have a 4 year old little girl and of course she in now getting into Barbies and as we all know if you buy real barbies not one of them are cheap and I also was a huge Barbie lover as a child. So for Christmas I went all out and purchased about 500 dollars worth of barbies, clothes the top of the line Barbie house and just let me say im very unhappy with all the Barbie dolls I bought. I know as a child all my barbies arms and legs would move to be more realistic. Well not one of my little girls dolls are realistic like they used to be. I would hope that its not how they are making them now because I will not spend 1 more dollar on and barbies. I hope that they are not counterfeit considering I bought everything at Walmart. I hope someone from customer service contacts me soon. My name is Sarah and I am very unhappy.

Posted by Make no hair dolls for cancer ki

Why isn't their any barbies dolls with no hair to support children that has cancer and no hair. Every child is beautiful even with out hair. I think yous should come out with barbies dolls with no hair to show children with no hair that they are beautiful to.its about time to do something for them instead of children that has hair no need to be discrimination against them. How would your child would feel that has no hair and your dolls has to show and show beauty Ness. Your child would feel sad and unloved. Please show children that has no hair that they are beautiful as well by bringing out dolls with no hair. Every child deserves to be happy doesn't matter what they look like.

Posted by Fashionangel23

I think that you should change your coloring for barbie, as well as the original barbie face mold and look . Better fashion packs would also be greatly appreciated as well as more articulated dolls . Lastly, a line similar to the barbie basics, a former and much liked line of yours, should be created .

Posted by ScarlettMama

Purchased 12 items from on 12/05/2013. 2 were shipped and delivered. 2 were cancelled even though they were still in stock online. 1 was backordered. 7 were never shipped. A UPS tracking number was issued but the 7 items never left the warehouse apparently because when I called them on 12/16/2013 the rep says he did not know what happened. He issued a new shipping order to be sent 2nd day air. I received an email confirming the shipment but it did not have one item, a Monster High 13 wishes bundle, which consisted of 4 items. I called and spoke to another rep and they reordered it for me for 2nd day air. I repetitively asked him if he had the correct item, the bundle, not 1 doll and he reassured me that, yes, he ordered the bundle. Silly me, thinking that he knew what he was doing. I called and spoke to another rep and she corrected the error and left a note on my file saying to correct my order. She said that she couldn't doing anything at the moment to expedite the reship of the missing items since there were not any supervisors on duty. There should always be a supervisor on duty for a 24-hour on-call center! I called back the next day furious at the incompetence and the lack of urgency and finally spoke to a rep that had supervision to send me the items I ordered over 2 weeks ago. I wanted to be polite but it seemed that if I didn't show how upset I was at how screwed up the situation was they would not show any urgency at resolving the matter. It seems you need to be rude to get things done right at Mattel. She says that she would send it Overnight but when I got the confirmation of the shipment it says Standard Ground Shipping. Silly me, again, for trusting Mattel Customer Service Reps to handle something so very simple. Mattel, you obviously know how to make toys. That is apparent for decades. But as far as simply putting the items in a box and notifying UPS to pick up from your fulfillment warehouse? No, you do not! Your customer service reps are horribly trained and probably do not get paid enough to even care if the customer is satisfied entirely with the order. Today is 12/20/2013 and out of the 12 items I have ordered on 12/05, only 2 have reached their destination. I am sad to say that the items I purchased for Christmas for my little girl are not going to be here Christmas morning. These are the toys my daughter asked Santa for. I will be forced to go to a store to purchase the missing items. I will not, I won't ever shop on again. Never, ever. I was also hung up on or disconnected from twice. They never bothered to call back even though my order has my mobile number attached to it. Shame on you Mattel. You should take a class from Amazon or Toys R Us on order fulfillment. You definitely are an expert at taking orders and charging customers' credit cards. Stick to making toys and close down your shop online.

Posted by zip62

It took Mattel 6 weeks to respond to my email

Posted by Anonymous

my daughter received the Disney Princess hair color changing doll and was very disappointed. The brush leaks no matter how much water you put in it. It is very hard to see the color appear because you have to press hard for it to work. This is a waste of money and a rip off. She got frustrated and gave up and said she was bored of it in less then 5 minutes, because she couldnt get it to work. This is the worst product and I cant believe I spent so much on something that barely works. I thought there use to be one with a light, but think this might replace that item because I couldnt find it. I am very upset that this was so disappointing for both her and myself and that I wasted $17.99.

Posted by Shame on You Mattel @ Chrsitmas

I think it stinks when so close to Christmas.And the way the problem was
handled.I ordered a Mail in item form the kmart hot wheels event.I had called to find out why.I had not recieved the Hot
Wheels Mail in item.
I was told that one of the 20 cards was
incorrect from a 2000 card.Normaly Mattel
would email or send a letter.Asking for
the person to send a replacemnt card.And in which case I would have gladly done.
But instead I was told theorder was cancelled and there was nothing they could do about it.
So in another words my paying for the mail charge and the hard back card of 20.Was thrwon away and go away and have a nice life.
This not sound to good for mattel.Who has always stood behind being real good with handleing problems.
I am addressing this issue.Because now I
have ot go out and buy one on ebay for a christmas gift.Due to the sloppy miss handleing of mattel Customer service Dept.Not a nice way to treat anyone that has to deal with mattel.And not very nice for Chrsitmas time either.

Posted by Anonymous

My first time using I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were better than some of the stores I had been. One item was a track that was on backorder. I knew when I ordered it that it was on backorder but there was no estimated time of availability. Over a week later with no update I call customer service for information on the item. They do not know anything about their item, When it will be in? Is there a shortage? Are there any retailers that are expecting to have it? No information at all... But they did offer to order a different track for me..?? I could do that myself, I wanted to know about the specific track that my son wanted.
I hang up with them and go online to cancel my order and I check my email. I get an email from Mattel 4 minutes before that says my order was cancelled because it will not be available and not expected in stock???
Could the rep not tell me that??

Posted by SAD BDay Boy

We just brought a hot wheels mega garage and went to put it together and the rope for the elevator got stuck inside it then the spring fell out. I hope my husband can fix it or our birthday boy is not going to have a good morning tomorrow! Hot wheels has been around for so long there products should be getting better,not worse! Little boys love their HOT WHEELS. And now we cant find the car that was supposed to come with it!! Not good Mattel.!! Please feel free to e-mail me at for an apology.

Posted by blackvelvet49 was terrible. I placed an order for a baby doll. My VISA was charged and I got an email saying my order shipped, but the toy never showed up after a few days, so I emailed their customer service to which they to this day never responded to my email. So then I called them and a woman at acknowledged that they never shipped my item even though they said they did. She said they will ship out in several days :-( I needed this for a gift for my daughter's birthday party in 4 days and they cannot ship it to me any quicker due to their error! I said I need to get a refund, as I'll now have to go to a store and buy a different doll for my daughter. The woman seemed annoyed by this request but said she canceled the order and did the refund. - Two weeks later I had to call once again, because my VISA still hasn't been credited for the refund. Now a new woman tells me the last woman never entered my refund request! So they were just going to steal my money! I have yet to confirm that my VISA has received a refund of the cancelled order.

Posted by Anonymous

Lori - Supervisor in Consumer Relations


Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Grandma K

I bought 2 Holiday Barbe dolls and received a coupon to get a Barbie doll and Tawny Horse for $3. The check was returned stating that I didn't follow the rules because I needed to send in the original UPC code. I explained that since these were Holiday Barbies we did not want to destroy the boxes. I was practically called a liar because I could have bought these dolls and then returned them and got the free merchandise. I did not appreciate the implications that they made and I will think twice about buying Mattel in the future.

Posted by Blairterry

Mattel and Target Australia should be ashamed of the false advertising they put in this latest catalogue - Both Howleen & Nefera The latest Monster High dolls were advertised as being on Special this week but after waiting in line at the Stores for opening time - I was told that is a mistake and won't be released until March. Surely someone from either company would know what is going on. No wonder Mattel is losing its loyal customers - the quality is going down as the price goes up!

Posted by warrior

I bought the Barbie virtual world doll under the assumption that the online service would be free as it stated but after one year they have started making us pay for it and we cant afford it.....WHATS UP WITH THAT......

Posted by Very Upset Mother

I think it is crazy that you have to pay an expert to try to get an answer on a product that doesn't work. We have a Barbie doll'd up nail product that will not work correctly which has been purchased for 2 year. It is also crazy that you pay that kind of money for a product & then want a customer to pay to get a answer. If this is the support you get from your customer service, we will not or recommend anymore products from your company again.


My 9 year old daughter was so excited to get Monster High dolls for Christmas. As I'm sure you're all aware of, one of them fell apart by january. She had a birthday in February. she recieved 5 more dolls. One was broken in the box. One broke right after she got it out. When I returned the one still in the box, the store(Target) said they get many of these returned-BROKEN!! Mattel has gone down hill big time! I work in retail and I will make sure EVERYONE I see knows not to buy your products anymore! You are all hype with no backbone to support your garbage toys you are now selling!!! HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!

Add your review!

Posted by greatgrandmother

Mattel customer service was quick and resolved all my needs. I was very pleased with their service and thank them.

Posted by Anonymous

very satified with the toys i purchased

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