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Posted by Anonymous


We had 100.00 on a gift card and only 40.00 was available. Ryan the clinic manager told me there is no way to show any pass transactions on a gift card. No receipt indicating pass transactions was provides either. The gift card number

The store location was Southlands.

Ryan is the clinic manager

Posted by paul

Getting in touch with the corporate office is awful all you get are machines and recording, there web sit sucks, is get a membership you are screwed if you have any issues, the people in the centers are great, except when you have a problem, you get turned over to managers how resolve nothing and make promises they can not keep.

Posted by Lonnie

I bought an e gift card on November 13 I checked my bank account and it looks like it doubled billed me I only bought a $75.00 e gift but looks like I got charged for two how can we resolve this issue thanks Lonnie Tolson

Posted by Anonymous

I had a car accident I need massage therapy. The lack of effort to get the paperwork done is ridiculous. My multiple phone calls are ignored. Horrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Regret purchasing this for family member. Purchased on Good Friday, "assuming" the e certificate would be sent to my Aunt within the hour they stated. However, my aunt Never received the email even though I received two from them! One for the purchase and the other confirming that they sent it to email address i requested! Now, it's Saturday and I have to wait until Monday bc it was done online and the "branches" cannot help me! Never will I purchase anything else from Massage Envy. Nor will I be recommending anyone else to do so! I should have stayed with the spas I am familiar with and had good results. However, my Aunt lives out of town and this was "supposed" to happen quick and easily. Not the outcome though, really a hassle and something else I have to deal with come Monday!

Posted by Borntoride

Customer service really sucks. They do not return calls and they do not answer phone calls. Also, Imperial Oaks location illegally took money from a bank account they were not authorized to do so while I was on the phone with them. I do enjoy the massages, but am getting feed up with customer service.

Posted by Mary quinn

I ordered a gift certificate from Massage Envy online. I have been billed the one hundred dollars, but the gift certificate has not been emailed to the person I am gifting it to. I have called the main MA number and the number of the salon where I anticipate my niece will go, but with no results. At both sites, I spoke with employees who said that this has been a problem. One gave me another website to contact, but it does not seem to exist. I should not have to pay for a gift certificate that never reaches its destination. Please contact me, Mary Quinn a to resolve this matter. I have a copy of the authorization key for the gift certificate, which I received - not from Massage Envy, but from my bank.

Posted by Anonymous

Called 4 times this week no called back not happy. Please call Kathy

Posted by Anonymous

I was considering signing up for Massage Envy, then I saw the above reviews. Is it possible to have a one-time massage?


Posted by PegM

I called Massage Envy Corporate Office on Tuesday, August 23 & sent the Corporate Office and email on August 24 - TO DATE NO ONE HAS GOTTEN BACK TO ME.

I called Massage Envy on August 25 & told them that EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY I want to CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. I will be going to a PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST at� DUKE HOSPITAL in the future.

I WAS NOT able to speak to the manager, the person I spoke to on the phone said I CANNOT CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP UNTIL APRIL 2017. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I joined this Massage Envy & was initially going once a month. I have� a number of disabilities, walk with a walker & use a small Service Dog. On March 29, 2016 I was in an auto accident that has resulted in chronic neck pain. I found that the massage was the only thing that helped with the neck pain. Soon after joining I received the services of a therapist named Rebecca. I really liked her & felt so much better after treatment with her. From that point on I always made my appointments with Rebecca. Since I was receiving so much benefit from the massage I increased my visits to 2x a month.

The last time I saw Rebecca I went to make an appointment in 2 weeks but was told that Rebecca would be on vacation for several weeks. I took the next available appointment with Rebecca which was August 23, 2016 at 1pm.

I could have seen someone else in Rebecca's absence but because I worked with Rebecca for so long I felt she knew my body & my needs so I preferred to wait for when she returned.

On August 22, 2016 I received a message (I was not at home) from Massage Envy at Southpoint confirming my August 23, appointment with Rebecca (they said the appointment was with Rebecca) at 1pm.

Another doctor I see had a schedule change & could not see me at my appointed time. His office called me on the morning of August 23 & said that they had a cancelation that afternoon for 1:20 pm. I told the "NO I had a 1 pm appointment". Knowing Massage Envy's policy that I only had until 10 pm the evening before my appointment to cancel I knew I COULD NOT change the Massage Envy appointment. I could not schedule this doctor until September 6, 2016.

The past 2 weeks have been extremely stressful & frustrating for me. One of the issues has been treatment professionals changing appointments at the last minute. I really was feeling disrespected. There also are some issues where I am living with� a new community manager recently hired, again this� elicited feelings in me of being disrespected.

On August 23, 2016 after a rather heated discussion on the phone with� the community manager that left� me feeling frustrated & angry I left for my appointment at Massage Envy with Rebecca.

As I always do I arrived early, I took my Service Dog for a walk then headed to� Massage Envy. None of the regular workers were at the desk, no one knew who I was - the regular workers know me. I gave my name but that DID NOT help I was informed that their computers were not working. They asked who I was scheduled to see & I said, "Rebecca". That was when I was informed that REBECCA WAS NOT IN but if I waited "a bit"� SOMEONE ELSE WOULD SEE ME.

After all the DISRESPECT� I have suffered these past weeks THIS WAS MORE DISRESPECT. If I wanted to see someone other than Rebecca I WOULD NOT have� waited for her to return from vacation� before making a follow up appointment. I would have seen someone else in her absence. I DID NOT want to see anyone but Rebecca which is why I DID� NOT schedule� with another therapist when she was� on vacation.

Given that my appointment was at 1 pm� - there were HOURS in which Massage Envy knew that Rebecca WAS NOT IN. The should have called me & given me the option of coming in or not.


Furthermore, I WILL NOT recommend Massage Envy to anyone I know now or in the future.

I have ALWAYS been very happy with Rebecca's services but after waiting WEEKS for� her to return from vacation before making an appointment, having this appointment with her confirmed the� day before then arriving to find out she WAS NOT in� I NO LONGER WANT TO BE A CLIENT OF MASSAGE ENVY.


I had the option of seeing another massage therapist while Rebecca was on vacation but I chose not to do this because I had a good working relationship with Rebecca. I was told that Rebecca would be returning from vacation on Monday August 22 so I made an appointment with her - SPECIFICALLY� for August 23. On August 22, this Massage Envy location called me & CONFIRMED my appointment with REBECCA. I had to forgo a medical appointment to keep this appointment with Rebecca. It was not until I arrived at this Massage Envy at my scheduled appointment time that I was told Rebecca was not in. Also on the day of my appointment the computers were not working at this location.



Posted by Elise

Watch out giving your credit card information. I did give my credit card number to Massage Envy. Came in with 2 gift cards purchased from a different location and left a generous cash tip. someone used my credit card to charge a service once I had left the GERMANTOWN, TN location. I received an immediate notice from AMX that my card had been used without my approval and signature. I called GERMANTOWN, TN Manager Dee Roberts and she was not that interested in helping. I called the next day and she lied at first and stated she hadn't spoken with me the day before. I got her email address send her all of the information and still have not received a call. Also sent an email to the Franchee Department and haven't heard a word. Let's see if this site will contact me.
May 14.2016 last Saturday services and today is Thursday, MAY 19. 2016. EB

Posted by Wyiasha thomas

Been with massage for three years never have I had bad service until may 13 2016 call 2 hours ahead to cancel and appointment and she said I will be charge very rude service and she the reason I will cancel my membership and be word of mouth and email to let everone know how you hire rude people she should not be apart of that team massage envy in newnan ga her name was Mrs Thompson Shania

Posted by Anonymous

Today is Mother's Day and I just received a call from Massage Envy in Comcord Ca. that the person who was suppose to give me a massage got sick and tthey do not have anyone else to cover. I made my appointment 3 weeks ago for myself and my sister to assure We would have a beautiful Mother's Day of which they have now ruined. I have been a member there for a couple of years and now most likely will be letting it go.

Posted by Anonymous

This company is a scam. After 8 yrs, due to financial loss, need to close my account and after doing the form and calling they are still billing.(for 2 mos) thank the stars above I have a credit card company that is going to help with the dispute. Good luck to the the rest of you!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a recent member of the Massage Envy at the Belden Village location in Canton, Ohio. When I initally signed up I was told all about the first four months of free services that were included with the membership. Today I called to change my appointment spoke with Jordan, and was told that the facial was not free that it was only $10 off. She got very snippy and rude telling me that I only had an hour on my acct and the facial was not included in the free offers. She then put Ross, the manager, on the line and explained that it was a $50 value and the only vaved the $10. That's not what I was told in the beginning. So I was LIED to spoke to in a very rude way
and pretty sure no one really cares. I have recommended Massage Envy to a lot of people but from this day on I WILL NOT.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a member at massage envy at the renton landing location. I have four massages I need to use. I want to be able to these up before I pay for anymore massages. For the past two years that I have been a member, I have been able to do a 3 day hold so my account is frozen during the withdrawal period, giving me a chance to use up my massages. Recently when I have tried to do a three day hold I have been told that the policy has changed and they no longer allow that. This means I will have to continuously pay for massages that I have not had the time to use or freeze my account so that I can not use the massages when I do have the time to use them. I spoke with Norma the customer relations manager from the Renton landing store last month about this. She said she would allow me to do the 3 day hold and said she put my account on a 3 day hold. However when I tried to schedule an appointment today I was told it was still on a 30 day freeze which meant I could not use my massage credits. This is extremely frustrating as you can imagine to have paid for something that I can't use. When I signed up I was told that I could put my account on hold if I ever needed to and I would still be able to use my massage credits during that time. I can't believe that somebody who has been paying for massages for two years would be treated this way and that you would rather lose a customer then resolve this issue. Please help me to resolve this issue.
Thank you,
Lesley Pahl

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed with Massage Envy located at showplace drive in Naperville Illinois. As a Christmas gift for my daughter I purchased a $100 gift certificate, a few days before Christmas my daughter went for a massage, when she went to pay for her massage the girl said that someone had purchased her a gift certificate for $100. Needless to say the surprise was ruined, to make matters worse the girl laughed and said she had been telling customers about gift certificates all week ( ruining all surprises )!! I am SO very disappointed & I will never get anyone a gift certificate from massage envy again!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a loyal member of Massage Envy for a several years now, beginning at the Green Hills location in Nashville TN, to Westport, CT, and, in the past two years, to this Norwalk/Wilton spa. My experiences have been great, both therapist-wise and administratively. My current therapist is the best in my 20 years of massage history.

I can't say I was recently treated in a disrespectful way but what happened below certainly wasn't caring.

My issue is with the so-called "rules." I'm told I can't get a standing appointment or preferential treatment because I'm not a member of the Norwalk/Wilton Spa and I can't switch from Norwalk/Wilton because it's within the same region as Westport. Norwalk/Wilton spa didn't exist when I first moved to Fairfield County but it is closest to my house.

In September, as I was leaving from a massage, when I was ready to book my next massage I was told by a front desk person that I couldn't make appointments a month ahead...only 2 weeks ahead. What????? I have a monthly membership, as most people do. I accepted that as a new rule but it seemed a bit wonky to me.

Time got away from me with out of town travel and a minor health issue and it was Nov. before I called to get an appointment. I happened to be speaking with the manager and she said the two week "thing" was not true and perhaps I had misheard or misunderstood...NO WAY...I know what I heard., and especially remembered it because it was out of the blue and unusual. If a rule like that was changing, it seems it would have come from corporate headquarters and all members would have been notified officially.

Moving on...I was then unable to get an appointment with my therapist until Christmas Eve..not convenient but I took it even though it was only an hour. I typically use built up time or pay extra for a 90 minute massage. The next available appointment was also for only an hour and it was in late January. I must add here that I am retired and have more flexibility than many members and my therapist works 5 days a week till 3. (I think it's till 3)

I asked if I could get in touch with my therapist just so she knew that I didn't abandon her. I was told that was not possible. I asked if the manager could give her a message from me explaining why I wasn't there. The manager promised that she would do so. I found out yesterday that the therapist was not given the message from me.

When I questioned what was happening because I had never had this appointment problem before, I was told that the salon is busier, my therapist is popular and many people have standing appointments. That's when I found I couldn't have a standing appointment because I wasn't a member there. I was also told that I could have an appointment at various times, even for 90 minutes, with other therapists.

Clearly a massage therapist and a client have a bond and I, at least, don't intend to switch around if I'm comfortable with my current therapist. I called the Westport location, which verified that they couldn't switch my membership because they were in the same region, but they told me that THEY did give standing appointments to very regular customers whether or not they were an "official" member at that location. I called the Norwalk/Wilton manager back and was told that the Westport location was larger with more therapists and perhaps I should start going there again!!!!!I

I then called my Nashville location and asked if I could switch back there and then switch to Norwalk/Wilton. She told me she couldn't do that without a legal Nashville address but when she heard my story, she also said, that very regular customers are allowed standing appointments at THEIR location. She said she'd send my story to the Corporate Headquarters, which I had intended to do anyway.

This all just doesn't "feel" right. It just doesn't make sense. Does the manager want to turn clients away from my popular therapist? Do they not like dealing with 90 minute time slots? I know for sure I've never been a "difficult client." It's just weird and, if it remains this stressful to see my therapist, I'll have to cancel my Massage Envy membership, which is a sad prospect for me.

I have recommended the business to MANY friends and acquaintances both in Nashville and Fairfield County, CT. I will now have to pause before doing so again.

I plan to copy and send this to corporate because I don't know who receives this survey and feel as if it would be deleted forever if it only went to the Norwalk/Wilton location.

Posted by Sue

I was refused a massage today in the Morgantown Wv massage envy on the grounds that I have had skin cancer.. HAD,, as in the past. My husband and I went for a couples massage, filled out paper work, moved to the second wait area. I was shocked when the employee came and and told me the MT was uncomfortable massaging me due his being emotional over a cancer patient in his family. No other MT was available and neither was the manager. I called twice attempting to talk to the mgr to express my Feeling of how unprofessional that was. I was told by an employee,, still no manager, their company policy was they didn't treat cancer patients if they had any treatment with in the last twelve months in addition to the employees refusal Because he was emotional. I have to stress my skin is fine, no wounds or anything but scars on the chest area. I'm pretty sure that's discrimination which is ILLEGAL.

Posted by Paid for but don't use

I have paid for many months of massages and been unable to receive the massage. I wanted to transfer one to my RN son (12 hour long shift work) and was told I could not even though I PAID FOR THEM. If he joins and pays, I can transfer to him. IF not, he can not get one of my paid massages except EVERY 6 MONTHS! If I cancel they refuse to honor all the PAID FOR MASSAGES! UNACCEPTABLE BUSINESS BEHAVIOR.

Posted by david

Massage Envy continues to commit fraud despite a federal class action settlement. They have stolen thousands of dollars in pre-paid massages from my family (and thousands of others as well).
They rarely have availability, hire inexperienced therapists, have many reported rapes (unless a therapist's finger slipping into a client's vagina and rubbing her breasts was an accident), high turn-over, inexperienced desk help and are unwilling to do even the smallest things to maintain clients! RUN AND HIDE FROM THIS COMPANY!

Posted by Anonymous

Complete rip off I can not even find a customer service number

Posted by Anonymous

Poor customer service from Commonwealth location Midlothian Va. Charge for cancellation but staff doesn't inform client. Manager gets smart lies for staff. I am asking for refund and working w\ my credit card company to redeem my $200 gift cards.

Posted by Anonymous

I had to cancel a 6:30 PM appointment for today, Friday, July 31. I called at 9:30 am. She took away 1 of the 5 massages I had available because I had to cancel. She didn't even give me a chance to make another appointment. I just gave one as a gift. I am a member at the Palatine, Illinois Massage Envy. I have been a long-standing member including Wheaton and Carol Stream. I want to cancel my membership. I already ordered the gift membership for Linda Johansen for her massage on Sunday, August 2 which is already entered into the system. So that should stay for the Wheaton office. I have 4 more massages left since she removed the 5th one. Please apply them to whatever cancellation rules you have and return any balance to my card on file.

Margaret Raab

Posted by [email protected]

I am pretty furious with my location, Brentwood, CA. I signed a 1 year contract about 2-1/2 years ago. Have been happy with program and kept it on a month-to-month after contract ended. But I am moving out of state and have6 massages (and 1 that was transferred as a gift) that have built up. When I gave my notice (told I must do this in person), they told me that I needed to use the massages by September. No problem. Last night I called to schedule a massage and was told that all of my massages have been cancelled and that they needed to be used by July 2. This is ridiculous! I did not have notice of this - and this is an unfair policy. I either want a refund for the total of 7 sessions or I want to be able to use the sessions, since they are paid for! The Brentwood location basically said "too bad". This is terrible.
I am really angered by the customer service, since I feel I have been a good customer. And I really am going to demand satisfaction. Or I will contact the media. Massage Envy should not be allowed to take my money and not give service.

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