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Marriott Rewards customer service is ranked #197 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 101 ratings. This score rates Marriott Rewards customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


86 Negative Comments out of 101 Total Comments is 85.15%.


15 Positive Comments out of 101 Total Comments is 14.85%.

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    • 46.25 Overall Rating
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    • 86 negative comments (85.15%)
    • 15 positive comments (14.85%)
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I am a loyal Marriott traveler with over a million points and I am very disappointed in the Georgetown Marriott stay that experienced this week. I did a mobile check in with a planned conference call. I said I would be checking in at 1 with a conference call at 130. They said when checking in with your room is not ready. When I expressed concern for my call I got no response besides, "I will let you know when it is ready." At 149 I was given my key with no apology whatsoever. Completely unacceptable. When finally on the call with employees all over the world, many commented that there are other options. Marriott better get it together because business people expect professionalism. I know mistakes happen but the fact that there was no explanation, no solution, no apology, is completely unacceptable.

Posted by Itsinthedetail

My husband and I stayed in a Marriott Inn & Suites when moving from the UK to Oregon. We stayed one month and the charges were billed/paid after each 2 week period. Since then we have realized that I only received points for the first 2 week period & also my expiry date for my points was incorrect (9/18/2016) as we had stayed in the above mentioned Marriott from 9/18/2014-10/18/2014. I called Marriott Rewards on 9/20/2016 (tried on 9/18 but office closed) and spoke with someone called Mollie. She extended the expiry date and after having discussed the 2014 points credit issue she advised she was putting me on hold while she called the hotel for copy/invoice of our stay. Told me that as soon as she received the copy, there would be no issues and that she would credit my account with the points. Told me it might take 24 hrs. I checked my account today (9/22) and no points have been added. I then called Marriott Rewards again and after explaining the situation was advised of the following: that points could NOT be credited after a period of 18 months, AND that there were no notes recorded of my conversation with Mollie. At the time I spoke with Mollie I was impressed with her manner, consideration, listening, and the fact that I was told she would take care of the matter, that the points would be added and her promise to make sure this all took place. Evidently a person of no moral character, with the exception of extending the expiration date of my points everything else was a complete lie. If these are the kind of people Marriott hires for their Reward Program and that this is the kind of customer service that is acceptable then my estimation of the Marriott group is rock bottom. The Marriott Hotels we have stayed in have all been a pleasant experience but this is of absolutely no value if this is what happens when trying to resolve issues. Saying that I am disgusted is not saying enough. Additional: I just completed the Ratings and scored "Friendliness" as a 0 - I don't believe acting friendly can be rated.

Posted by Chavez

BED BUGS! BED BUGS! Infested in both queen beds on 8/26/16 @ Springhill Suites by Marriott. @ 2:30am we woke up with bites on our bodies, we called front desk and was told the guest before us had a dog and was told to leave they said the room was treated before our arrival but how can that be if the Bed Bugs were huge and crawling all over both beds...? They apologized and sent us up another room key to change rooms and said we can deal with it in the morning... And in the morning I told her the mattress should be thrown out.. She said we have our policies and spray. It was an aweful experience

Posted by Anonymous

I stayed at Marriott Riverfront very dissatisfied the room had strong odor. under air condition also their was roaches in the room. I ask to refund my money to go else where. they insist on moving to another room. and it was not much better.

Posted by Raj

Truly disappointed with the Rewards program. Stayed over 22 nights this year and have yet to be credited with points. Despite several requests. Switched to Hilton now.

Posted by Anonymous

Watch your debit cards upon check-in. I was told there was a sign warning of debit cards. I was also told thatcwhen Kyle took it, he should have warned me. What sign? Where ate they? Paula from Rochester East used the word " gliche " and authorization and incidentals. We are still confused since June 1 2016. Be aware of the debit cards and watch for " the sign.". They authorized 130.00 and 80.00 and still cannot tell us why. Be careful at Marriott when checking in. Hope no one goes thru what my family did.

Posted by easy

i am at the residence inn ft myers sanibel. this place is dirty carpets and tile worn out . left hotel at 8 this morning came back at 1:32 and had to call desk to get bed made and clean towels. girl very unhappy to come. lobby area and business area disgusting. L.hopland

Posted by Anonymous

I call to cancelled my reservation Nereida Ortiz

I am writing to express my discomfort with the treatment I received from Nicolet in the San Antonio Marriot. This was business so I call to cancel 9 days before so you can use that room for other customer when I made my request I don't like her way.

BTW I can not understand why there no penalty charge and reimbursed the difference.I work for GM I will definitely I don't recommend the Marriot hotels.

II hope you can help me on this matter.


Nereida Ortiz

Posted by disappointed

Marriott changed its points system. It was done entirely to Marriott's advantage. I used to be able to call and trade my Ocean view on Kawai for Spain and other decent resorts but since they started the new system I'm unable to get anything except real gyps. My seven day ocean view results in a five day parking lot view and I tried for weeks or rather months to get something in Costa Rica giving them choice of two months any day and was told that nothing was available. In the meantime I'm bombarded withs good deals for cheap. for the same properties. I wish I had never bought my timeshares. It's a lousy deal

Posted by Anonymous

I was very disappointed. They charged my debit card almost 400.00 for a room. That was 89.00 a night. Very disappointed. I'm live pay check to pay check and they said it should drop off in a couple of days.

Posted by jennifer

Very bad customer service for Rewards Member. Reps will argue with you to no end instead of just handing the phone to a knowledgeable person or Manager.
My issue was resolved in less than a minute with the Manager. Don't waste your time when you find yourself arguing with a "customer service" rep. Politely end the conversation, call again, and ask to speak with a Manager. Saves you time and angst. Marriott, please hire better qualified employees who understand the meaning of "customer service" and care enough to not tarnish the Marriott brand with their rudeness and lack of knowledge.

Posted by Anonymous

Not happy w/room service attendants. Shoes missing. Asked front desk to check. Said not there. Asked another party that was still in their rm to go and check again. Went into room (that had not been touched to clean) not there. Friend overheard rm attendants talking..they found..had stashed in bag on cart. When friens xonfrontes them (she u.derstood spanish) they handed over. They did not intend to (800 pair). Management on side of emouees. No nothing fro, marriot. I paid over 600 for 3 rms. They xould care less. courtyard marriot lincoln/prov. Do not go.

Posted by bonnie

I have been trying to get a reply from Marriott Customer service for over a week regarding a situation that occurred at SpringHill Suites 511 Lady St Columbia SC. The General Manager at that hotel, Jacob Toda told me that the hotel could not maintain responsibility to keep track of who is supposed to pay for what and when. Really? Isn't that what a front desk system is for? The clerk there, Michelle has a lack of common sense and follow through and she caused a great deal of problems for my family. Mr Toda was condescending and rude, and apparently Marriott rewards this behavior since I have not heard from them.

Posted by gj

As a Marriott Platinum Rewards, we get a "free night." But Marriott limits it to a category 1-5 and consistently raises the categories of the hotels while keeping the limits the same! This devalues the Platinum membership.

Posted by Disappointed

I was offended by the Marriot Rewards Customer Service. Having just had pleasant stays at Marmots in Oakland, Seattle and Anchorage I called to check my points.
The lady gave me the third degree and was incredibly rude - it made me wish I had a Hilton Rewards instead.
Isn't it funny how one bad apple who is rude and does not belong in a customer service position can blot out the all the hard work from the hotel staff?
You would expect customer service to at least "do no harm" but not this lady. Yikes.

Posted by JandC

I have been a Marriott Rewards customer now for about 6 or 7 years and until the last 30 days have been very satisfied with my experience. Unfortunately, I made a reservation in August using a rewards certificate that was set to expire in October. The rep, Michelle, happily made the reservation and told me the certificate would be how we would get the room. All was great until my return from the weekend I find out they slid 25k points from my account. I called on August 20 and spoke with a Supervisor who told me that the certificate was for up to category 4 and the hotel I stayed at was a 5. I argued to no avail that this is what Michelle promised me and I did not authorize the 25k points to come from my account. Defeated and angry, I agreed to a consolation award from the Supervisor, Susan, to accept a 5,000 point deposit into my account but that was all she could do. I have been checking my account and have not seen this deposit so I called today (Sept 6th) and the person who answered (did not get her name) was very rude and down right mean to me. She said that she read the notes and at first she said that Susan extended my certificate as their effort to appease me. I had to spend about 10 minutes discussing with this woman that the expiration was always Oct 11th and that there was no extension. After becoming exhausted from this argument (yes, she argued loudly with me) she then said the Susan the supervisor made a note that she could not do anything at all for me. I explained that was not what she told me at all and wanted her Manager. She said ok and attempted to transfer me. I held for about 10 minutes before the call went into a queue with the original options about why did I call today. I finally got someone else on the line who I asked just to transfer me to the manager on duty and she tried and I got disconnected. I called back numerous times and the automated voice did not want to send me to a live person. So I called through reservations again to get a live voice and I was told that there are no managers on Duty to assist me on the weekends, I have to call during the week. Why did the angry, rude rep not tell me this to begin with? Was she so mad that she just put me in an endless loop laughing all the while that nobody was going to answer??? That is what it feels like. I am going to try to get my measly 5k points deposited, which at this point is highly unlikely will happen, then I plan to cancel my Marriott rewards VISA and use my other VISA that gives me not only cash back but at a much higher point return. I spend a minimum of 50k on my VISA card and have enjoyed using my points for rooms but with the horrible service I have received of late, it is not worth it at all.

Posted by JZ

Terrible Reward Customer service

I have been with Marriott for 15 years. I used to be satisfied with the reward customer service. However, its service is going downhill. Here is why Ė I tried to make a reservation using my free night from Marriott Rewards Visa. The rep told me that it was expired 3 days ago. I kindly asked to extend it so I can use it this week since there was no warning or e-mail indicated my free night would be expired soon. However, the rep couldnít do anything and had to ask her supervisor. The supervisor said NO because I didnít use the Marriott Visa for a while.

This free night got nothing to do with that Marriott Visa. I asked to speak to her supervisor. The rep told me her supervisor didnít want to talk to me. It ended up talking to another supervisor ďDebraĒ. She said she couldnít do anything since the previous supervisor had asked not to extend the free night to me. I explained to her I had that incident couple year ago and the Reward Customer service was able to expend the free night. Besides that I was gold member for few years. Her voice became annoyed and kept saying Ė not this time and not to YOU!

What a terrible service! I decided to cancel my Reward Visa and stay away from Marriott.

Posted by bob

Our stay at the town place suites was ok, no great but ok. The bad part was after the insurance company stopped payment for the room, the agreement with manager Carla was that we pay for the room. We would pay for the room for two days after the insurance company stopped paying (at the same rate as before, so we could move out hotel to our home). The problems are as noted.
1. Told that there was a misunderstanding & was no ones fault and we would have to pay if a future guest was displaced because we stayed as agreed. But we would only be responsible for ONLY half of expense since it was not our fault.
2. After being here from April of 2014 and last week tipping staff for more than 300 dollars, The manager was also tipped, but not enough to do what was agreed to for my family.
If you are stuck in a hotel by State Farm for home repairs be sure to get all communication in writing. Maybe your stay will be better, but at the Littleton Colorado Town Place suites get it in writing. But does it really matter if they tell you face to face or in writing.... if they don't choose to do the write thing.... what can we do other than tell everyone in all to never stay at a Marriott. But be sure NEVER stay at Littleton Colorado. The 2 Hampton Inns I stayed in for the month of June were cheaper and MUCH nicer ( some staff and all accommodations were BETTER)BUT I did not stay long enough to be lied to or often enough.

Posted by Peter

I always try and stay at Marriott hotels, but the route I choose to book can vary. Lately I've booked about 13 times via; not realising that the Rewards program does not recognise these online booking sites. So I've had very, very curt and unhelpful responses from their Cork office on this. It should not matter which channel you choose to book with, the fact you stay at Marriott should be the deciding factor on getting Rewards.

Posted by Trystlass

I have endlessly tried to have about 14 stays in Marriotts for October-December 2013 added to my Rewards points. I have sent in missing stay requests, I have scanned all the bills and sent over to one of their customer specialists, I have emailed - frankly I have tried everything but to absoluely no avail. I stay in Marriotts almost every week and the points are important to me. Love the hotels - hae the reawrds. Frankly Marriotts could learn a lot from Hilton if my experience is anything to go by.

Posted by krk

I called with a problem with a credit to my account. I have had to call five times and have spoken with six different people. One was very helpful but when I was placed on hold it sent me to an extension to leave a message. Called back and after holding 14 minutes spoke with someone who had to confirm a number, put me on hold and I was sent to another person who knew nothing and I had to start over. This person said he was a supervisor - I let her know I was becoming frustrated and explained what happened this morning and the response was "I am sorry you feel that way." I asked for her supervisor and she said she did not have one and refused to give me any additional information about how to file a complaint. This is crazy for a company like Marriot.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently stayed at Courtyard Marriott in Springfield, MO on Dec 5 and due to bad weather had to stay again the night of the 6th. My daughter and 14 month old grandchild flew into Springfield on the 6th. The refrigerator in our room, 328, was not working and I had made that known to the front desk on the evening of the 5th because I knew we would need to store milk for the baby there. Needless to say we did not get refrigerator until the next day around 2:00PM. The baby needed milk and I went downstairs to ask to purchase some. The refrigerator was locked and I was told that we would have to wait until 5:00 PM to get some. I told them I did not think that this would look very good to read in local paper that baby needed milk and it was available but no one would get it for me. At that time a man went and got a key and opened a refrigerator and filled the bottle
But was ever so rude, as if he were put out to do this. I would hope that in a snow storm, such as clion that just blasted our area. We live 100 miles away and could not get home. We did, however, leave this rude place on the morning of the 7th. The only people that were nice was the lady that drove the shuttle and the housekeepers. Would appreciate a call. Thanks

Posted by Mike

I ordered wine with by the glass at dinner at the Marriott Hotel beach front restaurant in Kaanapali, Maui. The first glass tasted like it had been open and turned to vinegar. Same with the second and third choices. On the fourth choice I ordered a bottle of wine and it too wasn't good even though I am familiar with the brand. The waitress poured a full glass out of the bottle and said you won't need to test this one. In fact did but wasn't given the option. I have never had four wines in a row be so bad. I suspect that in such a warm climate Marriot is not properly storing their wines.

Posted by Anonymous

I see others have had similar experiences as I. I have been a loyal Marriott Rewards member for approximately 12 years. Howver the years, the program has gradually gotten worse and worse. I do understand that they had to make the rewards a little less "lucrative". That part is no big deal.

Without going into all details, I'll skip to the terrible customer service. When I contact customer service via email to express my frustrations, the attitude is generally that they do not really care or value me as a customer. Typically, their responses make it clear that they are not even reading my emails, because the responses often do not even address my complaints.

The Marriott Rewards program is a hollow shell of its former self, and at least at a corporate customer service level, they seem to treat customers as if they do not need us.

Posted by silver31

I reserved a room for two non consecutive nights using reward points (30,000 points per night) in same week at JW Marriott Cusco Peru. I reserved an Inca Wall room which are very few. Someone by the name of Jo at Lima without informing behind the scenes sneakingly and roguishly changed this room to a plain room. I would not have found this out but he/she made a mistake since I had reservations for two separate nights in the week he made one of the reservations for the full week so I had overlapping reservations now. I called the gold member line and the customer service. Going around and around in circles. The problem is there are no inca wall rooms left for that night so he changed mine to give it to someone else. Very very bad on Marriott's part.

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Posted by Marriott TownPlace Ft Walton Bea

The service I received at the Marriott TownPlace Suite in Ft Walton Beach Fl was excellent from the moment I arrived, Desk Clerk Jamie on the evening shift on 15 Sept 16 was very professional and courteous and went the extra mile to help me during the check in process due to a problem with my credit card, she was very patient and worked with me to get the issue resolved.
On Friday Morning 16 Sept Ms Mary a worker in the dining facility was also very courteous and helpful in exchanging out the defcaf coffee for regular :), although she was very busy she took the time to help
All of the staff I encountered including Manager Amanda day shift displayed a positive attitude and provided first class service. The room was comfortable and CLEAN and the breakfast had a variety of items to select from, my overall experience was the finest and I will come again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi! my name is MJ and my family and I stayed at Marriot on the riverfront in Savannah Georgia. I would like to say that the hotel was beautiful the front desk clerk by the name of Kathy Jo was the sweetest lady my family and I have ever meet. she was friendly kind and very hat is off to her for outstanding customer service skills.

Posted by Anonymous

The following Marriott employees are excellent & have helped make my stays outstanding over the past few years. Very professional, informative, kind, patient & represent Marriott in the highest possible manner. Please recognize the following:
Edward Palmer Portland Sable Oaks
K. Andre Antoine CY Navy Yard, WS, DC
Roberta " " " "
Monica BOS/Cambridge Marriott
Anthony Galigher Res Inn, Chattanooga, TN
Theresa Schaefer Birmingham, AL Marriott
David, Joe White, Crystal, Dana, Nicole, Mika, Reba, Ed, Jason, Chris, Snydy,Housekeeping--all Birmingham, AL Marriott
Christine, Tony, Trina, Brittany, Jason & Housekeeping--all Greenville, SC Marriott

John Sanders
Marr Rewards Member

Posted by patricia smith

I have always been very pleased with my communication with people at Marriott Customer Service, but tday I had my first bad experience. I called 18006277468 with a problem that I considered solvable. I spoke with a pleasant reservation operator who told me that I needed to speak with someone who possibly could make adjustments on my pre-paid reservation. (I didn't know why I had gotten 2 different prices for the same room. The 2nd price was lower than the 1st). I was connected with a person who has a name that sounds like Rochelle. She started telling me that nothing could be done before she even knew the whole situation. When I tried to tell her what I think happened, she told me that she was a supervisor and that she knew what could and could not be done. Her tone was abrasive and impatient. After I tried to explain more about why it was solvable, she told to that I could call the hotel, but that there was nothing that could be done, because she was a supervisor and she knew. I told her that I had been dealing with Marriott for years and that I had never dealt with a customer service person who was so negative and impatient. I told her tht her tone was demeaning and that she should get more training. I told her that I would fill out a survey to that affect and then I said good-bye and hung up the phone. I called back within 5 minutes to begin the process again, I spoke with another pleasant reservations operator, who connected me to the "fix-it" office. This time I spoke with a person named Kendra, who was the kind of person that I am used to dealing with at Marriott,
Kendra listened to my complete problem, asked for my patience while she called the hotel to ask if there was any reason that I could not get the same rate? They told her that they had not even billed my credit card and that they would make the adjustment. She game me the information, answered 5 or 6 more questions that I had and then took reservations for additional rooms. She was helpful, knowledgable and represented you well. If the other young lady were my first experience with Marriott, I would have left with a bad taste in my mouth, and definitely
would not have booked more rooms. All of my rating numbers would have been 10 if it had not been for the unpleasant experience.

Posted by Debra K

We are gold members and enjoy staying at Marriott Hotels whenever available. Our stay on December 29 -31, 2012 was at your Greenville/Spartanburg Airport Residence Inn. Although the property is dated, it was very clean and pleasant. I want to give a shout out to Nicole A. who was the day manager during our stay. She couldn't have been nicer or more helpful if she tried. When I asked for some ice, she filled half a large bag for me. When I need additional kitchen supplies, they were provided immediately. She was by far and away the most helpful Marriott employee I have come in contact with. Everything was done with a big smile. Nicole definitely made our stay very comfortable. Please acknowledge her for the fantastic work she does and the great PR she provides for your establishment!
Debra K.

Posted by Rhino

Could not be HAPPIER with Marriott!
On a recent trip to Florida where I was financially raped by Dollar car rental and locked into a fleabag hotel because I booked through Hotwire, it was Marriott who came to the rescue. I stopped at a Marriott Vacation Club property to look for a room for my last two nights. They were priced too high for me and the front desk agent was very nice about it and offered to check the computer for local hotels with a better rate. She came up with a Fairfield Inn by Marriott not far away. I drove over and found that there were no rooms for the low price I was told and the agent there clicked away on his computer and discreetly came up with a way for me to get a rate very close to what I was quoted. He must have sensed my exasperation and very kindly provided service above and beyond what I could have hoped for.
It will be Marriott for me if I ever have the option!

Posted by jmmotesadv

Recently stayed at Marriott courtyard 300 grand national in Destin for our 37th anniversary and had a wonderful time. Ron Couget, Direcro of sales even gave us a certificate to a wine tasting event held nearby which was fabulous. Entire staff was friendly and sincere. Best run marriott I have run across in all our years of traveling.

Posted by M.Z.

My stay @ the MacQuarie Park, N Ryde, NSW, Australia was WONDERFUL!
Desk staff were professional and very helpful .
Dining staff were very friendly and on the spot.
Housekeeping service was excellent; their staff helpful and friendly.
A special 'Thank You' to J.R.of House-keeping, who solved the mystery of the microwave that wouldn't work. He maintained his poise while trying to quietly explain to me that it was,in fact,not a microwave, but the safe. What a good laugh we had!
Thanks to all who made my stay so enjoyable! MZ

Posted by Anonymous

I am a frequent guest of Courtyard by Marriott Livermore. 2929 Constitution Drive, Livermore California 94551. I have stayed at a few hotels in the east bay and this marriott is by far the most friendly. So many people don't take the time to point out an indivigual that makes a difference, but I need to point out one of your employees. She is a server, her name is Yolanda Sanroman. It is not easy being away from your home 3 and 4 days a week, but when you are treated with the warmth and friendiness from someone that truly cares, it makes traveling so much more enjoyable. It is not just me. I hear so many travelers comment on Yolanda's smile. She send everyone off in the morning with her warm heart and kind words. Marriott is fortunate to have an employee that cares about your guests the way she does. If you give out awards....Yolanda Sanroman deserve to be noticed.
Thank You,

Katie Kettmann
Red Bull Distribution
Key Accounts Manger
Sacramento and East Bay
916-943-6103 Cell
1424 N. Market Blvd.
Sacramento, California 95834

Posted by CGHY

On December 29th and 30th I stayed at the Liberty Mariott in Newark and was very impressed by the accommodations, the warm atmosphere (that even smelled like cinnamon), but especially by the hospitality of all of the employees working those days. Upon arrival I was greeted by three employees at the front desk, one of which checked me in while another looked for my Mariott rewards number. Later on that evening I was assisted by several employees who helped me to pick out a restaurant. The cleaning woman was very accommodating with my late check-out. And as I was leaving to go downstairs to check out, another employee pushing laundry stopped what he was doing to push the elevator for me. As I waited for the van, the button to my jacket fell off and I was surprised that your staff carried a needle and thread kit that I could use before going to work. I would like to sincerely thank the staff their attentive service and their dedication to the providing the finer details that made my stay so enjoyable.

Posted by unk

Marriott Customer Service number is 866-435-7627. They do provide really good service, and have resolved my issues in a timely manner. :)

Posted by 5 Year Customer

Good afternoon
1st I would like to mention that the last 5 years staying at a Marriott hotel I walk away satisfied.

Unfortunity last week I stayed at the Residence Inn Portsmouth Downtown/Waterfront
100 Deer Street, ROOM 302
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 USA
Phone: 1-603-422-9200 Fax: 1-603-422-9201

My Marriott number is 864-604-665

Compliant: It appears that the room I was asigned has a creeking noise in the wall coming from inside the closet. You can also here it in the wall where the table is located.

The creeking noise would start every 90 seconds and last approximately 15 seconds.

The 1st night I did not notice it as much since I was exhusted from traveling and fell a sleep till it was time to get up.

With that said the remaining two nights was difficult to fall a sleep due to the creeking noise.

I realize that most people would make a complaint and get another room, however I new the hotel was completely book Wednesday (as I over heard one of the Marriott ladies at the front desk tell a customer over the phone).

The third night....I just dealt with the noise. I really did not want to pack my suitcase and unpack for one more night.

It is my opinon that previous people who stayed in Room 302 had also put in a complant. The creeking noise is that loud.

I hope you will investigate room 302 and elimate the unwanting creeking in the walls so other customers will enjoy a piecefull night at the Residence Portsmouth.

I would like feedback on the Marriott's observation/investigation in the creeking noise.

Best time to hear the creeking is approximately 8-10 pm. if not during the day but noticable at night...bed time.

Thank You for your time
Marriott number 864-604-665

Other than the room all employee's were perfessional and respecful, especially Jeri at the front desk. She followed up on everything I ask, including parking, dinning, directions, and tax forms etc. Breakfast and evening was excellant.

Posted by Anonymous

i am a platinum member and have been travelling through Canada over the last year. I have used my rewards for free stays only and have been very pleased with the folks who answer the phones when I call in to book or cancel reservations.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is William Delmolino and I am a Marriot Rewards customer. My friend and I had holiday weekend reservations at Residence Inn Windsor Ct. I had stayed here many years before. The morning we were getting ready to leave I checked Trip Advisor and there were a lot of recent complaints about this hotel including not being very clean, bugs in room and mice in the walls. We both cancelled our reservation.and our trip. I always stay at Marriot when we go away and they are always great. I would check out this hotel.

Posted by meme

Using my Marriott Points was fast and simple. You do, however, have to determine the best way to use your points by doing online research prior to redeeming to make the most of them.

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Posted by Marriott hotels aweful


We never met. But I really want to share my story with you. Marriott hotel, to be honest, is the worst hotel I have ever worked at. You guys know nothing about management and how to put the right person into the right position. You donít know how to recognize peopleís talents all you guys know about is to speak down to your employees. I used to work at Calgary Marriott hotel and that workplace was really really terrible. I mean horribly terrible. I was being treated as grabage when I was working there because my job was being a very basic labour. I had been working there for a long time lots of managers didnít even knew my name because they didnít have to. Every supervisors even from the other departments was speaking down to me. I really feel sorry for you guys because young peopleís talents and qualifications had never been seen by the management people. I felt really terrible about the Marriottís culture because you could totally fell the inside classification from the G.M. down to the supervisors. Even for the regular employees, the classifications exist. Front Desk people were speaking down to the Banquets people. Banquets people treated Housekeeping people as nothing. Dish washers are not human beings. Yeah, surprised? This is the really Marriott. Within this hotel, you can see all the good positions had been occupied by the young-hot-skinny and tall blondes. They were so young and incompetent but that was not the point, the point was they were all wearing sexy cloths, high-heels and black nylon every single day, hanging around and having great time with our G.M., made him happy. That type of the girls was our G.Mís personal favourite. People like me, we donít see the silver lining, we will never have a chance to be promoted because men will never put on a black nylon. Growing up with Marriott was absolutely a lie, an illusion. We wonít have a chance, please trust me, everybody. I didnít realize this point before I actually started working at Calgary Marriott. Anyway, today, I have been working at Delta for quite a while since I quit that Marriott job. I am so so happy right now. I just want to tell you, Mr. Marriott, compare to Delta, Marriott is ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY nothing. Here, Delta, people are treating each other with respects. No managers speak down to me. If you are being a fine employee and working really hard, they will see it right away and give you a better chance to do more and more by promoting you, not just saying it like Marriott did. Anyway, I want to share my experience with not just you Mr. Marriott but also all the others whoís planning to start your career at a hotel business. Who hasnít decided which side to choose between Delta and Marriott. The answer couldnít be more obvious.


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