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    • 26.83 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 612 negative comments (95.77%)
    • 27 positive comments (4.23%)
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Posted by Tracey

Why have I been blocked from my account???? Unable to sign in to sort it can't sign in to

As recommended

Please advise

T Mortiboys

Posted by Rose

I have also had my account blocked for no reason I can find since it seems impossible to get an answer out of the company. They referred me to a non existent website for help. I suspect match runs a large number of scams. I am paid up till December but am giving up now. So, they have certainly made money out of me!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Doug Washabau a member of I RECEIVED A Email from Match stating I changed my contacts. I never did this. Now I can't get on match. My original e-mail is [email protected] you changed it to. Also my login was changed to looking4unow65. Please call me, I can't send you a text because I can't get on your service!

Posted by Nic1976

Please contact me asap regarding non use of signing in to my account. I suddenly got a mailer alert and cannot sign in. Disappointing because I�m hardly online and I pay for this. I tried signing in again but it�s giving me a hard time.

Posted by Spoiledgirl

I just joined a couple weeks ago then had to get a new phone. Now I can't access my account.

Posted by Danny128

I have been a member on for 3 years. I have been separated from my wife since 2011. My profile did say I am divorced. My mistake. What do I need to do to get my subscription renewed?

Posted by Jrstar1

My account access is blocked and I didnÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½t get a notice. I have no idea what is going on. Pl contact me ASAP. Joan Romanition.

Posted by Mike Schmid

My name is Mike Scmid my g mail is as follows

I am wondering why I no longer have the ability to go online or the app itself I am blocked by you and I'm wondering what the problem is as I have done nothing I am aware of to be blocked so please can someone tell me what is going on here or what I supposedly did to be blocked on thus site

Thank You

Posted by Samuel

Having trouble logging in to my account

Posted by

I am still working to unblock my account- please is there a person I can reach out to that can help?

Posted by Cubsfan _looking

It really is a shame that a company based in Texas has call centers in the Philippines who are rude, hang up or say they have no United States phone numbers....when I did track down a number it went straight to a voice mail......If they don't want to answer their U.S phones then leave our country...

Posted by Anonymous

I canceled my membership with on Feb 1,2018 I submitted the answers to your little survary asking why I'm leaving. On Feb 10th I received a noticed stating I had a charge from applied on Feb 7th. I emailed the customer service, and I re-canceled the service.

I called on 2/12 at 8:30 am spoke with Manuel which sound like a female but has a male name. He/She looked at my account and said that the first cancelation didn't take that why I was being charge. He/She also stated that they noticed that I hadn't used the account since the Feb 1st. Which I informed them that no I hadn't because I canceled it on Feb 1st, why would I use it after I canceled it. I informed them that I sent an email on that date and later confirming that this was canceled and I could provide my forward copy on the date and they he/she said they could not take that. and that they didn't have any email from me.

I want my refund. you service removed $49.00 from me after I canacled my service and looking on the website I'm not the only person who have done this too. seems like fraud to me.

Posted by KGH

Cannot contact Customer Support for billing issues - the Customer Support email is not available to subscribers.

The webform does NOT submit to an email address. Instead, it is a decoy form that redirects a user to call Support Line that does not answer.

In essence, there is no support by email or phone.

Posted by Bebejenny556

I been received all harassment emails from this match member name joeFK please. Block him from email me. He is a sick man very nasty abnormal man. Please do not let block him from e-mailing me any user name is.thanks

Posted by jkofstyles

I am absolutely at a loss for words on the way I was treated from this customer service rep that I called for help regarding an auto renewal of $107 taken out of my account. I never agreed or was aware of such an amount. I was set up for paying $40 for 3 months which is fair and affordable. I rarely use this and have not had any success because I don't really use it. I asked for help in getting a refund. when I first called. I was hung up on after my account was pulled up because I believe he didnt want to talk about my situation. I called back and the second person I talked to (Carl I believe) told me pretty much No that my account will not be refunded. I asked to speak with a supervisor 4 times after asking if he was. He refused to transfer me to a supervisor when I asked him to. Then told me he was disconnecting this call. I was very polite and hoping for some help. This kind of service is unbelievable to me. I will be contacting my bank now and filing a claim! How dare you as a company treat people like this and steal from them. Shame on you!!! I just want my money back and will never use Match again

Posted by Anonymous

On November 15, I called customer service to cancel a subscription initiated in error on November 12, 2017. I spoke to your agent Jacob Henry. We spent an hour on the phone while he attempted to refund $107.94. In that time he accessed my computer. His actions initiated alerts for unauthorized charges and activities from most of my on-line accounts including Amazon, American Express, USAA, PayPal and Bank of America, There is no indication of a refund and I have either been restricted from these accounts or have had to file disputes of charges. Poor training or fraud?
When I called back for an explanation, no one could find any record of Jacob Henry or provide a supervisorâs name to discuss this issue. If your company has a reasonable explanation for my experience, I am eager to hear it before I speak with the proper legal authorities and the BBB.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Posted by Barbara

I think is you people who need more support to resolve things, I want to know why is my account says block by you people and that resolution support don't exist it just shows tired of all your people unprofessional support. And your customer service should be provided 24 hours everyday cause the reason there's so many complaints is because no one can ever talk to anyone in the customer service field

Posted by sweetness

I have been a victum of a SCAMMER..
This is the second time on your online dating
Im EXTREMELY disappointed and very angry...with your services.
I have all contact info on the going to file a big time complaint against your business.
I have been a subscriber for 2yrs now...and frankly its very dangerous to be on your site.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not want to renew my subscription up0n renewal date. I think my Is this all I have to Do? Is Our Time also part of

Posted by kimim13

I tried the free three month trial and was charged 89.95. I called and finally spoke to someone and did get a refund of half that amount and closed the account with two different people. Now here again after CLOSING the account my bank statement shows that I have been charged again $158.92 for three transactions.I received no product other the first shipment. I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND THESE PEOPLE WHEN I TALK TO THEM.

Posted by Mmm

Thank you for making it so simple to post my best friends photo accidentally and not being able to remove it instantly!!!! Now his wife knows! Since I can't remove the picture with mine she thinks he's a liar! Please remove his picture now!

Posted by Anonymous

My account has been down for 5 weeks. was on with customer service for almost an hour and not fixed..Promised the elevator and given the shaft

Posted by miledy martinez

It is important that I sent you an e-mail that I received from you, to contact a signer by an email, and I am talking to this sr. Very mysterious, he sent me photos, but, I must forward it to you to check its veracity, as very mysterious this mr.

I want to resend the which mail can I renew it?

Thank you. Altamia1.

Posted by Anonymous

UNBELIEVABLE!! I'm sooo disappointed with this companies LACK of caring, concern for the safety of the members. How do I know? I've been hacked at least 3 times in 1 year. I'm cool with that.

I've clicked on NO strange links or spoken to any weirdos. I was hacked last night and I have a ton of emails from many men (they were approached by the SECURITY BREACHER) asking for information (looked like it was from me).

I immediately contacted the company, who is closed. They do NOT have a 24/7 access number for these cases.

1. What about my credit card info? Every company has 24/7 access available to prevent FIRES.
2. The men who received messages from me? Some of them are answering (it goes to my email) and they are unaware it is not me. Again, nobody's in the office to protect the end user. Really? Really? They're making a fortune. Have a "safety" measure in place to protect and support any breaches.
3. Since I've written 5 messages to the company and they aren't available, I'm writing reviews and complaints. I'm going to definitely reach out to governing bodies who will help ALL companies like this to value their clients and protect them

This could be a great service but they're being very irresponsible not having a department ready to go ....

Posted by Allygcat

DO NOT SIGN UP! Horrible matches and the customer service is TeRRIBLE!!!!! Trick you into auto matic renewal. They will not let you speak to a supervisor and extremely rude

Add your review!

Posted by Doesn't apply

I never signed up for I don't know how to get rid of their emails. I've tried everything so please don't tell me to go on the site and try to fix anything because I can't, I never filled out a profile so I wouldn't be able to get on there anyway. I signed up for a different site and somehow they've gotten hold of my information which is against the law

Posted by caty

Called the number on the site and spoke with a lady. She sounds reasonable and helped me to cancel my account and refunded my payment. It is within 3 days FYI.

Posted by TAPLV

Monthly fee is reasonable and the payment plan is affordable. Computerized matching generates daily emails you will get exposed to a big number of database records. However, customer service is not easily accessible.

Posted by Anonymous

Called the 800 # given here, got through immediately and was given a partial refund.

Posted by Romanticgena

I felt went spook to customer service he was very responsive to canceling your site that I couldn't afford the site. He gave me great service for me

Posted by Anonymous

I went on Match 2 years ago and met a woman on your site who turned out to be my ultimate soul mate. I have had a couple of bad marriages and was unhappy with other relationships after being divorced. This woman turned out to be perfect and I have never had such a stable relationship before I met her. I thank Match for helping us get together.


Posted by blueizes

I meet my wife on back in 2002 and we married in 2003 on June 6th. This is going to be our 10 year anniversary in which I have enjoyed my life with this wonderful woman. I just want to thank for bringing us together, and let all of you out there that is looking for that special person this site is the only one you will need, it should be called cause it is. Thanks again

Posted by lilbullrider

Hi my mame is storm
I was a member of I wanted to say I met my soul mate on and I am.marrying him June 15,2013.thank you. What is amazing is he and I.lived only one mile apart
But because of your services I met David and II wanted to say sincerely. Storm Hensley ( lilbullrider39)

Posted by starks

I wasn't aware of the auto renewal clause of having a subscription so when I got an email from paypal about $119 being paid to from my card I was pissed to say the least. I went on and cancelled my membership, chatted with a customer service rep and they issued a refund and cancelled my account per my request. I hope this actually happens and they don't keep my account information....

Posted by Latina0259

I am sure I've cancelled my subscription on time, but it was renewed automatically, HOWEVER, I called Customer Service and the girl who spoke to me on the phone was pleasant, helpful and after I explained my situation to her, she refund my money to my account, effective 3 days without any problem.

Posted by Anonymous

i signed up for, and within a few hours decided the site was not user friendly and not worth the $107.90 my credit card got charged. i thought it would be monthly, not one total charge. I did not send any emails or use any of the services. I called the number listed above here and was able to talk with a representative immediately, he was very helpful and polite and refunded the total amount right away. It should be refunded within 72 hours he said. I have a confirmation email if anything goes wrong. It was very easy and i had none of the issues that other people had which i read about here. maybe they have changed their customer service policies!

Posted by Anonymous

I just used your phone number provided. I got through quickly to a representative and received a refund. I had cancelled on he same day I was billed. She said I would receive a refund in 2-3 days. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you to the person who listed this number to contact Match 08719640094. I could not find it anywhere else! Online 'help' just gives auto replies.
The girl I spoke to on that number was very helpful. Took my account number and informed me that my automatic renewal had been cancelled ( confirmation email received also )

Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Service phone number was very easy to find. The Customer Service Rep was very helpful and transaction was completed.


Posted by adreena

If you want a refund within 3 business days of your purchase and they refuse simply state that the U.S law allows you to cancel any contract used or not used within 3 business days if they still refuse then its consider a criminal offense. They don't refuse though I received my full refund. Just wanted to help you guys out if you had the same issue I had.

Posted by Anonymous

I really and truly want to thank the person who said that you can get a refund on within 3 days by stating that it is the law. I used exactaly what you said word for word in your "comments" and I got my full refund of $77.97.

Thank you again whoever you are!

Posted by dantesmuse1286

Even though I cancelled my subscription I am still getting emails, Winks, likes, etc. which caused a big fight with my fiancee, who thinks I am a current member. I never had a problem like that before. They were always very polite on the phone when I called to cancel and I was never overcharged, but what they are doing now, leaving my profile visible after my cancellation, that is not right and is causing me a lot of grief.
The # for to call and talk to a real person is: 1-800-926-2824. Good Luck.

Posted by Jess

I just got on the phone with the number somebody provided here and if you get really angry and say you did not authorize or renewals and they have no right to use your credit card without authorization they would actually give your money back! I told the rep that I thought it was not right for them to make use of my credit card like. I said I was aware of the renewal thing but the correct way to do that is to actually send an email to the user and inform they are about to renew and if you don't wish to continue then click and cancel. so just get very upset and tell them they have no right to make use of your credit card without your authorization.

Posted by shannonleigh1414

I have had a horrible few months, death in the family, funeral to pay for and with a new health problem I have been taken out of work for a month. I have never been very computer savy,and with all the recent bad in my life I called to cancel my accout and try to recieve a refund for my prepaid months...this did not happen and frankly was not handled well by match considering the situation I found myself in. However given some time to think and since I have paid for the service anyway I decided to log back on. Well of course, murphy's law I had tons of issues.....In comes my savior Sandra, she walked me through my issues, cleared up my mess and made me smile, which given the last few months was a great change. Thank you Sandra

Posted by lovechild2011

Jamaal ROCKS!!I called this number and did have to wait a little while but then Jamaal answered!He was very caring,kind and helpful.I wanted the updates to stop coming and he made sure to cut them off,I also wanted to make sure I was completely canceled to not be charged anymore.He assured me it was done.Very great experience..5 Stars for Jamaal!!:)

Posted by Anonymous

They were great. They extended me for free and I met someone special. I just called and canceled to ensure no additional charges to my cc. Match has been fun!!

Posted by Anonymous

I got automatically rebilled by the company and called to get a refund. I told the representative that I had met someone on the site, and they refunded the money. So far so good.

Posted by tonka2u

I would personally like to thank Customer Service at for there prompt Service I had recived an email from someone with the subject Dinner you and me Sat nite.
I was concerned about opening the email do to all the Virous Scams I called Match .com and gave them the senders name.
They Quickly Informed me that this person's email that was not a Customer or conected with Match .com.
They Most likely saved me from opening an email that could have had a Virious attached to it Thank You again for your Outstanding Customer Service

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the phone with a person neamed "Edward". He was very nice and gave me a few tips. I had just been billed for an additional 6 months and should have gotten 6 months free as I have NOT met my match yet. Edward explained there is a button to hit on the progress page which I didn't see and why I was billed. Edward said I should see a credit in 72hrs and he added aan email tracker service for "free" so I can see if poeple actually read my emails... Based on the comments I have read here I did nt expect the quality of service I got today, but I am happy with how I was treated. Plus Edward sounded like he was in the US..

Posted by Anonymous

After many months and multiple failed attempts of connecting with customer service online, I called this number and was able to speak directly with a representative. She was very kind and, within a 12 minute phone call, refunded the charges to my account!

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Posted by Anonymous

I work in Customer Service with; and you would not believe how many people claim they were unaware of the AR policy. NOT true. If you subscribe online, it is mentioned twice. Before you can even hit submit once you enter your CC number, you have to check the box that informs you "You will be AR" It's there. If you subscribe over the phone we are required by law to inform you that you will be AR at the end of your sub. People have been fired for not informing customers of it...

Two good reasons why we have AR. It locks in the price of your subscription. Prices are increasing. I see people who pay $59.99 for a 3mo package, where the price has now increased to $70. There are people who are still paying $8 a month for Most of those people are serial daters, but we have them. And two, you will lose all communication when your subscription runs out. Imagine if your cable company just cut off your service in the middle of a big game. We find there are more customers who like the AR then who don't like it. BUT everyone is aware...

IF you notice a charge on your CC from and you have never or were never a member MORE THAN LIKELY someone has stolen your credit card information. It happens. It's not just signing you up. Somewhere along the way you were not careful with your CC info; all it takes is a simple phone call to Match to resolve the issue.


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