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Mary Kay customer service is ranked #323 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates Mary Kay customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


33 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 94.29%.


2 Positive Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 5.71%.

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  • Mary Kay

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    • 38.11 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 33 negative comments (94.29%)
    • 2 positive comments (5.71%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 1.8 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 6.0 Friendliness
    • 4.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

once again i am trying to get a reply....i do not have an email ...but don't know pass word. i returned two hundred and seventy six dollars worth of products that broke my face and eyelids out.....lauren gamel was representative.... shady meadows .....

Posted by Anonymous

items returned ....i have not received my $276.oo face and eyelids were broke out...still have problems....Lauren Gamel was the representative... it was put on my discover card..i do not have that card anymore..i had lost it .

Posted by Me

Call the Mary Kay company directly and follow the prompts.

Posted by ISUGirl2018

I purchased the Miracle Set 4 months ago. After using it for about a month consistently I was getting more acne then before I had started using it. I was very unhappy with it and told my distributor that i just wanted to return it and get my refund. I mailed the Miracle Set back to the distributor over the Thanksgiving holiday, and she let me know she received it. Well it's been about a month and a half later I still haven't received my refund. I have texted and called the distributor a few times, each time she makes an excuse for why i haven't received a refund. The first time she said she didn't have my credit card information. How did she expect to do return if she didn't have my information?! Then she said she needed to pay some bills so she my refund would have to wait. I am getting very upset about the whole thing and am not sure what to do next or who to take it to. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Somehow my credit card did not go through. My representative was not sure of what happened. I am having a hard time trying to reconcile this. Customer service is not very amenable to this issue.

Posted by Trish

My mother bought time wise serum from a lady selling it from a booth at the salon she goes to. The product flakes when used with the time wise moisturizer she wants a refund as she's only used it twice. But the lady refuses to help her. I have the full bottle but no receipt was given just cash for the products. These products aren't cheap either. How does she get a refund?

Posted by dimsome85

I recently had a bad experience with Mary Kay. I won a drawing for a free one hour facial! The prize was for a 1 hour pampering facial & one on one beauty consultation, & free samples. So I made an appt. with the beauty consultant for my facial. I was really looking forward to just relax and be pampered. So I went to the consultant's house in Little Elm, TX. When I got there I went inside, and she took me into her kitchen. There were 2 other girls sitting at a table with little plastic trays in front of them. I was really confused for a minute. I asked her about the facial & she said "Yeah, there's a little numbered tray in front of you, & I've already squirted some of each product in the numbered spots. Now I'm gonna walk you through each step & show you how to do it." I said, "So basically we give ourselves a facial while you watch?", she replied "Yeah". So much for relaxing.:(
Ok so that sucked but at least I'll get a goodie bag with some samples at least, so it's not that bad, right? She told me that since I was a box winner from the drawing I get a "swag bag" when I leave. I was really looking forward to it the whole time. Once I had left and was down the street I opened the bag ready to see all the goodies, but instead my heart sank. All I got was 1 packet of pore minimizer & 1 packet of microdermabrasion, a mint & her business card. That is THE worst swag bag I've ever seen. I felt kinda taken advantage of. Like she tricked me by misleading me into thinking I'd be getting a traditional facial. And then that "swag bag" that was just a slap in the face. I get more samples than that out of a magazine! After that experience I don't think I'll be buying any more products nor referring any of my friends to either. Sorry, I really liked your products. I am just really disappointed because of my bad experience & a bad consultant.

Posted by Beulah A. Hepzibah

Happy New Year" I appreciate all of the Mary Kay Staff has done in the past, and is doing now for all of us great consutants. However, just a slight issue. Please help me reset my Consultant Thank yon, Beulah

Posted by Ea5738

Good morning my name is Sandra baucom I was trying to find out I left some products out of my order and how can I order those and get them into two days I think it's what it says but it's really critical that I get these products Before Christmas My number can someone call me or text me right back please

Posted by Anonymous


Been having a hard time calling you so figured I'd email.

It's concerning my order I never received.


Linda Christensen

Posted by Diva

I have been a Mary Kay Rep I have an order that I placed on 9/14/2016 to my customer and he still has not received the products. I spoke with Luis and he says my products is still in transit to UPS. This is NOT acceptable and I wish you guys would not have closed the distribution center. At least have it open twice a week or something. I've lost customers because products have gotten lost and I had to reorder or it takes 10 15 days before they receive the products. I am not a happy consultant and its make me not want to be a consultant. CLOSING THE DISTRIBUTION CENTER IS THE WORST THING EVER.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to a Mary Key make up session last night and bought products. I realized that the items were over priced and were not the prices that they showed in the book as they advertised it.

I sent my rep. A text saying I would like to return my products as per receipt note, I have 3 days. She has not returned my texts or calls.

Please advise. I am very upset that I was robbed.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I went to place an order and its not accepting my number. Thank you,Sabrina Frye

Posted by Anonymous

If you're ever approached by Latina consultants in Seattle area be careful their plan of making sales director is making up fake name to quickly move up and qualify for Mary Kay offers they wanted me to get a loan to pay for fake consultants telling that after I became a sales director the money would be better and I could easily pay it off the first time I was told their plan I couldn't believe it I thought it was a joke. I've tried to reach MK but they haven't got back to me. I hope they do something about this.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a long time customer of Mary Kay and absolutely love your products. However, your choice in consultants leave a lot to be desired. I've worked with 3 consultants and one left the company and the one I'm working with now doesn't seem to understand the concept of communications. I'm always having to follow up with her regarding my order because it would be weeks from when I actually order and paid for my stuff to when I actually will hear from her to get my stuff. And even though I'm always qualifying for free shipping, it seems I'm always having to meet up with her to get my stuff. My latest issue is I ordered quite a few things over a month ago and have only received part of my order and have been trying to get her to respond to attempts at contacting her and to get some updates. This is unprofessional and fraudulent and poor representation for your company. I've never had this kind of customer service anywhere!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a complaint against Connie Norris. She is a sales rep in Union City, Indiana. She is rude and disrespectful and is not a good representation for your company. We ordered some items for our mothers in our church and did not receive what we ordered in the time stated. She is disorganized and has no integrity. We will never order from her again and to be quite honest she has made several of our women upset and they are spreading this comment about her to their friends.

Posted by Karen B

Purchased a $52.00 jar of Timewise Repair . Husband and I spent approximately 2.5 hours trying to get the product out of the container.
We watched videos, searched google the jar does not match what is on your website. It had a raised circle and small circle. I really don't know if there is anything in the product? my husband and I tried to open the product with numerous tools from the garage including a pair of scissors which aggravated the situation more because I was cut trying to create some of kind of hole. Even with the hole the product does not come out! We are so ANGRY

Posted by Anonymous

your online site will not let me place my order as it says I have two consultants. I still use my consultant in Albuquerque, NM - Eileen Hanson. I cannot delete the one assigned to me in Montana. Eileen is having surgery. I need two things and am totally FED UP WITH YOUR not use friendly web site.

Patricia Kauffman

Posted by paulette

I dont wear Mary kay but i decided to give it a try because my company fashion fair didnt have my foundation i see Phillip Washington a guy gay on face book with nice make up and i wanted to order straight from you all but he insist i order from him hes a consultant i guess but i paid $27.00 for bronze 4 he guess my color took TWO whole weeks to receive it when it came i wore it twice bronze 4 but it made me two shades darker am a bronze 3 i sent it back and he texted he received it but i havent heard back from him yet its been two weeks i got no money and no product thats not rite nor am i getting a response from him that's Mess up am 45 i have no time or money to wastes he stays in ATL HELP ME. Am angry i dontclike no one getting over on me or ignoring me after they get my money

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I've emailed a couple people who live within an hour of me re: becoming a consultant but haven't gotten a reply. Can you tell me more about it? How do I do this? I used to be years ago but didn't have time. I have more time now and think I would have a customer base. Thank you. Therese

Posted by Anonymous

couldn't :et rigjt number to order my gift please call kathleen carman

Posted by Anonymous

Mysty Kay dealer has informed me that there is no guarantee with the product, my check was returned twice I offered to give her back the products and she refuses . She is working to becie a director and has left me two notes threatening to take me to the copes for theft, I have used Mary lay since 28 and I know there is a wonderful guarantee on the product

Posted by Anonymous

This is a ridiculous nightmare. I have been trying to get on my Mary Kay in Touch
site all day. I had to wait until I got home from work to try again. The customer rep. gave me a new e-mail so I could re-set my password and it came up as a non-working web page!!! All my Director says to goto MK in touch, but I can never get on. My number and password populate to the way I set it and it never works. This is supposed to be a professional organization??? When I called back at 5 to reach the center the recording said call back at regular hours but your web site says it is open until 5:30. I was supposed to get to a customer tonight with an answer but it looks like I cannot do it. What inefficiency!! I'm shocked. I am new and just wondering if i should continue, but maybe this is a sign that it is a no-go. I had to get back to someone abou the MK Repair kit. Well that' gone now.

Posted by [email protected]

Ihavd had issues that you folks are tring to resolve. I had a call from customer sasitifaction today and ask to fax my check copy. That is what I tried to do with some troble due to your fax line. The bad part of this I was sent to your IT department to report the issue myself. I ask for you folks but your operator gave me IT? Then they said I had the correct number. He checked with his boss only to find it was down for 15 minutes. Seems to me all departments should have that info but no less IT.Wow

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a faithful patron of Mary Kay products for thirty years. I am extremely disappointed in Mary Kay for discontinuing a product I've used forever. No warning, no "thanks but no thanks". . .just dropped it. I thought Mary Kay was more professional then that. I've successfully used Creamy Cleanser #2 since I was introduced to Mary Kay. I'm sure she would be very disappointed with the way loyal customers are treated with no regard for supporting a product that works. Other companies do this all of the time, but I've had too much faith in Mary Kay, so I've not gone to other companies who use tactics like this. Now, here we are. When I look for another product, I will not look at Mary Kay. If I'm going to continually get disappointed, I'd might as well look at cheaper, but easily accessible products that are tried and proven.

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Posted by Deb

Thank you for your prompt, courteous service! My wonderful Skintastic brush stopped working after a little more than a year. I didn't have my receipt since I purchased it in another state at a friends party. But your customer service dept. was incredibly helpful & asked me to send the brush back to Mary Kay & I would receive a replacement at no cost! I was so excited to hear that! It arrived less than 2 weeks later. Thank you so much for standing behind your products. I LOVE the Skintastic brush & get compliments on my skin all the time. I tell everyone - It's MaryKay! Thank you Debbie

Posted by promess

Please refer my number i want to do a make over for my daughter's sweet 16 She must be African American please,she is mixed Crio she's very lite and beautiful!

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