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MasterCard customer service is ranked #671 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 125 ratings. This score rates MasterCard customer service and customer support as Terrible.


121 Negative Comments out of 125 Total Comments is 96.80%.


4 Positive Comments out of 125 Total Comments is 3.20%.

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    • 26.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 121 negative comments (96.80%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.20%)
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Posted by Anonymous

The man from bmo mastercard customer services refuse to say his name clearly. He kept on repeating the greeting message in the most monotone depressing condescending way but not answering my question clearly which is how to spell his name. He purposely said his name very quickly each time and just kept on repeating the entire greeting message which is completely unnecessary. Then he just say there a problem with connection and just hang up. He doesn't understand the meaning of customer services. If you are the CEO of bmo mastercard, you can call customer services as a customer and see how condescending and patronizing they answer their calls. I will not be using bmo mastercard anymore. I do not deserve to be treated like this.

Posted by Anonymous

I Received A Notice From Capital One That My Payment Was Overdue. Of Course It Is - We Didn't Get A Statement From Them Last Month. When I Called To Ask For A Resend, It Was Promised. But We Have Failed To Get A Statement. We Will Not Pay Online, We Want A Paper Statement Sent To Us With No Late Charges Because It's Not Our Fault!!!!!

Posted by Sandy

Very inconvenient transaction with this company. My refund from Ring Central was not processesed and they kept on asking for more documents when the problem is with how they process refunds. Super pissed. Seamless transactions are totally nonexistent with them.

Posted by Good Dad

I recently obtained credit cards for two of my kids on my account. Mainly for emergencies and online purchases.

So I was a little disturbed to discover that my kids have full access to all my credit card transactions, balance etc online.

I did complain by telephone and was advised that by providing cards to others you are in fact sharing the account. Certainly wasn't advised of this at the time!

Seems very off, especially at a time when it is getting harder and harder to maintain control of our personal data!

I imagine the only reason there hasn't been a bigger stink about this is because no one realises.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to use brand new card at Sams Club....declined....called to get help at ...they said my card should worked need to get better help...
No help what so ever....So I guess that I will just cut up the card...

Thank for nothing...

Posted by Mickey Mouse

Mastercard has the worst customer service ever!
They charged my account TWICE for the same amount,in the same month, added a late fee, interest charges and then
sent a letter threatening being sent to collections!

Posted by PO'd Customer

Paid my balance via electronic x'fer 4 days ago (funds were verified by my bank to have been withdrawn from my bank account that same day. My Master Card'online statement (and Master Card's auto phone account info) state I have my credit limit available. Went to use my card just now (4 days later) and it was declined!!!! I called Master "Scammers" and they said it was still processing. WTF!?

Posted by Doesnt apply

This is the worst experience with customer service where the woman claimd she was the supervisor of mastrrcard then changed her lie to say she cant transfer the call to a sipervisor then claimed she couldnt put the supervisor on the phone. Then the idiot changes her story back to she is the supervisor then claims her supervisor is gone. What the hell kind of business is this? Mastercard has failed to send my permanent card then cuts off my money i already put on the card jeopardized my obligation to pay my bill and no one with half a brain can answer my questions and trying to understand the customer servce broken english requires an interpretor. Is this company for real? The customer service lies included her saying her supervisor will call me back. I wish this lying idiot would keep her story straight and would love to hear from this company tomorrow in utah. I am going to have to make this whole issue a priority this theft is from mastercard

Posted by Anonymous

I have debit MasterCard and they stole a 100 $ deposit I made and said i owed them 300$ more.ive been calling since Nov 24 and they charge me 3$ a call.they have told me lie after lie and keep telling me they should have a answer within 48 hours.what a joke.

Posted by MastercardruinedmysonsCHRISTMAS

I CALLED TO ACTIVATE MY PRE-PAID MYVANILLACARD MASTERCARD TO BUY MY SONS CHRISTMAS GIFT ONLINE A WEEK AGO. THE CUSTOMER REP TOLD ME i had to register it using my drivers license. I had never had to before but since she said so then I did so. Later that evening I made the purchase or so I thought. 2 days later I recieved a cancellation order from the merchant. Unfortunately the warehouse was closed by then so i called Mastercard to see what happened. The rep said a mistake had been made while registering the card o their behalf not mine but it would take 7 days before any money would be back on my card.(hundreds of dollars mind you) I asked for a manager and when I finally got one she also said she was sorry but this was beyond her control. So I freaked out a little bit not much and explained it was their fault according to the rep and after being put on hold again she came back and said I was indeed right and she would put the money back on my card in 24 hours or less. It sucked still but it was better than 7 days. BUT before I could even thank her in the very same breathw she said, "but unfortunately our customer service rep registered your card illegally by using your drivers license which is a violation of the PATRIOT ACT AND ALTHOUGH the money will be bacl tomorrow since it violated this patriot act you will now be required to send in a copy of your drivers license, signed copy of your social security card and proof of residency but as soon as I get these documents I can reactivate your card and once again I am so sorry"! Yea yea I know this sounds rediculous. Hell I dont even believe it. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS JOKING OR MAYBE PULLING SOME POWER TRIP THING ON ME BECAUSE I raised my voice and told her I had recorded the them admitting that they were the ones that screwed up not me but she assured me she was serious and once again nothing she could do but apologize of course. 2 Days later after her telling me all of this, another manager named Brian ID#5248 just told me this evening that he had no record of any such phone call with a female managwr 2 days earlier and once again there was nothing he could do that now I would have to wait till the 8th day instead of 7 to get my money back and he no idea about any patriot act violation anything. IM CERTAIN SHE MADE A RECORD OF IT BUT HE SAME AS CALLED ME A LIAR ABOUT THE WHOLE THING INCLUDING THE ORIGINAL REP REGISTERINH MY CARD WRONG. COMPLETE AND TOTAL MADNESS!

Posted by Anonymous

Can not reach anyone from MC. They have zero customer service. This is an awful experience!

Posted by KP

I have been on phone for 2 hrs being transferred to several people and nobody seems to give me same answer. say they dont keep track og payments coming I. Very poor customer service. Will be cancelling my accts real soon.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir:Last Sunday the 16th of October I found out that around 9:30 am my Vanilla debit Master card had been wiped out for $258.56 while I was sleeping.I'm from Saratoga NY and a company in Arizona did the theft.then I when I contacted the company that's on the card they took all my information by sending me the forms in my e-mail and told me that it would take around 3 months for them to come to a decision and that I might not get my money back.What kind of system is this.Your company should do something with your programs and cards and protect the very people that keep you in business and your jobs.thanks Henry Matteo

Posted by Alyza

Victor Fry Maybe you could explain to me why Master Card have taken my daughters money from her debit card. We know its an Indian who runs it now, and we all know that Indians don't pay anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

The representative my family and I got was absolutely impossible. Refused to listen to our situation. Refused to let us cancel the card. Thank God the calls are recorded so management can maybe look into this guy.

Rep: JEFF.
Staff ID: 3676

I am the subsidiary card holder (SCH) having issues with my card (card was getting denied). I live with the primary card holder (PCH) and we decided to call HSBC Mastercard to find out what was going on. Our first rep. was patient and willing to listen to us, the PCH gave his information and consented to having me speak for myself, which the rep. was fine with. I told him my situation and he looked into my account for me. Told me that the last statement was already paid for, and the card was getting denied because I had exceeded my limit from September 11 until today (September 20). There was a fee for going over the limit (that's fine). He explained to me what options I had available to me and what I can do from there. We ended the call (I was stupid and forgot to ask for his name), and I looked into my statement online and realized that I currently do not exceed the limit as he had said. The only possibility I would have exceeded the limit is if the last statement I paid for was added onto the current one. So the PCH called back for me and unfortunately the rep we got JEFF.

Jeff did not want to talk to me, even with the consent of the PCH as he felt (in his words) he "knew enough about the situation without talking to me". He wanted to talk to the PCH even though the PCH had no idea what transactions I made, my balance, etc. He said there was "very confidential information that he can only share with the PCH". The PCH expressed that he was NOT comfortable talking to the rep and he did not know enough to speak on my behalf. The rep completely ignored what the cardholder said and prattles on about the statement. The PCH constantly offers to pass the phone to me and reminded the rep that he is CONSENTING to have me as the SCH speak for myself. The rep makes excuses saying that this will be troublesome for the PCH if he has questions that I (as the SCH) can't answer. PCH says fine, he is consenting to a conference call between all three of us and if there is information that cannot be shared, the rep can request for me to hang up until this information is relayed. So I pick up the phone, Jeff is still bs-ing. I interject calmly and explain the whole situation, how I already paid for my last statement, how the previous rep has confirmed that this was received, and what I should do. Jeff cuts me off and says (word for word) "I need you to hang up and end this conference call, I am speaking to the PCH ONLY." We are speechless. Jeff told us to take it up with the bank and it's basically not his problem, he is not responsible for what has happened to my statement. We are frustrated at this point and the PCH insists on cancelling his and my card. Jeff REFUSES to do this for us, DEMANDS for us explain ourselves and after the explanation, says he will not cancel our card. He interrupts the PCH constantly and is becoming increasingly, especially after we mention we want to cancel the card. We eventually end the call, and nothing is solved (thanks Jeff...).

Ultimately the JEFF did NOTHING but cause us to feel more frustrated. Now I will have to pay for the last statement (which I already PAID FOR, ON TIME), the current statement (of 9 days), PLUS the fee for going over the limit (~$30). I am tempted to look into the legalities of this issue as everything that has happened today is absolutely unfair for me as the cardholder, and to not be given "permission" from the rep to speak for myself on top of everything else.

Posted by Nelson

Now I am sure why I don't have a Master Card. Can't talk to anyone!

Posted by Anonymous

As soon as I get back home I will request from my Bank to terminate my MasterCard Service. This is shocking I cannot believe this....??????? The level of service from them is the worse I have ever seen....

Posted by Anonymous

How can I get a phone number to talk to a live person about my Mastercard card this

Posted by justme

I called 3 times now to get my debit card unblock. They unblock it but can't tell me what my next step is. Each time I've gotten different information and I need further explanation. Like I was just asked..."what is the phone number on your card?" What do you mean? There is no phone number written on my card. They are from a foreign country...not the USA...and can't ask a question the proper way. So he, Ed, tells me that I need to reset my PIN from the phone number that was set up with my card. I told him I already tried that over the weekend. So hangs up on me. VERY RUDE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I closed my Master Card Aviator AAdvantage credit card because of horrible customer service -the bank and their managers have horrible customer service skills . They would rather loose an outstanding customer of 15 years over refusing to remove a small fee . The fee was incurred when I tried to pay over the phone. The call was outsourced to another country and the person was struggling with English so after 15 minutes to no avail I had to get on a flight. The managers and staff I spoke to were most unaccommodating and down right rude speaking over me as I tried to talk. I would NEVER deal with this bank and would NEVER recommend opening a credit card with them. I deal frequently with Bank of America and their customer service staff are exceptional. When Bank of America sends a survey to follow up to a conversation I find time in my schedule to complete it because they are so exceptional.
This is the first time I have ever taken time to write a negative review but I feel that strongly the principle of this .

Posted by Anonymous

Very un- accommodating! The card isn't accepted because it ALMOST EXPIRED!
I feel like terminating this account unless you give me acceptable service

Posted by Anonymous

I had received a vanilla mastercard for a gift. I had then lost the card when I found it and tried to use this card, the retail store was told no balance no charge on the card. If I had not lost this card I would have known about your so called ruling. If this is the way that mastercard can make their business grow there must be something wrong. With this world we live in once you buy the card then you must pay again to use it and then you lose all of the cards worth by not using it. What away to make money.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know how Master Card does business with this BAC of Nicaragua. This bank doesn't comply with its labor laws and workers often work overtime without pay. Often workers work from 8am to 7 or 8pm Mon-Fri without overtime pay and Saturday without counting that day as an overtime day. Their shift should end at 5pm but instead they are expected to finish their job even though it goes over their 8 hours. They are neglected from collecting pay for those overtime hours. Workers can't complain because they could lose their job. Earning such a low wage of $12 - $14 dollars for the DAY. They also take taxes and social security. This is highly unfair and almost slavery. What is their syndicate doing to make sure that these businesses are complying with labor laws?? Isn't that the reason these people get taxed so that the representatives protect them from worker exploitation by these corporate organizations? Why is Master Card supporting this and not helping to make sure that these workers are being treated fairly. Do you know how much money these businesses are saving by not paying overtime to these people? They are pocketing the money, which should be paid to those hardworking individuals. In support of the workers I will neglect to handle any type of business with this bank. And MASTER CARD should stop business with BAC until the bank can guarantee that they will pay over time to these workers. Master card I will no longer promote your business or use your accounts as longest this problem persists.

Posted by MasterCard's Invasive Policies

Don't bother wasting your money on President's Choice or ANY other PRE-PAID MASTERCARD ! I paid $ 100.00 for the card . Paid the additional Activation fee only to find out that when you need it to buy gas it ALSO needs to be REGISTERED. That's correct .... They want all your personal information to use it even though you PRE-PAID AND ALSO give them extra money to activate it . Bad way to find out when it's late at night after work and you have to stop for gas to get home . It was declined. So today I called customer service and they really had NO good answer for this. " It's just policy " . I find this to be totally unacceptable. What a waste of time ! She wasn't even prepared to exempt me of this total invasion of privacy. NEVER AGAIN !

Posted by IanMeth

First complaint: Being fed a recorded message for 10 minutes, thanking me 'for my patience' - as if I had a choice!
Second complaint: Having to give the same card numbers and security answers several times over.
Third complaint: Rather than send out new contactless cards, they will wait for the renewal date - in my case over another year.
Fourth complaint: When I complained, she offered to reimburse the cost of my call - which was free in my BT package. Hardly compensation!
Fifth complaint: 'Escalating' my complaint about the above means I'll get a letter in four days time. Not surprising it takes that long - they must be sending out thousands.
I recommend Visa !!!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I was having an issue with payments being declined. However, after talking to one of the customer support representatives I was able to get the issue resolved very quickly! It took around 5 minutes of my time. Definitely the best customer service I've had in a long time!

Posted by Anonymous

I made a reservation using my work MC through in October. I got a cancellation confirmation that I cancelled on time after that. handled the situation by supposedly giving me a credit + a debit for one night's accommodation ($170 which included an $11 service charge remarkably). I called and they referred me to contact MC as there was nothing they could do. Problem was MC credited my work card and debited my personal card which I didn't give them (I had used them personally in the past). Despite the obvious nature of this error, which I documented fully, MC gave me the run around for months of me calling them promising to reverse the error. Upon calling them many times in late April now their dispute staff tell me the case is closed and there's nothing that can be done about it. For this months billing I cut up my MC into tiny pieces and mailed it in with a note that they're never getting this $170 and I will pay all legitimate charges next month and then we're through. I believe this kind of customer service is abhorrent. How many people don't even look closely at their statements before paying?

Posted by Anonymous

I just had to call Mastercard customer service twice to deal with an airline ticket issue. Both service providers I talked to were extremely friendly, polite and helpful. I currently live abroad, so I often call with issues about travel and international purchases and every time I have been met with respect, friendliness and helpfulness.

Thank you!!

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off phone with them and they were very polite and helpful.

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