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Posted by Mike Sarafian

Customer service agents not knowledgeable regarding vintage Marantz classic equipment, such as the 2270 receiver for example. What on God's green earth happened to the knowledgeable audio guys at Marantz, who are hip to the scene regarding Marantz equipment that put this company on the map?

Posted by spdorsey

The Marantz support line is unavailable during advertised hours. Also, their advertised hours are FAR too short, ending at 2pm PST. That's just plain irresponsible.

I have been trying to reach them for three days and no one has picked up. I was on hold with their customer support (during open hours) for over an hour before I gave up.

Posted by Eugene Yap

Recently I logon to Live Chat at Marantz "Contact Us" page.

The person whom attended me is Michael Summers. He was unhelpful and rude. I asked about about firmware update as I'm unable to update my SR7007.

He keep insisting that there was no updates for SR7007(which is lie) and SR7007 is old set therefore it no longer has any updates(also another lie).

And since there are no bugs on SR7007, no new firmware is needed (Another lie as well).

I asked about spotify that requires firmware update for it to work, he just brushes me away by saying it only possible by using Ipod. (why this guy just keep telling lies?)

The next question I've asked is firmware update for SR7007 to support 24/192kHz gapless FLAC/ALAC from the media server, he's reply was "It supports 192 khz at 24bit, do you have a question about it?"

Before I could explain to him about the firmware is needed for my SR7007 to able to play 24/192kHz gapless FLAC and ALAC files, He disconnects.

I like Marantz products as has good quality build and high sound quality.

But I'm find it hard to purchase another Marantz product again knowing that support live chat has very bad customer service and being very rude as well.

I apologize if I sound rude at the moment but I didn't pay hard earn cash money to be rudely brushed away and receive lies from support.

Posted by Paulyc

I am deeply disappointed with your New Zealand Distributor. After selling Marantz as a retailer for 12 years I have finally had to change to yamaha due the the unprofessional, unplanned and unscrupulous approach of your NZ dealer ( B&W Speakers ) I dropped B&W too at the same time for the same reasons. Whilst Wildash Audio may not have sold enough to keep the agency, the Marantz name here was intact and professional, these days its a joke, to be a dealer the minimum requirement is now, can you pay for it ? and I don't care if your selling out of the boot of your car. Electricians and at the public can purchase Marantz from electrical wholesalers direct and they all do. There simply is no place for retailers anymore and that combined with B&W Speakers ( NZ ) will sell direct to the public even knowing that they are cutting out a dealer is disgraceful. Good luck because I can see your Marantz sales in NZ going downwards fast.

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