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11 Positive Comments out of 210 Total Comments is 5.24%.

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    • 33.84 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 199 negative comments (94.76%)
    • 11 positive comments (5.24%)
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Posted by Celeste

They don't use a passport as a form of ID?? It's only the number most secure way of accurately IDing somebody. However, the will take a card that allows me to drive a car.

Posted by MamS

Returned a bra one week after purchase, unworn, all original and Marshall's tags attached, with receipt. Rude male employee says we no longer take back bras, but I'm making an exception this once and don't try it again! So I guess they have a new policy (not printed on the receipt) vilifying nipples of people who wear bras. I have a policy that I'd rather try on a bra at home. Do they take back a shirt that a man tried on, because his nipples touched the inside of the shirt?

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to return several outfits for my daughter at the Jericho, New York location that were gifted by my mother and were too small for her. All the tags were on and they were brand new. The sales associate told me that she couldn't find the items in her system, and that they were from December so it was too late to return them. I asked for the Manager, Delmey, and she came over and repeated the same thing, but became rude and said I shouldn't have waited so long to return them, and should have kept a receipt. She walked off before even finishing the conversation. When I told her that I would tell everyone not to shop there anymore, she shot back 'or you can just tell them to keep their receipt'. Extremely rude and unprofessional, not to mention acted like a racist. Then the original representative became even more rude so I decided not to buy anything at all and just walked out. When I walked back in to get the customer service number off of the sign, they were talking about me in front of customers. Will never shop here again.

Posted by Nikito 1965

I wanted to return a bookbag with no receipt, the cashier asked for my ID and I gave her my passport (American) and she said she couldnt do it, she asked for a state ID, I asked my friend for his ID and got my store credit. Other stores like Target can use a passport its a valid ID, this company has some ridiculous policies

Posted by Mommikat2

I purchased some items 2 days ago. I can't find the receipt; I had assumed the cashier had put it in the bag but she apparently had not. I called the store and was told that the best they could do was a merchandise credit. After reading other complaints, I will be sure to return them to the same store. I shop at Burlington which is now huge. They ask for your email if you want them to be able to track your receipt if it gets lost. Easy-breezy. Kohls can bring up the receipt by the items SKU. Marshalls is large enough to have these simple technologies in their system. Very disappointing that i can't get my money back. I think I will stick with stores that have a decent return policy. I do that when I shop online so I will have to check that out before I purchase in the future.

Posted by april

I bought a dog mat that last less than 2 days, if this is pet smart or other store, they will definitely return it as in defective merchandise. In face, the mat and bed we bought from pet smart and wallmart are still in good shape. Very disappointed.

Posted by DR

I purchased a suit case that was too small but lost my receipt. I took it to my closest Marshall's and was told that the item could not be found in the system so they couldn't return/exchange it at all. Not even for store credit. I decided to try another Marshall's a little further away and they accepted the return for store credit with no problem. I guess it just varies with each store.

Posted by TrulyPissedOFF

Never thought that customer service would end up in such a bad place- I was told that a purse that was given to me as a gift- that the zipper broke- I tried to return it and they said not without a receipt- what kind of business is this? What about a store credit.. Not EVERYONE IS A FRAUDSTER!

Posted by Anonymous

I had been shopping for Marshalls store406send they open the is one of my favor store but I hated to said this but some of your manager team they are.very unprofecional and you java a couple cashiers unfriendly wording about what time is there break and talking to one another when I go there I alwaist try to.see if a specify cashiers is there she is been with the company for many years vet professional alwaist smiling and never has a bad face I think her name is Maria I alwaist tell a cordinadora are a manager so she get herrecogigion I hope this compliment is help her to her don't one to put my name I one to be annonemes

Posted by Pat from LI

It seems that Marshall's return policy has changed. No longer can an item be returned without a receipt. They declare the item is not in the system.

Posted by NJShopper1218

I accompanied my mother to Marshals last night so she could exchange or return a handbag which was $24.99. My mother did not realize until after she took the tag off that the strap of the bag was damaged. Unfortunately she could not find the receipt. It had only been 48 hours since you purchased the bag and her credit card was able to provide proof that she made a purchase except it was not itemized. I helped my mom take back the purse along with the tag. The manager in the store told me even though we have the credit card there was no way she could read generate A receipt. That is my number one complaint. Marshall's is a huge corporation and they cannot have the ability to regenerate a receipt. Other stores like dicks sporting goods and our local grocery chain are able to regenerate receipts as long as you have the credit card that you used. I will be very hesitant to shop here again Because in case you lose your receipt you'll never get be able to get another one. Secondly the manager at Marshall's who handled my moms transaction was completely rude and condescending to her. She told my mother that the bag looks used and I mother told her she did not use the bag she found the bag damaged before she could use it. I intervened for my mom because I could see she was getting upset and I asked the manager if she could we generate a receipt since we do have the credit card. She said she could not and because the price tag was off the item she was not able to exchange or return it. I told her that using a purse would not create such damage. With frustration she told me she would check the system with the price tag but if the barcode on the tag did not much the brand name of the bag she would not take it back. We said fine because we were confident that that was the tag that came with the bag. And then if you're came back and said I will do this this one time. She made my mom feel as that she was doing her a big favor. I asked if the tag matched the item and she said no it did not but she will do it this time. So at least the manager accommodated My mom's request but The way she treated my mother was awful and at this day and age with computer systems there should be no reason why a receipt cannot be regenerated. And there are so many other stores with much better return policies to choose from That this experience will not make me want to go back to marshals again.

Posted by Jason1257

I'm not sure if this was because the employee remembered me, if it was something that the employee shouldn't have done or just something with my particular store. But I have to commend them for it. I bought a flannel shirt over the holidays for myself, wore it once and then washed it and ended up shrinking it although I air dried it. Took it to my store no tags but I did have the receipt and they explained they had a return policy that allowed me to return it if they fabric shrinks and it has no warning on the care label. Needless to say marshalls is my store I will always shop at.

Posted by fed up

I used to be a loyal Marshalls customer. When I went to do an exchange in the Whittier, California store with a receipt, I was denied because it was over 30 days. I asked when did this policy go into effect and she rudely pointed at a sign, as if I was ignorant. No class and terrible customer service. I will be cancelling my credit card and shopping at Target, Nordstrom, Macy's and Kohl's who have excellent customer service and return policies.


Marshalls and TJMaxx have gone from being my favorite stores to being the WORST stores. I have shopped at both for over 30 years and they used to be great, but now they are HORRIBLE. I really wish people would get together and file a class action lawsuit against them. Their return policy changes like the weather. The return policy is different at each store and for each customer. That is ridiculous and it needs to stop. It is unethical because they do not stand by the policy that is posted on their websites. Their employees are never properly trained and their management is THE WORST. They have new managers every time you turn around and they are rude and total idiots. And then they have the nerve to practically demand that you sign up for a credit card after they treat you like dirt. I hope someday they get sued so bad they go bankrupt and go out of business.

Posted by coachpacky

i bought a pound of coffee from marshalls for $5.99 .. it was the worst tasting coffee i have ever had. i had the reciept and went back to get a refund. i was told that because i opened it i could not get a refund. well, how am i supposed to know if i am satisfied with the coffee if i don't taste it ?? when i talked to the store manager, she told me to just throw it away.. so a 6 dollar refund from a multi-million dollar corporation is apparently more than they can handle.. they will never see me again...

Posted by Ashleyl1985

I have three toys that I purchased for friends of the family and after I wrapped them found out that we decided not to exchange gifts with them. I took the Marshall's tags off so the recipient wouldn't have seen the price...would I be able to return these? I cannot find the receipt, I went to a few Marshall's to get purchases for Christmas and I'm not sure if they're on the receipt that I do have...if not, I realize my only option would be store credit. I purchased the items on 11/21/17

Posted by Ana

Bought a bed comfort and it wasnt the color my daughter i misplace the receipt so i took to the store and they said Im sorry we cant return without receipt..just wanted to get another one instead

Posted by Good Consumer

I have never had a problem returning things with a receipt and without a receipt they always give store credit. That's completely fair. They are trying to stop people from stealing and then returning the stuff for cash. So keep your receipt or don't complain.

Posted by FED UP

Dec. 9,2017, St. Louis, MO, I had some returns not unusual I've been a customer for over 30 years Marshalls WAS my favorite store. I had receipts for some of the items but two I did not. They were purchased over 30 days ago but still with tags in perfect condition. I was refused a store credit. I was stunned the cashier asked me if I would like to speak to the manager and I said yes. Side note, I have never had to speak to a manager in Marshalls before. I waited he could not help me,"This was the policy". Never again will I step in that store.

Posted by Sad in St. Louis

So disgusted with the Marshalls return policy tonight. I had four items without a receipt and figured I would be given store credit which was fine with me. Apparently if the item doesn't "show up in the system" you get nothing. All tags still on the items along with stickers with the size on the pants. I have shopped at Marshalls for about 30 years and never had a problem like this before. The manager suggested I try the Marshalls I bought it at so I drove across town to be told the same pathetic excuse. I have always enjoyed shopping at Marshalls but with this pathetic return policy I honestly don't think I will ever shop there again. The managers were rude and wasted my time making me drive to a second store. Very disappointed in Marshalls!

Posted by Jayedward

Hello there.....I was in a marshals Monday the 27th of november...I ran late that morning to work due to the fact my oldest son had wrecked his truck an was on life support. With that being said I forgot my head phones for work so I bought a pair at marshalls. The next day I brought the ear buds back with a receipt to return because I didn't need them, I just forgot my original pair. The girl that was helping me looked confused an then asked the other girl that worked at the store longer for her help. She asked"are we aloud to return head phones"? The girl replied did you use them, an I said yes 1 day cause I forgot my own pair the day before. She replied an said sorry you used them an we can't return them. I said thanks any ways an went on about my day a little upset cause I didn't need the head phones an I wasn't being rude an really couldn't afford them...However I went about my day an my son did pass away the next day and it's 1 of the hardest thing I'm dealing with in my life.....I'm home thinking about these headphones I don't need an still don't understand why I was treated that way? The store knows me and some of the associates knew of my situation but this cashier must not like me or was having a bad day? This doesn't make me ever want to shop or buy anything from a marshals or TJ maxx ever again.....

Posted by Cindesue55

Good evening my name is Susan Gonsalves I was at your Medford store at 6 o�clock this evening Tuesday November 28th I have shopped at your store sinceIt was inside the Meadowglen Mall . There was a display on an end With at least 15 boxes of navy blue low cut suede Minnetonka woman�s boots this sign above it said $29.99. When they were around up at the register they were $39.89. I have them call the manager and I told her what the sign posted sad And all of a sudden an employee went running over there and grab the sign off of the endcap and said that someone was changing the end caps and forgot to take the sign off in my eyesight I didn�t see anyone in that department doing anything . I used to work in retail and what ever the price posted was we gave it to the customer I left that store very unhappy I would like someone to call me back

Posted by Are you kidding me?

I bought a leather jacket for$189.99, had receipt and returned it at another Marshall's as I hoped I might find it in another size there and didn't.As i walked out of the store I realized that the amount for it was not returned to me on my return receipt.I immediate called the store, which was closing, and alerted a manager. She had approved this return. i had to drive all of the way back there the next day, to get my money.In the meantime,i had bought about $600.00 of more items the night of the return.I noticed that a cheap imitation leather jacket was missing it's tag, it was $29.99. I thought it was odd?I got the store to print another tag for this item and also noticed that expensive leather jacket I returned was no where in the store?Obviously, an employee switched my 29.99 tag onto the leather jacket that was originally $499.99 but sold for $189.00.I didn't say anything about that, but i was also charged 39.99 too much, no item to match one of the charges on the $600.00 purchase?it was rectified as i brought back each item and it was checked off the receipt about a week later when i tried to return some of my items purchased with tags and receipts, a manager had to check each item and was denied returns.I was given an excuse that any returns over $100.00 are handled like this, no way! I have done so several times w/out this procedure. I got treated like a person doing something wrong,on a Marshall's emloyee's mistake or?Bye Marshalls, nice knowing you, I spent about 15,000 a year in your stores, but never again, tacking my card and not watching your employees is inexcusable.

Posted by returns and refunds

On November 18, 2017 in Staten Island, NY Marshals I wanted to return new coat(all tags attached), but I LOST A receipt. The coat price $69.99 The manager of the store expline to me, that is a new rules. They not take back merchandise without receipt if the price is over $50.00.

Posted by Shirley

tried to call to get my balance and to know that the payment to pay off my bill was in fact completed since I had not seen the money taken out since I paid on the 20th Sep. however, I had someone by the name of Lynn in the filipines continue to ask me far and above personal questions after stating to me that she had pulled up my acct., not feeling comfortable with the personal questions and backside of security code for my card I refused to give her that and my full social security number date of birth etc........then I called the corporate office and spoke to the operator and she passed me on to a Ben whom he said was a manager....all he could do is gobble gook wordsmith with me and frustrated me even more. finally I just told him that I felt I was speaking a wall with what I needed to accomplish and conversation over with him. hung up and found this and I am so frustrated and upset on trying to find out info on my acct and why I have a print out that says my acct is paid in full but nothing more and no money removed from checking to paying the bill. I pulled it up again to see my bill and didn't show that I had paid it off but showing what was owed with payment 0 and date due. I am completely baffled and frustrated to no limit here with the kind of customer service provided. Not sure I want to use my card anymore which would mean that I would have to deal with this again,,,,,,,,,,,,,do not like someone in a foreign country knowing all my personal info,,,,,,,,,,,, not going to happen, give them the last 4 digits of card last 4 digits of social and nothing more should be able to pull up acct without any problem,,,,,,,,,,,so no date of birth full social etc is unacceptable.....
unhappy card holder

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Posted by Anonymous

I brought a anna Klein handbag and the bag handle is splitting I did purchase a month later I didn't have a receipt or tag because I use it for a week or two they was very nice the manager was very assistance and did get store credit thank Marshall

Posted by Anonymous

Marshalls Bay Plaza, Bronx NewYork

I visit the store regularly. This store is kept clean, neat especially in the Shoe Department. PIERINA KEEPS the shoe department free of open boxes, single shoes, etc., allowing customers to shop without hazard.

Thank you Marshalls for having Pierina in your employment. Definitely an asset to your company.

Posted by wmobsg

This comment is about Rebecca, a sales associate at the Marshalls at 7507 N Clark St., Chicago, Illinois. I was on my way to Jewel and I saw Marshalls store, so I went in to just look around. I didn't know exactly what I wanted. I picked up a shirt and I decided to look for a salesperson and Rebecca was right there. I asked her a couple of questions and she was very sincere and answered all questions. I was about to walk out without buying anything, but Rebecca showed me a shirt and I did like it so I decided to take it. Being in customer service and sales for so long, I can tell when I see somebody smiling because they just have to smile to you or somebody trying to sell you because they have to sell, but it's no emotion with it. What struck me with Rebecca, the smile came very naturally and the sales was very natural, and that's what is most important when you get connected with your customer. Very well done, Rebecca. I will definitely come back.

Posted by Maria Gomez

This Sunday was my first time in marshalls Canoga Park, Claudia from fitting room was very nice and helpful.

Posted by Cynthia store Mgr. Lancaster, Ca

I'm a single father with an adult son who plays Club soccer both indoors and outdoors. My son and his teammates want the very best soccer cleats avaialable. I was told that Marshall's carry high end Nike cleats at a fraction of the cost. I spoke with CYNTHIA the store Mgr. At the lancaster,CA. Location. Cynthia exceeded my expectations by personally searching tbrough multiple boxes of inventory to locate the particular soccer cleats that my son and his teammates wanted. It's people like Cynthia that make shopping at Marshalls aN enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Posted by Anonymous

In May of 2016, I returned items for my son, made a purchase, and made a return for myself. With that mass confusion, I received a gift card for my son, since I did not have his debit card. That was on a Friday, later I tore everything apart trying to find the gift card. I am a big time shopper and normally keep my stuff in my wallet. Not finding the gift card, I thought I would take a chance and visit the store. Tameka Taylor, Manager at #593 came to the front of the store. I explained the situation. Ms. Taylor, went beyond, I feel, her normal duties to find out what she could do to resolve the situation. She had them look at the video and it showed me putting something in my purchase bag. With that, she had my card reissued and called for me to pick up.

Posted by Mpxy

I love to shop at marshalls is my favor store I been a shopper at the store 406 send they open it I love to go evry week is unsully the I dont find something therei lve the clothes at the store quality my my most concern is the custumer service there there are a few cashiers the they are workingthere but they should be on the posicition they when you do a return they treat you as you did something and I have been going to the store send they open and I no almost evryone there there is a cashiers the has been with the company send they open and the lady treat you as a family menbet very sweetie and poly her name is maria v she is in store 406 you should regonise her with something because this is not the first time I write about her

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the Marshalls located at 12058 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD.
Michael helped me. He, when I asked for help, immediately stopped what he was doing and went out of is way to assist me. Best of all he, when he could not answer my question said as much. He is an excellent employee.

Thanks, Michael

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of shoes for my dad as a Christmas gift asked the cashier to check them mailed them to find out once he opened them same brand color size but 2 different shoes I returned to the store on my lunch break on 12-23-14 was told they would look and call me before I got off work no call went back after work just mad a manager was at check out counter different one ringing out someone I went up to her rude as can be and said what is yr corp# she said can I help I said no and just ranting she gave it to me I stood there she said if you would just let me finish this one customer and at least let me try and help fix what ever it is she listened went on the floor in the back then had a associate to search she then asked for my ph# and said she would start r ight then calling each store in Memphis and ask if they had it and would hold it til I came back after Christmas from Illinois with the other pair and she did I recieved a call from her saying how sorry she was that she had no luck this young lady was so patient and determine to provide excellent customer service and she did I will always be thankful to Ms. Kedra

Posted by Anonymous

today I visited Marshalls at Hollywood and highland and i liked it a lot:) there was a woman, named Susan, she helped me a lot and was very nice.. Thank you for good customer service!!!

Posted by Marita

Today I was shopping at Marshall store located at 19731 Vanowen st. Canoga park, CA
I needed an item to be checked in other stores. Marita who is one of the store managers helped me with that. She took her time to call several stores and explain the detail of the items and finally she could find it in one if them.
In the mean time while she was on the phone on hold she had her eyes on the long line of the customers on check out line and kept paging backup cashiers to make sure customers have the least possible waiting time on the line.
Meanwhile the associates came to her left and right with their question and she helped them all patiently. I think she is a great role model as a manager and wanted to share my good experience with you. Wish Mariha lots of success in her job.

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Posted by Dunnhunter

You have employees in the Lake Charles, La store that is texting and calling customers to give them a heads up about hard to find items. It is causing a lot of issues with the customers. Is this against company policy? I understand you are in business to sell merchandise. But when people are standing waiting on the store to open, with hopes of finding certain items, only to not get anything due to this employees action is wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

Every female worker on 78 n Broadway always trying to seduce the male employees,night shifts day shifts,people have bills an families to feed we don't need distraction,I wish they would hire older professional female.


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